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We’re back with a new miniature puppy that you will adore!

This miniature sheepdog is perfect for every household, but it may not be the perfect choice for every dog owner.

Mini Border Collies are extremely energetic dogs that are relatively easy to train. They are known for their boundless devotion to their owners and the ability to work together.

Herding, running, and solving difficult tasks are only a few things that mini Border Collie dogs do throughout the day. It has insane amounts of energy, but it also has a lot of love to give!

Are you curious to find out more about this miniature herding dog? If yes, then let’s say a few things about how mini Border Collies are developed.

Are There Mini Border Collies?

happy Border Collie sitting on grasshappy Border Collie sitting on grass

The Mini Border Collie is supposed to be a smaller dog with the same physical and mental features like the Border Collie.

We like to call these small dogs toy Border Collies, or petite Border Collies. But, more often than not, miniatures are simply referred to as mini Border Collies.

That being said, mini Border Collies are a class apart from their larger counterparts, but they closely resemble them. However, when we’re looking at many Border Collie mixes, we notice that most of the mixed breed dogs take on the appearance of another parent in the mix.

They are pretty rare, so only a few people have ever stumbled upon a mini Border Collie, yet they are a stunning mini dog breed!

Where Do Mini Border Collies Come From?

The standard Border Collie originates from border counties between England and Scotland, hence the “border” in its name.

So, it is believed that the mini Border Collie also comes from these regions, because it is basically the same breed of dog. Now, the standard one dates back to the 1700s, while the mini Border Collie is a somewhat newer type of dog.

In fact, mini Border Collies are becoming more popular than ever. But, is their development ethical and does it come with any health consequences?

How Are Mini Border Collies Developed?

Miniaturization of popular and especially smart dog breeds is undoubtedly becoming more common. Developing a healthy miniature Border Collie puppy requires lots of knowledge and experience.

The issue is that, regardless of the method employed to reduce the Border Collie’s size, there are various health issues that pose a threat to this small dog.

Dwarfism Gene

The Dwarfism gene is exactly what its name implies. It is a gene that regulates the dog’s growth, or in this case, it makes the dog grow short.

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As a result of the dwarfism gene, mini Border Collie’s bones are lighter and shorter than the ones in the standard Border Collie breed.

Popular dog breeds with dwarfism genes are Corgis, Pekingese, Basset Hounds, and Dachshunds. So, the dwarfism gene isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it does come with certain skeletal and hormonal health issues.

Breeding Runts

To simply put it, Border Collie runts of the litter are tiny puppies that were born that way. When compared to their siblings, Border Collie runts are smaller and weaker. Breeders then take these runts and breed them either with runts from a different litter or in some cases they inbreed these pups.

Breeding brother and sister dogs has proven to cause more damage than good, and such breeding practice is very bad. It is unethical and wrong. This is why you have to be cautious when searching for any miniature dog that may derive from this breeding program.

Other than that, Border Collie runt puppies are not as healthy as other pups in the litter. They are born small for some reason, and it can be linked to many health conditions.

Adding A Smaller Dog Breed

Breeding a purebred standard Border Collie with a smaller dog breed such as the Chihuahua, Shetland Sheepdog, Jack Russell, or Pomeranian has proven to be the best breeding practice to develop a smaller version of the Border Collie.

However, adding a whole different dog breed may change the appearance and personality of the mini Border Collie. In other words, this small dog may lose typical Border Collie characteristics.

Due to the fact that the Corgi dog carries the dwarfism gene, it is a great choice for the standard Border Collie. The Corgi Border Collie hybrid dog resembles both of its parents!

How Big Do Mini Border Collies Get?

happy Border Collie running on grasshappy Border Collie running on grass

A mini Border Collie is an adorable little dog that’s not too small to be a lap dog but not too big to be a house dog. Either way, it’s compact size makes it a great canine candidate for many families.

For a better comparison, you can check out the Border Collie growth chart to see how big this purebred dog gets.

Depending on the breeding practice, the size of a mini Border Collie may vary greatly.

Mini Border Collie Height

Mini Border Collies are short dogs, but not as short as Corgis and Dachshunds. Inheriting a more petite body than their standard counterparts, mini Border Collies range from 12 to 16 inches in height.

The range in height can be huge because it depends on the breeding practice that was used to develop the mini Border Collie puppy.

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Male and female Border Collies don’t grow in size at the same pace, nor are male and female adult dogs ever the same height or weight. Standard male Border Collies are between 19 and 22 inches tall, making them two inches taller than females that measure 18 to 21 inches in height.

Mini Border Collie Weight

The weight of a mini Border Collie dog also depends on the breeding practice and the physical activity-diet ratio.

Mini Border Collies weigh from 15 to 35 pounds, which is quite a wide range. Again, male mini Border Collies are a bit heavier than their mini female counterparts.

Comparison wise, the standard male purebred Border Collie weighs between 35 and 45 pounds, whereas females measure 30 or 40 pounds on scale.

