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At first glance, you might think Irish Wolfhounds are crossbreed dogs. I don’t blame you for expecting a really low Irish Wolfhound cost. But, my friend, you’re far away from the truth.

Irish Wolfhounds are purebred dogs of exceptional quality. You won’t find one for under $1,000! These are absolutely pawmazing pups you don’t see everyday.

So, what’s it like to own one? How pricey are these dogs?

I’m sure you’re aware that the initial purchase price isn’t the only expense that comes with owning a puppy.

Today, you will get the general idea of how expensive it is to raise an Irish Wolfhound puppy.

Meet The Irish Wolfhound

beautiful head shot of an irish wolfhound looking backbeautiful head shot of an irish wolfhound looking back

Rarely seen on the streets, Irish Wolfhounds are truly remarkable dogs. These large breed pups are, in fact, gentle giants that will prove once again that the size of their body matches the size of their heart.

First bred in Ireland, Irish Wolfhounds experienced many malfortunes to this day: from being one step close to extinction to being used as war or hunting dogs.

I can’t blame people for using them as big prey hunters. Irish Wolfhounds are one of the finest and biggest of all sighthounds!

These scruffy-looking doggos usually weigh over 110 pounds, and measure over 31” at the withers. As you can see, they’re not considered small dogs at all! Both males and females are quite dominant in size, but their temperament doesn’t match it.

All Irish Wolfhounds are brave dogs, but they’re not as brave as Mastiffs, for example. These pups come from working bloodlines, and I feel like they became tired over the years.

Now, Irish Wolfhounds are sweet and mellow souls, enjoying cuddle time and the attention of the entire family. They will offer unconditional love, but they won’t offer great guard dog skills.

Irish Wolfhounds are shaggy creatures with shiny eyes and cute smiles that will greet intruders. No, you better not expect to feel safe from robbers around these pups!

All in all, Irish Wolfhounds are surprisingly amazing! But, are they expensive dogs? Let’s find out!

What’s The Initial Irish Wolfhound Puppy Cost?

puppy breed irish wolfhound dog standing in the parkpuppy breed irish wolfhound dog standing in the park

When buying an Irish Wolfhound puppy, you are more likely to find a puppy of a couple months of age. Most reputable breeders sell puppies when they pass the eight-week milestone. Hardly any puppy stays with the breeder past this milestone since they’re of great quality.

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Once you’ve found your breeder, it’s time to set a budget and pick a puppy. Normally, you should pay around $2,000 for an Irish Wolfhound puppy.

Of course, the purchase price can go up and down a bit. That’s why you can find Wolfhound puppies starting at $1,500. The Irish Wolfhound cost can also go way high, sometimes even over $3,000!

Irish Wolfhounds aren’t that frequent in the States. They’re not designer dogs or valued for their supreme appearance like Poodles. Irish Wolfhounds are working dogs, and not many people are aware of how brilliant they are.

The initial purchase price of these puppies can be affected by many factors. We’ll talk about them soon. But, now, I want to shine some light on something that not many people consider. It’s about adopting from an animal shelter.

Is Adopting An Irish Wolfhound Cheaper?

A lot of potential dog owners avoid shelters and rescue groups because they believe dogs coming from such places have temperament issues or trauma. However, those can be detected through evaluation with a professional.

You can find a perfectly normal Irish Wolfhound dog in a shelter and adopt it for as little as $50 to $500 depending on where you live.

Give adopting a chance if you’re experiencing trouble finding a reliable Irish Wolfhound breeder in your area, or if the price is just too high for your budget.

Avoid puppy mills at all costs as they’re simply trying to milk money out of you and other dog lovers.

Which Factors Affect The Initial Price Of A Puppy?

beautiful 2 month old dog irish wolfhound in the gardenbeautiful 2 month old dog irish wolfhound in the garden

Puppy price isn’t determined only by a dog’s coat color, gender, or age. There are a bunch of other factors that play even bigger roles in pricing. A lot of them can also be avoided, i.e., if you find a good breeder outside the big city. Those are always pricey!

