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It’s likely that whenever you picture Poodles, you envision well-groomed French dogs or frilly 1950s dresses and a woman carrying one of these in her bag. But these dogs have a purpose beyond mere display. Poodles are also available in regular, miniature, and toy sizes.

No question, we adore our little hypoallergenic dogs. Actually, the concept of the smallest Poodle mixes is gaining popularity. This is particularly true for Poodle hybrids like the well-known Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Shepadoodle, and others.

The article you’re reading today is all about miniature dogs. Big dogs aren’t always a good option for every individual, and sometimes nothing compares to the affection and the comfort of having a small dog.

In light of this, let’s discuss the most well-liked tiny Poodle hybrids sweeping the globe! But first, let’s get to know the Poodle, the canine who started it all.

What Are Poodle Mixes?

Currently, there are more than 40 different varieties of Poodle mixes, or “doodles,” as they are affectionately known. Poodles and other purebred canines are crossed to create these puppies. However, we are talking about the smallest Poodle mixes today.

It’s not surprising that doodle dogs have become more popular since the 1980s. Doodles make wonderful puppies, according to Dogtopia’s Colleen Demling. They shed less and produce less dander than the breed the poodle has been mixed with.

Poodle mixes are the most popular mixed breed in the world. It consists of a purebred poodle and another purebred dog breed.

Due to the fact that Poodles exist in three conventional sizes, a variety of canine sizes are available for adoption, ranging from miniature Goldendoodles to the common Cockapoo as well as the bigger, delicate Newfypoo.

So, besides smallest Poodle mixes, there are big Poodle mixes for those who are looking for larger teddy-bear dogs!

These breeds are seen to be a safe choice for the majority of allergy sufferers because they frequently have low to no shedding. Many individuals find them to be the perfect companions because of their characteristics.

Doodles are adaptable family pets who frequently like both city and country living, trekking, and relaxing at home, according to Demling. And because Poodles are amiable, family-oriented, canine and child-friendly, outgoing, and charming, doodles usually have these traits as well!

We advise families to consider the characteristics of the dog that the poodle was mixed with. For instance, Bernedoodle puppies are typically less energetic than Goldendoodle dogs but much more headstrong.

Toy or miniature Poodles are combined with another tiny breed to create little poodle hybrids. Numerous breeders aim to create a little package that combines an attractive appearance and well-liked characteristics.

Because of their low shedding and fluffy coats, miniature Poodle mix puppies are quite popular. However, first-generation hybrids frequently lack the Poodle’s coat characteristics.

We’ll get to know the most common tiny Poodle hybrids today and examine their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll discover the breed characteristics of each mini-doodle hybrid and distinguish fact from fantasy.

Information about grooming, fur, colors, personalities, health, lifespan, and suitability as  pets is provided. Which dog will work best for your lifestyle? Let’s find out the smallest Poodle mixes!

1. Jack-a-poo


Jack-a-Poos are attractive and active dogs that combine Jack Russell Terrier and poodle characteristics. Jack-a-Poos are an odd blend of both parents, unlike some other mixes.

Both types like taking long walks or visits to the park and are very active.

Jack-a-Poos have fewer inherited health problems than many other Poodle breeds. This might be a result of the breed’s higher genetic diversity.

Nevertheless, skin issues are frequent. Keep an eye out for indications of irritation and itching, and send your dog to the vet if there are any signs of persistent scratching.

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Based on which genes emerge, grooming requirements will change. Although Terrier fur just requires weekly brushing and is hypoallergenic, Poodle hair requires additional cutting.

The little Jack-a-Poos will weigh around 14 pounds. When purchasing a pup from a reputable breeder, the price ranges between $250 and $800.

2. Doxiepoo


Among petite Poodle mixes, the Doxipoo is among the most well-liked breeds. It blends the short and presumably hypoallergenic Dachshund with a Mini or Toy Poodle. The majority of the time, this combination will be strong-willed, independent, intellectual, and loyal.

As a result, it’s not a good fit for a first time owner. Though this could result in aggressive guarding, it will probably grow quite close to its family. Socialization and education must begin at a young age if you bring this mix home.

