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Welcome to the world of Doodles — well, to the world of one unique Doodle, that is. Today we want to talk about a very special designer dog that inherits the personality and looks of two very different parent breeds.

The Poodle dog that we all know and love is often crossed with other purebred dogs to create the famous Doodle mixed breed. Well, just so it happens that people decided to cross a purebred Poodle with a purebred Rottweiler dog. Sounds unusual?

Well, even though it may sound pretty rare, the Rottweiler Poodle mix is officially a thing — and it has been a thing for quite a while.

The Rottweiler Poodle mix, as the name of the article implies, is a crossbreed that mixes strength with a bit of silliness, that comes along with high energy levels and big brains.

How about we skip the formal part and jump right into all the details about the amazing Rottweiler Poodle mix?

What Is A Rottweiler Poodle Mix Called?

Rottie Doodle — if you like this name. If you prefer another name, then you can call this designer dog “Rottle” or “Rottie Poo” . I believe that all three names suit this cute dog very well. The Rottle may be my least favorite name though. What about you? Which Rottweiler Poodle mix name do you prefer the most?

Like most Doodle breeds, the Rottweiler Poodle mix is going to have that famous “-oodle” suffix in its name. Even though the names that we have mentioned are often used with this crossbreed, you can feel free to get creative and call it whatever you like! Just mix and match the “Poodle” name with the “Rottweiler”.

This fluffy designer dog is as cute as it sounds. Believe me, you won’t be able to resist Rottie Doodle’s adorable puppy eyes and affectionate personality.

Are There Rottweiler Doodles?

Rottweiler Poodle dog layingRottweiler Poodle dog laying

Photo from: @plannerface

Of course, there are, that is why we are here! We’re here to describe all there is about Rottweiler Doodles. The fun fact about this Doodle breed is that it originates from Germany (both parents are German dog breeds). It is also one of the oldest designer dogs whose roots are set in the year 1980.

Here’s the thing about these cute pups. Whenever breeders mix a purebred Poodle with another purebred dog, the puppies are always different from one another.

For example, crossing a Toy Poodle with a Rottweiler will surely result in smaller pups than crossing a Standard Poodle with a Rottweiler.

You see, because there are three Poodle sizes, Rottle puppies can vary in size. Another thing that can change drastically is the Rottie Doodle’s coat properties, which we will get to later in this article.

Now, let’s talk about the size of a Rottie Doodle puppy.

How Big Do Rottie Doodles Get?

The whole story about three different Poodle sizes and how they affect the Rottie Doodle size has probably got you wondering “What is the average weight of a Rottweiler poodle mix?”

I’ll give you a short answer, and then a detailed explanation. So, the Rottie Doodle will approximately weigh 60 to 90 pounds. Its height, however, may range between 18 and 26 inches. This Doodle is definitely among the biggest Poodle mixes

Let’s see how big Rottie Doodle’s parent breeds get.

Rottweiler Size

So, according to the Rottweiler growth chart, this is a pretty large dog that weighs up to a whopping 120 pounds. Male and female Rottweilers both grow tall — between 25 and 26 inches. But generally, male Rotties are larger than their female counterparts.

Here is another option — the miniature Rottweiler. Yep, there is such a thing as a mini Rottweiler, and if you cross it with a miniature Poodle, then you will most likely end up with miniature puppies that grow between 12 to 15 inches tall.

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Poodle Size

Now, for the Poodle (and this is where it gets a bit tricky).

Starting off with the smallest Poodle — the Toy Poodle that grows only up to 10 inches tall and weighs as little as 6 pounds, whereas its mini counterpart, the Miniature Poodle is usually 15 inches tall and weighs up to 20 pounds.

The third Poodle size is the standard or large size. The Standard Poodle weighs between 40 and 70 pounds and stands about 20 to 24 inches tall.

