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Puppies are the cutest things, aren’t they? They’re so adorable when they’re snuggling and snoring.They always steal our hearts, especially when they’re doing super cute things on video!


In this amazing video you can watch Diva give birth to THIRTEEN puppies! Yup! 13! Incredible! Diva is a 3-year-old Staffordshire who has been in a relationship with Joey, the doggy father, since June 2013.

The video has attracted over 8 million views for how incredible it is.

Here’s what some viewers just like you said!

“I cried so much because it was so cute!”

“They are so cute!!!”

“I absolutely LOVE puppy noises when born awww.”

“My dog gave birth a few years ago…. best thing I have ever witnessed”

Be warned that the video is quite graphic because it is showing the miracle of birth.


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