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Finally, it’s time to meet one of the most popular Doodles of all time.

Here’s Mini Aussiedoodle, the cutest version of bigger Doodles. Psst, don’t tell Goldendoodles about this, okay?

I may be a little bit biased here, but you will be too.

Mini Aussiedoodles are simply incredible pets, from the inside and outside.

You will love their good looks, sharp minds, and friendly characters.

If you need more persuasion to get a Mini Aussiedoodle, I suggest you pay attention to what I have to say to you.

What Is A Mini Aussiedoodle?

Mini Aussiedoodle is a crossbreed, a mixed breed pup, a hybrid, and a designer dog.

This is a mixture of two incredible purebred dogs, the Miniature Poodle and the Mini Australian Shepherd.

Mini Aussiedoodles are great dogs for anyone looking for a sweet, but slightly bigger dog than usual lap puppies.

Origin: When And Where Did The First Mini Aussiedoodles Appear?

mini aussiedoodle resting in grassmini aussiedoodle resting in grass

We’re proud to say the Miniature Aussiedoodle is one of those pawesome American dog breeds.

Born and raised in the States, the Mini Aussiedoodle sure moves frontier lines. This dog breed is becoming more popular with time. I predict these lovely little Doodles will become a distinguished dog breed in the future. Who knows, maybe the AKC will accept them too one day.

But, the beginning was as bright as today. Every hybrid dog or designer dog breed faces complications in their first years. Breeders need to polish the breed to perfection and breed out unwanted traits to make the new breed desirable.

The same thing happened to our Mini Aussiedoodle buddy. It took some time for the breeders to make a spectacular pooch of our mini friend. Even today, the breed is still being worked on.

Before we discuss the origin of the Aussiedoodle, we must first address the parent breeds.

The Origin Of The Parent Breeds

One of the parents in this mix is a significantly older dog than the other.

Can you guess which one it is?

Of course, it’s the Poodle! These extremely popular dogs date back several centuries ago. Some dog experts claim Poodles come from Germany and that they have been around since the Middle Ages.

Others believe Poodles are French dogs by origin. We have Poodle dog engravings and pictures from France, dating back to the 1700s.

All in all, the breed’s been here for a while.

The first specimens of the breed arrived in the States in the late 17th century. The breed was officially recognized by the AKC in 1887, which makes them one of the oldest purebred breeds.

On the other hand, we have a fairly young parent breed, the Australian Shepherd, the Miniature Australian Shepherd to be more precise.

This dog breed was first introduced in the States back in 1968. As you can see, it’s still young and has a lot of tweaking coming its way.

However, breeders have managed to do their best and improve the Miniature Australian Shepherd dog breed.

The Mini Aussie Shepherd looks like a hybrid dog, but he’s definitely far away from that. In order to achieve the small size, breeders took the smallest of all Aussie Shepherds and bred them together. Thus, the only thing that changed was the size.

The Mini Aussiedoodle

Like many other designer dog breeds, the Mini Aussiedoodle has been around for only a couple of decades. Some twenty to thirty years ago, dog enthusiasts and experts agreed it would be a good idea to breed Miniature Australian Shepherds to Miniature Poodles.

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The end result was a dog that took all the finest traits of both parents. The breeders were thrilled. The Mini Aussiedoodle was a success.
Well, the Mini Aussiedoodle is still a success.

What’s so incredible about this hybrid dog is that the American Kennel Club actually gave them some credits. You see, once the number of registered dog breeds reaches 150, the Mini Aussiedoodle will be a recognized dog breed on its own.

Right now, Mini Aussiedoodles are in Foundation Stock Service, waiting for this moment to happen. I have a feeling it will come soon!

Are Mini Aussiedoodles Really That Good Looking?

mini aussiedoodlemini aussiedoodle

Photo from: @cocotheminiaussiedoodle

Oh, yes, they are!

Mini Aussiedoodles are simply wonderful dogs that possess an incredible amount of beauty.

One of the best features of these dogs is their mini or compact size.

On average, Mini Aussiedoodles can weigh from 15 to 45 pounds, and stand tall at 12 to 18 inches at the withers. Naturally, females are smaller than males. This is all thanks to small parents.

In case your pup resembles Aussies, then you can follow these Aussie growth charts to guide you through the process of growing up.

Of course, Toy Aussiedoodles will be smaller because they come from Toy Poodles, and Standard Aussiedoodles will be bigger since they have Standard Poodles for moms or dads.

