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Ladies and gents, meet one of the most special pups ever – the werewolf-like dog named Momo!

This pawdorable canine has never been a regular dog. Aside from his hauntingly cute appearance, he’s one of only thirty pooches in the world with a rare short spine syndrome.

Momo was found outside a local shelter in Houston, Texas, by his previous owner. Even though his past was far from glamorous, Momo’s life turned out to be the most amazing journey he could wish for!

From Abandonment To A Foster Home

dog with earringsdog with earrings
Source: @no_mo_momo_fomo

When he was first spotted by shelter workers in Houston, there was no information that could reveal Momo’s previous situation. All his caregivers knew at the time was that he had been dumped in front of the shelter – and that was about it.

Given his rare condition, Momo was transferred to Houston K-911 Rescue, the non-profit organization that specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating dogs in poor health.

Beverley, the foster who has been working with HK911R for over a decade, was offered to take Momo in on a temporary basis, and she accepted it in a heartbeat!

dog with rare conditiondog with rare condition
Source: @no_mo_momo_fomo

Despite his condition, which prevented Momo from being a regular pup, this dog has never lacked personality! He was so full of life and quirk, and his foster mom absolutely loved him.

Unfortunately, before Momo got back on his paws, he tested heartworm positive. He was evidently neglected in the past, as a simple monthly pill or annual injection could’ve prevented this condition. 

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He visited a vet regularly to get his treatments and an injection against heartworms that already caused damage to his heart. The good news was – Momo was a real fighter! Weeks into his treatment, he never lost the sparkle he had the first day when he was saved.

girl and her dog with rare conditiongirl and her dog with rare condition
Source: @no_mo_momo_fomo

He fought his condition bravely, and eventually, came out victorious! Beverley made sure he got all the love and care he craved so much all this time. And, after only a few short months in a foster home, Momo became a brand-new dog!

He got along with every single member of his family. He absolutely loved other people and dogs, especially puppies. He always behaved like a big brother to all of the foster puppies Beverley took care of. His kindness was just natural!

Off To A Furever Family In Florida

two dogs laying togethertwo dogs laying together
Source: @no_mo_momo_fomo

Once Momo completely recovered in his foster home, he got the greatest news ever! An amazing family from Florida applied for this werewolf boi and it turned out to be the greatest idea ever.

His new owner owned a short-spined dog in the past, which was a great benefit in understanding Momo’s condition.

“Momo is now completely healthy and has found a wonderful forever home in Florida. His new mom is a vet and was mom to another short spine syndrome dog for 13 years. He will have new animal siblings that he will love and plenty of space to get into Momo mischief,” his foster wrote.

two dogs sitting on a carpettwo dogs sitting on a carpet
Source: @no_mo_momo_fomo

Saying goodbye was bittersweet for Beverley, who created a wonderful bond with her foster boi. But, she absolutely loved the idea of him getting a nice home.

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“I will cry buckets when I say goodbye to him, but feel very confident that he’s going to have a wonderful life,” she wrote.

Today, Momo lives the best life with his new doggo brother, Triple, and a new short-spined sister, Sunny, who’s also a rescue. 
After all the hardship he had been through in the past, this amazing boi finally got what he truly deserved – a loving home and a family who won’t let him go, ever!

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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