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For a pet owner, there’s nothing more upsetting than when a pet goes missing, thinking many never see them again… But it’s the best feeling in the world when you’re finally reunited with them.

It was especially happy for one man, whose dramatic, heartwarming reunion with his two dogs ended up on TV.

In October 2019, Miami-Dade Animal Services teamed up with Ocean Drive Magazine for a photoshoot. Models posed with stray animals looking for homes to promote pet adoption.

The dog models included two Siberian huskies. But as their photos were being taken, a man ran up and interrupted the shoot.

What he said shocked everyone: “That’s my dog, man! That’s my dog!”

The man, Sandy Hernandez, explained that they were his two pet dogs Ragnar and Kloud, who had went missing a few days before.

After a long weekend of searching and putting up flyers, he finally got a call from a man who had found the huskies.

“Yesterday I was posting flyers, I was posting fliers all over the neighborhood,” he told CBS Miami. “And the guy found it tell me he brought them here yesterday at 1 p.m. so I came running and saw them.”

He happened to arrive just as the dogs were being photographed. He was so excited he didn’t even park his car, he just ran to the dogs. The huskies were glad to see him, too.

The heartwarming reunion was caught on camera. The crew and the pet adoption workers were happy to see the man reunite with his lost dogs and comforted him.

It’s a very happy ending, but after that ordeal Sandy isn’t going to take a chance on losing his pets again: he says he plans on getting them microchipped first thing so they’ll be able to identify him as the owner.

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Just love it when something comes to a good end. Nothing like the love between an owner and their pets because they’re family.

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By Andy Marcus

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