Again, a puppy’s appearance is determined by the genes that they receive from either parent. But this mixture has a tendency to be somewhat short. They’ll probably have long, pointed snouts and floppy ears.

Especially depending on the kind of Doxie you choose, their coats will differ. Additionally, there are wire-haired and long-haired variations of them!

Unfortunately, the conformation of the Dachshund poses some major health risks, including an increased incidence of disk herniation disease. Therefore, this mixture must refrain from climbing up and down ladders.

Dog ramps will frequently be helpful to them. Additionally, they will be susceptible to the same health issues as both parent breeds. Nevertheless, they typically live into their teens.

3. Pugapoo


The Pugadoodle is another name for the Pugapoo. In this hybrid, a Pug and a Miniature, perhaps even a Toy Poodle, are used. Initially, both parent dogs were intended to be lap dogs.

And the character of this blend reflects that! It will be content to spend its entire day with you, especially unwinding on the couch. Owners do note that this hybrid is friendly, clever, and funny.

Although each dog’s appearance can differ, a Pugapoo will typically be petite. They can weigh between 14 and 18 pounds and reach heights of 10 to 12 inches.

Additionally, it’s typical for Pugapoo dogs to inherit the parent Pug’s small muzzle. Given how many owners adore the adorable baby-like face, this is a common appearance. But it also comes with a host of excruciating, lifelong health issues.

This includes having trouble breathing and eating, having exposed and susceptible eyes, having crowded teeth and other  dental problems, having heatstroke, and more.

4. Cavapoo


The Cavapoo is a hybrid between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. As with many tiny Poodle mixes, this hybrid has a few peculiar behavioral traits.

The Cavapoo could have a tendency to guard. However, this behavior can be reduced with the right socializing. The prey drive of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is high. Therefore, when outside, a Cavapoo might also want to run after wildlife.

At maturity, this cross could weigh between 10 and 18 pounds. They are strong canines that prosper in a setting with moderate activity. However, they also like to relax in your lap.

A Cavapoo could get the long, silky coat of a Spaniel parent or the tightly curled coat of a Poodle parent.

Their coat could be plain or have several colors, and it might need to be brushed monthly or daily in addition to getting regular trims. Seasonal shedding occurs in Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Therefore, how much a Cavapoo sheds depends solely on the fur that your pup receives.

Syringomyelia, which causes the dog’s skull to be too small, is a potential health issue to watch out for. Purchase a puppy only if one of the parents is a Cavalier who has been screened and found to be healthy.

Heart disease, Addison’s disease, Von Willebrand’s disease, bleeding issues, diabetes, and epilepsy are other conditions. Moreover, bloating, hepatitis, and joint issues are also all potential health problems Cavapoos may face.

They frequently survive for 12 years or longer, with a typical lifespan of 10 to 18 years.

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5. Schnoodle


Schnoodles combine the protectiveness of a Schnauzer with the intelligence of a poodle. These tiny canines, which  rarely exceed 20 pounds, make devoted and knowledgeable friends.

They usually make connections with most individuals and other dogs and are generally easy to connect with. They are too active to be lap dogs, but they will adore being your trekking companion.

Regular sessions with the groomer are essential because of their hair’s quick and rapid growth. Similar to the other poodle hybrids here on the list, they don’t shed. In between trips to the groomer,  regular brushing will keep  your dog happy and gorgeous.

Although a Schnoodle is a reasonably healthy breed, there are a couple of health issues to take into account, such as epilepsy and cataracts.

When in doubt, consult a veterinarian to ensure that your dog is just as fit and active as it possibly may be. Schnoodle prices can vary widely, but the average range is between $700 and $1,000.

6. Chipoo


The Chipoo, a cross between a Mini or a Toy Poodle and a Chihuahua, has to be the front-runner for the title of smallest Poodle mix. This mixture is small, yet it is packed with energy.

Daily engagement and a lot of cerebral stimulation are required! These tiny dogs will be obedient, loving, and loyal, but socialize them thoroughly to prevent any fear-based reactivity.

