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Being a first-time Husky owner is definitely an unforgettable experience that comes with a plethora of joy. On the other hand, there are various dilemmas, such as “How often should you walk a Husky”, that make you wonder.

One thing you always have to have in mind is that the Husky breed is one of the most active in the world. That being said, exercising this dog is as important as feeding, socializing, and training it. 

The purpose of this article is to present you a full plan on a Husky exercise that every respectable owner should follow. 

It may seem overwhelming and complicated at first, but the truth is there is nothing cuter and funnier than having some time together on the playground with your Husky pooch. One thing is for sure – you won’t get a better entertainer than this Siberian boy!

How Often Should You Walk A Husky?

woman takes her husky dog for a walk in the parkwoman takes her husky dog for a walk in the park

Here is the dilemma of all dilemmas – How often should you walk a Husky? Let me put it simply.. Husky puppies seek at least two good hours of high-intensity exercise during the day… period. But, how often do they have to walk? Well, it’s up to you, really. 

Deciding on how your puppy will get its daily amount of exercise is an owner-related matter that needs to be addressed as soon as the puppy enters your home. 

Some owners go for two one-hour walks. Some decide to burn off their energy through a variety of other exercises, such as dog games or adventurous hikes

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The truth is there is nothing wrong with combining more different types of exercise to complete your puppy’s daily requirements. Neglecting them may lead to Husky aggression, which can turn out to be extremely unpleasant.

How Often Should You Walk A Husky Puppy?

siberian husky puppy walking with its ownersiberian husky puppy walking with its owner

Even though both male and female Husky puppies are considered as extremely active and durable dogs, you should always start small. That said, puppies that are just picked up from a breeder should not be overwhelmed with long training sessions and high-intensity training.

In the long run, pushing puppies to exercise too much during their early puppyhood can reflect negatively on their overall health. Joint problems, weaker bones, and general fatigue are just some of the most common problems in over-exercised Husky puppies. 

A puppy that is only eight to ten weeks old should not be walked more than five to ten minutes a day. On the other hand, puppies that are above three months of age should get around fifteen minutes of moderate walks on a daily basis.

Once your Husky turns eight to ten months of age, it is time for some intense workout! But, even then, you should take care of their abilities as each Husky puppy has its own relative growth path.

Perks Of Walking A Husky On A Regular Basis

woman with husky dog walkingwoman with husky dog walking

Healthy Body Weight

There is nothing more fashionable than a healthy-weighted Husky. These Siberian pooches need a good amount of exercise during the day to maintain their healthy body weight. 

Aside from a well-planned feeding chart, how much and how often they walk is a crucial part of that plan.

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Regularly-walked canines are highly likely to have better stamina and maintain their athletic body. This is a naturally active dog that was initially used for sled-pulling and working purposes, which means that they are used to a lot of walking during the day.

On the other hand, puppies that are neglected in this regard are more prone to developing various health issues, such as diabetes and obesity.

Stronger Bond

They may not be the best family dogs by nature, but the truth is regularly-walked and exercised Huskies make wonderful companions. You can always use this part of the daily routine for bond-creation. 

These highly intelligent dogs won’t have a problem acknowledging your effort and dedication, which is why it is highly likely that regularly-exercised puppies will show you a lot more love and affection.

Walking your dog on a regular basis can also be used for socialization and obedience training. These pooches love being mentally stimulated, and walking them is an excellent way to do so.

Stronger Muscles

The good news about these purebred dogs and many of their mixes is that they are naturally strong, athletic, and muscular. It may not seem like that due to their medium-long double coat, but Huskies have a great body physique that enables them to perform high-intensity tasks.

Still, they do need a certain amount of exercise during the day to keep their muscles active. Otherwise, you might face a lethargic, obese, and weak puppy that is much more prone to injuries and joint problems.

Walking them one and a half to two hours a day keeps their overall muscle index high, and keeps their joints flexible.

