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We all know that there are millions of ho.me.less, a.ban.don.ed, and in.ju.red animals out there – dogs, cats, and everything in between – but it gives us all a bit of a reality check when we see footage of a rescued dog or a trapped pet.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a helpless animal in a situation that they never asked to be in.

Such is the case with this poor puppy that somehow got himself stuck inside an exhaust pipe. The waterworks might start up while watching in suspense as men try to save him.

I can’t imagine how he got in there in the first place. As he was sniffing around, he might have stuck his nose inside the larger part, but the tiny part? How did he push through?

We don’t know. The video begins with his neck already trapped inside, and it seems impossible for him to get out of.

Fortunately, these men are on a mission to help. From trying to cut the metal and soaping up the puppy’s neck, they try everything they can to save this te.rri.fied dog’s life.

Thankfully, they succeed! Watch this fantastice rescue unfold in the video below!


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By Andy Marcus

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