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The “battle” between male vs female French Bulldog has been going on for ages among French Bulldog enthusiasts.

We thought that now was the right time to gather the key factors that make the difference between these two genders.

This article discusses everything from the personality of both male and female French Bulldogs to the differences in their physical appearance and their abilities to communicate with people and other animals.

Read on to find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about both male and female Frenchies, including the differences between them.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Table Of Comparison

The best way to start with this male vs female French Bulldog article is by comparing the two Frenchie genders in general to get a broad picture of the differences between them.

Males Females
Better watchdogs Better guard canines
More extroverted More introverted
Mature later Mature earlier
Mischievous and energetic More relaxed
Shorter attention span Longer attention span
Hard to train Easy to train
Almost no nipping Excessive nipping
No major mood swings Heavy mood swings during heat
Humps random dogs Have discharge during heat cycles
Jumping on strangers Laidback with everyone
Less responsive More responsive
Slow learners Quick learners
Alpha males Less dominant
Constantly seek validation More self-oriented
Less expensive More expensive
Larger head Smaller head
Taller and heavier Lighter and more slender

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: How Important Is A Dog’s Gender?

French bulldog lying down tired after walkFrench bulldog lying down tired after walk

Some people might feel that gender shouldn’t be a deciding factor regarding a canine’s personality and its ability to be a good family pet.

However, the table above is proof that there are certain biological distinctions between female French Bulldogs and their male counterparts which can have an influence on the pet’s temperament and attitude.

An academic at the University of British Colombia, Stanley Coren, noticed that female canines tend to be less hostile because of the hormonal difference.

Male and female French Bulldogs might show similar behaviors at first, but if they’re observed for a longer time, different behavior patterns often appear.

For example, most masculine canines compete with one another or other animals for dominance.

Feminine French Bulldogs are strong-willed and very protective of their personal territory. They’re not interested in becoming the “chief” of the pack, but a female pup won’t allow anyone to usurp her space.

Socialization training is the key to preventing any unwanted dog behavior, but it’s effective only if the training is started from early puppyhood.

We might say that the canine’s behavior depends on various factors, but essentially, it all comes down to social surroundings and upbringing.

Let’s dive into the main characteristics and differences of both French bulldog genders.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Temperament

French bulldog sitting on couchFrench bulldog sitting on couch

It’s unfair to speak about the characteristics of French Bulldogs and paint the whole breed with traits that might not be the same for all pooches.

As we already know, there are certain personality traits that are common for the whole dog breed. On the other hand, there are traits that are specifically related to the upbringing and environment individual canines grew up in.

We’ll focus on both sides to find out more about the temperaments of both genders and make a comparison between them:

Male French Bulldog

Male puppies generally seem to be more assertive and temperamental when it comes to their interaction with other pups or animals.

They try to be alpha males, so they compete with other canines in the pack to show their dominance.

However, male pups are also known as very playful doggies with occasional signs of disobedience (which can be brought under control with proper training).

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If you decide to get a male Frenchie, be prepared for an extremely energetic doggie that requires a great deal of your time for exercise and daily activities.

Your male pup might also have a shorter attention span, but that can be improved in time with proper neurological stimulation.

Other personality traits that are related to male Frenchies are:

• Destructive behavior (when the owner leaves the house)

• Chewing (can be a sign of playfulness, but anger as well)

• Affection (they’re very emotional and protective of their owners)

• Boldness (male French Bulldog puppies are bold and fearless)

Are male French Bulldogs cuddly?

This might come as a surprise, but the answer is yes, male French puppies are usually ready to cuddle with their owners at any time.

Male Frenchie puppies are born to be a part of a pack, even if the pack doesn’t consist of other canines, but their owner and the rest of their “human” family.

Although they prefer to be dominant in the pack, male Frenchies will allow their owners to be the leaders of the group.

In such cases, the male Bulldog is ready to follow its pack leader’s orders because it feels safe. However, don’t forget that these pups become attached to their owners easily and require regular cuddles to feel loved and secure.

