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The dog was still there, waiting for his human friend to come back.Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant who works at Lufthansa Airlines. During one of her flights to Argentina, she met Rubio, a stray dog who wanders around the hotel she stayed at in Buenos Aires.


When Olivia first saw Rubio, she fed him and played with him. After that, Rubio would stay out of the hotel, waiting for Olivia, and following her around whenever she showed up.

Olivia tried to change her route, but Rubio was always able to find her. In another attempt, Olivia waited an hour before going back to the hotel, but the dog was still there, waiting for his human friend to come back.

Rubio would sleep outside the hotel just to wait for Olivia. When she realized this, she gave him one of the airline’s blankets to keep him warm.

Sadly, when Olivia had to leave, Rubio went back to wandering the streets. However, every time her work brought her back to Buenos Aires, Rubio would suddenly show up, waiting for her.


In the following months, Olivia had a rescue group adopt Rubio. However, he found a way to escape and returned to the hotel to look for her. He just couldn’t give up, and Olivia finally decided to take him to Germany and give him a forever home.

Eventually, Olivia processed the paperwork, and Rubio traveled all the way to his new home. It was definitely a happy ending for everyone.

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