The Toy Poodle Chihuahua mix may weigh between 3 to 20 lbs as an adult and measure between 5 and 15 inches in height. It’s common for a Chipoo with a Miniature Poodle progenitor to be a little bigger.

The characteristics they acquire from every parent, as well as the kind of Chihuahua used, will influence how they look. Chihuahuas with deer heads and those with apple heads have quite distinct-looking small canines due to their various skull forms.

The fragility of this little mixture is one of the main issues. This is not the best option for a family with young children who might accidentally injure it.

Additionally, they will be more vulnerable to health problems typical in petite Poodle mixes, including patellar luxation, glaucoma, gastrointestinal difficulties, cataracts, and others.

Only using healthy parents when breeding can lower this danger. Chipoos often live for 15 years on average.

7. Peekapoo


Pekingese and small poodles are combined to create Peekapoos. These dogs will walk the long walks with you since they are highly active. They enjoy working out.

Your active and fun-loving dog deserves a little more exercise or training time. The price range when  looking for puppies is from $275 to $1,400.

Keep in mind that peekaboos are susceptible to heat exhaustion when playing outside on hot days. Apart from that, these canines are healthy ones. To be on the safe side, have them checked for hip dysplasia. Then, enjoy the lengthy life of your little dog!

Even though Peekapoos typically have a low shedding coat, this might vary according to  the genes they inherit. They simply require a few brushings per week if you decide to keep them cut. Nevertheless, they will need regular maintenance if you choose to preserve their typically longer coats.

8. Mini Goldendoodle

Mini GoldendoodleMini Goldendoodle

Golden Retrievers and Toy or Miniature Poodles are combined to create Miniature Goldendoodles. Despite being smaller than the typical Goldendoodle mix, they will nonetheless be adorable.

This implies that despite their diminutive size, they will be outgoing, gregarious, and active. The perfect home will have enough time available every day for training, exercise, and play. Mini Goldendoodles can grow anxious and destructive if left alone.

The typical height and weight of Miniature Goldendoodles are 26 to 35 pounds and 14 to 17 inches, respectively. The most common colors are golden; however, because of the Poodle’s influence, this cross can have a wide range of diverse hues and patterns.

Cancer is a significant health risk for Miniature Goldendoodles. Other potential complications can include dysplasia of the hip and elbow, bloat, different eye conditions, and joint problems.

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Numerous of these medical issues are testable. So, pick a reputed breeder who only crosses healthy parents. The average lifespan of a Miniature Goldendoodle is between 12 and 15 years.

9. Mini Labradoodle

Mini LabradoodleMini Labradoodle

When a Miniature Poodle and  a Labrador Retriever are crossed, the result is a Miniature Labradoodle. These little Poodle hybrids are related to the hugely popular Labradoodle, which is a hybrid of both a Standard Poodle as well as a Labrador.

Labradors typically like meeting new people. Miniature Poodles, however, can be timid. Therefore, relying on the genetics it inherits, this hybrid may have a differently sculpted personality. Additionally, how thoroughly you socialize the puppy.

Miniature Labradoodles don’t always stay tiny. The cross may range in size from that of a Miniature Poodle to that of a full-sized Lab, or it may fall somewhere in between.

Additionally, you should prepare for a double coat with high shedding and straight hair, similar to the Labrador’s.

Hip dysplasia, vision issues, and any other abnormalities that are evident in Poodles can all be considered health issues. Bloat and joint problems are major worries.

Labradors are prone to obesity and frequently get arthritis. Therefore, if you choose this mix, be sure to keep a close eye on your dog’s weight. The average lifespan of a little Labradoodle is 12 to 14 years.

10. Mini Cockapoo

Mini CockapooMini Cockapoo

The result of breeding a Cocker Spaniel with the Miniature, Toy, and perhaps a Standard Poodle is the Cockapoo. To differentiate this mix from the usual size mix, some people may also refer to it as a Miniature Cockapoo.

Mini Cockapoos are often friendly, sharp little pooches. Rarely do they inherit a bad disposition. Socialization is still essential to fostering this wonderful temperament, though.

Additionally, because of how busy this crossbreed likes to be, it won’t be suitable for houses that can’t offer both adequate mental and physical engagement.

