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Whether we’re talking about American Dobermans or European Dobermans, these dogs are easy to differentiate from other breeds. With their slim yet muscular bodies and recognizable Dobie markings, they can set fear into the eyes of those that would enter your property uninvited.

It’s true that Dobermans are among the best guard dogs you can possibly get. They are vigilant and fearless, which is why they are commonly used as military and police dogs, but also as dogs for personal protection.

At the same time, with a firm attitude and adequate obedience training and socialization, they can make great family companions that will be loyal to the core.

If you’re aspiring to become a Doberman owner, you might catch yourself wondering: Which one is better when it comes to male vs female Doberman?

While this might not seem like an important question at the first glance, the truth is that it can be very important what gender is the dog you’re getting.

This is because male and female dogs have different levels of hormones, and this can cause significant differences not just in appearance, but also in personality.

The Doberman breed is no different. In fact, just like it’s essential what dog breeder you’re buying your Doberman from, it can also be of utmost importance whether you’ll be getting a female or a male Doberman puppy.

When it comes to male vs female Doberman, which one should you pick? To know the answer to this, you must first understand the difference between the two genders.

As such, we’ve looked into some of the most important questions aspiring Doberman owners have about their future pet and what gender should it be. Hopefully, the answers will help you choose the one that is better suited for you.

Without further ado, here’s what you need to know when it comes to male vs female Dobermans:

Differences Between Male And Female Doberman

Doberman lying outdoors on the grassDoberman lying outdoors on the grass

In general, differences in male vs female Doberman dogs don’t really matter. Both can be suitable pets if you know how to be a proper dog owner to this glorious dog breed.

However, two genders have different hormone levels, and these hormones can lead to some rather significant changes.

Many of these changes, especially behavioral ones, can be neutralized by spaying or neutering your dog. This is because, by fixing your dog, you’ll reduce these hormonal differences.

Male Vs Female Doberman Size And Appearance

doberman standing on autumn leavesdoberman standing on autumn leaves

Doberman Pinschers are medium to large dogs that are muscular, yet compactly built. They are agile and powerful and can reach up to 28 inches in the shoulders.

They have a long, sleek body, and while they are known for their black coat with rust markings, they can also come in red, blue, and fawn.

These are elegant dogs that originate from Germany, where they were used as tax collector dogs by the breed’s creator, Louis Dobermann.

Due to the combination of their appearance and behavior, they are considered royalty among canines. This is true, no matter what gender of dog we’re speaking about.

Also, no matter the gender, many dog owners and breeders alike prefer cropping a dog’s ears and cutting its tail. This is done so the dog can achieve a ‘tough’ appearance.

When it comes to differences in appearance in male vs female Dobermans, one is rather obvious – they have different genital and reproductive systems. However, this isn’t where it ends.

Are Male Dobermans Bigger Than Females?

There aren’t many differences between male and female Dobermans. In fact, appearance-wise, they are almost the same, but some minor differences still exist.

When it comes to height, male Dobermans are a bit taller than females. While a male Doberman will, on average, have a height of 26-28 ins, females will usually range between 24 and 26 ins. This isn’t a huge difference, but if you’d have an adult male Doberman and an adult female standing next to each other, you’d certainly know which is which.

At the same time, males are a bit bulkier than females. They have more muscle mass, which is why they usually weigh 75 – 100 lbs. Females, on the other hand, are a bit slimmer, and they’ll rarely weigh more than 90 lbs.

Of course, we’re talking about dogs that are of healthy weight. Any dog might become overweight or obese, or might grow shorter due to some health condition.

Other than the small height difference, there isn’t anything else that would set a male and female Doberman apart. Both can come in the same coat colors, with the same markings.

Male Vs Female Doberman Temperamenttwo German Doberman dogs lyingtwo German Doberman dogs lying

Dobermans have a reputation for being aggressive, unfriendly dogs. This is mainly due to their territorial and protective nature. However, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), aggression isn’t a part of the breed standard.

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While it’s true that these are protective, territorial dogs, as long as they are properly socialized they won’t be aggressive. Quite the opposite – they can be rather lovey-dovey, something not many dog lovers expect from this breed.

These dogs are eager to please, and they’ll love to listen to their owners. However, they have high energy levels, which means you’ll have to spend a lot of time playing with them outdoors.

However, due to the difference in hormone levels, if you look at male vs female Doberman, you’ll notice that there are quite a lot of differences in their temperament. In fact, these differences are much more noticeable than physical ones.

