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Shar Pei mixes are one of the best examples of how a mixed breed puppy can reveal the true nature of a canine that has been long considered dangerous and unfit for families.

Chinese Shar Pei pups have been classified as dangerous canines because of a bad history of fights and aggressive behavior.

However, every canine will behave in the same way if it’s not trained, which is why it’s essential to train your pup from an early age.

If you’re interested in finding out what kind of crossbred canines are hiding in our list today, keep reading this article to the end and discover the world of excellent Shar Pei mixes!

The Best Shar Pei Mixes

1. Cocker-Pei (Cocker Spaniel)


Photo from: @wrinklyfrank

This is an interesting cross between two dog breeds that initially seems like an unusual mix until you see their adorable faces.

Cockers Spaniels are family dogs, and they love to spend time with their owners. However, keep in mind that these pups aren’t suitable for allergy sufferers as they shed quite a lot.

If we accept the fact that neither the Shar Pei nor Cocker Spaniel is hypoallergenic, it can be said that their combination is among the best hybrid pups on the market.

A Cocker-Pei is loyal to its owner but might show signs of stubbornness in certain situations.

However, this happens rarely and doesn’t cause any issues during training sessions, which is why Cocker-Peis are also considered one of the most trainable canine breeds.

When it comes to their size, these mixed puppies grow to pretty much the same size as Cocker Spaniels, about 14 to 16 inches and 30 pounds.

Shar Peis are prone to obesity, and, unfortunately, Cocker-Peis also inherit this trait. Therefore, you should be careful about the amount and quality of dog food to prevent overeating.

2. Pit Pei (Pit Bull)

pit peipit pei

Photo from: @jackhuntsdogs

Both American Pit Bull Terriers and Shar Peis have a history of being bred to compete in dog fights, and as a result, both breeds have been marked as dangerous and aggressive canines that aren’t suitable for family life.

However, individuals of any breed have the potential to be excellent additions to families as pets if they’re adequately trained.

Some successful methods and programs help with the socialization of aggressive canines, but they’re recommended only for experienced owners.

An important thing to keep in mind is that these types of dogs, including their mixes, aren’t allowed in some states (or can be kept only under certain conditions).

Therefore, before you even think about getting a pup for yourself, you should research your local laws regarding owning dangerous dog breeds such as Pit Bulls or their mixes.

This type of canine mix isn’t suitable for inexperienced owners either, so if you’re not sure you can handle these pups, it might be best to get one that isn’t difficult to work with.

3. Shepherd-Pei (German Shepherd)

German Shepherds are known for their fidelity and bravery. These pups have a high level of intelligence and can be taught to carry out a wide variety of responsibilities.

Both parents possess excellent guarding skills, so don’t be surprised if a Shepherd-Pei becomes your personal guard and even follows you to the bathroom.

The Shepherd-Pei is usually covered in the shades of the German Shepherd parent, although there are certain exceptions.

However, wrinkles and folds are generally there to remind us of the Shar Pei heritage that these hybrid pups possess.

Unfortunately, Shar Peis and GSDs shed quite a lot, so there isn’t any chance you’ll get a hypoallergenic crossbreed.

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This type of dog is recommended for experienced owners only, as it requires thorough training and discipline to become equally as good as its parents.

4. Bull Pei (Bulldog)

bull peibull pei

Photo from: @sir.winston.the.bullpei

One of the things that Bulldogs and Shar Peis have in common is wrinkly and loose skin that is covered with a short and wiry coat.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the majority of people confuse this hybrid with its purebred parent breeds.

The short coat hair makes grooming seem like a piece of cake, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Bull Peis have wrinkles and folds just like their parents, and if those spots aren’t cleaned and dried properly, they’ll become a perfect habitat for bacteria and fungi.

One advantage of crossing these two canine types is that the offspring is amiable and strongly attached to its owner.

They are generally outgoing and lively canines who become excited when they encounter new people. Because of this, the Bull Pei breed usually doesn’t have a reputation for being aggressive like Pit Peis.

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5. Chow-Pei (Chow Chow)


Photo from: @turco.the.dog

The Chow-Pei is a fantastic designer pup created by crossing two popular Chinese dog breeds: the Shar Pei and the Chow Chow. Both of these breeds have a rich historical background as ancient canines.

Both parent breeds were bred specifically for the purpose of guarding, which might result in an unpredictable crossbreed pup with potential behavioral issues (especially when it comes to obedience).

However, if Chow-Peis are adequately trained from an early age, they can be loyal and obedient companions to their masters.

Chow-Peis will shed just as much as Chow Chows, so don’t be surprised if the whole house is covered with your pet’s hair.

