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The Shiba Inu is a hunting dog from Japan. A dog that has recently become increasingly popular thanks to many doge memes. Just like its cousin, the Akita Inu, the Shiba Inu is a spitz dog, a purebred, and recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Shibas are a puzzle. Many things still need to be uncovered about this dog breed, but the biggest issue most new owners face is whether a male vs female Shiba Inu is better. It’s a tough question to answer.

Males and females are like apples and oranges. It’s hard to compare the two of them. They have some similarities, but the differences are more visible. How about we check out what those differences are?

Physical Difference Between Male And Female Shiba Inu

Males are always taller and heavier than females. This means they will expend more energy, and thus they will need more dog food on a daily basis.

Male Shibas have a broad face, while female Shibas have a soft appearance, both head and body. Male and female faces are different, so you can tell which is which immediately.

Male Female
tall smaller in size
heavy lighter in weight
broad appearance soft appearance

Both males and females sport numerous coat colors including red, black and tan, sesame, and cream Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu Male Vs Female Size

beautiful shiba inu dog in forestbeautiful shiba inu dog in forest

One thing you can notice about these dogs is their ideal proportions. There’s hardly any other dog more compact than the Shiba Inu. Their head is proportional to the body and is covered in a soft, fluffy double coat that sheds moderately. It’s a widely known breed standard for these dogs.

The difference between male and female Shiba Inu puppies is almost non-existent. A significant change happens around the first year, but their height and weight remain almost the same.

At a young age, around six months, male and female Shiba Inu are nearly the same size and height. They both weigh 12 pounds and stand tall at 8 inches in height.

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As we’ve already mentioned, the first-year mark is when changes happen. However, both males and females will stay at 13 inches in height and weigh around 16 pounds.

At 18 months, the Shiba Inu is now an adult dog, making the differences between males and females more apparent. A significant change in height and weight between males and females is now noticeable.

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Male Shiba Inus can reach up to 15 inches in height, while females can be 14 inches tall.

As a rule, male Shiba Inus are heavier, weighing around 23 pounds, while females tend to weigh around 17 pounds.

Shiba Inus are somewhat smaller dogs, but since males are always bigger than females, you need to keep that in mind if your place is a bit crowded.

Are There Differences Between An Intact Or Neutered And Spayed Shiba Inu?

Japanese Shiba Inu dog in a carpet in bedroomJapanese Shiba Inu dog in a carpet in bedroom

Being neutered or spayed greatly affects all dog breeds, including the Shiba Inu. Not only do physical changes happen, but personality changes are also visible. Shiba Inus’s dominant nature can easily be seen if the dog is intact.

Such dogs are more likely to form a habit of humping and lifting their leg to mark their territory. Once a male is neutered, these behavioral patterns reduce.

The same goes for the female Shiba Inu. Spaying a female changes her nature and behavior also. Aggressive behavior can be reduced by this procedure. Also, if you’re not willing to deal with a bloody discharge every time the dog is in its heat cycle, spaying is the option for you.

Female Shiba Inus in heat are a bit of a handful. These girls will go wild and act as though they’ve never been trained before. Trust us, the mood swings these dogs can have will give you a headache.

Being in heat means it will be hard to chase away male dogs who are attracted to your girl. Meaning your daily walks would be a nightmare.

Off-leash unspayed females in heat mean only one thing: unwanted pregnancy.

It’s hard to choose between male vs female Shiba Inu. But, do you know what’s not difficult at all? Buying premium dog gear, because you’ve got our list!

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Female Vs Male Shiba Inu: Who Is More Friendly?

girl plays with the Shiba Inu dog in the backyardgirl plays with the Shiba Inu dog in the backyard

It seems like there’s a rule that female dogs are always more distant than males. It’s the same scenario with Shiba Inu females. They are more aloof than males, especially with strangers. To put it in other words, females are more cautious than males.

This could be a good trait or a flaw, depending on what you think

A socialized and well-trained male Shiba Inu will be more friendly with the family and much more playful than a female. However, if training goes wrong or is non-existent, a male Shiba Inu can become aggressive and dominant in nature.

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Training isn’t optional. It’s something both males and females must go through to function normally.

Male Shiba Vs Female Shiba: Who Is More Active?

two Red dogs Japanese Shiba Inutwo Red dogs Japanese Shiba Inu

The factors behind the activity levels of Shiba Inus are still unknown. However, what we do know is that males are more active than females. They are more lively and love to play with their owner.

Still, compared to other dog breeds, the Shiba Inu is a far less active and playful dog breed. When you compare the two genders, you’ll see males would be more suitable for you if you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

All this activity isn’t always positive. It does have some drawbacks. Apparently, male Shiba Inus can become more destructive, meaning they will destroy and chew on things around the house. The Shiba Inu puppy will put anything in its mouth. Anything!

One way to prevent such behavior is to provide plenty of toys to your Shiba Inu and teach him what’s okay to put in his mouth and what’s not. If you pay attention to socialization from an early age, your new Shiba Inu puppy could go from a chewer to a chiller.