Female French Bulldog

Some French Bulldog owners claim that female puppies are much easier to manage than their male counterparts, which might not be far from the truth.

Female pups are typically considered timider and less dominance-seeking than male pups, but they do own a set of their unique characteristics as well.

New owners of Female French Bulldogs might be surprised by the aggression of their new pets that might show during the first few months of the canine’s life.

However, the good news is that female Frenchies generally grow out of aggressive behavior as they get older.

Still, some female Frenchie dog owners have reported that these pups have occasional mood swings, which might not drastically change their behavior, but can be noticeable.

Other personality traits that are related to female canines of the French Bulldog breed are:

• Trouble-free potty training (they’re much easier to train than most male Frenchies)

• Gentle (this type of canine can be very gentle with its owner and family, especially if they all live in the same house)

• Calm (female pups are much calmer and more submissive to their owners than males)

• Separation anxiety (a common reason for destructive behavior when it comes to both dog genders)

• Nipping (this happens a lot, especially when they’re thrilled or nervous about something)

Are Female French Bulldogs Aggressive?

As I mentioned above, female pups will often show signs of aggression during the first few months of their lives. However, once they get older, the aggression decreases to a very low level.

Female Frenchies are amiable and will have fewer issues in socialization with people and other animals.

Of course, there are certain cases where even female Frenchies show aggressive behavior during their adult years. This type of behavior is usually related to possible fears, trauma, possessiveness, diseases, injuries, or any other bad experience they might have gone through.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: The Impact Of Spaying/Neutering On Temperament

cute french bulldog standing at gardencute french bulldog standing at garden

Many French Bulldog owners and breeders can confirm that their pups show significant changes in behavior after spaying/neutering.

This topic has been quite popular among Frenchie enthusiasts for a long time, especially because there are those who think that the temperament isn’t conditioned by heat, but by frustration in other fields of life.

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Of course, the heat cycle can’t be the only reason for specific behaviors but it shouldn’t be neglected either.

Here’s how spaying and neutering might affect the behavior of your furry friend, depending on their gender.

Male Frenchie

As soon as the male French Bulldog pup is neutered, there might be certain improvements in its behavior.

Of course, the essential personality of the canine always remains the same and can’t be changed with any training, practice, or even a physical procedure such as neutering.

Still, the owner will usually notice slight differences in the dog’s personality, such as:

• Peaceful behavior (any aggression is typically ruled out after the procedure)

• No humping (this is a common issue among young Frenchie male pups)

• Lower energy level (the pooch might show less interest in certain activities)

Female Frenchie

It might be said that female pups and their owners benefit even more from this procedure than male pups.

Female French Bulldogs are generally considered to be better behaved than their male counterparts.

However, they can also show signs of unwanted behavior, which can be neutralized by spaying.

Instead of focusing on bad examples, let’s talk about some positive changes that might come with this procedure:

• Fewer health issues (urinary problems are common among female Frenchies, but can be solved with spaying)

• Fewer mood changes (mood swings will be frequent until the females aren’t subjected to hormonal shifts anymore)

• Less aggressiveness (some French Bulldog female canines can show aggressiveness until they’re spayed because of their hormones or other related issues)

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Which One Has A Better Personality?

dog looking up to owner waiting to go walkiesdog looking up to owner waiting to go walkies

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Those who prefer female pups will always choose them, and the same goes for male pooches.

Both genders have their good and bad sides. For example, females will rarely get into fights with other animals to “take over the throne”, but they will nip quite a lot if they’re excited or frustrated, which might not be desirable if you have small children.

However, keep in mind that most of these negative traits diminish after the pups have been spayed/neutered.

Also, you can prevent some bad habits from the start with proper training and early exposure to people and animals.

Most people think it’s enough to take the pet to training experts two or three times a week. However, that might not be all that’s needed.

House training is just as important as an expert training program and shouldn’t be neglected. The best pooch gender for you is the one that fits your needs and wishes. If you’re looking for a cuddly and gentle pup, a female Frenchie is perfect for you.

