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Did you know that the Shetland Sheepdog is the sixth smartest pooch in the world? Well, now you know! This fact is merely an introduction to the pawesome world of Shetland Sheepdog mixes.

To get to know each Sheltie mix better, we will let you in on some of the main characteristics of a purebred Shetland Sheepdog.

This fluffy-looking herding dog originates from Scotland, more precisely from Shetland Islands (where it got its name from).

When you look at the Shetland Sheepdog, it looks like a miniature version of the Collie dog breed. However, these two are very different and we have to know that they are totally different dog breeds.

The Shetland Sheepdog reaches height up to a maximum of 14 inches, and a minimum of 10 to 11 inches. Shelties are not that heavy – they weigh only 13 to 20 pounds.

Often called the Sheltie or the Shetland Collie, this herding dog is known for its rich double coat that includes a dense and warm undercoat. Yep, brushing this sheepdog is really a task!

When it comes to coat colors, the Sheltie dog breed offers a whole color spectrum! Usually, Shelties come in sable, blue merle, and black colors with white patterns along the chest.

If you are looking for an intelligent and good-looking mixed breed, you won’t go wrong with any of these Shetland Sheepdog mixes.

1. Border Sheepdog

border sheepdogborder sheepdog

Photo from: @almamia_barf

Parent breeds: Border Collie and Shetland Sheepdog

Border-line pawfect – the Border Sheepdog is all brains and high energy levels. Both purebred dog parents being smarty-pants make the Border Sheepdog a very intelligent pup.

Intelligence mixed with herding instincts require that the Border Sheepdog‘s day is filled with playtime and work.

The Border Sheepdog must undergo early socialization process and obedience training. It needs a playful, yet an authoritative dog owner. Therefore, the Border Sheepdog is not the best dog for first-time dog owners.

2. Sheltidoodle


Photo from: @karinarutzel

Parent breeds: Poodle and Shetland Sheepdog

A Sheltidoodle is a lovely, doodly, curly fluffball that derives from a purebred Poodle and a purebred Sheltie. The Sheltidoodle inherits a soft, low-shedding coat from its Poodle parent.

The length of its coat may vary, and in some places, the Sheltidoodle’s coat might be more straight than curly.

The Sheltidoodle is a very smart, high-energy dog with a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Sheltiedoodles love to play with their human family members and are always ready to go out on adventures.

The Sheltidoodle might be prone to inheriting progressive retinal atrophy, a health problem that is often diagnosed in the Poodle dog breed.

3. Cocker Sheltie

cocker sheltiecocker sheltie

Photo from: @the.dogdaysofdexter

Parent breeds: American or English Cocker Spaniel and Shetland Sheepdog

There is no way you can resist Cocker Sheltie’s adorable puppy eyes and fluffy, but silky coats. Affectionate and outgoing nature make the Cocker Sheltie a perfect canine companion.

It is said that Cocker Spaniels bark just for the fun of it. On the other hand, Shetland Sheepdogs bark to alarm and protect.

A Cocker Sheltie will most likely inherit those traits and become a professional barker. But, if you train and socialize your hybrid

Cocker Sheltie on time, excessive barking will be a thing of the past!

4. Golden Sheltie

golden sheltiegolden sheltie

Photo from: @gnarly_and_kai

Parent breeds: Golden Retriever and Shetland Sheepdog

Take a look at this golden pooch — the Golden Sheltie. We will let you figure out yourself whether or not its personality is among the most favored in mixed breed dogs.

The Golden Sheltie is an outgoing, friendly, and smart pup that will do anything for its owner. In other words, the Golden Sheltie will never say no to any of your requests!

Shelties, Golden Retrievers and aggression usually don’t go hand in hand, but since each dog can develop aggressive traits, it’s important to select only well-socialized dog parents into the breeding program.

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Other than that, the Golden Sheltie‘s love for its owner is unconditional! If you are looking for an obedient and smart family dog, the Golden Sheltie is the right choice!

5. Sheltie Shepherd

Photo from: @maui_and_maki

Parent breeds: German Shepherd and Shetland Sheepdog

Probably one of the most loyal mixed breeds, the Sheltie Shepherd excels in watchdog duties and herding. It is a very versatile hybrid dog with a thick, double-layered coat.