Less active people (read: couch potatoes) will enjoy the company of a female Shiba Inu more than a male.

Females aren’t that active, and they prefer lying on the sofa to playing fetch. She enjoys her own space and doesn’t need her owner to have fun.

Male Vs Female Shiba: Who Is Cleaner?

Shiba inu in the natureShiba inu in the nature

The Shiba Inu is the right dog for all those neat freaks who love a tidy and clean home. But, which dog gender to choose first? Are females cleaner than males, or is it vice versa?

It appears that females are cleaner than males. It’s much easier to keep a female Shiba Inu clean than a male. Usually, females will tend to keep themselves clean. She will try to avoid mud and puddles in her way whenever possible.

You can definitely say the female Shiba Inu is the dog equivalent of Monica from Friends!

On the other hand, males love to explore, and they will jump into a muddy puddle if they see one. They care less about cleaning and are prone to mark their territory everywhere. Marking is a habit males have, but it can be stopped once the dog is neutered.

One thing female Shiba Inus can be messy about is their period twice a year. It’s a natural process that requires lots of patience and understanding.

Are Shiba Inus Aggressive? Male Vs Female Shiba Inu

roaring shiba inu dog in the green grassroaring shiba inu dog in the green grass

There are many stories out there showing Shibas as aggressive dogs. Sure, the first Shiba Inus were dominant dogs, quite difficult to handle, and extremely shy. They were an enigma. And they still are.

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However, breeders of high-quality Shibas nowadays have a much bigger gene pool to pick from. Shibas are now socialized animals without many signs of aggression.

These dogs love their personal space when it comes to other dogs. You can say they’re a bit anxious when it comes to other dogs at the park. They don’t like being tackled or rough play.

Usually, the Shiba will show its teeth and snarl at the offending dog, but the skin never gets broken. It’s just a way the Shiba puts another dog in its place.

This doesn’t mean the Shiba Inu dog doesn’t get along with other dogs at all. Most dog owners find two dogs of the opposite sex are the best combination. But, make sure it’s the opposite sex of a whole other dog breed.

Aggression usually shines through when dogs aren’t spayed or neutered. Some experts think female Shibas, intact ones, can be terrible dogs. She will try to destroy and kill the other female in the house. That’s how far things can go.

We must not confuse aggressive behavior with being protective. Male Shibas are very protective of their territory, hence their love for personal space.

To eliminate such extreme behavioral patterns, early socialization and obedience training should be a priority. The earlier you start the training, the easier it will be to handle your dog in the future.

Training Differences Between Male And Female Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu stands next to the owner in the spring parkShiba Inu stands next to the owner in the spring park

A positive trait Shibas have is their ability to learn fast. It’s not rare for Shibas to outthink their owners. They do have a strong desire to please themselves, not their owner.

Shibas will spend the vast majority of their time stuck in the house because of our fast-paced lifestyle. Not all of us get the chance to live in a place with a spacious yard. That’s why taking your

Shiba outside would be like a holiday to him. They’re not runners like the Siberian Husky, so it’s good to know your Shiba won’t run away.

Still, a fenced yard or a harness should be a must. Teach your dog to come when called. This will teach them obedience and give them a sign when playtime is over.

As we mentioned earlier, Shibas are fast learners when it comes to obedience training. However, they are not reliable like Labradors or Golden Retrievers, but they are easier to train than most hound breeds, toy breeds, hunting dogs, and other working breeds.

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Training lessons should take no more than 30 minutes. Don’t go overboard and don’t work on one exercise for more than ten minutes. They will get bored, and you don’t want a bored Shiba.

When it comes to training male vs female Shiba Inu, it’s a battle the males win. A male Shiba Inu is a good choice for first-time Shiba owners. They have an outgoing personality and are quite easy to handle compared to their female counterparts.

Training males is easier than training female Shibas. Still, if you do have experience with this dog breed, then training a female shouldn’t be that challenging for you. The female Shiba is highly intelligent and can learn amazing tricks.

The only problem with the female dog is that she has her own attitude and moody temperament. She might not let you boss her around and will try to display her dominance more than any male would.

It’s up to you to choose whether you can handle a female Shiba or if the male would suit you better.

Marking And Unwanted Behavior: Male Vs Female Shiba

shiba inu dog in winter snow forestshiba inu dog in winter snow forest

Peeing and marking is a trait female and male dogs have and is an example of differences between the genders. A male who’s not neutered will make a habit of peeing and marking everywhere in the house.

It’s not a pleasant situation to live with, and something has to be done about it.

The smell of a male’s urine is stronger than that of a female’s. The female Shiba is not going to do this and would avoid such behavior.

Neutering will help you get rid of this nasty habit.

Do Male Or Female Dogs Have A Better Temperament?

Shiba Inu walking outsideShiba Inu walking outside

Photo from @kami.yukiyo

Female Shibas are quite protective of their personal space. If you or another dog tries to invade it, she will defend it at all cost.

