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In Bangkok, Thailand, a heartwarming Hollywood tale took place.A dog accidently fell off a boat in the middle of the ocean. This poor creature, managed to paddled his way back to shore. Skating past sharks, waves and the occasional driftwood. A heroic and valiant feat that unto itself would have given him celebrity status.


Strangely, the story doesn’t stop there. This gorgeous animal, cemented himself on the jetty. Prowling, day in day out, across the columns and buttresses of the dock.

A constant sorrow plaguing his heart. On the lookout for his family.

Sadly, they never returned. For over a month she sat vigil and ramrod straight, staring off into the distant horizon searching for her beloved clan.

The situation seemed hopeless, and it was already quite noticeable that her kin would not return. That, unless fate stepped in, this adorable and faithful pooch would end up her days captivated by a mirage that would never become real.

Luckily, that fickle mistress of gamblers decided to lend this puppy a hand. Fortunately, a kind stranger had his heart besieged by the puppy’s affection.

Hecided to adopt her and give her a permanent home near the docks. Watch their story below.
He named her, in honor of her longing, Tha Ruea… Which means “Pier.”




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By Andy Marcus

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