This is especially noticed in dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered. Their behaviors will be quite determined by their hormone levels.

Males will change their behavior when they are around a female in heat, while females will become grumpy as they are going through their estrus cycle.

These differences can be milder if you spay or neuter your dog as early as possible, but some will always be present.

Are Male Or Female Dobermans More Aggressive?

Doberman pinscher dogDoberman pinscher dog

Despite some misconceptions, in most dog breeds, females are more aggressive than males. The same goes for Doberman Pinschers, as well.

Male Dobermans are usually somewhat laid-back and easy-going. Some might even be considered goofy! This is due to their playful, fun-loving nature. They’d prefer spending an entire day just playing around! Despite their guard dog history, they almost seem to be carefree.

Male Dobermans can get along with strangers better than females. They require less socialization and are more likely to befriend other pets you might have. Still, they have a high prey drive, so you should never leave them with small pets unattended.

These pups will do anything to please their owners, and they’d be very happy to help you with everyday tasks. However, they can be rather clumsy, so they might not be suitable for little kids. They can easily knock them over by accident, or even cause serious harm.

This clumsiness also makes males much messier than females. If you get a male Doberman, expect to have spilled water or muddy paws everywhere!

Sometimes, this mess will be intentional. Male Dobermans love the attention, especially when it comes from their favorite human. If they haven’t seen you for a while, they might jump on you for hours until they decide they’ve had enough petting.

Also, male Dobermans can create strong bonds with the entire family, and not just their owner.

On the other hand, females are much more serious. This is likely as they mature faster. While males might take up to four years to reach maturity, females can reach it in no more than two years. This is why they might be a better choice for first-time Doberman owners, as they’ll start being obedient much sooner.

However, at the same time, females aren’t as friendly as males. While not shy, they’ll prefer to be left alone, and they might not do as well with other pets. This also means they won’t bond with their entire family but will choose a favorite human they’ll love and protect.

This also means you’ll rarely see a female be welcoming of a stranger. They will be rather wary of any new person they meet. In fact, this type of behavior is why many people consider female Dobermans rather aggressive – although they are unlikely to attack or hurt anyone.

Compared to males, these are tidy pets. They will drool less, and they’ll avoid getting into mud altogether. This also means less mud inside your home.

Another reason why females can be considered aggressive is their mood swings. Yes, just like humans, female Dobermans can experience changes in behavior depending on their estrus cycle.

At a certain point in the cycle, females might become much more temperamental. They might even become hard to handle. Some Doberman owners argue that their females become rather emotional a few times a year.

Are Female Dobermans More Aggressive To Other Females?

two Doberman dogs on the grass outdoorstwo Doberman dogs on the grass outdoors

Both male and female Dobermans can express same-sex aggression. This is something that’s common not just for Dobies, but for many other dog breeds, as well.

However, females seem to behave much worse around other females than males act around males.

While two males that aren’t neutered aren’t likely to become friendly, physical contact is rather rare. They will show signs of aggression, but will rarely fight – especially if they have been properly socialized.

On the other hand, females can be much more aggressive toward other females. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) conducted research that has shown that, while same-sex aggression was the cause of 79% of household aggression, 68% of attacks included females.

Still, compared to some other dog breeds, they can handle other females rather well.

It is unlikely for two female Dobermans to fight on the street upon meeting. While they might not like each other, this encounter will almost never result in an attack or aggression.

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However, if they happen to find themselves in the same household, you can expect a whole match to the death. Yes, it isn’t unheard of that two Doberman females fought each other until one succumbed to the injuries.,

This doesn’t necessarily mean that a female Doberman can never be friends with another female. However, extensive socialization is essential if you want to have two female dogs living together in harmony.

Are Male Or Female Dobermans More Affectionate?

Both female and male Dobermans can be very affectionate. Despite the reputation they have, they are loveable dogs that will love to cuddle with their owners.

When it comes to signs of affection, it all comes down to what you’re expecting from your dog.

Overall, males are the ones that prefer attention and love from their owners. This can even make them appear clingy, which isn’t expected from dogs of this size. However, at the same time, they’ll hate being left alone for more than a few hours a day. Otherwise, they might be prone to separation anxiety.

Females are much more independent. They won’t really care about humans, and they’ll be okay with everyone who is getting them food and giving them pats on the head.