When comparing the size of a Poodle with the size of a Rottweiler, it is easy to realize that the Standard Poodle should be bred with such a large dog. In most cases, the purebred female Rottweiler is the one carrying the puppies, because they may be too large for the female Poodle.

Rottweiler Poodle Mix Coat Colors

black rottie poodle on the floorblack rottie poodle on the floor

Photo from: @raya_rottle_rottie_poo

There are so many Rottie Poodle coat colors that we want to talk about! The Rottie Doodle can inherit any of the abundant Poodle colors, but it can also lean more towards its other parent breed and inherit the characteristic Rottweiler colors and patterns.

That said, the Rottie Doodle can be:

• Apricot

• Brown

• Cream

• Black

• Gray

• Parti

• Black and tan

• Black and rust

• Black and mahogany

If we were to mention other color combinations of the Rottie Doodle puppy, then there would probably be no end to this article!

However, the most common coat color combination is black and mahogany — just like the Rottweiler parent breed. This is because of the dominant black color gene that is passed from the Rottweiler to the offspring.

Rottweiler Poodle Mix Coat Type

The coat type of a Rottie Doodle often resembles the Poodle parent than the Rottie. The Poodle has a very soft, curly coat that is medium long, while the Rottweiler parent has a denser, shorter, coarser, and straighter coat.

The parent breeds have very different coats — the Poodle has a single-layered coat, while the Rottie has a double-layered coat.

This all means that the Rottweiler Poodle mix can inherit a combination of these coat types; It may have a dense double coat, or it may have a light single coat.

It all depends on the Doodle generation and which parent the puppy leans more towards. This is why the ideal Rottweiler Poodle mix generation is the F1 generation in which Rottie’s and Poodle’s characteristics are evenly divided (50:50).

Mixes in which the purebred Rottweiler is bred with a Rottweiler Poodle mix, may result in puppies that resemble the Rottweiler parent more (and vice versa).

Why Do Rottweiler Doodles Have Curly Fur?

woman holding Rottweiler Poodle Mix puppywoman holding Rottweiler Poodle Mix puppy

Photo from: @incredible_of_noel

Well, the most obvious reason is that their Poodle parents have curly fur! Most often than not, the Rottie Doodle has a wavy coat rather than a full curly coat.

Generally speaking, curly coats in dogs are considered dominant, so they are often passed onto mixed-breed puppies.

On the other hand, the straight coat is considered recessive. The Rottie parent has a straight coat which makes it lose the battle in this gene competition case.

When a long-haired Rottweiler is crossed with a curly-haired Poodle, their puppies may turn out with curlier hair because in this case, both parent breeds have curls and waves.

Rottweiler Poodle Mix Shedding Amounts

The shedding amounts of the Rottie Doodle are what most aspiring owners are concerned and curious about. Well, the good news is that the Poodle sheds very little, but the bad news is that the Rottweiler sheds quite a lot.

So, is the Rottie Doodle going to be a heavy shedder or is it going to barely shed at all?

That is the real question! It all depends on the breeding program of the Rottie Doodle and the characteristics of both parent breeds.

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The low-shedding Poodle combined with a moderate shedder like the Rottweiler evens out the shedding amounts of the Rottie Doodle puppy. There is no way that this dog won’t shed (all dogs shed!) but, it is most likely going to be a lower shedding pooch.

Is The Rottweiler Poodle Mix Hypoallergenic?

Another very common question the most aspiring Rottweiler Poodle mix owners ask is whether or not this pooch is hypoallergenic. Well, it is not.

While the Poodle breed is considered hypoallergenic, the Rottweiler breed is not. This means that the Rottie Poodle can’t completely inherit the hypoallergenic coat traits because of the Rottie genes in the mix. The amount of dander, hair, and saliva of a Rottie Doodle is what is going to cause an allergic reaction in affected dog owners.

So, no matter how much you groom the Rottle dog, it is not going to have a hypoallergenic coat. If you really want a hypoallergenic cuddle buddy, you should stick to smaller dog breeds or the purebred Poodle.

