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A s/t/a/r/v/i/n/g stray mama dog had a broken leg, but that didn’t stop her from being a hero.She led her rescuers nearly two miles to a certain spot.

They had no idea where she was leading them or what they were about to see, but they followed her anyway.


Despite her injury, she walked all that way and brought them to an old abandoned car. Inside were all of her puppies!
Although the mother was in bad shape with all of her ribs showing, her puppies still looked very healthy.


It was obvious that this stray mama had sacrificed a lot to make sure her babies were safe and healthy.

Thankfully they are all in good hands and being taken care of now.

The mama dog, named Vera, was fed and now her broken leg is healing. Her pups are doing great and are right by their mother’s side. What a brave mama!



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By Andy Marcus

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