What amazes me about Mini Aussiedoodles is their coat.

Usually, puppies will inherit any of the Aussie Shepherd colors, from tri-color options to black Aussies.

Aussiedoodles often come with wavy hair, just like with the Poodle parent. You can cut it in various Aussiedoodle hairstyles, depending on your preferences. The proneness to shedding will depend on the genes. Mini Aussiedoodles shed if they inherit Aussie Shep traits.

But, they can also be hypoallergenic if they have lots of Poodle genes.

I love how charming-looking these puppies are, with their floppy ears, small, round eyes, and a black button nose. Mini Aussiedoodles have one of those cute faces you want to cover with tiny kisses.

Family Life: How Friendly Are Mini Aussiedoodles?

friendly mini aussiedoodlefriendly mini aussiedoodle

Photo from: @cocotheminiaussiedoodle

The first thing a future dog owner is interested in is how friendly Mini Aussiedoodles are for families with young children. You can tell a lot about a dog based on his relationship with kids.

Mini Aussiedoodles are generally sweet and caring dogs. They’re happy and open to meeting new friends.

As with any crossbreed dog, the temperament will depend on which parent the puppy takes after. No matter if your Mini Aussiedoodle takes after the Poodle or the Aussie Shepherd, you’re going to get an exquisite pet.

Since Aussie Shepherds are good with kids, you can expect only the kindest cross puppies.

Mini Aussiedoodles are highly empathic dogs. It’s no surprise why they’re often used as therapy dogs. They’re calm, kind, and love having everything under control.

The biggest issue you may have with Mini Aussiedoodles and their relations with family members is the tendency for nipping. These dogs carry lots of herding dog genes. If you don’t train them the right way, they can become a danger for small kids.

Your Mini Aussiedoodle needs to know that nipping and herding small kids and small animals is not okay. Once he’s past that, you’ll have a lovely family dog.

Socialization from an early age is extremely important for every dog. If you socialize your Mini Aussiedoodle, he can be a terrific buddy to other animals, and a loyal sidekick to all family members.

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I’d definitely recommend a Mini Aussiedoodle for anyone who leads an active lifestyle. Sure, Mini Aussiepoos love to cuddle, but they also love exercises that drain their energy levels. As high-energy dogs, your Mini Aussiedoodle will need some workout time.

Coming up: dog training and all about exhausting Aussiedoodles by the end of the day!

Training: Masters Of Art

Mini Aussiedoodles are one of the Einsteins of the canine world!

The official lists claim Australian Shepherds are ranked as number 42 of the most intelligent dog breeds. The practice proves the contrary.

Throughout the years of my practice, I’ve encountered a lot of smart Aussie Shepherds, and even more colleagues veterinarians who claim Aussies are among the top 10 smart pooches, if not the first one!

Be as it is, we can’t deny that Aussie Shepherds are intelligent dogs.

But, what about the Poodle parent from this mix? How smart are Poodles?

Let’s just say Poodles are ranked #2 on all intelligence lists.

And they truly are intelligent doggos.

This can only mean one thing: Mini Aussiedoodles are smart cookies too!

Well, since they come from intelligent parents, it would be ridiculous for Mini Aussiedoodles not to be smart.

Their intelligence really shines brightly when you try to train them. Ignore the stubborn trait Poodles carry onto their offspring because Mini Aussiedoodles aren’t that stubborn at all.

You’ll find it’s a delight to train a Mini Aussiedoodle. There’s no task or command they can’t complete.

As with all dogs, positive reinforcement is the way to go. Always keep delicious snacks at hand to reward your pup for a trick that’s done well.

What a lot of Aussiedoodle lovers like to do is to train their pups for agility and dog shows. Aussiedoodles love being active pups. Keep them entertained by giving them fun tasks to complete. Compete with each other to see who’s faster, and play tug-o-war.

Of course, let’s not forget about your dog’s mental health. The finest mental stimulation comes from interesting puzzle toys. Not only do they help your dog work out his brains, but they also keep them busy for a while.

There are lots of fun games you can play with your Mini Aussiedoodle that will not only entertain your dog but also teach him valuable lessons, such as who’s the boss. That’s right, you are!

Grooming Needs Of A Mini Aussiedoodle

mini aussiedoodle dogmini aussiedoodle dog

Photo from: @miniaussiedoodlez

Although we have so many dog breeds in the world, we can actually divide them into two major groups: high-maintenance dogs and low-maintenance dogs.