Speaking of the breeder’s location…

This goes hand in hand with the breeder’s popularity. Small, home-based breeders often have better prices because they have lower life expenses. Of course, it’s easier to take care of puppies in the countryside rather than in New York, for example.

Besides the breeder’s popularity, you must also look if that breeder has a reputation or credits for the given puppy prices. If the breeder has purebred, show-quality puppies with exceptional pedigrees, not only is he reliable, but such puppies cost more.

Of course, the puppy’s age, gender, and color matter a lot, but what’s inside matters even more. Breeders will always ask for more cash if the puppy is submitted to numerous health testings and screenings for genetic illnesses, i.e., for hip dysplasia or PRA.

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Just ask yourself: Would you rather pay a couple of hundred more for a puppy clean from diseases, or save some money by buying a puppy without health records?

Just because a puppy’s initial price is lower doesn’t mean he or she won’t cost you more money in the future with all those vet checkups and treatments. The Irish Wolfhound Club Of America urges you to see screening results for certain health problems.

Health records aren’t the only documentation that comes with your new puppy. Some breeders have American Kennel Club (AKC) registration documents for a full or limited registration ready for you. It’s only natural that they will include them in the final price.

Lastly, here’s something that not all breeders offer. While socialization is essential with all breeders, training is not. However, lately, I’m seeing many great breeders offering training lessons or already-trained pups at the time you pick them up.

This is a great bonus! Even though it will cost you money, having puppies that have gone through basic lessons or potty training will make it a lot easier for you, especially if you’re a beginner, too!

Crunching Numbers: First-Year Expenses

big irish wolfhound posing outdoors behind a wooden housebig irish wolfhound posing outdoors behind a wooden house

The first year with every dog is always the hardest one. You’re getting used to the fact that you are taking care of someone. Your puppy is getting used to the fact that he’s got only you to rely on. In other words, you’re both stuck until you learn how to live together.

But, the first year is also hard in terms of money as if buying the Irish Wolfhound wasn’t a huge expense itself! Now, your growing puppy needs a bunch of stuff for normal growth!

Before getting the puppy home, you should have a big shopping spree to get all the goodies your new friend will need. And, trust me, you’ll need everything from dog food to chew toys!

Your average Irish Wolfhound will need about $300 to $1000 in expenses for the first year. Every future year will demand $300 or so, which is still a significant drop in terms of expenses.

Since Irish Wolfhounds are giant-breed dogs, much like the Great Dane, their costs will always be on the expensive end of the scale.

Let’s make a list of all the items a new dog owner will need:

Dog bed: $120
Food and water bowls: $30
Leash: $20
Collar: $20
Toys: $80
Grooming supplies: $80
Dog tag: $15
Crate: $100
Total: $465

We come to an average estimated expense of $465. Here’s why the price is a bit plumped up!

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Irish Wolfhounds are big doggos. Veterinarians recommend you get them an orthopedic dog bed because they have some issues with bone-related diseases.

Also, since they’re the tallest dogs in the world, investing in elevated food and water bowls just seems like a terrific idea.

I recommend you pick durable items, such as dog leashes or collars. Read reviews online! I know these are replaceable items, but no one said you should go through them like your dog goes through chew toys!

How Much Food Do Irish Wolfhounds Need?

irish wolfhound drinking waterirish wolfhound drinking water

Irish Wolfhounds are giant dogs. Naturally, they will need more dog food to support them throughout the day.

Since these dogs are extremely prone to bloat, like all the other large dog breeds, you will need to be careful while feeding them.

To prevent bloat or Gastric Dilatation Volvulus, you should divide your dog’s daily food needs into two or three meals. With Irish Wolfhounds, this should be five to eight cups of kibble every day.

For example, I would feed them in the morning and in the afternoon.

Even though they’re not dogs with extremely high energy levels, I still wouldn’t let them exercise heavily before or after a meal just to be sure bloat doesn’t occur.

