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When dog lovers decide to create hybrid dogs, they usually pick popular breeds with sweet temperaments, like Golden Retrievers or Poodles. Rarely does anyone pick a Pitbull.

But whoever bred the Pitbull Australian Shepherd mix first sure did a good job. Surprisingly, you’re looking at one of the finest mixes of all time.

People normally avoid Pitbulls because of their bad reputation. They have a bloody history, but it’s not their fault. Some bad choices and pretty bad humans led Pitbulls to  the dark side of the canine kingdom, the place everyone’s scared of.

The first thought of a Pitbull Australian Shepherd mix can paint you an image of an intimidating dog. Thankfully, there are Aussie genes to tone down those scary vibes and make these pups more approachable.

If you’re a dog lover yourself, then you definitely know how wonderful Australian Shepherds are. These canines are beyond friendly, always so ecstatic to be around humans. These dogs are absolute people pleasers, and they pass on the same traits to their offspring with Pitbulls.

At  the end of the day, you have the best of both worlds: a pup with a fine body build, beautiful from the outside and the inside too.

I believe it’s time to get us introduced to the Pitbull Australian Shepherd mix puppy and see what these doggos are really like.

What Is A Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix?

pitbull australian shepherd looking into camerapitbull australian shepherd looking into camera
Photo from: @micha.and.zoey

For the past thirty years or so, purebred dogs have fallen in the shadows because some new kids on the block appeared. They’re called designer dogs, and they’re something special. You probably know what designer dogs are, right?

They’re a combination of two purebred dogs, a crossbreed that turns out to be spectacular in all possible ways.

Not every mixed breed dog is a designer dog, and not every designer dog is just a mixed breed. Designer dogs seem to be more attractive and appreciated with dog love than regular mutts.

Usually, they’re a combination of two or more popular dog breeds that humans absolutely adore.

When it comes to the Pitbull Australian Shepherd mix, there are some issues regarding the popularity of parent breeds. Sure, Aussie Shepherds are extremely popular and beloved, but what about Pitbulls?

Sadly, Pitbulls are dogs with a bloody history and a terrible reputation. People find them scary and dangerous. Not everyone decides to own an American Pitbull Terrier because they believe their temperaments are unpredictable.

But such beliefs are absolutely false. Pitbulls can definitely be great family pets if they only get the chance.

Because of this poor reputation, people pick Pitbull mixes instead of purebred Pitbulls. Hence why we have the Pitbull Australian Shepherd dogs today.

This designer dog has the sturdy build of a Pitbull, and a friendly, almost ecstatic temperament of an Aussie Shepherd. The Aussie Pit mix is a dog that will amaze you with its personality and bottomless energy levels.

Unfortunately, like all crossbreed dogs, the Australian Shepherd Pitbull mix puppy can’t be registered with the official American Kennel Club (AKC). But they are free to enter the Designer Dog Kennel Club anytime they want.

The Origin Of The Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mix

Every crossbreed dog has an unknown origin because there’s always a chance two parent breeds accidentally met sometime in the past. It would be ridiculous not to believe dogs used to mix in the past and create lots of different puppies, from small dogs to medium-sized pooches and giant ones.

We’re not certain when the first Australian Shepherd Pitbull puppies appeared. But as with most designer dogs these days, let’s say they’re not older than 50 years or so. The 1980s and the 1990s were fertile grounds for breeding many designer pooches.

While we can’t tell anything more about Aussie Pit’s origin, we sure can tell a lot about the Aussie and the Pitbull parent.

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Why don’t we hop back to the past quickly and learn a thing or two about Pitbulls and Aussie Shepherds?

Australian Shepherd Background Story

australian shepherd in natureaustralian shepherd in nature

Even though the Australian Shepherd was polished to perfection in the USA, this dog breed has a different origin. And no, they’re not originally from Australia either!

Believe it or not, Australian Shepherds come from the Basque region in the Pyrenees Mountains. That’s in Europe, bordering Spain and France.

Back in the 19th century, these dogs came along with Basque immigrants to Australia, where they were crossed with Border Collies.

