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It’s time to talk about “Should you allow Frenchies off leash in dog parks?” This can be quite a complex and overwhelming question, especially if you live in a big city or a big urban area.

Given their affectionate, loyal, playful, and friendly nature, Frenchies are known to be one of the most desirable dog pets among dog lovers. This small dog breed is quite intelligent and perfect for first-time dog owners, too!

Generally, Frenchies don’t need endless training sessions to become social as they possess a plethora of social skills to begin with. 

But, the real question is – how good are they in dog parks? And, how reliable are they to be walked off-leash? Spare a few minutes to learn all the pros and cons of walking these fashionable cuties in public!

Should You Allow Frenchies Off Leash In Dog Parks

young playful french bulldog dog in the dog parkyoung playful french bulldog dog in the dog park

While they make excellent house pets – these are not exactly the easiest dogs to potty train or to train obedience. Quite the contrary… Frenchies require a lot of work, time, and patience to be considered well-trained!

Even though this dog breed is, indeed, recommended to first-time dog owners due to its naturally good social skills and high affection towards all family members – there’s still a lot of work to be done.

For starters, you should know that no dog should be walked off leash in dog parks unless properly trained. That being said, you need to make sure that your puppy is fully prepared to walk next to you without a leash. And, that most certainly is not a walk in the park!

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3 Pros

teenager with his cute french bulldog on special playground for dogsteenager with his cute french bulldog on special playground for dogs

As a first-time dog owner, the best advice you can receive is this: Engage a professional dog trainer! Generally, all Frenchies and some Frenchie mixes are known for being occasionally stubborn. 

That being said, even the most trainable dogs can have a certain dose of stubbornness and unpredictability in their behavior. Getting professional help from an experienced dog trainer will most likely reduce the possibility of your Frenchie turning into a nightmare. 

If, however, you do possess certain experience in this regard – here are the pros to “Should you allow frenchies off leash in dog parks.” 

1. They Are Relatively Easy To Train

Yes, one of the reasons why these canines are known to be one of the best family dogs is their high-trainability potential. 

Despite their occasional stubbornness, and the fact that these are not exactly the easiest dogs to obedience train – we cannot neglect their natural intelligence.

That said, Frenchies can be trained extremely well once you know how to do it. Once finished with obedience classes either from a professional dog trainer or at your home, you can start walking your Frenchie off leash.

But, beware! This process should be taken gradually – step by step! No Frenchie should be immediately released to walk, run, or fool around in a dog park. Instead, try releasing your dog off leash for several short sessions first. 

Do it in a fenced back yard first. Then, in an isolated environment far from other people, dogs, and animals. Then, in a dog park.

2. Socialized Frenchies Are Well-Mannered Frenchies

two french bulldogs in dog parktwo french bulldogs in dog park

Socializing a dog is a complex, yet wonderful process. It gives your dog time to adapt to a new environment, as well as to get used to all the new changes that come with adoption.

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Socialization should never be neglected in a Frenchie, too! Despite their naturally good social skills – these canines need to undergo the process of early socialization. 

The problem with Frenchies is quite opposite from problems most dogs have – they trust way too much, and way too many people! That’s right! These canines will gladly welcome anyone or anything into their home, which can be extremely dangerous.

By socializing your Frenchie, you will teach your dog to distinguish between enemies and friends, as well as between a friendly and a hostile attitude. This can be extremely useful in dog parks, where there are bigger, stronger, and more hostile dogs.

3. Walking Off-Leash Boosts Confidence

Taking care of a French Bulldog puppy demands time, patience, and constant supervision. As much as they are open to anyone, these canines are not exactly the bravest dog breed at first.

This is why walking them off leash in the long run is probably a good idea as it boosts self-confidence and mental strength. 

Additionally, walking a Frenchie off leash will create long-term trust between you and your dog, which is highly needed for good companionship.

3 Cons

french bulldog on a leash in dog parkfrench bulldog on a leash in dog park

1. They Wander Way Too Much

As much as it is adorable to see them play and fool around in your backyard – these canines are true escape artists once you let them off leash!

Frenchies are known for their wandering nature, which is why letting them off leash in dog parks is never a good idea. Letting them go means dealing with potential injury, trauma, or even an accident as these dogs will approach anyone they please.

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On the other hand, their wanderlust potential may stand in the way of them obeying you, which is why it can be pretty hard to “catch” them once they are released.

In comparison to other dog breeds, such as Poodles and GSDs – these little canines can be a true nightmare in dog parks.

2. This Is A Stubborn Breed

Both male and female Frenchies can be extremely stubborn dogs. Even trained Frenchies can display stubbornness at times, which is why walking them off leash in dog parks isn’t exactly the smartest idea.

Due to their stubbornness, these canines can easily misbehave in public spaces. Consequently, their misbehavior can lead to self-destruction, aggression, fear, or even trauma.

As much as they love being next to their owner, they won’t mind chasing other small animals, such as cats or birds out of fun.

On the other hand, Frenchies often don’t realize how small they are until faced with other dogs. Their loose temper is one of the main reasons why they get attacked by other dogs.

3. They Can Be Easily Hurt

French Bulldogs are not naturally aggressive, which is why they perceive all other dogs to be the same. Their sociable character and easy-going personality can get them in many types of trouble in dog parks, which is why it is not recommended for them to be walked off leash.

Once off leash – they won’t mind approaching bigger dogs for play, despite the fact that the big dog truly might attack it!

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One of the main problems with Frenchies is their constant delusion and misperception of other dogs or other predators. 

Final Thoughts

The “Should you allow Frenchies off leash in dog parks” dilemma is never one-sided. Quite the contrary… These pooches, as much as they are friendly, active, and playful, are not the best off-leash walkers in dog parks. 

Their extremely friendly character can often get them into many types of trouble, which is why Frenchie owners are recommended to keep their canines on leash.

On the other hand, off-leash walking is great for building your dog’s self-confidence as well as for burning off energy.

In order to make the right decision – you should subject your dog to obedience training first. In case you are a first-time dog owner – make sure you get help from a certified dog trainer instead!

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