This type of crossbreed isn’t very common and might not be easy to find, but you can start your search with Chow Chow breeders in your area who also breed hybrid canines.

6. Shar Pei Doberman Cross

shar pei doberman crossshar pei doberman cross

Photo from: @abel_the_dober_pei

This is a very interesting mix of two completely different breeds that create an adorable pup with extraordinary personality traits.

If Pit-Peis seem a bit too unpredictable for you in terms of behavior and temperament, but you still want a good watchdog, this mixed-breed puppy is just what you need.

The combination of the two can result in a companion animal that is both clever and aesthetically pleasing to look at.

It can contain either Shar Pei or Doberman shades, depending on which gene is more dominant in the mix.

Both Dobermans and Shar Peis are examples of breeds that have fur which, if not properly groomed on a regular basis, can get matted.

Therefore, I’d recommend you to get a good brush for a Doberman’s coat, as the crossbred puppy usually inherits their hair genes.

Even though they do possess certain qualities of both parents, these hybrid canines have a personality that is all their own.

However, you shouldn’t entirely rely on the knowledge you might have about Dobermans or Shar Peis, as their cross is a breed of its own.

7. Shar-Poo (Poodle)


Photo from: @brooksidepups

The Poodle is a fairly well-liked breed overall, but it is particularly popular for its presence in hybrid breeding.

Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, Sheepadoodles, and Bernedoodles, are just some of the Doodle breeds that have been fairly popular as descendants of Poodle pups.

Shar-Poos are pretty rare, but they’re becoming more popular, especially among allergy sufferers who want a Shar Pei-like canine that doesn’t shed too much.

Poodles are known as low shedders, and most of their crossbreeds inherit this trait from them.

Poodles are very active and athletic dogs, but they are also entirely devoted to their owners and families.

A potential owner of this Shar Pei and Poodle cross should know that these puppies require a great deal of exercise, but you should also expect them to be reserved around strangers.

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8. Ba-Shar (Basset Hound)


Photo from: @dora_the_basset_sharpei

Shar Peis have a rich history that is filled with enthralling details, from hunting to fighting dogs and beyond!

Once you mix this type of canine with a hunting pup like a Basset Hound, you can expect a great guardian and a good hunting companion.

Unfortunately, hybrid pooches rarely inherit the bicolor shades of Basset Hounds, but that doesn’t make them any less pretty.

Basset Hounds get along with people of all ages (kids included), which is why Ba-Shar dogs are widely accepted as good family pets, too.

However, don’t forget their hunting genes might lead them during walks, so you better keep an eye on your pet when you’re outside.

Ba-Shars might be quite good hunters, but they’re far less good at hiding because they shed just as much as Bassets and Shar Peis and leave traces everywhere.

Ba-Shars are nothing like Shar Peis when it comes to independence, as they don’t like being left alone. Therefore, you’ll need to get used to your doggie sleeping very close to you.

9. Sharp Eagle (Beagle)

sharp eaglesharp eagle

Photo from: @butterexplores

The Shar Pei and the Beagle both contributed their genetics to the development of the designer breed known as the Sharp Eagle.

Beagles were bred for pursuing and retrieving rabbits and other types of small animals in the past, which is why they can be pretty strong-willed, just like Shar Peis.

Therefore, it’s clear by now that you can expect their cross to be challenging to instruct from time to time. Still, this can be minimized with proper obedience training from an early age.

These crossbred pups inherit quite a lot of traits from their parent breeds, including their possible life expectancy. Fortunately, Sharp Eagles have a similar lifespan to Beagles – up to 15 years.

Because of this combo, the Sharp Eagle may be rather difficult to handle, posing a significant test for even the most experienced professional.

However, once you bond with them, these pups will become one of the best pets you’ve ever had.

10. Shar-Tzu (Shih Tzu)


Photo from: @chroniclesofmishka

The Shar-Tzu is a hybrid dog created by crossing a medium-sized, strong canine such as a Shar Pei with a petite and adorable Shih-Tzu.

One thing that will make many people happy is that Shih Tzus are hypoallergenic, which increases the chances of Shar-Tzu being hypoallergenic.

Even if they’re not, they’ll probably shed significantly less than those pups that come from medium or heavy shedders.

Because the Shih-Tzu is smaller than the Shar Pei, you will likely end up with a pup that is somewhere in the middle of the two in terms of size.

What you can expect from this crossbreed is a fiercely energetic pooch with a huge amount of love and respect for its owners and other family members.

Shih Tzus are generally good with children, but their cross with Shar Peis might become easily irritated by kids, especially if there are babies or toddlers in the house.