Migrations always occur. It was natural for Australian immigrants to move forward and settle on new grounds. The new destined country was the USA. A lot of Australian immigrants came to California, obviously, because of how close this State is to Australia compared to the rest.

Yes, they brought dogs along, pups that became popular as Australian Shepherds. The name is definitely wrong here, but that’s a result of Californian beliefs. They actually thought these pups were  100% Australian-made.

The breed was further improved in the States, but the name stuck around.

American Pitbull Terrier Background Story

american pitbull lying on the grassamerican pitbull lying on the grass

So, are Pitbulls 100% American dogs? Well, technically, they’re not.

Pitties share a similar background to  Australian Shepherds. They were founded in one country and improved in another to  such a level people think they’re actually from there.

So, where are Pitbull dogs from?

Pitbulls are descendants of  Old English Bulldogs, but they weren’t bred accidentally. Sadly, Pitbulls were purposely bred for bloodsports. Dog fights were pretty normal back then, and people used to enjoy watching dogs fight until one of them dropped  dead.

Yes, that’s super cruel, and we won’t go into depth about that dark spot of history. The good news is that bloodsports are officially forbidden and not practiced anymore.

However, something else stuck around, and that’s the terrible reputation of Pitbulls. People still fear Pitbulls and believe they’re capable of doing anything. However, if you’re a true dog lover, you’ll know that’s not true. Pitbulls can be wonderful family pets.

Today’s Pitbulls are mostly guard dogs, but more and more people pick them as loyal companions. They’re cousins with the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

How Good Looking Are Aussie Pits?

pitbull australian shepherd mix sitting on the couchpitbull australian shepherd mix sitting on the couch
Photo from: @trio.of.wags

The Aussie Pit is a hybrid dog, and as such, he doesn’t have a breed standard like his parents. These dogs can either look more like the Pitbull parent or the Aussie parent. But sometimes, they can be a wonderful combination of both parent breeds.

You never know what the puppy will look like. Even puppies of the same litter don’t look a lot like each other. There’s a big possibility that one puppy will look like the Aussie, one will be a little Pit, and  the third one will  be a mashup of both breeds.

No matter which parent they take after, Aussie Pits are lovely-looking dogs. These dogs come in many coat color options. They usually feature lots of popular Pitbull coat colors, but Aussie coat color genes are strong too. That’s why we have Aussie Pits in merle, too, just like the blue merle Aussie and the red merle Aussie.

They can come in pretty much any coat color, but the only option that’s not possible is a solid coat.

The Aussie parent has a double coat, and this makes them huge shedders. But the Pitbull parent has a short coat, which usually gets transferred to their offspring.

The Australian Shepherd Pit mix is a medium to large dog with a muscular build. Normally, they don’t grow past the 85-pound mark, and they’re not taller than 17 to 20 inches at the withers. They’re a bit bigger than their parents. But once again, since there’s no breed standard, the actual size of these canines can vary.

The Aussie Pit is a truly impressive dog with pleasantly good looks and charm that oozes  everywhere around them. These are showstopping dogs, and they almost look like a breed on their own.

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Character Characteristics: The Australian Shepherd Pitbull Mix Temperament

pitbull australian shepherd mix resting on the porchpitbull australian shepherd mix resting on the porch
Photo from: @micha.and.zoey

Although they’re super kind dogs, I still don’t recommend Aussie Pitbull mix pups to first-time dog owners. They’re a bit of a handful, and you might not get around them as well as you thought you would.

The Aussie Pit is not a designer breed. This is a hybrid with fine work skills, just like with their parents. This type of dog is hard-working and has his mind clearly fixed on the end result. We can thank the Aussie parents for this, as they were always faithful herding dogs.

The herding instincts and the high prey drive might kick in with the Aussie Pit, so keep them away from the young children. Small children can seem like prey they’d like to chase around and unintentionally hurt.

The Aussie Pit is an overall friendly dog, but they’re not too keen on strangers. These dogs prefer their family members and serve as good family dogs if trained. Training classes with lots of positive reinforcement and early socialization are a must with these dogs.

