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Are you considering bringing home a Morkie? These adorable hybrid dogs, a cross between a Maltese and a Yorkshire Terrier, have gained immense popularity among dog lovers. However, before you make the decision, it’s important to understand the growth and size of a Morkie. In this article, we will explore the stages of Morkie growth, factors influencing their size, and provide answers to frequently asked questions about full-grown Morkies. So, let’s dive in and discover everything you need to know about Morkie size and growth!

Understanding Morkie Growth Stages

A Morkie puppy enjoying playtime
A Morkie puppy enjoying playtime

Morkies, like any other dog breed, go through different growth stages: puppy, adolescent, and adult. Each stage is characterized by specific physical and behavioral changes. During the puppy stage, Morkies are small and fragile, requiring extra care and attention. As they enter the adolescent stage, they experience growth spurts and their energy levels may increase. Finally, the adult stage sees Morkies reaching their full-grown size and maturity.

Factors Affecting Morkie Size

A Morkie enjoying a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables
A Morkie enjoying a balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables

The size of a full-grown Morkie can be influenced by various factors. Genetics play a significant role, as the size of the parent breeds, the Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier, can determine the potential size of a Morkie. Additionally, diet and nutrition also impact growth. Providing a balanced diet with appropriate portions can ensure healthy development. Regular exercise and physical activity are crucial for maintaining an ideal weight and preventing obesity, which can affect the size of a Morkie. Lastly, overall health and well-being play a vital role in determining the final size of a Morkie.

Average Size of a Full-Grown Morkie

A full-grown Morkie standing proudly at 8 inches tall
A full-grown Morkie standing proudly at 8 inches tall

The size of a full-grown Morkie can vary, but on average, they reach a height of 7-10 inches (18-25 cm) and weigh between 4-8 pounds (2-4 kg). However, it’s important to note that Morkies can inherit traits from either parent breed, leading to some variations in size. Male Morkies tend to be slightly larger than females. It’s essential to keep in mind that these are general guidelines and individual Morkies may fall outside this range.

Frequently Asked Questions about Full-Grown Morkies

Q: How much will my Morkie weigh when fully grown?
A: The weight of a full-grown Morkie can range between 4-8 pounds (2-4 kg), depending on genetics, diet, and exercise routine.

Q: At what age will my Morkie reach its full size?
A: Morkies usually reach their full size by around 1 year of age, although some may continue to fill out until they are 18 months old.

Q: Can Morkies have growth spurts?
A: Yes, Morkies, like many other dog breeds, can experience growth spurts during their adolescent stage. These spurts are usually followed by periods of stabilizing growth.

Q: Are there any size differences between Morkies with Maltese versus Yorkshire Terrier parents?
A: Morkies with Maltese parents tend to be smaller in size compared to those with Yorkshire Terrier parents. However, it’s important to remember that individual genetics and traits can vary.


In conclusion, understanding the growth and size of a Morkie is essential for any prospective owner. As they progress through their growth stages, Morkies transform from delicate puppies to full-grown adults. Factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, and overall health influence their final size. On average, Morkies reach a height of 7-10 inches (18-25 cm) and weigh between 4-8 pounds (2-4 kg). However, individual variations are expected. By being aware of these aspects, you can provide the best care for your Morkie and ensure their well-being. If you’re considering adding a Morkie to your family, Critter Kingdom is here to guide you through the journey of pet ownership!

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Remember, every Morkie is unique, and it’s important to consult with a veterinarian for personalized advice based on your specific Morkie’s needs. Enjoy the journey with your Morkie companion and create beautiful memories together!

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