Rottie Doodle Health Problems

rottie doodle dog laying sick on the floorrottie doodle dog laying sick on the floor

Photo from: @incredible_of_noel

So far we have found out all about the amazing traits a Rottie Doodle puppy inherited from its parent breeds.

Unfortunately, there are some health issues that this designer dog also inherited. Since both Poodles and Rottweilers are purebred dogs, they are prone to certain breed-specific illnesses.

Rottweilers are large dogs with big bones so they are more prone to skeletal health issues, whereas Poodles may suffer from heart-related health problems.

Here are some of the health problems of the Rottie Doodle that may shorten its life expectancy:

1. Hip Dysplasia

You have probably already heard about this common skeletal problem that affects practically all dogs. Rottie Doodles are no exception.

Hip dysplasia in dogs is often described as a developmental health problem. In other words, signs of hip dysplasia may be shown during the development of a Rottie Doodle puppy. Hip dysplasia is nothing more than joint deformity in which the hip joint becomes loose and as a result, does not develop correctly.

Rotties are more prone to this health problem than Poodles, but the Rottie Doodle can surely inherit it.

2. Elbow Dysplasia

Elbow Dysplasia can affect the Rottie Doodle just as much as hip dysplasia can.

Similar to hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia is a deformity of the elbow joint which develops during Rottie Doodle’s growth period. It may result in weak forelimbs and trouble walking.

As it progresses it causes Rottie Doodle pain and discomfort.

3. Patellar Luxation

Even though patellar luxation is more common in large to giant dogs, it may affect the medium to large Rottie Doodle. The simplest way to explain patellar luxation in dogs is by saying that the kneecap pops out.

This means that your Rottle dog’s knee is not in its “normal” position. This is, of course, very uncomfortable for the dog and the pain makes it difficult to walk.

4. Von Willebrand’s Disease

rottie doodle sleepingrottie doodle sleeping

Photo from: @incredible_of_noel

Von Willebrand’s Disease is named after a protein that is found in the blood. This protein helps Rottie Doodle’s blood platelets to stick together to help form a blood clot.

So, Von Willebrand’s Disease in dogs is a bleeding disorder in which this factor is absent, making it impossible for blood to coagulate on an affected site (wounds and cuts).

This results in prolonged bleeding and needs proper medical intervention.

5. Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus Syndrome

Or GDV for short is a very dangerous health problem that can happen to a Rottie Doodle pup. Even though GDV usually affects large dogs like the Rottweiler, the Rottie Doodle may also be affected because it is a medium to large dog.

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GDV in dogs requires immediate veterinary care because it is deadly!

Now, what happens is that Rottie Doodle’s stomach abnormally twists and expands as the air gets into it. It causes the Rottie Doodle to appear very bloated. This is why this health problem is referred to as bloat.

6. Subaortic Stenosis

This health issue is what the Rottle dog inherited from the purebred Rottie parent breed. Subaortic Stenosis in dogs is described as a hereditary health problem that affects the aortic valve of the heart.

In other words, the Rottie Doodle that is suffering from subaortic stenosis has a narrow aortic valve of the heart, which disturbs normal blood flow.

7. Addison’s Disease

If you think that the Rottie Doodle inherited the majority of health problems from its Rottweiler parent, here is a congenital health issue it got from its Poodle parent.

Addison’s Disease is a health problem that affects Rottie Doodle’s hormonal balance because it results from adrenal glands not producing enough corticosteroids.

This may cause the Rottie Doodle dog to occasionally vomit, pee more often, lose weight, and have diarrhea. Additionally, the Rottie Doodle will lose weight and it may take some time for it to gain weight again.

What Is The Normal Lifespan Of A Rottweiler Doodle?

You can expect your Rottie Doodle to live anywhere between 9 and 15 years of age.

The life expectancy of a Rottweiler Poodle mix depends on many things.