However, if a female considers you her favorite human, you can expect her to shower you with love. In fact, females might be much more emotional than males. Still, this unique bond is something they keep for one person only, and they won’t consider everyone their friend.

Are Male Or Female Dobermans Better For Kids?

girl with beautiful doberman puppy outdoorsgirl with beautiful doberman puppy outdoors

If you have young children, you’re likely researching male vs female Dobermans as you’d want to get the best dog possible for your little ones.

Dobermans are the best guard dogs you can get. However, this can make people think they are dangerous, and this isn’t the type of dog you’d want to have around kids.

Despite these rumors, Dobermans can be great with kids. They’ll be extremely loyal to their human families, and this includes children, as well.

Males are rather friendly and playful, and this type of energy can go really well with kids. The two can be best friends that will play all day long!

However, males can be impatient, which isn’t a good thing when you’re dealing with kids. Children, especially toddlers, might not know how to behave around canines. They’ll pull on the dog’s tail and ears and scream into their faces.

Males might end up feeling overwhelmed rather quickly, and they’ll want to get away from a situation that’s stressing them out. If a kid doesn’t respect their desire for privacy, your Doberman might end up snapping at them. This isn’t safe for either party.

Also, due to their clumsiness, it isn’t uncommon for male Dobermans to knock things over or to break things. While running around, they might end up knocking a child over or hurting them without realizing it. This amount of clumsiness can be very dangerous when they’re around children.

While we’ve mentioned that females aren’t as friendly nor playful as males, things change when there are kids involved. There are theories that the reason behind this is the motherly instinct female canines feel, especially if they haven’t been spayed.

Females might not want to play with your kid like your males. They are much calmer, but they’re also more patient. In other words, they will tolerate kids much better, and they won’t create a fuss after every little mistake kids make during playtime.

In fact, female dogs can make amazing watchdogs for your kids. If danger arises, they’ll protect them with their life.

The biggest issue is that female Dobermans love privacy. They will love to have their alone time, and they want kids to respect this. If you can provide your female Doberman with a safe space from your children, they will make amazing family dogs and kids companions.

Are Male Or Female Dobermans Better With Other Pets?

If you already have a dog, cat, or some other pet, you might wonder which one is better to get, a male or a female Dobie.

Male Dobermans are rather territorial. They’ll always want to be the alpha dog in the pack, and they’ll do their best to assert dominance no matter what dog breed they’re surrounded with.

If you neuter them, however, you’ll reduce their desire to be the main dog around. This can even make them get along quite well with other neutered males.

In fact, male Dobermans can go along with other pets quite well. As long as they’re properly socialized from an early age, they can get along with almost anyone! Although we’d still advise some caution around small animals due to their high prey drive.

Female Dobermans are not that dominant. While they’ll take some time to get used to strangers and new pets, they’ll rarely express aggression – except when faced with other females.

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In fact, females are much less friendly toward any other pet compared to females. While they might not react aggressively at the very start, they’re prone to lashing out, especially if the other pet isn’t giving them the privacy they require.

Are Male Or Female Dobermans Easier To Train?

woman makes high five to her petwoman makes high five to her pet

Trainability is very important for any dog breed, but it’s essential when you’re dealing with strong, big dogs that have a history of being kept as guard dogs. So, male vs female Doberman – which one is easier to train?

Both are very intelligent dogs. They can learn new tricks almost immediately. However, this also means they require lots of mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored. A bored dog can be destructive, and your household items might end up; with the short end of the stick.

When it comes to male Dobermans, they are much more eager to please their owners than females. In fact, it seems like nothing makes them happier than keeping their owners happy.

The biggest issue with male Dobermans is that they can get distracted quickly. They’ll rarely mature before they are four years of age, and even the slightest environmental change can make them fully lose interest in what you’re trying to teach them.,

As such, when you want to train males, you need to make sure this is done in a quiet place, where there is no one other than you and him. You also need to be consistent and firm, and to make your dog focus on you.

Females are much more independent. They might not be as willing to do everything you want them to, at least not compared to males.

However, once they get their heads into it, females won’t stop until they’ve learned it. In fact, they are so polite and tidy that you might not even need to potty train them! Female Dobermans will usually learn to housebreak on their own, and they’ll never defecate inside your house.

As such, many dog owners would agree that females are much easier to train. Still, there is one catch.

An unspayed female will go through the mood swings associated with her estrus cycle. During these mood swings, she won’t be willing to lean. In fact, she might behave as if she’s forgotten everything she knew prior to this!