When picking dog food for your Irish Wolfhound, you must make sure you get only the good stuff. High-quality dog food is packed with real meat proteins, and supported with vitamins, fibers, minerals, amino acids, and more.

Always check the back of the packaging for the ingredients list!

As you can assume, top-quality dog food made by using real ingredients is always expensive. But, since food plays the most important role in your dog’s life, you shouldn’t skimp on it. Well, especially not if you’re having such a large dog like the Irish Wolfhound.

On a yearly basis, your Wolfhound dog will need approximately 400 pounds of kibble. That’s around $500 a year for dog food. You gotta keep those 100+ pounds of muscle satisfied, don’t you?

Of course, the food expenses can go high up the ladder. Some dog brands are more affordable, while others are extremely overpriced. You can pick any dog food on the market with real ingredients as long as you don’t pick the cheapest one.

I recommend you look for small brands that have great deals, i.e., buy one, get the other with a discount. Buying off a shelf in your local supermarket just won’t do it for the Irish Wolfhound.

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Is It Expensive To Groom Irish Wolfhounds?

The short answer is: no.

But, stay tuned for the long answer!

Irish Wolfhounds are the perfect dogs for those of you who don’t have much time for grooming. These are low- to medium-maintenance pups, with only a couple of needs weekly.

When you take into consideration how many times a year you wash and fully groom your Irish Wolfhound, you can say this dog needs around five to six visits to the groomer’s salon.

Each visit ranges from $50 to $100 or more. The price depends on where you live and if your chosen groomer has different prices for grooming giant dogs.

Let’s say you have five visits a year times an average of $75. That’s $375 out of your pocket!

Have you considered grooming at home? I’m sure all of you can find some time to groom your dogs. After all, you shouldn’t even own one if time is too precious to waste with you.

Learning how to groom a dog isn’t something you should be afraid of. There are lots of useful grooming books on Amazon, and I recommend you check them out.

Besides learning how to groom, you will need some grooming tools.

Let’s take a look at the essentials you’ll need:

Dog shampoo: $20
Slicker brush: $15
Dental kit: $15
Nail trimmer: $15
Cleaning solutions: $20
Total: $85

Of course, these are only the average prices based on the market’s current offer. You can always find a much cheaper dog shampoo or a dental kit on discount. I recommend you don’t try to save money on dog brushes.

A Word About The Essential Products

Dog brushes are the most important item on your DIY grooming list. Still, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in them as a lot of good slickers like the FURminator or the Safari slicker brush can be found for under $20!

Also, websites carrying dog products often only have so-called grooming kits containing all the goodies needed for proper grooming at home. Their prices range from only $20 to up to $300.

Check out what’s featured inside them and think it through. If the products are really that good, buy them!

You won’t invest in dog grooming equipment every month. These supplies are more than enough to last you a year.

So, if you choose to spend around $85 a year on grooming supplies rather than paying the same amount for each groomer’s visit, you will choose wisely.

Health Expenses For Irish Wolfhounds

pure irish wolfhound sitting on the wooden bridgepure irish wolfhound sitting on the wooden bridge

Irish Wolfhounds aren’t that problematic in terms of their health. Just like any other dog breed, they’re prone to some health conditions that may or may not be treatable.

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Sadly, Irish Wolfhounds can only live from six to eight years. Their short lifespan shouldn’t be packed with vet visits. Instead, you should make sure your dog is healthy and living its best life.

Down below, you’ll find the most common health issues with Irish Wolfhounds, and the expenses of their treatment. What you need to know is that not every Irish Wolfhound will suffer from the same conditions. In fact, your dog may be blessed and live free of illnesses!

Condition Expense
Bloat $1,500 – $3,000
Dilated Cardiomyopathy $500 – $3,000
Osteoarthritis $500 monthly
Cancer $1,000 – $10,000
Megaesophagus $1,500 – $5,500

Of course, the cost will depend on your vet’s pricing and on how severe the condition is. Sadly, cancers are quite expensive to treat and often have fatal endings.

Additional Medical Expenses

These aren’t the only medical bills you’ll encounter. What about standard treatments every puppy must go through?

