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The owner of a 16-year-old collie who a/b/a/n/d/o/n/e/d her dog with a massive, b/l/e/e/d/i/n/g tumor on the side of his face in a garbage and feces filled home has been b/a/n/n/e/d from keeping any pets for the next ten years.

Christine Daley, who lived in a house on Selby Street in Wallasey United Kingdom, pleaded guilty at Wirral Magistrate’s Court on Thursday to causing unnecessary suffering to a dog by failing to investigate and treat a lump on his face and failing to meet the needs of a dog by failing to provide a suitable environment between October 1 through October 25, 2016.

According to the Metro, the fire department forced their way into the abandoned home after receiving concerning requests about foul odors.


And there the crews found the collie, lying on the sofa in a room reeking of strong ammonia odors and with garbage, moldy food, feces and trash piled up at least two feet in every part of the residence. RSPCA Inspector Anthony Joynes described the situation:

“The fire crew could smell something very strong and unpleasant through the letterbox and were concerned that there was a dead body in the house, so they gained entry with the police. That’s when they found Timmy so they contacted us.

The house was in squalor – every room was full of feces. It was very hard not to stand in feces as the carpet was full of it. It was one of the worst environments I have been in,” Inspector Joynes stated. “Timmy was essentially using the house as his kennel and his toilet.”

The report also stated there were flies all over the place and had Timmy not been rescued when he was, he may very well have died.

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The dog was immediately transported to a veterinarian where the tumor on his face was removed, however the dog’s recovery was lengthy and painful.

The good news – is that Timmy has since made a wonderful comeback, has been adopted and is living the relaxed and lazy life all senior dogs deserve.

As for Daley, 60, besides the ban on owning any animal for the next ten years, she was also sentenced to an eight-week prison term suspended for six month and ordered to pay a $500 fine.



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