Once the cycle is complete, however, their behavior will return to normal.

It’s essential to note that no Doberman should be allowed to walk off-leash outside of a dog park. Their prey drive can make them chase squirrels or cats, and you can lose sight of them easily. Not to mention that this is illegal in most states.

Are Male Or Female Dobermans More Protective?

Most people get Dobes to keep their homes safe. This can open the discussion on male vs female Dobermans and which will make a better guard dog.

Without much hesitation – females are better at keeping your home safe from intruders. We’ll explain why.

Males are stronger and faster. However, they are also more friendly. If you’ve properly socialized them, chances are you’ve gone overboard. These dogs can consider everyone their family member, and as such, if an intruder comes, they’ll be more likely to want to play than to attack.

Females, on the other hand, have a much more protective nature. Not just that, but they aren’t as friendly as males. This means that they won’t likely befriend a bulgar that entered your home.

Of course, both female and male Dobermans make amazing guard dogs. This breed was created to fulfill this purpose. However, if we focus solely on the dog’s temperament, it’s easy to see why males might be a bit riskier choice compared to females.

Male Vs Female Doberman Health

Doberman lies on the grass in the forestDoberman lies on the grass in the forest

All dog breeds, no matter the gender, are prone to certain health problems. This is why it’s important to buy dogs from reputable breeders who conduct all the necessary health tests to ensure their parent dogs and puppies are as healthy as possible.

When it comes to Dobermans, unfortunately, they have their own set of health issues they can suffer from. Many include blood and heart problems.

Dobermans are very prone to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM). To put it simply, this is an enlarged heart – a condition in which the heart becomes thicker and weaker. This will eventually result in heart failure – although sometimes a respiratory failure can also occur.

DCM is usually diagnosed via ultrasound, and some of the symptoms you need to be wary of include:

• Fainting

• Lethargy

• Short breath

• Weakness

Another health problem Dobermans are prone to is the von Willebrand Disease (vWD). This is the most common bleeding disorder in the canine world, and many dog breeds, including Rottweilers and German Shepherds, are prone to it.

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Fortunately, vWD can be managed, and with the proper medication, it’s rarely fatal. Also, it is hereditary and can be predicted. While dogs can get it at a young age, with regular vet visits, the outcome doesn’t have to be scary.

Also, if vWD is found in the dog’s genetics, it’s advised to refrain from breeding him or her. Otherwise, the disease might spread to the puppies, as well.

Chronic Active Hepatitis (CAH) is another health condition that plagues Dobermans. The liver of dogs with CAH cannot properly metabolize copper, a metal that is found in many packaged dog foods.

If a dog has CAH, it is important to buy only the best dog food for Doberman possible and to look at the ingredient list of every item. The only cure for CAH is to feed your pooch a low-copper diet ad to have your pup drink distilled water.

A few more health problems Dobermans are prone to include:

• Wobbler syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes puppies and adult dogs to walk ‘wobbly’.

• Hypothyroidism, a condition that also affects humans. In dogs with hypothyroidism, the thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormones, causing symptoms such as cold sensitivity, lethargy, and dry skin.

• Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (Bloat), one of the deadliest health issues in large canines. Bloat occurs when the dog’s stomach twists, causing a gas build-up.

• Hip dysplasia, an orthopedic issue in which the hip joint is malformed, leading to pain and weakness in limbs.

All of these health conditions can occur in both male and female Dobies. However, some issues are more common in one gender than in another.

Male Vs Female Doberman Neutering/Spaying

Doberman lies down sofa in interior studioDoberman lies down sofa in interior studio

Many reputable Doberman breeders will suggest or even require you to spay or neuter the dogs you buy from them – especially pet quality dogs. This is something veterinarians would agree with, as there are many benefits to fixing your pup, no matter its gender.

Overall, male dogs are neutered. This means the vet will perform orchiectomy, a medical procedure during which your dog’s testicles are removed.

On the other hand, female dogs are spayed. They’ll undergo an ovariohysterectomy, which is a routine medical procedure during which the vet will remove her ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes. It’s important to note that this is a much more invasive procedure compared to neutering.

Both of these procedures stop the dogs from reproducing, reduce some behaviors connected with the dog’s hormone levels and mating, but also have many health benefits for both female and male Dobermans.

Female dogs that aren’t spayed will go into estrus two times a year. During this time, they’ll look for a mate. A Doberman female that is spayed won’t go into heat and won’t be interested in mating. She also won’t have some temper problems that are often associated with the estrus cycle.