What’s so great about Aussie Shepherds is that they’re true people pleasers. These dogs will bend over backward to make you happy. They’re playful, maybe a bit too energetic, but still super wonderful.

I wouldn’t be afraid to bring  an Aussie Pit into a home with young kids and other animals. They’re great with kids, just like Aussies! 

These dogs are adaptable and can tolerate pretty much anything unless it really bothers them. They’re a tad bit stubborn, so there’s something you should know about them while training.

I believe the Aussie Pit is a terrific example that Pitbull mixes aren’t dangerous or intimidating. They usually inherit that super adorable Pitbull smile that just melts your heart. These are friendly dogs, born to be around people, not to scare them.

How Difficult It Is To Train An Aussie Pit?

pitbull australian shepherd playing with a toy pitbull australian shepherd playing with a toy
Photo from: @mrjack_spann

Three words that describe Aussie Pitbulls are: active, playful, and energetic.

What’s it like to train such dogs? Are they difficult to train into obedience, or maybe not?

The truth is, this depends on what kind of dog owner you are. Experienced dog owners and trainers won’t have problems with Aussie Pitbulls. They like to listen to humans and show full respect to their owners.

But, if you’re a first-time owner, you might have some issues with training Aussie Pits. They can be dominant thanks to the Pitbull genes and are a bit stubborn. You’ll need to be strict and firm, never losing your guard.

If you let your Aussie Pit assume the alpha dog position, you’ll never get him to listen to you.

I’d like to add that positive reinforcement can help a lot with training these doggies. Aussie Pits love receiving praise and treats for jobs well-done, so always be in the mood to reward them for a more successful training session.

But training isn’t only teaching your Aussie Pit to walk on the leash and to listen to basic commands. Training and socialization go hand in hand together. You should definitely pay attention to socializing your Aussie Pit. They need to learn how to behave around people, especially other dogs.

What’s cool about Aussie Pits is that they love learning fun tricks like catching the frisbee, so you two will definitely have lots of fun together.

Consistent training is what your Aussie Pit needs, so don’t lose your focus.

Common Health Problems Of An Aussie Pitbull

pitbull australian shepherd sleeping on the couchpitbull australian shepherd sleeping on the couch
Photo from: @micha.and.zoey

Surprisingly, Australian Shepherd Pitbull mix dogs have a pretty long lifespan. These pooches are expected to live anywhere from 12 to 15 years. Pitbulls usually live from 8 to 15 years, while Aussies live from 13 to 15 years.

This long life expectancy is thanks to its good health inherited from both parent breeds. Both the Pitbull and the Australian Shepherd stand for healthy dogs.

But, even such dogs are prone to some health issues. There are conditions that may or may not strike your Aussie Pit. Either way, it’s better to know them so you can prevent any major health concerns.

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The following conditions are inherited from both sides of the family. Let’s see what our Aussie Pitbull mix can suffer from!

The most common health problems with this hybrid dog are:

hip dysplasia

elbow dysplasia



Collie eye anomaly


Hip and elbow dysplasia are quite common in  medium-sized dogs. Aussie Pits are not couch potatoes. They’re active canines and need to stay mobile. When hip or elbow dysplasia occurs, the dog’s ball and the socket joint do not match each other. The condition causes lameness and tremendous pain.

Eye problems like cataracts and CEA or Collie eye anomaly. These conditions are mostly inherited from the Australian Shepherd parent. Sadly, both of them can cause blindness over time. This is exactly why you should buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, someone who  screens pups for genetic issues.

Epilepsy characterized by unexpected seizures and twitching can also strike your Aussie Pit mix. Sadly, it’s not treatable, and your Aussie Pit will need treatment for the rest of his life. But the good news is that an Aussie Pit suffering from epilepsy can still lead a pretty normal life.

Bloat is another common condition with big dogs. Simply put, the dog’s stomach fills up with air and twitches. This can happen if your dog inhales too much air, which usually happens after drinking water after a strenuous workout, or while eating. Bloat is severe and must be addressed immediately.