Low-maintenance dogs are an absolute delight to own, and I see lots of people nowadays looking specifically for one. I get it, we don’t have time to spare. But, what do we really mean by low-maintenance dogs?

Those dogs are, among many other things, easy to groom. Surprise, surprise, our Mini Aussiedoodle is exactly that kind of dog! I mean, why would he be one? After all, Poodle genes are strong with this one, and we all know that Poodles are one of the ultimate low-maintenance pooches.

But, just because Mini Aussiedoodles are low-maintenance, that doesn’t mean they don’t require any grooming at all. Especially, since the Aussie parent sheds heavily.

Grooming is a serious process for every dog, especially a mixed breed one like our buddy. You get a pup from two or more different lines and you need to find a common ground for grooming.

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The easiest thing about grooming a crossbreed would be to groom the puppy like the parent he’s taken after. In the case of our Mini Aussiedoodle, Aussie Shepherd genes are quite strong. I rarely see an Aussiedoodle that resembles a Poodle parent.

The biggest inheritance from the Poodle side of the family is the wavy coat. Mini Aussiedoodles don’t really fashion Aussie Shep’s long and coarse coat. They do have Aussie coat colors, though.

You’ll need to brush your Mini two to three times a week. It’s relatively easy to brush them and should only take you 10 minutes or so. I’d recommend getting a good brush designed for Poodles because they share the same coat texture.

Besides regular brushing, it’s an absolute must to check out your dog’s floppy ears for redness, itchiness, or any other signs of infection.

Dental hygiene is important too, so if your pup allows you to brush his teeth daily, then do it.

Lastly, bathing is something that should be done only when it’s absolutely needed. You don’t want to cause rashes, dry skin, or irritations with frequent bathing, so keep it to a minimum. Also, you don’t want to wash away any hypoallergenic traits this pup might have.

Your pup may not fashion the exact Poodle haircuts as one of his parents, but at least keep a nice and tidy appearance.

Gluttonous Or Not: What To Feed Your Mini Aussiedoodle?

When someone mentions dog food and Poodles, the first thing that comes to my mind is how picky Poodles can be. Seriously, they’re notoriously picky eaters and may transfer those genes to their Miniature Aussiedoodle puppies.

Having a picky eater at home means you’ll need to go through lots of kibble brands to find the right one. I recommend you make sure you buy only products high in proteins and low in carbs. Your Mini Aussiedoodle will need proteins to grow and develop into an active dog.

If a kibble recipe contains the first five ingredients coming from animal proteins or good fruits and veggies, it’s a keeper.

On average, Mini Aussiedoodle needs 2 cups of food every day, divided into two meals. Since these Doodles may be susceptible to bloat, it’s better to serve them smaller meals throughout the day.

I’d like to shine some light on feeding adult and senior Mini Aussiedoodles. You see, you’re looking at a dog that’s highly prone to mobility issues such as luxating patella. I recommend you start feeding your Aussiedoodle food rich in chondroitin, l-carnitine, calcium, and phosphorus in time.

Better safe than sorry!

If your Mini Aussiedoodle resembles the Australian Shepherd in terms of size and activity, then you can follow these helpful Aussie Shepherd feeding charts. They’re terrific guidance when you don’t know what to feed your pup and how much of it.

Mini Aussiedoodles aren’t really too crazy about food as some other dog breeds. Just give them the good stuff rich in nutrients and they’ll be happy.

Are Mini Aussiedoodles Healthy Dogs?

mini aussiedoodle runningmini aussiedoodle running

Crossbreed dogs often become healthier than their purebred parents. That’s a fact.

The reason behind this is that a lot of hybrid puppies have hybrid vigor genes. Meaning that they have excellent predispositions to become extremely healthy and resistant to breeds, unlike their parents. Hybrid puppies tend to get a lot of great traits from both sides of families, which results in such status.

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So, how healthy are our Mini Aussiedoodles?


Generally speaking, Mini Aussiedoodles are in great condition, and not so likely to develop major health issues. However, this depends on the quality of the puppy and the breeder himself. Reputable dog breeders actually care about how healthy their dogs are, and they have them tested regularly.

Always look for a puppy from a trusted source, especially from parents that are proven as healthy.

Of course, there’s no guarantee a dog won’t develop some sort of a health condition in his life. Diseases happen and can strike any dog, no matter how healthy he is.

We must be prepared for unexpected veterinary bills.