Firstly, it depends on the competence of the breeding program and the health status of purebred parent breeds. Rottweilers have a shorter lifespan than Poodles, so if your Rottie Doodle leans more towards the Rottweiler parent, its life expectancy will be shorter.

Secondly, it depends on how you treat the Rottie Doodle puppy; vet checks, long walks, a healthy diet, quality playtime, and so on.

Just like any other dog, the Rottie Doodle requires a lot of attention and care. Here is what I am talking about:

Taking Care Of A Rottweiler Poodle Mix Dog

rottie doodle dog in a walkrottie doodle dog in a walk

Photo from: @plannerface

Since we are talking about a crossbreed dog, you won’t have to follow any rules when it comes to grooming and haircuts. However, you will have to plan a healthy diet and exercise schedule for your Rottie Doodle to keep it in the best shape possible.

Besides a good feeding and exercise ratio, occasional vet check-ups are a must when owning a Rottie Doodle.

Even though the majority of designer dogs are resilient to many hereditary diseases, it is best to keep an eye out for your Rottie Doodle’s health.

Healthy Diet

Psst, the secret to a happy and healthy Rottie Doodle is in a healthy diet. You are what you eat, right? So is your Rottie Doodle.

That being said, you must make sure you feed your little designer dog with healthy dog food. Besides commercial dry and wet dog food, it would be great to boil some chicken for your Rottie Doodle dog.

Now, the amount of food your Rottle dog is going to eat depends on its size and which parent breed it leans more towards.

For example, if a Rottie Doodle is smaller, you may want to follow the Poodle feeding chart because in that case, the dog won’t need food that is as high in calories as dog food for Rottweilers.

On the other hand, the Rottweiler feeding chart features a “heavier” diet that is suitable for larger Rottie Doodles. Remember, we’re dealing with a mixed-breed dog here! Its size will vary, and so will its diet.

Grooming Requirements

You should have no trouble grooming the Rottie Doodle puppy. As long as you keep its coat mat-free, you’re good to go. Its curly coat is prone to tangles and matting, so you should invest in a good brush.

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For example, brushes for Sheepadoodles (another Poodle mix) are good for all Poodle mixes, including the Rottie Doodle. When you get your Rottie Doodle puppy you will quickly figure out if its coat resembles the Poodle or the Rottweiler parent more.

If you notice coarser and straighter hair, then you might want to search for the best Rottweiler brushes. These will keep the Rottie Doodle’s hair detangled and fresh.

This goes out to all other Rottweiler mixes. Due to the fact the Rottweiler Poodle mix is not a purebred dog, you don’t have to pay much attention to getting that perfect “show” haircut. You can take your cute Rottweiler Poodle mix puppy to a professional groomer.

They will keep its soft, curly coat in perfect shape and they will also give it the best puppy cut!

Exercise Needs

No matter the size, each dog needs quite a lot of physical activity! So, if the Rottie Doodle is medium or large, it will need to stretch its legs a few times a day.

By that I mean the Rottie Doodle should go out at least three times per day. It is best to avoid intense physical activity right after a meal because the Rottie Doodle is prone to developing bloat.

As far as its exercise needs go, the Rottie Doodle will be happy with some quality play of fetch in the dog park.

Not only will regular exercise help keep your Rottie Doodle’s body in shape, but it will also play a huge part in the socialization process at a young age. Dog toys for Rottweilers or Poodles can be found on Amazon and they are perfect for the Rottie Doodle breed.

These puppies should engage in running and even swimming activities from an early age. Similar to Retrievers, Poodles love water and your Rottie Doodle may also enjoy a good swim!

Just make sure to avoid possible injuries as they may lead to developmental issues your Rottie Doodle is already prone to.

Regular Vet Check-Ups

I cannot stress enough how important regular health checks are for the Rottle dog. Even though it is a generally healthy designer dog, bad breeding practices and breed-specific illnesses may progress in a short period of time.

This is why it is important to have your Rottie Doodle regularly checked.