Taking Care Of  An Australian Shepherd Pitbull

pitbull australian shepherd dog lying on the carpetpitbull australian shepherd dog lying on the carpet
Photo from: @gustheaussiepit

What does it mean to take care of an Aussie Shepherd Pit properly?

It means you do your best to meet all your dog’s needs. And, trust me, your dog has lots of needs. He’s a living being, so it’s only natural for them to have wishes and needs they want to fulfill.

We  dog owners like to divide these needs into several categories. And now, we will go through each of them together.

Workout Sessions

If you’re a dog owner with limited free time on your hands, then you should consider another Pit mix.

This is a combination of two very energetic and active dogs that fit ideally into active families. Aussie Pits need to exercise daily, and they shouldn’t skip them ever. What do you get when a dog doesn’t drain his energy levels? A hyperactive canine with zoomies before bedtime.

Daily exercises are in order not only because dogs need to have a vent but to keep them fit too. Aussie Pits are large dogs with a muscular build. Imagine them becoming obese. That’s highly likely to happen if they don’t work out often. Too much weight will cause pressure on  the Aussie Pits joints and bones.

The best exercise for an Aussie Pit is actually a combination of running and games like fetch or tug-o-war. Make the games a bit meaningful, as mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise.

Dietary Needs

The Pitbull Australian Shepherd mix is a medium-sized dog. This means they have lots of energy to waste and a tummy as empty as it gets. You have to find a way to fill it so your pup gets the fuel to keep moving around.

Active dogs need proteins. They must stay strong and endure strenuous exercise sessions. Something’s got to feed those muscles, right? 

The Aussie Shepherd’s diet really depends on his age. I recommend you make it as natural as possible. Here are some pretty great dog food options for Pitbulls that you can easily serve to your Aussie Pit too. 

Or, you can also try these homemade foods for Pitbulls and their mixes! Pitbulls enjoy a raw diet, so check out this type of feeding too,

Energetic canines like our Aussie Pit need their bones and joints to stay healthy for as long as possible. Calcium, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, and L-carnitine should be  staples in your dog’s diet.

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The Aussie Pitbull mix is a fairly easy dog to groom. They’re not double coated pups like their Aussie parent, hence the easy grooming requirements. Still, this doesn’t mean you won’t see an Aussie Pit shedding. They do shed, not that crazily, but still a lot. So, unfortunately, you can’t say they’re hypoallergenic at all.

Every Aussie Pit owner should maintain a good brushing schedule. These dogs should be brushed a few times a week, let’s say three to four times. You don’t have to do it every day, but every other day would be good. Brushing is the ideal time to bond with your Aussie Pit. If your pooch trusts you, then brushing him and cleaning other areas won’t be difficult at all. 

Since the Aussie Pit has a coat type just like his Pitbull parent, you might want to check out these nifty grooming brushes for Pitbulls!

I suggest you also pay attention to cleaning their teeth and ears. These areas are especially prone to infections and bacteria growth. You don’t want to risk that, trust me. 

How Much Do Australian Shepherd Pitbulls Cost?

pitbull australian shepherd puppy sitting on the porchpitbull australian shepherd puppy sitting on the porch
Photo from: @micha.and.zoey

When we talk about how much a puppy of a specific breed costs, we shouldn’t only pay attention to the initial purchase price. Other expenses should be recognized too.

Every first time owner tries to score a good deal with finding a new puppy. But that’s not something you should save money on. Rather buy a cheap dog bed until you can afford a good one than save some money on the actual puppy.

Cheap puppies aren’t a good idea because they carry numerous threats, such as poor background and potential illnesses.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about the initial purchase price of an Aussie Pit. These dogs are rarely priced at over $1,800. The biggest reason for such an affordable price is the fact they’re crossbreed dogs.

Naturally, the Aussie parent costs more, sometimes a couple of thousands of dollars. The same goes for the other side of the family. Good Pitbull lines can also cost a lot.

Other Expenses

As I mentioned at the beginning of this section, other expenses should be considered too. It’s not the same to own a small pooch and a bigger dog like our Aussie Pit. They don’t require the same amounts of food or the same doggy accessories.