Now, I’m not saying your Mini Aussiedoodle will get any of the following conditions, but it’s better to know they can happen.

Here’s what Mini Aussiedoodles are prone to the most:


Patella Luxation

Legg-Calve Perthes Disease

Hip Dysplasia

Mitral Valve Dysplasia

Addison’s Disease


Collie Eye Anomaly


Progressive Retinal Atrophy


Deafness is quite common with Aussie Shepherd mix dogs as well as with Poodles.

Most Mini Aussiedoodles inherit proneness to deafness from their Aussie side of the family. You see, Aussie Shepherds lack melanocytes in their inner ear. This causes them to go deaf because there are not enough cells to translate air vibrations into sound.

Mini Aussiedoodles usually become deaf at a young age. Senior deafness is a whole other condition.

Patella Luxation

Patella Luxation is a condition of a slipping kneecap. It’s characterized by a displacement of the kneecap from the knee joint.

This condition affects a lot of active dog breeds. Usually, when it’s mild, surgery is not necessary. However, if your Mini Aussiedoodle gets a more severe condition of Patella Luxation, he will need surgery to move without any issues.

Legg-Calve Perthes Disease

Legg-Calve Perthes Disease is a condition that occurs when the femoral head loses its blood supply.

When proper blood supply stops, the bones will become weak and can get damaged easily.

You’ll notice the first signs of this condition if your Mini Aussiedoodle starts to limp and shows general symptoms of pain in the leg, especially after moving.

These are the most common health conditions Mini Aussiedoodles suffer from. I can’t stress out enough how important it is to have your dog come from a trusted source. Also, you play a vital role in your dog’s life.

If you don’t treat your pup the proper way, by nurturing his body and soul, your four-legged buddy won’t be here for too long.

What’s The Average Lifespan Of Miniature Aussiedoodles?

mini aussiedoodle near watermini aussiedoodle near water

Photo from: @sophie_the_mini_aussiedoodle

I’m really pleased to inform you that your new family member should stay with you for a while.

Congrats, you’ve picked a puppy with a long lifespan!

On average, Mini Aussiedoodles should live anywhere from 12 to 15 years. That’s really impressive considering the average lifespan of some other breeds, which is often under 10 years or so.

The miniature Aussiedoodle breed was fortunate enough to receive only the best things from the parent breeds, including life expectancy.

Both the Poodle and the Australian Shepherd share the same lifespan.

You can do lots of things to increase the life expectancy of your new dog. It’s better if you start doing them early so the effort can really leave an impact.

For starters, feed your pup only the finest food you can afford. Scientists have found a connection between the short lifespan and poor food quality.

Since the Mini Aussiedoodle has high activity levels, he requires regular exercise to stay fit. A fit dog means a healthy dog because they become less prone to health issues.

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Mini Aussiedoodles are hybrids and as such, they should come from a reliable source. Your new puppy should be free from any genetic conditions that may affect the overall life quality and life expectancy. That’s why it’s so important to buy from a breeder that tests his dogs and takes good care of their health.

Are Mini Aussiedoodles Expensive Designer Dogs?

Designer dogs are usually quite expensive and you’ll need a strong budget to cover their needs.

If the money is tight, you may want to save up and buy a Mini Aussiedoodle later. They’re hard to find at shelters, and reputable breeders have them listed for quite a lot of money.

The average starting price of a Mini Aussiedoodle puppy is $2,500.

The price covers lots of other things besides the puppy itself. You’re also buying medical tests, treatments like vaccinations and deworming, as well as pedigree.

Sure, you can find a Mini Aussiedoodle puppy listed for under $1,000, but something’s fishy there. Most often, cheap puppies come with health issues and treatments that could cost you a little fortune.

You want to think for a long period of time and invest in a healthy dog. Trust me, it will definitely pay off.

The high price of the Mini Aussiepoo puppy is definitely justified. Of the two parents, the Miniature Poodles is more expensive, with starting prices at $2,000 and more. Aussie Shepherds are cheaper, like many other sheepdogs, and they can be found for around $1,000.

Where To Find Mini Aussiedoodles In The States?

mini aussiedoodle in naturemini aussiedoodle in nature

Photo from: @livinglifeasleo

As much as I hate to say it, Miniature Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in the States are somehow rare. Well, at least the good ones are rare.

The problem with hybrid dogs is that you can have quite a hard time finding a breeder that takes crossbreeding professionally, rather than breeding just for fun.