However, if you prefer a more energetic and fiercely loyal pet, a male Frenchie will definitely be the best choice.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Interaction With Humans And Other Animals

couple indoor in their apartment holding french bulldog puppycouple indoor in their apartment holding french bulldog puppy

French Bulldogs are generally known as outgoing and highly sociable canines, but with proper practice and socialization programs.

You can’t expect your pet to be open to strangers and other animals if they weren’t actively exposed to them in the past.

Gender can also play an important role in behavior towards people and other types of pets.

French Bulldog Males

Male pups enjoy spending time with humans more than anything, which isn’t a surprise considering that they were initially bred to serve as companion dogs.

Some might even go as far as describing male dogs as party animals, and they wouldn’t be wrong.

The science might not have strong evidence about this yet, but multiple dog owners’ experiences might serve as proof of such positive social behavior.

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Don’t be surprised to find your pup playing with random people at dog parks. Sometimes they might even refuse to go home with you just because they’re enjoying the time with other people.

Negative Sides

There’s nothing negative about enjoying time with other people, of course, but sometimes male Frenchies can become so playful and excited that they can’t control themselves.

In such cases, they start jumping on people around them, even random bystanders that haven’t initiated any interaction with your pet.

That might seem cute to you, as you’re his owner, but it can be quite unpleasant for other people who might be afraid of dogs.

You can prevent this behavior by practicing. For example, if you don’t make contact with your pet until its feet are on the floor, they’ll eventually learn to interact that way.

Also, jumping and humping naturally decrease after you neuter your pet. Therefore, if you plan to go ahead with this procedure, be prepared for a much calmer pet afterward.

French Bulldog Females

Of course, male and female Frenchies belong to the same dog breed, so it’s natural they’ll have similar behavior patterns.

Female pups also like to spend time with people, even if they’re strangers. They’re so full of love and affection that they just have to share it with other people, as well.

Of course, this type of interaction is possible only through proper training from early puppyhood.

It might be difficult sometimes to go for a simple walk in your area as your pet will try to play with every person that passes near you.

Negative Sides

Two pooches might be of the same breed and gender, but that still doesn’t mean they’ll show the same behavior patterns.

Not every female Frenchie is ready to instantly befriend strangers because some pooches might be more introverted and attached solely to their owner.

However, you don’t have to worry too much about this issue. Timider canines can also interact with other people and animals; they just require a bit more time to get used to them.

The main reason why female dogs might take a longer time to interact with strangers and other pets is that they might initially consider them a danger to your security until they’re proven differently.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Trainability

smiling woman training french bulldog in city parksmiling woman training french bulldog in city park

This canine breed isn’t difficult to train, especially if they start with training sessions at an early age.

However, Frenchies might be quite strong-willed, so it’s recommended that owners prepare in time and arm themselves with a lot of patience.

Also, if you value hygiene more than anything, these pooches might not be a perfect choice.

Frenchies will slobber, release gases, and shed fur around the house quite often, which is why house training might seem like a real challenge.

Male French Bulldogs

According to the experiences of some pet owners and breeders in the UK, U.S. and other countries, male canines aren’t as trainable as female pups because they’re more playful and mischievous.

The main reason they seem more stubborn and harder to discipline is that they don’t mature at the same pace as their female counterparts.

Most breeders and owners report that the most challenging training sessions are during the obedience practice programs.

Another reason for such behavior lies in the fact that they possess the alpha dog gene, meaning that male pups always try to be dominant, even with humans, until they finally realize who’s the boss.

This type of behavior can be prevented by taking a firm attitude. You have to remind yourself and your pup of the fact that you are the owner, and he is the one who has to follow your commands.

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Male puppies will take more time to become housetrained as well, including the potty practice. If you’re not sure how to train your pet at home, you can always consult an expert or find relevant literature online.

Female French Bulldogs

One of the greatest benefits of getting a female pup is the simplicity of training sessions, whether it’s socialization, obedience, or any other type of practice program.

