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Being an animal rescuer is not an easy task. You get to see so many dogs living on the streets in a terrible state, and realize that they have no way to ask for our help.

Simply saving them and bringing them into a shelter also does not always guarantee that many of them will be rescued, and it can be heartbreaking.

However, that is not the case here. In this story, we will talk about a sweet dog who was likely left by his homeless owner next to a freeway and never came back.

A Dangerous Place To Be

abandoned dog by the freewayabandoned dog by the freeway
Source: L A Animal Rescue

When Hope For Paws received a text about a dog living next to a dangerous freeway in California, they sent a rescuer to help her.

Sabine Bradley, the woman who made the call, and the founder of Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network, couldn’t just leave this poor pup alone until someone came to his rescue.

His rescuer approached from the side of the road to make sure she couldn’t run in that direction in case she got scared.

He tried easing up on her, and giving her some cuddles to see if she would respond positively. Instead, the dog just didn’t care at all.

close-up photo of a big black dogclose-up photo of a big black dog
Source: L A Animal Rescue

In fact, the poor thing seemed to be very depressed after her owner left her on her own to survive and never came back.

After a bit, the man tried to take his leash and lead her away and into his car. Surprisingly, it worked. The dog did not resist at all.

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A New Chance For Brenda

black dog in a carblack dog in a car
Source: L A Animal Rescue

Once in the car, the man drove slowly, and he was careful so he wouldn’t scare her, and they were at the animal shelter in California in no time.

He immediately tried scanning her for a microchip to see if anything would come up, but the results were negative.

Now that he was sure, he decided to name her Brenda, after his childhood dog.

They gave her a nice and warm medical bath, which she seemed to enjoy very much. 

Later, after she went through all the necessary procedures, she just laid down on the floor and fell asleep.

abandoned dog standingabandoned dog standing
Source: L A Animal Rescue

To give her the best chance of being adopted, Hope For Paws decided that L.A. Animal Rescue would foster her until someone came along and took her to a forever home.

While it seemed like it would take a while for her to find someone, Brenda’s new family came along pretty fast and took her in.

Even though she must have gone through so much pain after being abandoned by her owner, getting a chance to start over and love somebody else again was amazing.

I am sure that Brenda’s new family is just wonderful and that they will give her the love and care she deserves.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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