Due to the fact that German Shepherd’s coat colors come in more than 21 hues and shades, the Sheltie Shepherd can inherit any of those.

Overall, the Sheltie Shepherd is a beautiful hybrid herding dog that is a combination of intelligence and strong work ethics.

6. Shel-Aussie

Photo from: @ori_tails

Parent breeds: Australian Shepherd and Shetland Sheepdog

We know that there are many wonderful Australian Shepherd mixes, but the Shel-Aussie is a unique mix that takes the spotlight. Miniature Australian Shepherds can also be mixed with Shelties as they are both small dog breeds.

When it comes to its personality, the Shel-Aussie is an active hybrid dog that loves to herd livestock. If you don‘t believe me, show some sheep to a Shel-Aussie.

It will move all of them in one place! The Shel-Aussie needs regular physical activity and extensive mental stimulation.

7. Shelchon


Photo from: @brodysyourbro

Parent breeds: Bichon Frise and Shetland Sheepdog

A sweet-natured Bichon Frise combined with a playful Shetland Sheepdog make the Shelchon an interesting hybrid.

The Shelchon is an affectionate pooch that loves laps and couches. Its soft, curly to wavy coat comes in sable, black, white, cream, or a combination of all colors that are usually inherited from the Sheltie parent.

Although both parent breeds are friendly and cheerful, the Shelchon may inherit shyness around strangers. To prevent this from happening, it’s best to start socializing your Shelchon pup during the first eight weeks of age.

8. Shethund


Photo from: @sarahlyneknudsen

Parent breeds: Dachshund and Shetland Sheepdog

The Shethund puppy rocks its unique, elongated body and short legs. Shethund’s medium to long coat steals the show.

This sweet hybrid dog is a combination of a fearless hunting dog — the Dachshund, and a bubbly herding dog — the Shetland Sheepdog.

Since the Dachshund comes in a variety of coat colors and lengths, the Shethund may inherit any of them. From black and tan, cream, brown to red, and even blue merle!

Expect your Shethund pup to be a beautiful fur ball that loves attention and adventures!

9. Sheltie Tzu

sheltie tzusheltie tzu

Photo from: @matildasnuggles

Parent breeds: Shih Tzu and Shetland Sheepdog

The Sheltie Tzu is a small dog with mesmerizing features that it got from its beautiful Shih Tzu and the gorgeous Shetland Sheepdog parent. If you ever wanted to make cute Shih Tzu hairstyles, the Sheltie Tzu’s silky coat is perfect for that.

Other than that, the Sheltie Tzu is a small canine companion with a big heart. The Sheltie Tzu is a pawesome choice for people living in apartments.

10. Eskland


Photo from: @majorfloofs

Parent breeds: American Eskimo and Shetland Sheepdog

If you think its name is unique, wait until you see Eskland’s characteristics. The Eskland is a beautiful hybrid dog whose energy levels are through the roof!

Alongside high energy levels, the Eskland is an outgoing pup that loves spending time playing with humans and other dogs.

The tricky thing about owning an Eskland is that this hybrid dog is a moderate shedder. So, prepare the best dog brush you can find to cope with Eskland’s shedding!

11. Beagle Sheltie

beagle sheltiebeagle sheltie

Photo from: @mrhenryedison

Parent breeds: Beagle and Shetland Sheepdog

Check out this smart, instinctive, and sharp mix — the Beagle Sheltie.

The Beagle Sheltie became a popular mix and it’s really what all the hype is about. Both male and female Beagles are known for their playfulness and low-maintenance.

Combined with a long-haired Shetland Sheepdog, the Beagle Sheltie takes on the fluffy parent side.

The Beagle Sheltie is an active dog that requires regular leash training and obedience training. You don’t want this scent and herding dog to become bored!

12. Sheltie-Kee


Photo from: @daysofdakota

Parent breeds: Keeshond and Shetland Sheepdog

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If you haven’t heard about the Keeshond, let me just say that you’re missing out on some serious fluff! The purebred Keeshond’s fluffy coat goes perfect with the Shetland Sheepdog’s double coat.

