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When the rescuers from Howl Of A Dog, an animal rescue organization, met a starving dog named Mina for the first time, they were heartbroken to see the condition she was in.

The pup was so underweight that she could barely stand on her paws. She also had patches of missing fur.

Mina was frightened, and the rescuers knew that she she didn’t trust them. They were determined to help her turn her life around and become the dog she was always meant to be.

Mina Receives The Love And Care She Needed

a starving, shrunken black dog stands on the laminatea starving, shrunken black dog stands on the laminate
Source: Howl Of A Dog

They immediately rushed her to the veterinary clinic. The pup tried to eat any object she saw, and the rescuers had no other choice but to put a muzzle on her face during her medical checkup. It was for her own safety.

The vet informed the rescuers that the doggo was infested with mange and that she also had an intestinal infection.

After she received the necessary medication, Mina was taken to a shelter where she started her road to recovery. Her caregivers fed her and added supplements to her food.

Mina was traumatized and she was trembling with fear whenever they tried to stroke her. Her rescuers’ hearts broke to see her so scared. Her tail never wagged. 

Mina’s caregivers cuddled her while she was sleeping, wishing their love could erase everything she had been through.

Mina’s Incredible Recovery

a woman with blue gloves bathes a dog in her handa woman with blue gloves bathes a dog in her hand
Source: Howl Of A Dog

They pampered her with excellent care and bathed her with special shampoo. Soon, the doggo looked much better. Her eyes radiated with hope and gratitude.

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Gradually, Mina became more cheerful. After realizing how deeply her rescuers care about her, Mina began trusting them and letting herself enjoy their cuddles.

She loved belly rubs the most. Her human friends rejoiced at seeing that her condition was improving more and more. She turned into the sweetest pooch.

a dog with a coat stands in the snow and looks at the owner while petting him on the heada dog with a coat stands in the snow and looks at the owner while petting him on the head
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Mina doubled her weight and she was full of energy. The adorable canine looked like a totally different pup. She was running and playing with the other rescue dogs, Harper and Bandit. 

Her rescuers were over the moon when they saw the wonderful pup wag her tail for the first time. Mina became a real dog who enjoyed life.

“She had so much fun playing and just couldn’t get enough as if trying to compensate for all the lost time when she had no toys and friends to play with,“ the rescuers wrote in a video.

After Mina recovered, the rescuers began searching for her forever home. 

The Pooch Lives Her Dream Life

a smiling black dog sits on the tiles and looks at the ownera smiling black dog sits on the tiles and looks at the owner
Source: Howl Of A Dog

Soon, a delightful family came along. As soon as they saw Mina for the first time, they fell deeply in love with the adorable canine. They immediately decided that she was the pup that they wanted to adopt.

Mina was very excited to meet her new family. She bonded with them right away. In their arms, she found the happiness she longed to have her whole life.

two playful dogs in the watertwo playful dogs in the water
Source: Howl Of A Dog

The wonderful pup has a big sister named Alma, and the two canines became best friends. They enjoy each other’s company and they love running in the yard together.

“Now Mina is living the happiest life. A life full of joy and happy tails. No worries, Lots of cuddles. Things to explore. And many reasons to smile,“ the rescuers at Howl Of A Dog wrote.

I’m very happy knowing that Mina lives her dream life. Thanks to the wonderful and compassionate people at the rescue, she transformed into a healthy and joyful doggo.

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By Andy Marcus

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