Your new family pet should come from a trusted source. Otherwise, you’re risking a questionable character and an even more questionable health status.

Now, I’ve talked earlier about the importance of finding a reliable breeder. You shouldn’t save money on buying a puppy. The lower the price is, the lower the quality.

PupVine recommends these reputable Mini Aussiedoodle breeders who develop healthy and high-quality pups. But, you can also search for reliable Poodle and Aussie Shepherd breeders. You can contact them if you want to see if they have Aussiedoodle puppies, or if they know someone who does.

I suggest you contact the following sources from the USA and Canada:

Mini Poodle breeders

Australian Shepherd breeders in Ontario

Australian Shepherd breeders in Texas

Because these dogs are gaining popularity with each new day, reliable Aussiedoodle breeders may have some mini Aussiedoodles in store! 

Three Reasons Why You Need A Mini Aussiedoodle

There are lots of reasons why someone should get a Mini Aussiedoodle. But, the final verdict depends on your lifestyle. You can’t bring an active dog into a home where you’re never around.

In order to help you understand Mini Aussiedoodles better, and to help you make your decision, I’ve gathered the top three reasons for owning a Mini Aussiedoodle.

Stunning Appearance

Your Aussiedoodle will be the envy of the entire park. These dogs possess an incredible amount of beauty, thanks to some fine genes from their parents.

If you want a dog that’s simply gorgeous, wonderfully built, without any unusual markings, i.e., a body that’s too long, then you need a Mini Aussiedoodle.

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And, if you want a dog that will turn heads, then you need a blue merle Mini Aussiedoodle. Of course, from a trusted source to avoid issues with the merle gene.

Sharp Mind

Mini Aussiedoodles are highly intelligent dogs. They come from two smart parents and they have inherited only the best features from them.

You will be amazed by Aussiedoodles’ sharp mind and ability to perform well in any given task.

Training will be a piece of cake with these dogs!

Compact Size

What’s so amazing about Mini Aussiedoodles is their small size.

You can bring a Mini into any home, as long as you have access to a yard or you take them outside often.

Mini Aussiedoodles are energetic, but they take way less space than Standard Aussiedoodles. The only pups better than Minis in terms of size and housing are Toy Aussiedoodles.

Three Reasons Why This Might Not Be A Dog For You

cute mini aussiedoodlecute mini aussiedoodle

Photo from: @miniaussiedoodlez

The following reasons are not here to steer you away from getting a Mini Aussiedoodle. I simply want to point out some of the downsides, so you won’t be surprised with something unpleasant. Some may find these reasons dealbreakers, and it’s better to know them before the adoption process completes.


Low-shedding genes might not kick in with every Mini Aussiedoodle. Your pooch might end up with serious shedding issues, so he won’t be  suitable for allergic people.

If hair around the house bothers you, or if you have allergic reactions, maybe getting a Mini Aussiedoodle won’t be a good idea.

Herding Genes

As I mentioned before, Mini Aussiedoodles may be prone to herding and nipping. They believe it’s their duty to gather small kids, animals, and anything that’s in their sight.

Luckily, herding genes can be controlled if you train your dog right and socialize them in time. These are strenuous processes and require full devotion and persistence.

If the possibility of being nipped or your kid being herded frightens you, avoid this hybrid dog.

A Will For Dominance

Mini Aussiedoodles possess a stubborn trait inherited from the Poodle parent. They can show a bit of stubbornness from time to time, so it’s best to control it as soon as possible.

You don’t want a Mini Aussiedoodle to assert dominance over you, because you, the owners, should always be in charge.

What’s The Verdict?

So, would you get a Mini Aussiedoodle?

I must admit, after reading and researching Mini Aussiedoodles, I find them very interesting. In fact, they seem a better fit for families than the popular Goldendoodles. Maybe I’m being biased, or maybe it’s really the truth.

I’d recommend you spend some time with a Mini Aussiedoodle puppy to see if the two of you are a good fit. Usually, good breeders will allow you to come over and meet the puppies.

I can guarantee you’ll fall for their contagious energy, happy-go-lucky attitude, and limitless amounts of love they have for every living being.

Still, take the downsides into consideration and have a little talk with yourself. If the three reasons I mentioned earlier are deal breakers for you, then don’t get a Mini Aussiedoodle.

If they’re not, then go ahead and adopt or buy a Mini Aussiedoodle.

Your life will surely become enriched with a kind soul.

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