It can weigh anything between 6 pounds and roughly 18 pounds when a Miniature or Toy Poodle is involved in the cross.

Poodles rarely shed much. The Cocker Spaniel, however, sheds a lot. In light of this, this cross may shed rather heavily, seasonally, or barely at all, according to  which fur type they acquire.

Numerous health issues can be inherited by Cockapoos, Including  disk herniation disease, hip problems, patella luxation, tumors, heart illness, and blood problems.

These little Poodle hybrids have a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. Make sure your puppy’s parents have undergone breed-specific illness testing to prevent health issues from being inherited from either parent.

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11. Yorkipoo


The Yorkie Poo is another hypoallergenic tiny poodle mix that is guaranteed. The Yorkie Poo is an adored and well-known Poodle hybrid that has emerged on the market. It is a cross between the lovely and lively Yorkshire Terrier and the sporty Poodle.

Some Yorkie Poodle dogs weigh no more  than six pounds; therefore, he may be extremely small. Since single people, seniors, retirees, and couples often live alone, we would suggest Yorkie Poo pups for these households.

As long as the older children are kind and respectful, they can also thrive in households with older children.

Other than that, Yorkiepoos are kind and sweet. Despite their affection for their family, they nonetheless possess just enough snark to keep everybody on their toes.

Being one of the breeds of dogs with the longest lifespans, they have an average lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

12. Shihpoo


The Shih Poo is the offspring of the Shih Tzu and a Miniature or Toy Poodle. This hybrid, who prefers to cuddle, has to run around a little bit every day to meet their energy needs.

Shih Poos may inherit a propensity to bark and to become protective of their person or family. They could become irritable if they become weary of being cared for. Socialization and maintaining these canines in the right setting are ideal with these characteristics in mind.

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Shih Poos can weigh between 4 and 16 pounds. Whether  a Toy or  perhaps a Miniature Poodle were crossed with the parent Shih Tzu, determines how small the offspring will remain.

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3. The Mini Corgipoo

Mini CorgipooMini Corgipoo

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi or a Cardigan Welsh Corgi is crossed with nothing but a Miniature or Toy Poodle to create the Corgipoo. The exact breed of dog you receive will vary depending on the parents that were utilized, but generally speaking, this little Poodle mix is lively, bright, and loving.

Additionally, they could have a strong desire to herd things, especially young children or other animals. Therefore, homes with older kids are frequently better suited for this tiny Poodle mix.

The longer limbs of the Poodle progenitor may be inherited by some Corgipoos, while others will have shorter legs. It’s conceivable that their coats will fluctuate in a similar way.

They would have a thick, double coat that might come in a number of colors and would shed yearly if they inherited the Corgi’s coat. This mixture will typically look pretty like a fox, especially if they receive a red coat as an inheritance.

Because of its Corgi parent breed, the Corgipoo is susceptible to canine degenerative myelopathy. This spinal condition has the potential to cause paralysis.

Von Willebrand’s disease, hip dysplasia, and other issues are also frequent. The average lifespan of this miniature Poodle mix is 12 years.

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14. The Maltipoo

The MaltipooThe Maltipoo

Maltipoos are an excellent option if you’re searching for a little dog that is both loyal and intelligent. The Maltese and the poodle were crossed to create this hybrid.

Due to their propensity for intelligence, patience, and playfulness, Maltipoos are excellent companions for both young children and elderly people. Maltipoos rarely exceed twenty pounds in weight and like to stay on the smaller side.

They don’t shed, just like a lot of other poodle mix breeds. Yet when it concerns grooming, they do need attention and upkeep. To maintain a healthy coat, anticipate brushing your dog daily and bathing them once per month.

Usually living between 10 and 13 years, these dogs have the  propensity to maintain good health throughout their whole lifespan. 

Observe them for signs of White Shaker Syndrome and clean  their teeth frequently. Small dogs, like Maltipoos, are more likely to experience dental health problems.

A Maltipoo puppy could run from $600 to $4,000, but you won’t spend much at the doctor’s office.