Besides its puffy appearance, the Sheltie-Kee is a wonderful family dog that goes along well with children and other animals.

Due to the fact that both parents are medium-energy dog breeds, the Sheltie-Kee doesn’t always want to zoom around. More often than not, the Sheltie-Kee likes to take its afternoon naps!

13. Cava-Shell


Photo from: @happy_jamie

Parent breeds: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Shetland Sheepdog

Everyone who sees a King Charles Spaniel immediately falls in love with it! But, have you ever seen a Cava-Shell? This little hybrid will steal your heart for sure!

Its loveable and kind nature make the Cava-Shell the perfect dog for families with small children. It is also a great companion for singles and seniors. A well-rounded hybrid, the Cava-Shell is a great pick for first-time dog breeders.

Considering the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s lifespan, if well cared for, the Cava-Shell can live up to 15 years of age.

14. Pembroke Sheltie

pembroke sheltiepembroke sheltie

Photo from: @dextersleashedlife

Parent breeds: Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Shetland Sheepdog

Packed with energy, fluffy-bummed Corgis pass lots of fun traits to their offspring. Corgi mixes make incredible combinations.

Combine a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a Shetland Sheepdog and you will get a high-energy mixed breed pooch with so much willingness to play.

Corgi’s parent side can get a bit stubborn, and Sheltie’s parent side is a bit reserved. So, the Pembroke Sheltie may inherit both of its parent’s traits. If you can’t handle a sassy hybrid pooch, it’s best to take dog training sessions!

15. Poshies


Photo from: @ziggytheposhie

Parent breeds: Pomeranian and Shetland Sheepdog

Combining the cute Pom Pom with a fluffy Sheltie results in a Poshie. Whatever you may call it, the Poshie makes a fantastic canine companion that looks absolutely fabulous!

Poshies are friendly hybrid dogs that are attached to their family members. The Poshie inherits a double coat that needs regular brushing and grooming to stay in top shape.

16. Sheltie Pin

sheltie pinsheltie pin

Photo from: @leo_thesheltiepin

Parent breeds: Miniature Pinscher and Shetland Sheepdog

Although some may think that this is an unusual combination, the Miniature Pinscher and the Shetland Sheepdog go very well with each other and develop unique-looking pooches. A Sheltie Pin can inherit a black and tan coat color of its Miniature

Pinscher parent. However, if it leans more towards the Shetland Sheepdog’s side, the Sheltie Pin can range in color.

This is an active hybrid dog that loves to run and play. The Sheltie Pin will make everyday memorable!

17. Shelillon


Photo from: @dio_the_shelillon

Parent breeds: Papillon and Shetland Sheepdog

You know how the Papillon dog has those cute, butterfly- like ears? When combined with a Sheltie, Papillon’s appearance and personality traits are passed down to Shelillon puppies.

The Shelillon is a fun crossbreed. It’s an obedient family dog that loves to show-off its fuzzy coat. Charming, outgoing, and intelligent — that’s Shelillon to you!

18. Sheltie Pug

sheltie pugsheltie pug

Photo from: @thunderbitebaloo

Parent breeds: Pug and Shetland Sheepdog

Usually, Pug mixes make small dogs that resemble the other parent than the Pug. Same goes for the Sheltie Pug mix. The

Sheltie Pug isn’t your average smush-faced dog. In fact, the Sheltie Pug inherits more physical features — like long snout, long coat, fluffy ears, from the Sheltie parent.

As for coat colors, the Sheltie Pug is destined to inherit some funky Pug coat colors.

However, the Sheltie Pug inherits the Pug’s silly personality that makes everyone laugh! A great choice for city dwellers, the Sheltie Pug will catch all the attention!

19. Sheltie Inu

sheltie inusheltie inu

Photo from: @bagel.baek

Parent breeds: Shiba Inu and Shetland Sheepdog

Shiba Inu meets a Sheltie and a foxy hybrid dog is born. The Sheltie Inu rocks its Shiba Inu’s coat colors and Sheltie’s coat length. The Sheltie Inu is a unique blend of two pretty different dogs.

The Shiba Inu is a high-energy dog that may be stubborn at times. On the other hand, the Sheltie parent is a sound, medium-energy pooch.