Bigger dogs usually cost more to take care of , but that’s not a general rule. Simply put, bigger dogs need more food, hence the high dog food bill each month. They also need big, comfy beds, strong collars, and leashes they can pull on.

This all costs money.

Luckily, the one thing that shouldn’t bother you about the Aussie Pit’s cost is  their veterinary bills. These dogs are generally healthy, and besides some sudden expenses, you shouldn’t spend lots of time at the vet’s office.

If you’re a first-time owner, you should know that the first year is always the toughest. This is the time period during which you’ll experiment with different food brands and try lots of leashes or collars until you find the ideal one for your pup.

But the next year will be much easier for your budget once you get used to your dog and figure out what he really needs. I pawmise that!

Where To Find An Aussie Pittie Puppy?

cute pitbull australian shepherd puppy lying on the bedcute pitbull australian shepherd puppy lying on the bed
Source: @gustheaussiepit

When it comes to finding good mixed breed dogs, it’s always a struggle.

Sure you can find any puppy on the street or call a breeder from the classifieds, but that doesn’t guarantee you a healthy buddy for many years.

It’s much simpler if you want a purebred dog, like the Aussie Shepherd or the Pittie. Still, even then, problems with breeders occur.

Why is it so hard to find someone that actually cares about selling healthy puppies?

The time we live in is fully focused on profit. We all live fast and work our minds off to earn a pretty penny. While some people struggle and work hard, others try their best to earn easy money. That’s the biggest problem with finding reputable dog breeders and healthy puppies.

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It seems like every other breeder today is after the money, putting the puppies in last place.

How can you avoid this? How can you tell you have found the ideal Aussie Pittie puppy with pawfect health?

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but there aren’t really any popular Aussie Pittie mix breeders in the States. At least, I haven’t heard of any that should be mentioned here. You’ll have more luck finding your puppy with an Aussie breeder or a Pitbull breeder, someone that has the experience and wants to play with the gene pool.

As far as the good Pitbull and Australian Shepherd breeders in the States go, these are the people you can trust:

Pitbull breeders in California

Pitbull breeders in New Jersey

Pitbull breeders in Florida

Pitbull breeders in Texas

Pitbull breeders in Ohio

Australian Shepherd breeders in Texas

Also, PupVine has reliable Pitbull breeders and Aussie breeders in Ontario, so make sure you check them out.

Three Red Flags You Can Encounter When Finding A Breeder

For me, the biggest red flag is avoiding meeting a potential buyer in person. There are numerous reasons behind this, but it’s mostly because the breeder doesn’t want to show you the conditions puppies are in. Usually, those are terrible conditions, dirty kennels, and sad puppies.

The second red flag would be an  extra small price. Our Aussie Pittie pup isn’t that pricey, but some breeds will be priced more. Scammers usually put a lower price on such puppies, claiming they’re just pet-quality dogs and that they want to find a home faster for them.

This is simply a way of getting the money fast while producing so many puppies a year. It’s unbelievable!

The third red flag is definitely the lack of any health test results or certification. A good breeder runs dog tests at OFA, PennHip, and similar programs to make sure all of his dogs are 100% healthy and ready for adoption. If there is no proof  of such tests being conducted, run away from that breeder and don’t look back.

Top Three Reasons Why You Need An Aussie Pit

cute pitbull australian shepherd dog  lying on the blanketcute pitbull australian shepherd dog  lying on the blanket
Photo from: @mrjack_spann

I can think of many reasons why you should own an Aussie Pitbull mix, but we’ll discuss just the top three. Let’s say this is a quick overview and a little helping guide before you make the final decision.

So, what are those reasons?


The intelligence ranking of  dogs is determined based on how fast and how well they respond in given situations. With Aussie Pitties, that’s not a problem at all! These dogs can be really proud of their herding dog genes because they have helped a lot in  representing Aussie Pitties as intelligent dogs.

Simply put, you shouldn’t have any issues training these mixed breed dogs. They’re super loyal, always obedient, and love to have their humans in focus. What’s great about these canines is they’re not too stubborn, but they do have the alpha dog trait strong, so keep an eye on that.