You see, not only do regular vet check-ups help you find out if your dog is suffering from a certain health issue, but they also help monitor your dog’s health.

Additionally, frequent vet visits (even when your Rottie Doodle is not sick) will help keep your dog calm whenever it enters the clinic.

In other words, it will get used to visiting the vet and visiting the clinic will seem like a normal walk in the dog park. So, if you want to keep your Rottie Doodle healthy, take it regularly to the vet.

Is The Rottweiler Poodle Mix Recognized By The AKC?

rottie doodle puppy laying on the blanketrottie doodle puppy laying on the blanket

Photo from: @plannerface

You might already know the answer. As much as we would like for the Rottie Doodle to be recognized by major kennel clubs, this dog is a mixed breed. That means that the Rottweiler Poodle mix is not recognized nor can it be recognized by any kennel club, including the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Only purebred dogs like the Rottweiler and Poodle can be recognized by such clubs.

When you look at the official Rottweiler breed standards and Poodle breed standards, you may notice that the appearance and temperament of these dogs are clearly defined.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with mixed breeds because most of the time we can’t predict how big the mixed puppy will get.

What we also can’t predict is its personality — will it be more like an outgoing Poodle or will it be a fierce guard dog like the Rottweiler? It is always a doggie lottery!

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Nevertheless, the Rottweiler Poodle mix makes a great family pet and you will see why in the following text.

Are Rottie Poos Good Dogs?

This is the common question I get asked when people are searching for their new furry family members. The short and simple answer is that Rottie Poos are good dogs. But, there are a few things to take note of.

While all Rottle dogs are good dogs, poor upbringing and lack of early socialization may lead to bad behavior in Rottie Doodles/Rottie Poos/Rottle dogs (however you prefer to call them).

The pattern is similar to other dog breeds, be it a mixed breed or a purebred dog. While the Rottweiler parent breed is considered one of the most aggressive dog breeds, this does not mean that the purebred Rottie is naturally that way.

Rottweiler’s aggression comes from a lack of proper training and socialization from an early age. The Poodle parent can be as aggressive as the Rottweiler if not treated properly.

Does A Rottweiler Poodle Mix Make A Good Family Pet?

woman carrying big rottie doodle dog on her backwoman carrying big rottie doodle dog on her back

Photo from: @perfectly_rachelle

Another common question most aspiring Rottie Doodle owners worry about is whether or not this designer dog makes a good family pet.

Well, it all depends on how you will socialize and train it! Rottie Doodles are generally great with children because they have the same energy levels.

It seems that Rottie Doodles and children understand each other better than they understand adults!

Your Rottie Doodle will undoubtedly be a great family pet because of its willingness to play and readiness to protect.

The Rottweiler side of the Rottie Doodle is devoted to its family and will do anything to please the owner. The Poodle side thrives to grab all the attention with its charming and clever ways. Overall, you won’t go wrong with the Rottie Doodle mix!

Does A Rottweiler Poodle Mix Make A Good Guard Dog?

We have already mentioned that this unique designer dog inherits both the Rottweiler and Poodle’s personality traits.

You are probably aware that Rottweilers make incredible guard dogs and perhaps you are wondering if the Rottie Doodle will be the same.

Well, there is a big chance that the Rottie Doodle will show great guarding skills. However, the aloofness and the somewhat independent personality of the Poodle parent breed might interfere with Rottie Doodle’s career in becoming an incredible guard dog.

But, that is not always the case. The Rottie Doodle can inherit all sorts of Rottweiler and Poodle personalities, which means it can grow into an intelligent watchdog that has a super cuddly side. It can also be the opposite.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how you train your Rottie Doodle. While we’re at it, let’s see if the Rottweiler Poodle mix is trainable or not.

Is A Rottweiler Poodle Mix Easy To Train?

rottie doodle on the snowrottie doodle on the snow

Photo from: @plannerface

Let’s start off by saying that both the Rottweiler and the Poodle are among the smartest dog breeds.