Male Dobermans that aren’t neutered will mark their territory. They are also likely to run away when they smell a female in heat. In fact, this is the most common reason why male dogs get lost.

Not just that, but neutering can prevent many bad behaviors, such as mounting, humping, and marking. In fact, when it comes to male vs female Dobermans, neutering can have more behavioral benefits than spaying.

Also, neutering and spaying can have many health benefits on both genders – most notably, it lowers the chances of many types of cancer.

Do Male Or Female Dobermans Live Longer?

Dobermans have a fairly long lifespan, and most can live 10 to 13 years. As large dogs usually live shorter than small breeds, this is great news.

However, there are some health problems that each gender is more prone to.

Male Dobermans have a higher body mass. This also makes them more prone to orthopedic issues, such as hip dysplasia. Joint pain and other hip problems are also more likely.

There is also some indication that male Dobermans are more prone to DCM as their large body mass puts a strain on their heart, making it more susceptible to diseases.

Females, on the other hand, are a bit more prone to CAH. CAH usually occurs when a dog is between four and six years old, and this is when you should keep an eye on your pooch.

Also, intact males can suffer from testicular and prostate cancer, while intact females can get ovarian or uterine cancer.

All of this can make you think about whether gender can influence a dog’s lifespan – and you’d be surprised that it can. This is the case with all dog breeds, and not just in male vs female Dobermans.

By analyzing thousands of dogs’ lifespans, scientists and veterinary professionals have discovered that, while gender itself doesn’t influence the cause of death, it can impact a dog’s lifespan by a little bit. However, spaying and neutering also play a role in this.

It’s easy to guess that fixed pets live longer than intact ones. This is not just because spaying/neutering your dog can reduce the chances of many health conditions – it can also reduce some dangerous behaviors, such as running away.

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While not entirely proven why empiric research shows that neutered male Dobies seem to live a bit longer than spayed female Doberman Pinschers. However, this difference is rather minor.

Male Vs Female Doberman Lifestyle

doberman dog standing outdoorsdoberman dog standing outdoors

Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle can be essential. If you’re a rather active person, you might not want to get an English Bulldog, a dog that loves nothing more than to sleep on a couch the entire day.

Similarly, you likely won’t buy a Doberman Pinscher if you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to go on long walks several times a day.

Whether you’re looking for a protection dog or a pet for your whole family, it’s important to get a puppy that will complete your lifestyle, not cause chaos and disrupt it.

This can also make you think about male vs female Doberman and which one might be better for you.

Can A Male And Female Doberman Live Together?

Dobermans can be very friendly with the dog of the opposite sex. As such, male and female Doberman can live together in harmony without too many problems.

In fact, it is recommended to keep two dogs of the opposite sex if you plan on having more than one dog.

This is likely because these dogs are not seeing each other as rivals. While same-sex aggression is a huge problem, there is nothing stopping a male and a female Doberman from living in a friendly companionship.

However, if you’re going to keep a male and a female Doberman together, it’s important to have them both fixed. Otherwise, you might end up with a litter of unwanted puppies that will likely end up on the street.

You can keep an intact male and an intact female together, as well. However, you’ll need to separate them whenever a female is in heat. As the dog’s estrus cycle isn’t always precise, it is much safer to take your dog to a licensed vet and have him fixed.

Is It Ok To Have Two Male Dobermans?

While many owners think male Dobermans are more aggressive, two male Dobermans can, in fact, live in the same household. However, to prevent them from fighting for dominance, it would be wise to neuter them.

Even if a fight does happen, two males will rarely fight to the death. They’ll simply fight until one is proven to be the dominant one.

Once they are neutered, however, they’ll no longer have the same desire to prove their leadership. This will make them much friendlier and much less likely to get into trouble.

While two females should never live under the same roof, the same issue doesn’t exist for male Dobes. While having a male and a female is the safest option, having two males is a close second.

Of course, it’s very important to socialize your dogs on time so they can be prepared when a new pet arrives.

Male Vs Female Doberman: Which One Is More Active?

No matter the gender, the Doberman is an active breed. These dogs are not for people who prefer a sedentary lifestyle.

Quite the opposite – these pups would love to go jogging with you, or to spend an entire day playing fetch and other active games.

If we had to choose, we’d say that males are more active than females. This is mostly due to their playful nature. A male Dobie will love to play all day long, no matter the occasion. This also means they’ll have higher activity levels.