15. The Havapoo

The HavapooThe Havapoo

The adorable Havanese is combined with a tiny Poodle breed to create the Havapoo! This tiny mix is loving, outgoing, and highly people-focused. They will be cunning and frequently pick up commands fast with training that emphasizes positive reinforcement.

When they receive proper socialization, they will interact well with various animals, kids, and other pets both inside and outside the home.

The Havapoo is a little dog that typically stands 8 to 15 inches in height and weighs between 12 and 45 pounds.

Of course, Toy Poodle offspring will frequently fall on the shorter end of this spectrum. Puppies of the Havapoo breed typically have floppy ears, soft fur that has a little wave or curl, and shorter legs.

This little Poodle mix may live for ten to fourteen years on average. But they are susceptible to some health problems, just like any dog. This includes issues with the eyes, skeletal defects, allergies, and the skin.

16. Mini Bernedoodle

Mini BernedoodleMini Bernedoodle

Mini Bernedoodles are happy playmates and smart canines, making them the perfect apartment dog. Their Bernese mountain dog ancestry may have given them a tendency toward stubbornness, although they get over that by adolescence.

Because they crave company and attention, Bernedoodles shouldn’t be left alone for extended periods of time.

This breed is often in good health. They are often healthier than any of their parent breeds, in fact. Make sure the breeder you are purchasing from is reputable.

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The maximum weight of a mini Bernedoodle is 24 pounds, while a miniature can reach 49 pounds. The 90-pound dog you receive, if it’s a regular Bernedoodle, will be far bigger than you anticipated.

17. Mini Aussiedoodle

Mini AussiedoodleMini Aussiedoodle

The fantastic tiny Aussiedoodle mixes the excitable Australian Shepherd and the mellower Poodle, two extremely popular dog breeds. Despite having roots in Australia, they are now far more prevalent in America. Because you can mix a toy, mini, or standard variety of the Poodle with an  Aussie, sizes can vary greatly.

A mini Aussiedoodle is likely to have a slender body and a lot of muscle despite the wide range in size. After all, the parents are both working dogs.

These dogs can have a wide range of hues, including the stunning merle coat, due to the diversity of Aussie colors. Keeping up with an Aussiedoodle’s drive and work ethic is the most difficult aspect of parenting one, though. 

18. The Poochon

The PoochonThe Poochon

A poochon is a cross between a Poodle as well as a Bichon Frisé, and they are frequently mistaken for the cutest teddy bear in existence.

These canines are as affectionate as they are adorable, and they will jump at the chance to curl up on the couch. They are occasionally prone to nervousness, making it crucial to adequately socialize the puppy to prevent wary actions.

A Poochon needs daily grooming and is quite high maintenance in this regard. Instead, their hair is susceptible to matting, which may later result in skin issues. Dogs from the first generation are frequently healthier than those from the second.

Poochons are more likely to develop infections, hip problems, and other conditions than their Bichon Frisé progenitor breed.

Due to the popularity of this breed, a Poochon generally costs $1,000 or less. They are simple to train and ideal for owners with lots of free time to interact with their pets.

Bladder stones, Cushing’s illness, kidney problems, joint problems, and skin cancers are all problems a Poochon may face. The lifespan is between 10 and 15 years.

19. The Westiepoo

The WestiepooThe Westiepoo

The Westiepoo, typically a cross between a miniature poodle and a West Highland White Terrier, is outgoing, intelligent, and gregarious. The weight of these dogs at maturity ranges from 20 to 30 pounds. Westiepoos are intelligent and independent dogs who form strong bonds with their families.

If you have a cat, use caution, as both of the parent breeds were once hunting dogs.

Get frequent haircuts for your Westiepoo to prevent hair from getting in their eyes. To maintain the appearance of their white coats, you may require a specific shampoo.

Atopic dermatitis, stomach dilation-volvulus, and hypoadrenocorticism are a few inherited health issues to watch out for.

For families with older children who are active, this breed is perfect. A Westiepoo puppy can cost anywhere from $1,000 and $4,000, depending on lineage and breeder.

