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<br /> Kind Veterinarian Works Hard To Earn Cowering Dog’s Trust – DOGFULL.COM<br />

Dr. Thomas Hamilton is a veterinarian who really cares for his patients. For him, building trust with the dogs who come to his practice for care is very important.

He doesn’t want them getting traumatized when they visit.

That means he puts in extra time and extra effort to make his patients less nervous and to reassure them that he’s their friend. Recently, a Youtube video he did with him comforting a scared dog went viral.

Good Morning America went the behind-the-scenes to find out more about Dr. Hamilton’s approach and why he takes that extra step to build trust with the dogs he treats.

He’s helped quite a few dogs cowering in corners.

It’s heartwarming to see Dr. Hamilton put in the time and care with the animals he cares for


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