Even though they’re small dogs, they’re not lap dogs that will cuddle with you at the end of the day. If you’re expecting this, then you might want to get another dog who’s a cuddler. Sure, there are exceptions, but generally, they’re not that cuddly.

When someone invades their personal space, the female Shiba will bark as a warning. If you cross the line, it’s obvious what will happen.

That’s why males would be more suitable for you if you like to have your dog next to you at all times. Males will join you on the sofa for a cuddle session.

One thing that’s characteristic of both males and females is their scream. They both can be very dramatic when things aren’t going their way. The Shiba scream is something you’ll never forget and can terrify you even when trimming nails or giving them a bath.

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It sounds like they’re in so much pain, but in fact, it’s only a tantrum.

This behavioral pattern occurs around 14 weeks of age. This is the time when they start to test the limits. Keep an eye on your female Shiba; she’s the drama queen in this story.

Male temperament Female temperament
easy going protective
cuddlers aren’t cuddlers
intelligent intelligent
loyal loyal
easy to train not that easy to train
laid back in charge

Shiba Inu Dog Breed Vs Other Dogs

cute little Shiba Inu dog outdoorscute little Shiba Inu dog outdoors

If you’re thinking of getting another dog from the same breed, it would be best to choose the opposite gender. Dogs are usually more friendly towards the opposite sex. Living with two male Shibas could be a big problem.

But, if you’re getting a female for your male, you should know she’s going to be in charge from then on.

If possible, avoid making two Shibas live together. They don’t get along with other dogs or animals, even if they’re socialized.

Shiba Inu Dogs And Their Relationship With Children

boy and Shiba Inu dog are enjoying playingboy and Shiba Inu dog are enjoying playing

There is no difference between male vs female Shiba Inu and their relationship with children. Both genders are not really family dogs, and it would be best not to bring them into a home with kids.

They’re not friendly towards kids and should never be left alone with them.

Kids can be taught how to approach them carefully and deal with this Japanese dog breed, but it’s best not to put these two together.

Once again, push them into socialization training as early as possible to eliminate bad behavior.

How Much Exercise Does A Shiba Need?

Man owner taking Shiba Inu dog on leash walking in the parkMan owner taking Shiba Inu dog on leash walking in the park

Shibas need a moderate amount of exercise. Usually, younger dogs are more active than seniors. You’d be happy to hear Shibas don’t need lots of exercise to wear them out. They love simple walks and a nice run in a fenced area.

What you should never do is encourage couch potato behavior or restrict exercise for young dogs. If they don’t get much exercise, it can lead to poor development, weak pasterns, or even patellar luxation.

If you’re busy and must leave your Shiba alone for a few hours every day, it’s good to know they will not destroy the house like Huskies would if they feel bored. You can always do crate training, but some toys and chewies will keep them entertained.

Health Issues Male And Female Shiba Inu Are Prone To

shiba inu dog sitting on the grass in the forestshiba inu dog sitting on the grass in the forest

We all know Japan is a land where the lifespan is quite long. Does the Shiba Inu’s lifespan match that fact? This does apply to the Shiba Inu as well. Both genders are healthy dogs without any major health issues like other breeds.

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However, as there is no dog breed without potential health risks, Shibas also have a list of health problems they’re prone to.

Here are the most common health concerns for the Shiba Inu:

• Patellar luxation

• Hip dysplasia

• Glaucoma

• Progressive retinal atrophy

• Cataracts

• Hypothyroidism

• Seizures

• Allergies

• Cancer

• Chylothorax

It’s quite a list, but if you provide an ideal environment for your dog, visit the vet regularly, and give them proper care, lots of potential problems can be avoided.

Make sure your vet does the following tests to keep your Shiba healthy and happy:

• Hip tests

• Knee tests

• X-rays

• Physical examination

• Allergy tests

How Many Shiba Inus Should I Get?

Two shiba inus sitting outdoorsTwo shiba inus sitting outdoors

After some time of being a Shiba dog owner, you might want another addition to your little family. Always remember what we told you: Shibas get along with dogs of the opposite sex, but if you take in a female, know that she will be in charge.

Socializing a Shiba Inu should be easy when they’re one to three-year-olds. A well-socialized Shiba can get along with even a puppy. But, if your dog is not socialized, don’t bother introducing them one.

It’s not advised to adopt littermates. Yes, they’re adorable, but having two stubborn puppies living in their own worlds without their focus on you is a nightmare. Shiba Inu puppies should be separated most of the time.

You need to deal with each of them individually.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Shiba Inu?

Shiba inu dog playing in the gardenShiba inu dog playing in the garden

It’s hard to tell which one is better, male vs female Shiba Inu. The answer depends solely on your preferences. You need to know which gender suits you better and who is more easygoing for you.

The Shiba Inu breed is a loyal one. They’re intelligent dogs and are devoted to their owners. However, there are some setbacks. Shibas can show signs of aggression and aloofness. But, it’s nothing a good dog training lesson can’t solve.

Shiba Inus are a challenge, but they will be the best one you’ll ever face. Once you spend half an hour with this dog breed, you’ll never wish for another one ever again.

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