It seems that the Sheltie Inu is a balanced mix of both parents’ personalities. A wonderful family dog with a bit of mischief, the Sheltie Inu is a hybrid dog for bold dog owners!

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20. Cosheltie


Photo from: @duncanthecosheltie

Parent breeds: Collie and Shetland Sheepdog

As I mentioned earlier, most dog lovers confuse the Collie with the Shetland Collie A.K.A. Sheltie. This is because these two different dogs look very much alike.

So, combining a Collie with a Sheltie won’t make a different-looking designer dog like some of the previous mixes.

Instead, the Cosheltie dog inherits similar double coats that range in similar colors like those we see in both parent breeds. The Cosheltie displays Collie’s sound temperament and Sheltie’s need to herd!

21. Sheltsky


Photo from: @tatcrazybaglady

Parent breeds: Siberian Husky and Shetland Sheepdog

Blue eyes of the Siberian Husky, and a rich coat from the Sheltie — the Sheltsky is feeling its dazzling looks!

Beside its looks, the Sheltsky is a high-energy pooch from which you can expect a lot of barking. Siberian Husky’s howling and other vocal skills are most likely to be passed on to this unique hybrid.

Due to the fact that both the Husky and the Sheltie have thick double coats that are prone to shedding, it’s best to invest into a good dog brush.

It’s best to use a Husky dog brush because it might be difficult to get to the dense undercoat with a regular dog brush.

22. Sheltie Heeler

sheltie heelersheltie heeler

Photo from: @stellathefurbabe

Parent breeds: Blue Heeler and Shetland Sheepdog

Get ready for an amazing herding dog mix — the Sheltie Heeler in its full glory. This herder is on top of its game. The Sheltie Heeler is known for its bubbly personality mixed with a lot of energy.

Whenever duty calls, the Sheltie Heeler jumps right on the task. It’s a very diligent and friendly designer dog that won’t leave your side.

Check some other Blue Heeler mixes, too!

23. Shetinese


Parent breeds: Pekingese and Shetland Sheepdog

By now, you have probably heard about the Pekingese’s unlimited affection and loyalty. Simply, if you love the Pekingese dog breed, you will love the Shetinese designer dog breed.

The Shetinese is a blend of a loveable companion dog and an active herding dog. This hybrid dog works great alongside children and seniors.

The Shetinese is an outstanding family dog with a sweet personality. However, the Shetinese might want to bark at unknown dogs. So, make sure it undergoes early socialization and dog training.

24. Yorkeltie


Photo from: @blameitontheaaanimals

Parent breeds: Yorkshire Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog

Funky Yorkshire Terriers are favored among singles, families, children, and seniors – everyone loves ‘em. Now, Yorkelties are something else!

The Yorkeltie is a fun hybrid that got most of its traits from the Yorkie parent. However, it inherits the affectionate, playful side from its Sheltie parent.

Some breeders might include a Yorkiepoo mixed breed dog parent in the breeding program and develop a three-generation pup!

The Yorkeltie is an amazing family dog, but it is advised to keep an eye on it around children. It is a very sensitive pup that is prone to injuries.

25. Shelestie


Parent breeds: West Highland White Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog

Let’s talk about Shelestie – a fluffin’ awesome Sheltie mix. The Shelestie is proud to have two lovely dog parents, a cute West Highland White Terrier and a bubbly Sheltie.

Shelestie is a confident pup who is on a mission to make everyone around her happy.

With a fun and bubbly personality, the Shelestie makes its way to your heart. Its colorful coat can be inherited from either the Westie or the Sheltie.

Due to the fact that Westies are usually white, the Shelestie often takes on the Sheltie parent’s coat colors.

If your Shelestie turns out to be a white hybrid dog, you should consider giving it a funky white dog name. Hmm…Maybe snow? Or Fluff!

26. Gordon Sheltie

gordon sheltiegordon sheltie

Parent breeds: Gordon Setter and Shetland Sheepdog

High energy levels inherited from the Gordon Setter parent make the Gordon Sheltie an active dog that enjoys spending its time in nature.

If you wanted an elegant dog that doesn’t mind being a bit goofy at times, the Gordon Setter might just be the right choice for you.