Of course, the situation will be completely different if these pups are socialized from early puppyhood.

11. Golden-Pei (Golden Retriever)


Photo from: @heyaimcara

The Golden pups and the Shar Pei couldn’t be more different from one another, especially in terms of personality and specific physical characteristics.

Golden Retrievers almost never show any signs of aggression, which is why they’re considered one of the best family pets.

On the other hand, Shar Peis might not have such an impeccable reputation, but they can still be equally valuable family members.

Essentially, Golden-Peis are mixed-breed canines that are better guardians than Golden Retrievers but also better family pets than Shar Peis.

In terms of physical appearance, their body shape usually resembles Shar Peis more, but their coats are primarily covered in Golden Retriever hues.

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These hybrid puppies should be simple to train, and if they are socialized from an early age, you shouldn’t have any issues with aggressive behavior from them.

12. Staffy Bull-Pei (Staffordshire Bull Terrier)

staffy bull-peistaffy bull-pei

Photo from: @jo_jo_fish

The Shar Pei and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier contributed their genes to the creation of this designer canine. Because these two canines couldn’t be more different, it’s conceivable that their pups will be rather rare.

In terms of temperament, Staffordshire Bulls are known to be very affectionate and loyal furry companions that possess a high level of intelligence.

The mix of these two breeds generally results in a strong crossbreed with a sturdy body frame and a great amount of strength.

When it comes to physical appearance, it’s important to mention that the mixed-breed dog’s height can range anywhere from 13 to 16 inches, while its weight can go as high as 38 pounds at its heaviest.

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13. Box-a-Shar (Boxer)


Photo from: @harperbeloved

This crossbreed is definitely one of the largest pups on this list, which isn’t a surprise considering that the size of a Boxer is about 25 inches high (there’s a few-inch difference between male and female Boxers).

It is hoped that this is one of the Shar Pei mixes which inherits traits from both parents. Hopefully, these pups will derive their cleverness from the Shar Pei and their devoted and kind nature from the Boxer.

The offspring of such a crossbreed has the potential to produce a wonderful companion animal, in addition to being a robust and reliable watchdog that will protect the family from outsiders.

A great number of mixed-breed Box-A-Shars share the same or similar colors to Boxer, which is why some people might even confuse the two.

14. Rott-Pei (Rottweiler)


Photo from: @sammy_sharp_rottie

Just like Shar Peis, Rotties have been undeservingly treated as canines with a high level of aggression, even though they’re far from such a description.

Rottweilers are considered great family pets because they have a mild temper, especially towards children.

Therefore, there are high chances that their mix with a Shar Pei might result in a perfectly good family canine that will be protective of its family but also show love and affection without hesitation.

Even though Rotts were described as a dangerous breed, they have so many qualities which are visible in their crossbred pups as well.

If early education and socialization are provided, you can anticipate a mixed-breed family dog that forms strong bonds with its owner but is apprehensive of other animals or strangers.

15. Sharberian Husky (Siberian Husky)

sharberian huskysharberian husky

Photo from: @freckles1078

The Sharberian Husky is a fascinating breed combination that can be quite challenging to work with, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with dog breeds like Huskies.

The mix between a Shar Pei and a Siberian Husky will be a blessing for dog owners who love to spend time outside, enjoying activities such as hiking, running, playing with a ball, etc.

Early socialization training can help tame their temperament, but keep in mind that their nature and heritage from both parent breeds can’t be significantly changed.

Huskies aren’t aggressive, and the majority of their crosses aren’t either. However, if they don’t get enough exercise and playtime during the day, your house might become a real mess.

When it comes to their looks, Sharberian Huskies look simply adorable with recognizable Husky coat shades that appear quite often in this mix.

16. Frenchie-Pei (French Bulldog)


Photo from: @wrinklechops

This type of combo is a bit unusual because of the difference in size. However, it results in a beautiful canine that gets the best traits from both parent breeds.

Both male and female Frenchies are amiable, playful, and very affectionate pups that are attached to their owners.

Shar Pei dogs might not be so dependable and friendly towards other people or animals, but this cross definitely gets the best out of them.

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These pups usually appear in tan, fawn, or brindle and white hues, which are essentially the colors of Frenchies.

It’s interesting to notice that the energy level of the crossbreed isn’t as high as any other pup from this list. But, this isn’t a big surprise as Frenchies are known for being a lazy type of dog.

However, the Frenchie-Pei is very intelligent and tremendously eager to please its owner due to the mix of the two breeds that were used to create it.

17.Lab-Pei (Labrador)


Photo from: @theodore_moosevelt

The Labrador retriever is ranked number one as the most sought-after dog breed year after year, not only in the USA but the rest of the world as well.

