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An animal rescue group is nursing a dog back to health after he was found tied up to a church fence.The dog, believed to be a boxer mix, weighed just 28 pounds when he was found outside the church in Fulton County, Georgia. Dogs his age should be at least double the weight.


“Odysseus is currently on a feeding plan to help him stay on the right track and get his body the nutrients he so desperately needs. He’s eating very well too! And luckily, he is heartworm negative!!! He’s tested negative for various other diseases as well so this is great news!!!

He’s just extremely malnourished!” Angels Among Us Pet Rescue writes on Facebook. “This sweet boy still has a long road ahead of him but his future is looking brighter than ever!

“He is a complete lovebug too! He desperately wants love and it’s so evident in his sweet face. He’s a bit nervous at first when he meets someone but quickly warms up, once talked to.

His foster, Nicole, can be seen here hugging and loving on him earlier today at the veterinary hospital. She even got her first kiss from him!!!


The dog had been taken to a Sandy Springs emergency veterinary hospital for treatment and is being monitored around the clock.

He would not have lasted much longer in his condition, but his rescuers are hoping the young dog will pull through.

“THIS, this right here is rescue,” the group wrote. “This is why we do what we do, day after day!”

Share Odysseus’ story with your family and friends and help support the animal rescue efforts in your community!

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