Of course, this means that their trainability levels are through the roof!

When you combine such intelligent dogs, you usually get an intelligent puppy — that’s exactly what a Rottie Doodle is.

Well, even though the Rottie Doodle is an intelligent dog, it needs human guidance when it comes to training. It can’t train itself, right?

This designer dog must be focused on a task or it will become bored and destructive. Not only do owners need to provide the Rottie Doodle with lots of mental games, but they also have to spend a lot of time repeating tricks and commands. Don’t worry, the Rottie Doodle picks up tricks and commands very fast, but it needs consistency.

As far as training goes, you should keep in mind that Rottweilers used to be herding dogs which means that the Rottie Doodle may exhibit nibbling behavior.

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Poodles on the other hand are great retrievers and hunters, so the Rottie Doodle may inherit a strong prey drive that you will have to deal with. So, everyday training is a must for this unique designer dog.

Trust me, you will be surprised by how smart the Rottie Doodle is!

Where Can I Find A Rottweiler Poodle Mix Puppy?

Rottweiler Poodle mix puppies are still not as popular as other designer dogs like Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, Maltipoos, and Cavapoos (although they are getting there).

So, this lowers the chances of finding a Rottie Doodle nearby. You can search for reputable Rottweiler breeders or Poodle breeders who may have information or may even offer the Rottweiler Poodle mix puppies.

But, keep in mind that there are a lot of shady Doodle breeders around, so don’t choose the first breeder you stumble upon.

As an aspiring owner, your main and most important task is to do a lot of research about the breeder you’re buying your puppy from.

I would highly advise you to search for your loving Rottie Doodle puppy at shelters and/or rescues. There are many mixed breeds that are waiting for a warm home, and the Rottweiler Poodle mix puppies may be waiting for you!

How Much Is A Rottweiler Poodle Mix Puppy?

rottiepoo puppyrottiepoo puppy

Photo from: @alpha.rottiepoo

If you are adopting your Rottweiler Poodle mix puppy from a shelter, the adoption fees may range between $200 and $400. But the Rottie Doodle adoption fees range depending on your location.

If you are buying your Rottweiler Poodle mix from a reputable Doodle breeder, then prepare to pay anywhere between $2000 and $3000.

The price of a Rottle dog/Rottie Poo/Rottie Doodle depends on the breeder’s competence. Only ethical and reputable breeders can develop healthy Rottie Doodle puppies and they will put a hefty price tag on each pup. In some cases, the Rottie Doodle price depends on the purebred Poodle and/or Rottweiler price.

If the Rottie Doodle derives from two champion parent breeds, then rest assured that it will cost quite a lot.

Where Do Rottie Doodles Live?

In our hearts, of course! Well, besides that, Rottie Doodles live in apartments or houses. They’re medium to large dogs and they can do well in smaller apartments as long as they have enough time to spend outdoors (yes, you have to go out more often).

If you have a spacious garden, then that’s a jackpot for any kind of dog, especially the Rottie Doodle. It will have enough space to run around and play, which will keep it in a great mental and physical state.

But, you have to make sure that your Rottie Doodle does not jump the fence if it becomes bored or falls in love with a neighbor’s dog.

Final Thoughts

The Rottweiler Poodle mix, the Rottle dog, Rottie Poo, or Rottie Doodle is truly a one-of-a-kind designer dog that will leave you speechless with its intelligence and adorable appearance.

However you may call it, the Rottweiler Poodle mix is undoubtedly one of the most affectionate mixed breed dogs.

It does not require lots of grooming, and its coat may even have hypoallergenic properties!

To get the healthiest Rottie Doodle dog, it is recommended to search for reliable breeders who know what they’re doing.

However, I think the best option is to adopt a Rottie Doodle or rescue one! Rescue Rottle puppies are a thrill to have and they learn and love just as much as those you find at the breeders.

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