Good Health

As you may or may not know, there’s no such thing as a 100% healthy dog. All dogs can become ill with a condition. Your breeder can give you a health warranty for a certain period of time, but no one can say what could happen after that guarantee expires. Your new pup may or may not become ill.

Generally speaking, Australian Shepherd Pitbull mix dogs are of great health. Normally, they have health problems they’re prone to, but not every specimen of this hybrid breed gets them.

What I can tell you is that you shouldn’t have extreme vet bills, and your pooch shouldn’t be ill all the time. They’re genetically predisposed  for such a status, but you’ll need to chip in too. Make sure you take good care of your Aussie Pit, and you shouldn’t worry at all.

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Super Sweet Temperament

As dogs with a terrible reputation, Pitbulls, as well as their crossbreed puppies, have always been marginalized. No matter the socialization or how cute they look, Pitties are considered dangerous.

But it’s absolutely ridiculous to call an Aussie Pity dangerous. Have you seen these sweethearts? They’re so adorable, inside and outside!

The Aussie Pity is not only a good looking dog, but they’re also super kind, gentle, and great around kids. Their loyalty plays a major role here, as Aussie Pitty dogs are considered one of the best companions among hybrids.

Top Three Reasons Why An Aussie Pit Might Not Be For You

pitbull australian shepherd dog sitting on the chair in the gardenpitbull australian shepherd dog sitting on the chair in the garden
Photo from: @micha.and.zoey

Whenever I point out the top three reasons why you should or shouldn’t adopt a particular dog breed, I want to make sure you know why I’m saying that. I don’t want to scare you away from adopting that specific dog. I just want you to be aware of all the good and the bad sides.

As for the Aussie Pit, these are the downsides.

High Activity

Let’s take a moment and remind ourselves who the parents of the Aussie Pit are. A Pitbull and an Australian Shepherd are two very active dog breeds. It’s more than enough to say that the Aussie Shepherd is … a shepherd! They’re herding dogs, of course!

Dogs like these need daily activities. They must have their energy bars drained by the end of the day. Accumulated energy may result in negative outbreaks like destructive behavior or even aggression.

Try to devote at least an hour or so to exercising your Aussie Pit. Trust me, you both will sleep better after  strenuous exercise, knowing that all needs are met.


The size may or may not be the issue with the Aussie Pit. This simply depends on your preferences. Some people find the big size a big downside just because they live in tiny apartments or they don’t have a spacious backyard.

I get them. Handling a big dog means you’ve got your hands completely full. From exercising hard to maneuvering your dog through the busy streets of your city, it’s all a bit too much, isn’t it?

Keeping in mind the size of an Aussie Pit, you can expect a big dog with big needs. Are you sure you can meet them?

Not Hypoallergenic

Sadly, our Aussie Pit is not a hypoallergenic dog, and that might bother some of you who are allergic to dog hair.

You can’t expect a pup with such a background to be hypoallergenic. Is the Aussie Shepherd hypoallergenic? Oh, God no! Is the Pitbull hypoallergenic? Absolutely not.

There you have it.

You should know this fact before you decide to adopt an Aussie Pit. Once you get attached to the puppy that triggers your allergies, it’s too late.

What’s The Verdict?

So, how do you like our dog of the day, the Pitbull American Shepherd mix?

Yes, I bet you just love it!

The Pitbull American Shepherd mix is a lovely hybrid dog full of surprises but in a good way. Although one of the parents is constantly under bad publicity for its history, the Aussie Pit is still worthy of your time.

So, why should you give a chance to a hybrid that comes from such a parent breed?

Why shouldn’t you? Why should you base your judgment on what some bad people did to these dogs? Pitbulls weren’t born bad. People made them.

As far as the other parent breed is concerned, the Aussie Shepherd was always a loyal sidekick, especially for countrymen. People admire their loyalty and herding skills.

As you can see, Aussie Pitbulls have pretty great chances of becoming valued family members.

I say let’s give them a chance to wipe off the bad history and prove that even crossbreed dogs from so-called dangerous breeds can be great pets!

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By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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