20. Miniature Poodle Beagle Mix

Miniature Poodle Beagle MixMiniature Poodle Beagle Mix
Photo from: @barneythebeaglepoo_

Around 1980, saw the start of Poogle breeding in the US. They are a cross between a Poodle and a Beagle and make wonderful companions. Poogles are excellent watchdogs as well because they chatter constantly and bark frequently.

Keep an eye out for infections in longer, hairier  ears and clean them frequently. For best dental health, aim to brush your dog’s teeth three times per week.

A Poogle’s coat should be brushed frequently to prevent tangles if it is thicker and more poodle-like. Poogles require little workouts because they are slightly larger and typically weigh around 25 pounds. Typically, each puppy costs between $150 and $750.

21. The Pomapoo


A Pomeranian with a toy Poodle cross results in a Pomapoo, commonly referred to as a Pomerdoodle. This little dog typically has the temperament of a Pomeranian and is neither timid nor aggressive.

Pomapoos thrive on company, so if you plan to be away for an extended period of time, think about adopting another dog to provide your Pomapoo with company.

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Usually, one daily walk is plenty, but Pomapoos have a tendency to put on weight. Pomeranians are prone to a number of health problems, so keep an eye out for them.

Regular visits to  your veterinarian will allow your Pomapoo to be examined for epilepsy and cataracts. Regular veterinary exams are highly recommended.

With Pomapoos, some shedding is to be expected, and regular brushing keeps their coat looking good. If you get a puppy from a good breeder, you could anticipate spending between $1,000 and $1,500.

22. The Bichpoo


A Bichon Frise and a Miniature or Toy Poodle are combined to create the Bichon Poodle. High energy and patience combine to make this tiny Poodle mix an excellent family pet.

However, Bichon Poodles, like many tiny Poodle mixes, have the potential to be little barkers.

Due to the mix’s propensity for separation anxiety, the barking will frequently continue to worsen if they are left apart from their owners for extended periods of time. They thrive in a household where there is constant supervision and little to no extended alone time.

Bich Poos range in weight from 6 to 12 pounds, based upon whether the father Poodle is a Toy or Miniature.

The medium-length, curly coat of the Bichpoo often comes in shades of white or apricot and sheds very little. An essential part of maintenance is daily combing and regular coat trims.

Bich Poos are additionally vulnerable to several health issues . These include gradual retinal atrophy, cataracts, tooth loss, and gum disease (usually brought on by crowding) (PRA).

In addition, they are susceptible to Von Willebrand’s disease, patellar luxation, and hip dysplasia. They have a 12- to-15-year lifespan.

23. Mini Poodle Bulldog Mix

Mini Poodle Bulldog MixMini Poodle Bulldog Mix

An English Bulldog and a Miniature or Toy Poodle are combined to create the Bulldog Poodle mix. This hybrid is typically seen as being kind, sociable, and devoted to their family.

For the finest personality, however, a puppy must have good socialization as a breed! As long as the play is peaceful and polite, this combination may be wonderful with kids.

Given how dissimilar the parent breeds seem from one another in appearance, this combination can have a wide range of appearances. They can weigh between 15 and 40 lbs as an adult, although standing between 12 to 14 inches tall on average!

The size of this mix makes it one of the bigger ones on the list. Some might have the Poodle’s curls, some might have the short, straight coat of the Bulldog, and some might fall anywhere in the middle!

Sadly, the health issues related to  brachycephaly are just one of many that this small combination is susceptible to (a flat face).

Some of the significant health dangers that these tiny canines can have include breathing difficulties, hyperthermia, dental crowding, and vision problems. However, they can live far into their twenties if given proper care and frequent veterinary visits.

Final Word

Depending on the type of dog you are looking for, these low shedding dogs may just be the best pick for you. These 23 smallest Poodle mixes are some  of the best crossbreeds one can buy since they have hypoallergenic coats and also equally thrive being therapy dogs, service dogs, as well as family dogs.

Dog owners say that there is no best Poodle mix when playing with small children is the topic, since they are all great with them.

These intelligent dogs will quickly become your best friends!Designer dogs are the future of making every individual’s needs into reality. And that is why choosing among one of these will help you pick the perfect dog for you.

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By Andy Marcus

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