As I mentioned above, female Frenchies show signs of maturity a lot earlier than males. Therefore, they seem to be more submissive and cooperative towards their owners and training experts.

Concentration and communication are two key factors of successful training. Female French Bullies seem to show more attentiveness and better response to commands, which is why they’re so easy to train.

However, if you notice that your female pup isn’t responding successfully to house training (which is possible because every canine is different), you can always enroll your pooch in a professional training program.

A mix of the two types of programs will help your female pet become steadier, as she’ll learn to follow you as well.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Which One Is Better With Kids?

little girl holds a French bulldog in her armslittle girl holds a French bulldog in her arms

Frenchies are generally known as canines that are great with children, mostly because of their size, but their playfulness as well.

Another great thing about French Bullies is that they were bred with the intention of being a good company to humans of all ages.

If you’re wondering which gender is better with children, you can find the answer in the paragraphs below.

Male Frenchie

Some people often make comparisons between the demeanor of male pooches to that of children. This makes sense in a way, considering that they both show similar behavior patterns when it comes to playfulness and energy levels, in general.

Kids will have great fun with male pups because they both like to fool around.

One of the key reasons might be that male pups don’t possess the maternal instinct, which is usually the main drive of female pups.

Male pups consider youngsters as play buddies rather than someone they need to protect.

If you decide to get a male Frenchie, it’s essential to expose the pup to little kids as soon as possible within your house.

Exposure to children at the earliest age will strengthen your pet’s relationship with your kids, but it’ll also prevent your pup from being annoyed every time your kid begins teasing them in any way.

Of course, you should work with your child as well and teach them the right behavior towards the pet, which shouldn’t include any signs of fear, as that may wake the dominance-seeking part of your pup.

Female Frenchie

Male pups are attentive toward children, but not in the same way as females, which have a far stronger parental instinct.

Female pups might not be as playful as the male ones, but they’ll rarely cause any accidents during playtime by goofing around.

Although the female canine will do its best to protect your kiddo once they connect, the initial exposure to the child should be monitored to avoid any accidents.

Help your child to approach the pup carefully, without any sudden movements that might seem like a threat to your pet.

The best way is to let the canine make the first move by coming to your kid and sniffing them.

Once the pup feels comfortable enough, it’ll come even closer and let your kiddo pet them.

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However, make sure your kid avoids the ear area as much as possible, as well as its tail, legs, and belly because they might be too sensitive.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Physical Appearance

french bulldog standing outdoorsfrench bulldog standing outdoors

Although there might be slight differences in their physical appearance, French Bulldogs generally look almost the same, which is natural because they belong to the same breed.

For example, French Bulldog coat shades are characteristic for both genders, such as:

• White

• Brindle and white

• Brindle

• Cream

• Tan

• Sable

• Fawn

• Chocolate

However, there are certain differences between male and female French Bulldogs in terms of appearance and we’re going to discuss them in more detail below.

Male French Bulldogs

Male pups are often described as mini types of English Bullies with unique “bat ears” (large, pointed shape). However, don’t worry if your French puppy’s ears are floppy, almost every pup has them until a certain age!

When it comes to comparison with the opposite gender of the same canine type, there are things that are immediately visible, such as a larger head with a more square shape and a small nose.

Also, the wrinkles might be one of the reasons why these pups resemble Bulldogs more than female pups.

Apart from that, male canines have a stronger and wider body frame than female dogs, as well as a shorter neck and shorter coat hair.

Male French Bullies have darker eye color and big eyes that are set quite wide apart.

According to the French Bulldog growth chart, the average dimensions of a male Frenchie are about 13 inches in height (33-35 cm), 27 to 30 pounds (12 to 15 kg), approximately 23 to 25 inches in width (about 63 to 66 cm), and 10 to 12 inches in length (28 to 30 cm).

Female French Bulldogs

Without further inspection of their private parts, most female French Bullies could be mistaken for male Frenchies.

Square-shaped heads, the same type of ears, and wrinkles around the nose immediately show which type of dog breed they belong to.

Some female pups can have a smaller head than their male counterparts, but don’t be surprised if they’re bigger in size as well because of their genetics.