Proper healthcare can’t be proper without vaccinations, deworming treatments, flea treatments, etc.

Here’s what every future Irish Wolfhound owner must be ready to face:

Treatment Cost
Spay/neuter $300 – $500
Heartworm and flea treatments $50 to $120
Lyme, leptospirosis, and influenza vaccines $185
Supplements $150 – $200

These expenses are simply a must. Just accept the fact that you will have to pay money each year for booster shots. It’s not something that can be avoided, and these prices aren’t something that should steer you away from getting an Irish Wolfhound.

How Pricey Are Training Lessons For Irish Wolfhounds?

man and woman caressing a tall irish wolfhound in the forestman and woman caressing a tall irish wolfhound in the forest

Training lessons for Irish Wolfhounds can be as cheap as only a couple of bucks, and as expensive as $1,000! Let me explain why there’s such a significant difference.

If you believe you’re capable of training your Irish Wolfhound puppy, then you can buy a dog training book and learn from it. With some positive reinforcement, you can make quite a result.

However, throughout my career, I’ve seen that many Irish Wolfhounds achieve their finest potential if trained by a professional. Whether your dog requires potty training lessons or obedience training, private lessons will work wonders.

On average, seven lessons will be enough for your dog to master something, i.e., basic commands. This cost adds up to $1,000. However, most dog trainers recommend you pay an additional $200 for group sessions that should help your dog socialize.

If I were you, I wouldn’t skip the training part.

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Untrained dogs are a threat for you and the rest of society. If not trained properly, any dog, no matter if it’s a Pitbull, a Chihuahua, a German Shepherd, or a Rottweiler, can be a menace.

Is Pet Insurance Really Necessary?

girl giving lollipop to an irish wolfhound in the autumn forestgirl giving lollipop to an irish wolfhound in the autumn forest

One of the greatest things about owning a dog in the 21st century is pet insurance! I can’t tell you how many times my clients had pet insurance that covered their unexpected expenses!

I recommend you get this the moment you get your puppy because it covers a lot, from light injuries to lifetime expenses. Of course, this depends on the plan you pick!

Pet insurance can be as cheap as only $50 a year. However, it can also be quite pricey, going up to $500 and more.

This is something you should think through and pick the best option that’s suitable with your budget.

Other Irish Wolfhound Costs

two irish wolfhound dogs standing in the dry meadowstwo irish wolfhound dogs standing in the dry meadows

Additional Irish Wolfhound costs don’t fall under luxury. It’s needed as much as vet visits!

For example, every dog should be microchipped in case it gets lost. A lot of breeders already have this included in the puppy cost. But, in case they don’t, you should microchip your pup. Some states even demand this by law! Microchipping is usually around $50.

Also, state licenses are another valuable expense, but they’re not pricey. Depending on where you live, you should pay around $20 for a state dog license.

What are usually not featured on the additional expenses list are dog walking and sitting costs.

We live in a fast era where we have to work long hours. Not many of us are blessed with working from home. Dogs need our attention, and if they don’t receive it for too long, or don’t go on their daily walks, dogs will become restless, aggressive, or even depressed.

I applaud those who came up with doggy daycare or dog walking businesses. For only $20 to $50 an hour, someone can walk your dog, let it socialize, and breathe fresh air while you’re gone.

Of course, doggy daycare is more expensive, starting from $10 to $30 a day.

To Sum Up

From food costs to medical bills and insurance, Irish Wolfhound costs can be pretty high!

These dogs aren’t as expensive as Chow Chows, but they aren’t too cheap like some mixed breeds either. I’d say Irish Wolfhounds are juuuust right!

Of course, all dogs, no matter their purchase price, deserve love, care, nurture… and a lot of hugs and kisses!

Irish Wolfhound Cost Puppy Price And Additional ExpensesIrish Wolfhound Cost Puppy Price And Additional Expenses

Irish Wolfhound Cost Puppy Price And Additional ExpensesIrish Wolfhound Cost Puppy Price And Additional Expenses

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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