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Lower Chance Of Getting Heart Disease

girl is walking with her husky in the parkgirl is walking with her husky in the park

Even though heart disease is not that common in these pooches, Huskies that don’t receive a proper amount of exercise during the day are more likely to be affected than their regularly-exercised counterparts.

The “How often should you walk a Husky” dilemma should always be addressed from the perspective of their health. That being said, the first goal of walking your Siberian companion is to keep it disease-free.

Obese canines are generally more prone to developing a whole set of diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, joint problems, and bloat. Alongside their regular exercise, these pooches should be monitored for their feeding habits. 

No matter how cute they look while eating their favorite snacks – you need to know how much to give and when to stop. Otherwise, you may deal with endless hours of misery and remorse for irresponsible parenting.

Reduced Stress 

These Siberian canines get easily stressed out. Even though they are naturally brave, sociable, and open to new things, there are various stress-triggers that Husky owners need to be aware of.

Not only do fears and phobias cause stress in these dogs, but irregular dieting, neglected exercise, or an inactive lifestyle can also be major triggers of stress in Huskies.

There are clear signs of stress that even inexperienced dog owners can detect. 

Panting, shedding, lethargic behavior, changes in body posture, self-destructive behavior, and escaping their home are just some of the most common symptoms of stress that can be caused by an inadequate walking routine.

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On the other hand, puppies that are walked on a regular basis are very unlikely to develop stress as proper physical activity has a positive impact on their mental health, too. 

Reduced Self-Destructive Behavior

These pooches are known to be dramatic at times, which is a natural part of their temperament. Quirky behavior, mischievousness, a wandering character, and, at times, self-destructive behavior are things that you can commonly see in all Husky puppies.

But, is there a way to stop this? Most definitely! There is a good amount of correlation between regularly-walked and exercised Huskies and their well-mannered behavior.

Many experienced owners and dog professionals particularly use walking to train these dogs in obedience and good manners. 

Puppies that are subjected to convenient training methods respond excellently, which is why you should never neglect your dog’s exercise needs in the first place.

What Are The Other Ways Of Exercising Your Husky?

husky dog swims in the riverhusky dog swims in the river

Back yard Games

Aside from using interactive dog toys and healthy treats in their obedience training, these Siberian canines respond excellently to back yard games, too! Hide and seek, tug of war, and frisbee fetching are just some of the games that you can try at your home.

This is an excellent way to mentally stimulate your Husky, and at the same time, burn off its energy. 

Agility Training

There are many tricks to teach your dog agility at home. But, you should start with the basics first. Bear in mind that this is an extremely intelligent dog breed that needs proper stimulation in order to start showing results.

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Aside from being an excellent replacement for a daily walk, agility training is the perfect way to create a lifetime bond with your Husky, as well as to perfect its athleticism.

Build confidence. Find the right motive. Get their attention. And, slowly start introducing all kinds of poles. Eventually, you will have the perfect champion in your home that is ready to compete nationwide.

Hiking And Swimming

Unlike the majority of lap dogs, these medium-sized pooches are perfect for accompanying you on long hikes. Huskies just love being engaged in different kinds of activities, which is why hikes will be the perfect way to burn off their energy and mentally stimulate them.

On the other hand, swimming can be a good way to develop their muscles and overcome their natural fear of water. Generally, these pooches are not exactly enthusiastic about swimming, but with proper motivation and good leadership – they can perfect this task, too!

Final Words

If you’re coping with the “How often should you walk a Husky” dilemma, you don’t need to panic. The first thing you should do is carefully plan your dog’s daily routine. After that – everything will be easy!

These high-energy pooches love being engaged in various activities, which is why overemphasizing their daily walks isn’t always the best idea. Burning off their energy in two-hour-long training sessions is a must, though.

Hopefully, we helped you get a clearer understanding of how much exercise these Siberian beauties need during the day, as well as how often they prefer to be walked. 

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If you already have a Husky in your home – this read can serve as a great assessment of your dog’s current routine.

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