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As a medium-sized dog, the Gordon Setter is suitable for a bigger apartment or a house with a spacious backyard. The Gordon Setter needs regular exercise and plenty of mental stimulation.

It might inherit a prey drive to some extent, so make sure to socialize your Gordon Setter around other animals.

27. French Sheltie

french sheltiefrench sheltie

Parent breeds: French Bulldog and Shetland Sheepdog

Laid-back, fun-loving, and affectionate Frenchies mixed with playful, loyal, and outgoing Shelties make a wonderful mix. Let’s call it the French Sheltie.

The French Shelfie will be your best friend. It is an extremely outgoing pooch with such a unique personality. With its adorable puppy eyes, fluffy ears, and a compact body, the French Shelfie will make you laugh and go „aww“!

Due to the fact that the French Bulldog costs quite some bucks, the French Sheltie hybrid could also cost more than an average crossbreed.

28. Rottie Sheltie

rottie sheltierottie sheltie

Parent breeds: Rottweiler and Shetland Sheepdog

A Rottie Sheltie is a one-of-a-kind combo of a protective Rottweiler and an affectionate Sheltie. With a strong will, work ethics, dedication, and passion for snuggles, the Rottie Sheltie makes an impressive mix.

Prospective dog owners that are looking for a cuddlebug and a watchdog should consider the Rottie Sheltie mix.

Since female Rottweilers are larger than female Shelties, they are usually the ones to carry Rottie Sheltie puppies.

29. Sheltie-Chi


Photo from: @princess_miasworld

Parent breeds: Chihuahua and Shetland Sheepdog

You can’t say that Chihuahua mixes don’t make the cutest hybrids!

Take a look at the Sheltie-Chi. Although purebred Chihuahuas and aggression are often two terms used together, the Sheltie-Chi is far from aggressive and fierce.

It has a Chi attitude for sure, but the Sheltie-Chi inherits a sounder temperament from its Sheltie parent.

The Sheltie-Chi is a small dog that can fit almost anywhere! It loves to be by its owner’s side and take long walks in the park. I am pawsitive that the Sheltie-Chi will steal your heart!

30. Samosheltie


Parent breeds: Samoyed and Shetland Sheepdog

Samoyed’s smile and Sheltie’s charming looks make the Samosheltie a beautiful, fluffy mutt. Its temperament resembles both dog breeds: the Samoyed’s curiosity and the Sheltie’s willingness to play.

The Samosheltie is obedient, but at times it can go on a full stubborn streak. To avoid having this cutie out of control, start with obedience training in the first eight weeks of Samosheltie’s life.

Another thing to note is that you should search for the best Samoyed breeders to make sure that the Samosheltie inherits the best possible appearance and personality traits.

31. Sheltiedor


Photo from: @emilygracemulligan

Parent breeds: Labrador Retriever and Shetland Sheepdog

You can’t go wrong with a Labrador Retriever’s genes! Not only do Labs come in beautiful coat colors, but they also carry incredible personalities. Labrador Retriever + Shetland Sheepdog = a friendly mix pup named Sheltiedor.

The Sheltiedor is a combination of energy and affection. Extremely popular family dogs, both Shelties and Labs make great companions!

It’s no wonder that the Sheltiedor will make an amazing pooch that loves spending its time with family members.

Besides a kind and loving personality, the Sheltiedor may be prone to health issues such as hip dysplasia and obesity.

32. Belgian Sheltie

belgian sheltiebelgian sheltie

Parent breeds: Belgian Malinois and Shetland Sheepdog

Incredibly smart, eager to learn, easily trainable, and very diligent. Meet the Belgian Sheltie! Carrying Belgian Malinois genetics, the Belgian Sheltie is an outstanding mix breed. Both of its parent breeds are energetic fast-learners.

The Belgian Malinois shedding mixed with a Sheltie’s coat might require a firm and quality dog brush to help with maintenance.

The Belgian Malinois parent’s side shows higher energy levels, so it’s important to start with dog training.

The Belgian Sheltie loves to have some fun in the Sun! Expect to play a lot of fetch, go out on hiking trips, and regular visits to a dog park.

