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She then took her daughter and Sasha, and went out of the house and dialed 911.

She said, “If it weren’t for Sasha then we would have never made out of the house alive, she is our hero, our savior.”

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they were able to rescue the entire building but failed to save Nana’s and her cousin’s apartment. Nana and family are currently staying with one of their relatives who live in the same building as them.

Nana was at home with her 10-month-old daughter and her cousin when she suddenly smelled smoke. She quickly realized that her apartment was on fire and knew that they needed to get out immediately. As she ran towards her daughter’s room, she saw her pit bull, Sasha, already in action.

Sasha had grabbed the baby girl by her diaper and was pulling her towards the door. Nana grabbed her daughter and together, they all rushed out of the burning apartment. Sasha had saved their lives.

Once outside, Nana dialed 911 and waited for the firefighters to arrive. She couldn’t stop thanking Sasha for being their hero and savior. She knew that if it weren’t for her dog’s quick thinking, they might not have made it out alive.

When the firefighters arrived on the scene, they were able to rescue everyone from the building. However, Nana’s apartment and her cousin’s apartment were destroyed by the fire. Nana and her family were grateful to be alive, but they were left without a place to stay.

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Luckily, one of their relatives who lived in the same building offered to take them in. Nana and her family were relieved to have a safe place to stay, but they still missed their old apartment.

Despite losing everything in the fire, Nana and her family felt grateful for their safety and for the heroic actions of their beloved pit bull, Sasha. They knew that she would always be a part of their family and that they would never forget what she had done for them.

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