Mini Border Collie Appearance

When you take a look at the mini Border Collie dog, the first thing that comes to your mind is that this pooch looks like a slim, short, and small standard Border Collie.

Mini Border Collies are small pooches that have a square-shaped head, and a long, thin tail.

In terms of appearance, mini Border Collies should greatly resemble their standard parents.

Body Structure

The mini Border Collie is a petite pooch with a small head and sharp teeth! Its framework is lighter and smaller than the one we see in standard Border Collies.

However, ears and facial features are the same as in their standard counterparts. Mini Border Collies have foxy ears that are pointed upwards whenever they get excited.

Mini Border Collie’s legs are thin and their joints aren’t as large as in other dogs with dwarfism genes.

Coat Type

Mini Border Collies have double-layered coats that come in two coat types:

• medium long feathered rough coat

• short smooth and coarse coat

Their coats are pretty thick and dense, making it easy for mini Border Collies to endure different weather conditions. Both types of coats are water-resistant and pretty resilient!

Coat Color

Mini Border Collies come in a variety of standard Border Collie colors, but they can vary depending on dominant and recessive color genes.

The most frequent coat color we see in the mini Border Collie dog is black and white, with a signature white blaze on its muzzle.

But, mini Border Collies may inherit genes from the beautiful merle Border Collie parent, making them very unique and rare pups.

Do Mini Border Collies Shed?

happy Border Collie lying on grasshappy Border Collie lying on grass

Miniature Border Collies are known to be low to moderate shedders. They usually shed the most during seasonal changes, just like Australian Shepherds shed.

However, if the standard Border Collie has been mixed with a heavy shedding breed such as the Corgi or the German Shepherd then it will shed moderately.

Standard Border Collie dogs shed the most during spring and fall, but there is a chance that mini Border Collies won’t shed as much during seasonal changes.

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Are Mini Border Collies Hypoallergenic?

Mini Border Collies that derive from smaller Border Collie parents are not considered hypoallergenic.

But, if we’re talking about a Border Collie Poodle mix, then this crossbreed dog has the potential of inheriting a hypoallergenic coat, depending on how much it leans towards the Poodle parent’s side.

Generally speaking, mini Border Collies are not a good choice for allergy sufferers.

Are Miniature Border Collies Good Family Dogs?

Yes, mini Border Collies make pawesome family dogs if they are raised and trained properly.

Border Collies are infamous for their barking, so you might want to deal with that! They will bark to inform you about anything, or nothing in particular! This is a trait they got from herding livestock.

Besides its affection towards family members, the mini Border Collie is still a working and herding dog that tends to be very independent. With its high energy levels and herding instincts, this pooch might seem stand-offish at times.

Are Mini Border Collies Good With Children?

Miniature Border Collie Puppies are a popular choice for many families because they are very cute and cuddly, plus their size makes them great for every house and apartment. But, many families that are planning to add a mini Border Collie to their pack want to know whether or not these small pooches are good with small children.

Well, mini Border Collies are small enough to be handled by children, and they make excellent family pets, that’s for sure.

Mini Border Collies are smaller than your average dog such as the Golden Retriever, Boxer, Aussie, or the Siberian Husky. This is why small children may not handle mini Border Collies properly because they are not aware how fragile these small dogs can get.

Although its standard version is on the aggressive dog breeds list, the whole Border Collie breed isn’t generally considered as an aggressive breed. This behavior is only shown when a mini Border Collie isn’t socialized from an early age or when it lacks proper training.

So, it’s important to train your mini Border Collie, as well as to educate small children on how to handle and play with this small dog.

How Much Exercise Does A Mini Border Collie Need?

Mini Border Collies are among the most athletic and energetic cattle dog breeds. They come with incredible herding instincts and insane energy levels that make them high-maintenance puppies.

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Mini Border Collies need excessive daily exercise. But, they should not overdo it! If you are looking for a couch potato, the mini Border Collie is definitely not it!

When they play with other dogs, mini Border Collies like to nibble or bite other dog’s necks in a playful way. But, this behavior can turn into aggression if the mini Border Collie isn’t socialized and trained.

Mini Border Collies need plenty of exercise, so a short walk in the park simply won’t do. These small dogs thrive when having a job to do, and they also love to go out on adventures with their human pack!

Mini Border Collie Health Problems

happy Border Collie lying on grasshappy Border Collie lying on grass

Almost every purebred dog comes with some kind of congenital health condition. Border Collies are known for several health issues that they pass onto their miniature versions.

If the mini Border Collie is a result from crossing two breeds, then the risk of inheriting health issues may be lower than that in purebred dogs.

Keep an eye out for the following health problems that occur within the mini Border Collie dog:

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy

• Epilepsy

• Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis

• Hip Dysplasia

There is no guarantee that a mini Border Collie will inherit all of these diseases, but there is also no guarantee that it will not. Therefore, it’s important to visit the vet for regular check-ups.