33. Shelxer


Parent breeds: Boxer and Shetland Sheepdog

I don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to my mind when someone says Boxer is its goofy personality and a loving heart. A Shelxer puppy leans towards its Boxer parent side, inheriting a loveable personality.

Its Sheltie parent passes down physical traits, making Shelxer a soft and fluffy mutt. Shelxer’s coat is painted with the most beautiful Boxer coat colors. Mix and match, the Shelxer always turns out different!

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The only bummer is that the Shelxer may inherit Boxer’s heart problem (cardiomyopathy). In this case, it’s best to search for good Boxer breeders that produce quality, healthy pups.

34. Sheltese


Photo from: @shelteser_life

Parent breeds: Maltese and Shetland Sheepdog

Even though small dogs are known for their attitudes, the Maltese is that small dog breed whose temperament stands out.

Maltese’s soundness and gentleness mixed with Sheltie’s playfulness give incredible results. The Sheltese will be your favorite lap dog and your new best friend.

The Maltese’s coat colors make the perfect foundation for Sheltie’s color genes to paint over it. Therefore, the Sheltese is a small hybrid that may come in cream, tri-color, blue merle, sable, or white coat colors.

35. Great Sheltie

great sheltiegreat sheltie

Parent breeds: Great Dane and Shetland Sheepdog

A Great Sheltie is a combination of a giant dog and a small dog. Such dog breeds are usually the result of accidental breeding. However, the Great Sheltie’s looks are compact and sturdy, making it a healthy-looking pup.

The Great Sheltie is a medium-sized dog that may grow into a large breed, depending on which parent it takes more on. With a goofy and sometimes needy temper, the Great Sheltie makes an outgoing companion that loves attention!

Considering the Great Dane’s growth rate, the Great Sheltie might be prone to developmental health problems.

36. Basset Sheltie

basset sheltiebasset sheltie

Photo from: @icarusthebassheltie

Parent breeds: Basset Hound and Shetland Sheepdog

Let me introduce you to the Basset Sheltie – an interesting combination of a top-notch scent dog and a diligent working dog.

Both European and American Basset Hounds can be selected as foundation in the mix breeding program.

The Basset Sheltie inherits short legs of the Basset Hound parent, and a long Sheltie coat. Its head shape resembles the Sheltie, while its floppy ears remind us of those in Basset Hounds.

Being a medium-energy hybrid dog, the Basset Sheltie will enjoy slow walks and long afternoon naps. The Basset Sheltie is a pooch that will want you by its side, always!

37. Weimasheltie


Parent breeds: Weimaraner and Shetland Sheepdog

As a large hunting dog, the Weimaraner is always alert and ready to catch its prey. The Weimasheltie may inherit Weimeraner’s prey drive, but it may also inherit Sheltie’s gentleness.

The Weimasheltie is an all in one – a hunter, a herding dog, a friend, and a family member.

The beautiful gray coat color of the Weimaraner pup parent could be passed on to the Weimasheltie. How cool is that?

38. Corso Sheltie

corso sheltiecorso sheltie

Parent breeds: Cane Corso and Shetland Sheepdog

Known for its intimidating looks and protectiveness, the Cane Corso parent adds a bit of spice to the Cane Corso Sheltie mix.

Due to the fact that the Cane Corso is a family dog, the Corso Sheltie will do everything it takes for its human pack. It may be a bit stubborn at times, but the Corso Sheltie is a trainable pup that requires a lot of time and dedication.

The Corso Sheltie is an obedient pup, but might want to have things go its own way, so it’s important to show it who’s the alpha!

It’s important to note that, considering its high-energy levels and headstrong will, the Corso Sheltie might not be the best dog for first-time dog owners.

39. Jack-A-Sheltie


Photo from: @jacquelinet777

Parent breeds: Jack Russell Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog

Talk about puppy zoomies – the Jack Russell Terrier Sheltie mix is bound to inherit insane amounts of energy (as most Jack Russell Terrier mixes do).

This small mutt is a playful and affectionate canine that requires a lot of quality time with its owner.

If you’re a couch potato, the Jack-A-Sheltie isn’t the best dog for you. However, if you like fun outdoor activities, this little fluff ball will be happy to follow.

