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Have you ever been in an unfortunate situation where you couldn’t recognize your own dog from someone else’s in the crowd?

Well, surprisingly, these mistakes can happen, and most of the time, it leads to some funny situations.

In this story, we will talk about owners who mistakenly brought home someone else’s dog from the day care and only realized it wasn’t theirs after the fact.

Whose Dog Is This!?

people brought dog homepeople brought dog home
Source: TikTok

In October of 2023, a viral video appeared on TikTok. It showed a couple who were apparently confused about their dog.

In the clip, a man is sitting on his sofa when he notices something strange about the dog they brought back from the daycare.

He realizes her nose is different from their dog, Millie. The woman looked at her completely and realized it was really not her.

One commenter in the video emphasized that they are first-time puppy owners, which explains why they had trouble identifying Millie.

The woman started looking through the photos on the phone to compare the pictures with the dog.

However, the man made a point about her tail, and said that she has a white tip on the tail, which is how he knew it was not her.

How Did This Happen?

black dog with toysblack dog with toys
Source: TikTok

The question is, how did it happen in the first place? Well, apparently, some daycare owners have a rule where they remove a dog’s collar overnight.

This was added to prevent the cases where a dog’s collar would cause them to sometimes start chewing on it.

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The person who posted the video stated: Millie is new to the family, the day care removes the collars from your dog and puts the collars back on when you pick them up.

So, the dog was given Millie’s collar because they thought it was Millie…

black dog sitting on the floorblack dog sitting on the floor
Source: TikTok

After this funny little incident, the woman called the daycare where they left the dog and asked them if they could pick up Millie.

The problem was resolved quickly after this and the dog was returned to her rightful owners.

While the video had mostly positive reactions, a lot of people had found the entire situation hilarious and were glad that it was resolved.


🐾My sister picked up her dog from daycare and I can’t stop laughing. that’s not my dog! @Melloday275 #dog #doggiedaycare

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