While females also require plenty of exercises, they are a bit calmer than males. They don’t have the same amount of stamina, and they might prefer spending some alone time, just laying on their dog bed and napping.

Male Vs Female Doberman Price

Group of doberman puppies in basketGroup of doberman puppies in basket

On average, Dobermans cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,500. Anything much lower than that, and you can be certain you’re dealing with a backyard breeder or a puppy mill.

There are many things that can influence a dog’s price. This includes factors such as:

• Bloodline and pedigree.

• Health tests that were conducted.

• Coat color and a rare pattern.

• Breeder’s reputation.

• Area of living.

However, the gender of the dog can also influence the price, but only for a little bit. This is especially the case with show-quality dogs. We’ll explain.

In a way, all dogs are the same and hold the same value. Still, females are the ones that give birth to other puppies. While one male can mate with dozens of females and have puppies with all of them, these puppies will usually end up belonging to the breeder who owns a female.

As such, many breeders consider female Dobermans to value more than males, especially if they come from a good bloodline. They know that other breeders would love to get a female from their litters and to further mate her as soon as she’s of age.

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This is why many breeders increase the price of their female dogs. They know how sought-after these dogs are, especially by people who’d want to breed dogs on their own.

However, this price difference won’t be large even on rare occasions when it does exist. On a greater scale, it isn’t likely to impact the dog’s average price.

Another thing that is important to note is the cost of owning a dog.

When it comes to male vs female Doberman, there are two expenses that might make you reconsider.

First off, as female dogs are somewhat smaller, with lower energy levels, they’ll usually eat less dog food. As a result, you’ll spend less money feeding your female than you would spend on a male.

On the other hand, if you decide to spay or neuter your pet, you should know that spaying can cost a lot more than neutering. This is due to the different methods these surgeries are performed with.

Also, a spayed female will take longer to recover, and you might have to spend more money on pain medication.

However, spaying is a one-time expense. Compared to the initial price, it shouldn’t make a huge difference. Still, it’s something you need to be aware of.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Doberman?

doberman puppies on the grassdoberman puppies on the grass

Now that you know all there is to know about male vs female Doberman, which one should you get?

Many people aren’t aware of the differences between a male and a female Doberman. They think they can just walk into the breeder’s kennel and choose a dog they like the best, regardless of gender.

However, some differences exist, especially when it comes to the dog’s temperament. If you don’t know what to expect, you might end up making the wrong choice and getting the dog you won’t be able to control.

In general, males are more loveable. They’ll love all your family members and will consider everyone a part of their pack. They are friendly and more likely to get along with other pets you might have.

Just remember to socialize them properly and not to keep them around intact males, as this is a fight for dominance that is just waiting to happen!

Also, males are very active dogs. They can run around all day long! If you decide to get a male Doberman, you need to prepare yourself that this is a dog that will always be ready to go on a hike. A few of the dogs might even like to swim!

If you are not prepared to go on regular walks and to spend at least an hour every day playing tug of war, a male Doberman might not be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, females are much calmer. While not as good of a choice if you have other pets, they can still do great with your kids. They have a great deal of patience, and they will tolerate your child’s loud voice and tail pulling.

Still, female Dobermans can be rather dangerous, especially toward other females. While neutering helps male dogs become more friendly, spaying will have little effect on this part of a pup’s personality. As such, two female Dobermans should never be combined.

Also, female Dobes are much more independent and they’ll prefer to spend time on their own.

When it comes to lifespan, both genders can live 10 to 13 years. While Dobermans are prone to certain health problems, these aren’t related to the dog’s gender. However, it might seem as if neutered males can live a bit longer than females, whether they have been spayed or not.

Females also seem to make better guard dogs, as they aren’t as friendly as males. This means they are more likely to bark at intruders and to alert you if something suspicious happens.

Overall, both male and female Dobermans make outstanding protection dogs and family pets. These are loyal dogs that will gladly give their lives for their owners. Some would even argue that there isn’t that much polarity between male and female dogs.

The only thing that makes a certain, undeniable difference is how you train your dog. With proper obedience training and socialization, all pups can be outstanding canines suitable for all possible tasks.

So, whether you’re looking for a good guard dog, someone who will ‘only’ be a good pet, or if you’d like your dog to participate in a dog show, Doberman can be the right canine for you.

The only thing left is to write down the flaws of both male vs female Doberman and to see which one is a better dog for your situation.

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