40. Brittany Sheltie

brittany sheltiebrittany sheltie

Photo from: @___jorgev___

Parent breeds: Brittany and Shetland Sheepdog

Brittany Sheltie is a rare Sheltie mix. But, rare mixes often make the best canine companions. The Brittany Sheltie is a well-balanced mutt with remarkable social etiquette.

Relatively easy to train, the Brittany Sheltie makes a compact small to medium hybrid that catches the eye.

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Finding a Brittany Sheltie might be challenging, so I advise you to check out some reputable Brittany breeders that may have more info on this crossbreed.

What Is A Shetland Sheepdog Mixed With?

There is no official rule to what dog breeds is a Shetland Sheepdog mixed with. But, there are unique Shetland Sheepdog mixes that appear to inherit better traits than the others.

For example, combining two herding dogs (i.e. the Australian Shepherd and the Shetland Sheepdog) results in a mixed breed dog with incredible herding instincts.

In contrast to that, mixing a Shetland Sheepdog with a watchdog, such as the Rottweiler, results in a high energy dog that is proudly looking over you and your house.

Naturally, each of these Shetland Sheepdog mixes inherits the brains of the Shetland Sheepdog parent. High intelligence and eagerness to please is in Sheltie’s genes! Sheltie mixes are truly some of the most highly trainable and obedient pups.

Fun Facts About The Shetland Sheepdog

So, you happened to find a Sheltie mix in your local shelter or at the Sheltie breeder. But, you are not sure if it’s the right dog for you.

If you decide to get a Sheltie mix, you ought to know some fun facts about the breed. The last thing you want is to get a dog that doesn’t match your energy and your lifestyle. The dog wouldn’t want that either, am I right?

Here are some facts about this lovely herding dog – the Shetland Sheepdog, that you might find useful and interesting.

• Sheltie’s coat is often referred to as a “mane” because it’s thick and double layered. Besides that, Sheltie’s coat is as fabulous as it can be! It comes in a variety of coat colors, from gorgeous blue merle to a standard tri-color (dark brown, cream, and white).

• The Sheltie is everything but a couch potato. This herding dog will get you on your feet! Sheltie loves to run and play. Show-quality Shelties are known for their outstanding performances in the dog ring.

• Ranking high at the smartest dogs in the world list, the Sheltie never ceases to amaze. Sheltie’s intelligence lies in its adaptiveness and quick thinking. Moreover, a Sheltie is a type of dog that is so intelligent that it may outsmart its owner!

• If you thought that a Corgi is the world’s smallest herding dog, you were wrong! According to the AKC, the Shetland Sheepdog takes the spotlight with 12 inches and 20 pounds of pure love! Small and fluffy, the Shetland Sheepdog finds its spot on the small fluffy dog breed list.

Sheltie’s lifespan is between 12 and 13 years of age, although it may live up to 15 years of age if well cared for.

• As most purebred dogs, the Shetland Sheepdog is prone to some congenital health issues. Generally considered a healthy breed, the Sheltie may develop health problems such as cataract, hip dysplasia, hemophilia, Collie eye anomaly

To Sum It Up

shetland sheepdog lies on a wooden bench shetland sheepdog lies on a wooden bench

Shetland Sheepdog mixes make excellent dogs for aspiring dog owners who are looking for versatile pups. Each Sheltie mix makes a unique combination of brains and beauty.

Take into consideration that the Shetland Sheepdog is a relatively healthy dog breed. When passed down to future generations, this trait helps produce healthy Shetland Sheepdog mixes.

Before adopting a Sheltie mix, it’s important to gather as much information as possible from both parent breeds.

It’s easier to predict Sheltie mix puppy’s characteristics when you know the personality and appearance traits from parent breeds.

With cross breed dogs you can never be 100% sure how a mixed breed puppy will look and behave!

If there are no Sheltie breeders who cross their purebred Shelties with other purebred dogs, you can find Sheltie mixes in shelters. Yep, a Sheltie in a shelter is unfortunately a common occurrence.

We gathered the cutest Shetland Sheepdog mixes. Now, it’s your turn to choose your favorite one!

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