How Long Does A Mini Border Collie Live?

Mini Border Collies are known to be long-living pooches with a lifespan that ranges between 10 and 15 years.

Many external and internal factors regulate the Mini Border Collie’s lifespan. By external I mean the way that this small herding dog has been developed and raised. Internal factors are linked to external ones and they include a healthy diet and physical state a mini Border Collie is in.

These factors regulate the mini Border Collie’s health, making its lifespan shorter or longer. Breeders give mini Border Collies the best start they can, while owners continue to care for them.

How Much Does A Mini Border Collie Cost?

Mini Border Collie puppies are impressive pooches with unique looks and personalities. This is why they’re popular with many people.

Due to the fact that they are stealing hearts from dog lovers all over the globe, mini Border Collie breeders are setting high prices.

However, mini Border Collies range in price from $600 to $1200. Depending on the location and quality of the breeding program, mini Border Collies may cost up to $2500.

You also have to invest in veterinary health check-ups, dog supplies, and high-quality dog food. Most dog supplies for mini Border Collies can be found on Amazon and similar online markets.

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Are Mini Border Collies Recognized By The AKC?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize nor register mini Border Collie dogs. Moreover, miniature Border Collies are not accepted by any significant kennel club due to the fact that they are in most cases mixed breed dogs.

Although they look beautiful and show incredible results in training, mini Border Collies cannot participate in shows that are organized by any major kennel club.

Is A Mini Border Collie The Right Dog For Me?

Border Collie standing on grassBorder Collie standing on grass

Miniature Border Collies are the perfect little dogs that are lively, intelligent and loyal. They are perfect companions for people who live in small apartments and are looking for a small, energetic dog.

But, there’s something that I have to mention — mini Border Collies are miniature pooches with ultra high energy levels! If you think that an Australian Shepherd dog is energetic, the mini Border Collie is more than you can imagine!

If you are not an active person, and if you are not ready to dedicate at least half of the day to your mini Border Collie, then you should go for a less energetic breed like the Golden Retriever or Sheltie.

Here’s what you need to take into consideration if you want to purchase or adopt a mini Border Collie:

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet goes a long way for the mini Border Collie. When compared to its standard counterpart, the mini Border Collie requires less food, but it does need frequent meals throughout the day.

Feeding a mini Border Collie three times a day is a must when they are going through development. Once a mini Border Collie reaches adulthood, it should be fed two meals per day — breakfast and dinner.

Mental And Physical Stimulation

Many dog lovers are surprised to find out that some Border Collies tend to be aggressive. Although they may not look like it, mini Border Collies are a nervous wreck when they lack mental and physical stimulation.

The best way to tire out a mini Border Collie is to have it solve mind stimulating dog games along with healthy amounts of physical exercise.

Introduce fun dog toys to your mini Border Collie. In a matter of seconds, this little pooch will become obsessed with its new ball!

If you are a mini Border Collie owner that works eight hours a day, you better find a way to keep your dog entertained while at work! Otherwise, you will come home to complete chaos!


When it comes to training, mini Border Collies are by no means low-maintenance dogs. Along with regular exercise and mental stimulation, mini Border Collies need to be trained.

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Whether it is behavioral, tracking, service, or obedience training, mini Border Collies should start as early as eight weeks of age.

In case you are a new dog owner, you might have to deal with the stubborn side of the mini Border Collie. Although most of the time these small dogs react well to positive reinforcement and gentle approach, there are times when you have to show them who’s the boss.

The mini Border Collie will pick up tricks very fast and once you get into it, training this small dog won’t be an issue.


Grooming a mini Border Collie makes its fluffy coat fabulous, but it also makes the relationship between you two stronger!

If you manage to stop the zoomies, your mini Border Collie will be calm enough to stand still for some quick grooming! Brushing and detangling can be done everyday, but ear plucking, nail trimming, and bathing should be done every month or two.

Just like standard Border Collies like to play in water, mini Border Collies may also be fans of water activities, so you might not need to bathe them often. The only exception when you will have to bathe these small dogs is when they roll on something smelly or get themselves into a mud pit!

Regular Vet Check-Ups

Regular health check-ups in your favorite veterinary clinic are mandatory if you own a mini Border Collie pup.

Due to the fact that they are prone to various developmental health issues, mini Border Collies should be monitored at least once or twice per year.


Border Collie running on grassBorder Collie running on grass

A tiny but spirited puppy, the mini Border Collie is the perfect pet for active families and singles.

This mini herding dog is a great choice if you want to go on an adventure but don’t have a lot of room in your car!

Other than that, the mini Border Collie is a great choice for those who want a dog that is small enough to fit in a house and still be a lot of fun!

Mini Border Collie’s working ability and intelligence make it a good choice for people who want a reliable dog for herding cattle, sheep, or goats.

So, whether you’re looking for a new canine friend, an adventure buddy, or a hard-working herding dog, the mini Border Collie is the perfect match for you!

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