Their social skills and behavior toward children are some of the main reasons why they’re so popular and one of the reasons why Lab-Peis are in high demand among Shar Pei mixes.

Both female and male Labs have a high level of intellect, which is one of the reasons why the military uses them as assistance dogs, search canines, and army dogs.

On the other hand, Shar Peis are known for their unpredictable behavior, but with the right guidance, can be just as great as other dog breeds.

A Lab-Pei will be as friendly as a Lab parent, but they might show the Shar Pei’s stubbornness in certain situations.

The best way to recognize these pups is to look for a Shar Pei-like dog with Labrador’s coat colors!

18. American Ori-Pei (Pug)

american ori-peiamerican ori-pei

Photo from: @oripei_sisters

This type of mixed pup is the one that will melt your heart because they’re essentially Shar Peis in the body of a little Pug!

Some people also call them Pug-Peis, Pug-A-Pei, or Shar-Pugs, but I’m sure every Pug enthusiast will know what kind of a pup an Ori-Pei is.

The Pug has become high in demand recently, particularly among young children who love small pooches.

They have a great personality and can make everyone in the family laugh with their antics. However, Pugs are prone to the same health problems as Shar Peis related to their skin because of the wrinkles and folds.

Unfortunately, American Ori-Peis usually inherit the Pug’s skin issues, which is why I highly recommend every Ori-Pei owner to get a high-quality shampoo and a good brush for Pugs, even if they own a hybrid.

19. Shar-Akita (Akita)


Photo from: @hooray4myakitasharpei

Akitas are reliable watchdogs, whether they’re male or female pups.

However, producing a hybrid with the Shar Pei results in a dog that is difficult to train and should only be kept by individuals who have previous dog-handling expertise or trained by a professional dog trainer.

Akitas have a temperament that is similar to the Shar Pei’s personality, which is why it might not be very easy to handle their crossbreeds.

Still, if you’re able to invest time and hard work, you will be able to train your designer pup into a perfect family dog.

These are devoted dogs, but if they do not get enough exercise, they may become rowdy and destructive.

They have a strong drive to pursue small animals, which makes them effective as hunting and guard dogs.

In terms of looks, it can be said that this combo is a true mix of both breeds because it shares the same colors as Akitas and Chinese Shar Peis, as well as the whole body structure.

20. Tibetan-Pei Spaniel (Tibetan Spaniel)

tibetan-pei spanieltibetan-pei spaniel

The Chinese Shar Pei and the Tibetan Spaniel were bred to create this hybrid dog breed that will possess the best traits of both dog types.

Tibetans are a small breed, but their size doesn’t represent their temperament at all. These pups are very energetic and protective, which is why they’re often used as guard canines.

They look a lot like a Pekingese, but they’re not the same breed.

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When it comes to its mix with a Shar Pei, you’ll most likely end up with a small-sized pup with excellent guarding skills.

When it comes to their colors, Tibetan-Pei Spaniels usually come in shades of Chinese Shar Peis and Tibetan Spaniels, in some cases.

21. Weim-Pei (Weimaraner)


Photo from: @una_weimpei

A cross between a large hunting pup like a Weimaraner and a medium-sized working canine like a Shar Pei results in a sturdy hybrid that has a strong stature and great work ethic.

Both male and female Weimaraners are excellent guard dogs, so expect your Weim-Pei to be the same.

However, this designer breed resembles the Shar Pei in temperament, which is why you might need to establish authority in the beginning, or else your pup will try to become the alpha dog in the house.

Grey is a dominant shade of Weimaraners; however, the color of a Weim-Pei’s coat can be either brown, black, red, blue, or Isabella, which means they can share the color gene from both parent breeds.

22. Rus-A-Pei (Jack Russell)


Photo from: @brilhad

Once you get to know a Jack Russell, you’ll be forever attached to them. They may be little in size, but they make up for it with their boundless vitality and vigor.

They are versatile pups that love spending time outside and enjoy digging, running, and jumping around.

Both Jack Russells and Shar Peis possess strong intellectual power, which enables them to solve all possible challenges ahead of them.

If you want your life to be relatively tranquil, you will need to offer this Shar Pei and Jack Russell mix some mental and physical challenges from a young age, such as neurological stimulations and a healthy amount of physical activity.

23. Sharmatian (Dalmatian)


Photo from: @goprocraig

This is one of the most unusual Shar Pei mixes, and most people can’t even imagine it until they’ve seen one. They’re a relatively new designer canine; the first combo was produced about 15 years ago.