Check out some of the key features of Female Frenchies’ physical appearance:

• Broad chest and sensitive skin

• Soft and fluffy coat hair

• Round forehead

• Short muzzles

Are Female French Bulldogs Smaller Than Males?

Yes, female Frenchies are generally smaller than male pups. The average measurements of a female Bullie pup would be:

10 inches in height (25 cm)

• Weight: 23 to 25 lbs (9 to 11 kg)

10 inches in length (25 to 26 cm)

22 inches in width (55 to 56 cm)

It’s important to keep in mind that the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t acknowledge any type of French Bulldog if they weigh more than 28 pounds.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Health Problems

Cute french bulldog lying on grey sofaCute french bulldog lying on grey sofa

Male Frenchies

According to science and certain research studies, including the one conducted by Dr. Dan O’Neill from the Royal Veterinary College, male pups are prone to more health issues than their female counterparts.

The data from this study has raised eyebrows among breeders in California and other parts of the U.S., as well as the French Bullie enthusiasts who might find this very serious.

Of course, that doesn’t mean every male puppy is prone to suffering from certain health conditions, but they might have a higher risk of developing health problems such as:

• Otitis

• Conjunctivitis

• Hip dysplasia

• Ear infections

• Externa

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Female Frenchies

The same study has shown that female pups have a significantly lower risk of getting any health issues related to the dog breed in general.

The reason why females are spared the majority of health issues might lie in the fact that the two genders have different types of hormones and body sizes.

However, female pups might go through their own struggles, considering that this canine breed can’t be naturally produced (in most cases), but only by artificial insemination.

Also, female canines are generally subjected to C-sections because of the way they’re built, which leaves them little to no chances of having a natural delivery.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Same Lifespan?

The life expectancy of French Bullies is not affected by the gender of the canine in any case.

However, there can be certain differences based on the type of French Bullie; therefore, a standard-size Frenchie lives up to 12 years of age, while Miniature Frenchies might live up to 16 years!

However, the life expectancy of a canine can be greatly impacted by the diet, lifestyle, and overall health condition of the pup.

Therefore, make sure to feed your pet with proper dog food for Frenchies and to include regular exercises and outdoor activities in your and your pup’s life.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Price

French Bulldog puppies on the grassFrench Bulldog puppies on the grass

The price of the pup doesn’t depend on the gender only, but on other factors such as the general well-being, genetic background, and the type of the breed.

For example, a purebred Frenchie will cost around $3,000, but a Frenchie Husky cross won’t cost more than $800.

But, a Frenchie Pitbull mix is priced between $2,000 and $4000, because they’re high in demand.

Male Frenchies

The average price of a French Bulldog male pup would be somewhere from $1,600 up to $3,000, depending on the pup’s health, coat shade, location, etc.

However, if you’re looking for male Frenchies of championship bloodline, one might cost you up to a whopping $10,000!

Just to keep in mind, this is the initial cost of the pup, without the additional costs of food, medications, and all other dog essentials.

Female Frenchies

Female pups have a significantly higher price than their male counterparts, but there are good reasons why.

Artificial inseminations are quite an expensive process, which is why it’s pretty expensive to produce the breed in general.

C-sections can also cost quite a lot of money, so breeders have to find a balance between the cost and the profit.

The average cost of getting a female Frenchie is from $5,000 to $15,000, which is why they’re considered the canines for the elite.

Male Vs Female French Bulldog: Which One Is Better For You?

There’s no definite winner in this male vs female French Bulldog battle!

As you can see, there are plenty of factors that every potential owner of a French Bulldog should consider before making the final decision.

However, it can be said that everything comes down to your personal preferences.

If you’re a fan of male French Bulldog puppies, you’ll choose the male pup in almost every case.

But, if you were indecisive, I hope this article helped you make the choice.

Both male and female Frenchies have their own special qualities and possible negative sides. However, if you choose a reputable breeder, the chances are good that you’ll get a perfectly well pup that is up to the breed standards.


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