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When Norman was found on the streets in Houston, Texas, he was mangey, emaciated, and scrounging for food. It was clear that he had either never lived in a home, or had been severely neglected.

Adorable Mutts Rescue took him in and rehabilitated him for nearly two months. Because he was so skinny and had lost all his hair, an essential part of Norman’s treatment was to eat a healthy diet.

This may seem like a simple “cure,” but for a shelter that runs on donations, purchasing high-quality food can be a huge expense, one that many can’t afford.

But lucky for Norman, Rescue Bank stepped in. The charity donated top-notch dog food to feed the pup, relieving the rescue from a costly part of his care. As a result, the money they saved on food was put toward vetting and other medical needs.

Between the loving treatment he received from the rescue and a diet filled with nutrients, Norman’s coat began to grow back.

Several weeks after he was rescued, the former stray went from looking like a gray bag of bones to a healthy pup with a shiny tan-and-white coat!

While his physical wounds were healing, his emotional scars took a little more time. He was very wary of humans, so Adorable Mutts put him into a class for socialization and basic command training.

There, he made huge strides toward getting ready for adoption.

When his new mom took him home he was still quite skittish, and it took several days for him to warm up to her.

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But she refused to give up on the pooch, and she patiently waited for him to come around. Gradually, she earned his trust, and now the two have an unbreakable bond.

While he’s still nervous around strangers, Norman couldn’t be happier to spend time with the ones he loves. It was a long journey for this pup, but he’s now enjoying life in his forever home in Canada!

We’re so glad that this sweetheart got the second chance that he deserved.



By Andy Marcus

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