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“I had a small dog phobia,” said Sinclair, but it all went down the drain the minute he met Pickles. 

Sinclair Martin, a man from North Carolina, stated very clearly all his life that he didn’t like little dogs whatsoever. 

He preferred bigger dogs like Merlin, the Pitbull/German Shepherd mix they already owned, but there was a slight problem – his wife wanted a tiny Chihuahua to be their next dog. 

And, he simply couldn’t say ‘no’ to his wife, so they went to pick up Pickles, but to everyone’s surprise, Sinclair fell in love with this tiny little dog the moment he saw her. 

Love At First Sight

a man is holding a cute chihuahua in his armsa man is holding a cute chihuahua in his arms
Source: @pickles_the_chihuahua_

Sheridan Oliver Martin wanted a Chihuahua because she loved the breed and had prior experience, having had one while growing up. 

When she finally got the green light from her husband, she was over the moon, although he repeatedly declared that he didn’t want to have anything to do with the small dog. 

But, oh boy did everything change the moment they picked Pickles, a little 5-pound Chihuahua. 

Sinclair just kept staring at the tiny creature, completely in love. It was truly love at first sight. 

a man in a car exchanges affections with a chihuahuaa man in a car exchanges affections with a chihuahua
Source: @pickles_the_chihuahua_

“I barely got to hold her. He was just attached to her the whole time,” Sheridan told The Dodo.  

The moment Pickles looked at Sinclair, he just melted.

She was meant to be their dog, for sure. 

“When we got home, he sits down on the couch and grabs the blanket from me, tucks it around her and himself so that just her head is popping out. I was like, ‘Oh, no… What have I done?’” said Sheridan.  

She became his baby and he was a changed man. It took only one look and he was doomed. 

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Nightly Bedtime Routine

a dog wrapped in a bright white blanketa dog wrapped in a bright white blanket
Source: @pickles_the_chihuahua_

Sinclair now loves his tiny Pickles so much that he will do everything for her. 

“He prepares her food, puts on her outfits, washes her clothes and blankies, cleans her paws, tucks her in every night between our pillows, lets her snuggle inside of his sweatshirts when she’s cold, always puts her sweater or jacket on when it’s colder outside, takes her for walks, carries her everywhere, shares his snacks with her (almost always apples and carrots), he always makes sure she has her travel blankie in the car, he gives her baths and brushes her teeth, pretty much everything,” Sheridan told Bored Panda. 

Every night, Pickles gets very special treatment from her dad, as he tucks her in a pile of freshly-warmed blankets. 

She sleeps with the couple, right between her mommy and daddy. 

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Her blankies must be warmed in the dryer for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then she jumps right on the bed and demands to be tucked in until it’s perfect. 

Pickles loves her nighttime routine just as much as the daddy. 

“She gets swaddled in her towel while he warms up her blankie before bedtime because, heaven forbid, the baby can’t get cold,” said Sheridan.

It’s safe to say that this baby changed this man’s whole perspective on smaller dogs. They have an amazing bond and are pretty much obsessed with each other. 

a man is petting a cute doga man is petting a cute dog
Source: @pickles_the_chihuahua_

He is a completely changed man to the point that he now wants to have even more Chihuahuas. 

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