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A 4-year-old Pit Bull named Elle was in the middle of giving birth when she was pushed out of the car on a vacant lot in North Toledo.

Two newborn puppies were with her and she was in excruciating pain while trying to birth the rest.

A passerby witnessed this h.o.r.r.i.f.i.c incident and called the authorities. Elle was taken in by Toledo Area Humane Society for emergency care.

At the hospital, an X-ray revealed that the third puppy was stuck in her birth canal. She was rushed for an emergency C-section where she gave birth to the rest of her puppies.

However, 5 of the 9 puppies did not make it. Elle is dehydrated and underweight, and is currently receiving care along with her surviving puppies.

The authorities are looking for the owner of a maroon 4-door sedan who supposedly flung the birthing dog out of the car.


The owner could have easily saved Elle a lot of pain if he/she had brought her in for timely medical attention.

But d.u.m.p.i.n.g her mercilessly means the owner would face a variety of animal c.r.u.e.l.ty charges when caught, both felony and misdemeanor.

The officers have asked the public to extend help in the identification of the owner. Any tips can be relayed to the humane society’s c.r.u.e.l.t.y department at 419-891-9777.

Alternatively, a c.r.u.e.l.t.y report can also be filled up here. Let’s spread the word and help find the perpetrator of this h.o.r.r.e.n.d.o.u.s c.r.i.m.e.

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