This designer dog looks very interesting and reveals, more or less, what would happen if Dalmatian’s colors included any shades other than black, white, and liver.

Its purebred parents both have distinctive characteristics, and the Sharmatian has the potential to inherit all of them, such as the wrinkly skin of the Shar Pei and the black spots of the Dalmatian.

The Sharmatian breed is known for being a clever and energetic canine that forms deep ties with one or two members of the family.

Shar Peis and Dalmatians have similar lifespans, so it’s not surprising that Sharmatians usually live to 13 years at most.

24. Griffon Pei (Brussels Griffon)

griffon peigriffon pei

Here is another adorable pup that can be an amazing companion to all who prefer toy breeds rather than large dogs.

This type of hybrid usually resembles Chinese Shar Peis in that they have similar eye shapes, muzzles, or head shapes in general.

However, when it comes to the body structure, they are rather small like Brussels rather than medium-sized dogs like Shar Peis.

They are wonderful companion animals and make for fantastic watchdogs. However, households with younger kids might not be the ideal fit for these pooches, mostly because of their herding instincts.

Still, if they’re properly socialized from an early age, they’ll be able to make furry friends at dog parks and get along with other pets you might have in your home.

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25. Heeler Pei (Blue Heeler)

heeler peiheeler pei

Photo from: @henitheheeler

If you like Australian Cattle Dogs and Chinese Shar Peis to the point that you can’t decide which one you’d want as a pet, you can always go for their crossbreed!

Both of these canines are medium-sized, as Heelers usually grow up to 20 inches in height at most.

The Heeler Pei is an appealing dog breed with a powerful and muscular frame. Because of this, the Heeler Pei needs its owner to be a dominant pack leader.

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They are dedicated dogs, but if you want a lap dog, you could be disappointed by their independent and rather standoffish temperament.

They are nice with kids as long as they don’t yank on the dog’s tail or ears or get in the way when they’re trying to eat.

The Heeler Pei may form bonds with other pets as long as they were raised in the same home; however, because they have a high hunting drive, it’s difficult for them to refrain from hunting all types of pets.

26. Dachshund Shar Pei Mix

dachshund shar pei mixdachshund shar pei mix

Photo from: @traceyo_o

If you’re looking for a cuddly dog, this type of crossbreed is what you need! This hybrid dog is just as attached to its owner as Dachshunds, which are often considered quite needy.

This type of designer dog doesn’t appear very often, which makes them even more interesting to potential dog owners and enthusiasts.

It’s believed that they inherit the color gene from Dachshunds, although the Shar Pei colors aren’t excluded from the possible coat shades of the mix.

What we do know is that they’ll probably love to bark as much as Doxies, who are well-known for their vocal potential.

It’s important to mention that these pups will generally look more like Doxies because of their short legs, small body, sleek coat hair, and other physical features.

However, the wrinkled parts of the coat will always remind you of the Chinese Shar Pei roots that they carry.

27. Bernese Shar Pei (Bernese Mountain Dog)

bernese shar peibernese shar pei

Photo from: @groomedbyjessie

This type of canine resembles the Bear Coat Shar Pei a little bit, as they have thick and longer coats, although this isn’t a rule of thumb.

Some mixed-breed pups might have coat hair that is more similar to the standard Chinese Shar Pei, depending on the gene they inherit.

Both female and male Shar Pei puppies are prone to obesity, so you should make sure that their mixed breeds have high-quality meals filled with proteins and healthy nutrients.

These pooches will need to exercise on a regular basis in order to bolster their strength and get rid of the excess mass that has accumulated in their bodies.

28. Tosa-Pei (Japanese Tosa)


Photo from: @ollie.world.creative

Tosa Inus are quite rare canines that look a bit like Mastiffs, although they’re not closely related. This type of canine is very powerful, and once it’s mixed with a Shar Pei, can create a canine of amazing strength.

However, they’re quite well-mannered hybrid pups because of the Tosa’s peaceful nature (even though they look dangerous).

Unfortunately, these doggies can’t be found often, primarily because of the rarity of Tosas, not only in the U.S. but in the rest of the world.

If trained from a very young age, the hybrid breed has the potential to make a good addition to a family as a great furry companion!

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Wrapping Up

I have to admit that it’s tough to choose which of the Shar Pei mixes from this list is the cutest one.

There’s one thing I’m sure of – all these crosses prove that Shar Peis aren’t as bad as they have been represented in the past, and I hope people will finally see what great companions they can be!

Each of the designer breeds from the article deserves to be loved and respected. I’m sure you’ll find at least one hybrid that suits your needs and fits into your family.


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By Andy Marcus

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