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Sidewalk Specials’ motto is: “You can’t save them all… well we’re going to bloody well try!” A motto that truly encompasses all the effort they make to save as many dogs as possible.This story began with Scruff. She was found, hidden, in a taped up box. You can’t even imagine what it was like to find her! Hearing whimpers from a cardboard box cruelly tucked away.


The heroes at Sidewalk Specials rushed Scruff to the veterinarian to have her assessed. It would be a long road to recovery but what helped matters drastically was that she found a new home very quickly!

Scruff found a new home with human parents that loved her so much and other doggy siblings she could play with. She spent an entire glorious month living a beautiful life.

But fate had more plans for Scruff. Turned out she had distemper and within a month, she passed away.

Scruff died in her mama’s arms, peacefully. After having a perfect month, filled with happiness, love and all the things a dog could ever want!

Sidewalk Specials has another motto: If they lose one of their rescues, they honor their memory by saving another. In Scruff’s honor, they were able to save Scout, a dog that was being euthanized because she had cancer and no one wanted her.

See how a tragic story can, in spite of sadness, result in a happy ending.

A story about a dog who becomes an angel and saves another life by crossing the Rainbow Bridge. R.I.P. Scruff!

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You can watch Scruff’s original video too!



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