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If you’ve ever struggled with going to work, this video of a police dog feeling the very same way will definitely brighten your day.Maryland resident Cassie Costin shared this funny video of her husband Officer Ryan Costin struggling to get to work on time because his K9 partner, Jango Fett, refused to get into the car unless he got a belly rub.


Cassie explained she received a text from her husband after he walked out the door to go to work saying he was ready to head out but Jango was not having it. That was when she glanced outside the window of her home to see her husband trying to convince the dog to get in the car and started to film the scene.

Cassie writes, “I don’t typically make personal posts, however, when you think that you are having a rough morning or don’t want to go to work…. watch this video to motivate you! This is my husband and best friend Deputy K9 Officer for AACO Sheriff Dept., Ryan Costin and our canine Jango Fett; trying to go to work.”

Cassie later told Storyful she found it strange to see Jango laying down in the yard because he is normally “a very active dog”, which just goes to show that even dogs get the Monday morning blahs sometimes!

Click play below to watch the adorable moment.




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