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How many times have you heard that Labradoodles are ideal dog pets? The question is – at what cost? No one has probably told you that these canines are one of the most demanding breeds in the world. 

What does this mean? 

In ninety-nine percent of the cases, their impeccable social skills and exquisite intelligence make Labradoodles crave constant activities. But, what are the other reasons why you should avoid them?

Here’s the list of the seven most common Labradoodle drawbacks that might discourage even the most enthusiastic Doodle lovers!

1. You Might Spend Extra Bucks For The Perfect Diet

Red labradoodle dog eating from a feeding stationRed labradoodle dog eating from a feeding station

Are you familiar with the most common digestive issues in dogs such as vomiting, chocolate intolerance, and diarrhea? Well, Labradoodles are prone to all of them! 

That’s right! This is the breed that has an extremely sensitive stomach. That said, you should be extremely careful when feeding them or giving them snacks. This does not necessarily have to be related to a particular health issue – it’s just who Labradoodles are!

Consequently, these designer canines require a hand-picked diet with convenient supplements. As much as it sounds responsible and dog-friendly, this type of dieting is quite expensive. 

Besides the fact that Labradoodles themselves are not cheap dogs, adding extra bucks for their stomach-sensitive diet is not budget-friendly at all.

2. Your Apartment May Be Too Small

Let me be totally honest with you – people who say that Labradoodles are among the best family dogs in the world are probably those who live in a spacious home with a big back yard. 

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Having a Labradoodle puppy in a small apartment or a city studio can be a true nightmare. This is because these pooches require a lot of space for movement. When obstructed by walls and doors, the chances that your pet will chew, dig, or scratch get significantly higher.

The moral of this part of the story is – don’t get a Labradoodle if you don’t have a lot of space to provide. 

3. Their Grooming Is Time-Consuming

Professional groomer cut fur with scissors and clipper at the little smile dog labradoodleProfessional groomer cut fur with scissors and clipper at the little smile dog labradoodle

There are two reasons why Labradoodle grooming is positively correlated with the fact that these pooches are too much to handle.

The first one is that their grooming is indeed time consuming. An average grooming process of these dogs lasts around three to four hours. This is way too long if you have a busy schedule to keep up with.

On the other hand, you may spend way too much money on getting them to look fashionable. The average price for grooming this Doodle revolves around $100 to $150. And, bear in mind that you need to do it every four to eight weeks.

If, however, you decide to groom at home, here’s a nice video tutorial on how to do it.

4. “Labradoodle” Is A Synonym For “Clingy”

That’s right! Having a Labradoodle in your home will probably mean having a clingy dog. And, you’re most definitely not ready to deal with this sort of parenting! 

You might be obstructed in performing regular, daily activities around these pooches. The Poodle Lab Retriever mix is a dog of great virtues, but also of a high tendency to develop separation anxiety. 

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Even though they might be trained for several hours of solitude, they don’t quite stand the idea of being apart from their loved ones. That said, if you have way too many duties during the day, then having this dog is one of the worst options to consider.

5. They Like Getting Wet – A Lot

dog wants to play on a rainy day - black labradoodle waiting for the toy to be thrown again.dog wants to play on a rainy day - black labradoodle waiting for the toy to be thrown again.

I bet you don’t feel enthusiastic about cleaning your apartment on a daily basis. Unfortunately, that might be the case with a Labradoodle in your home. These pooches just love frolicking around on a rainy day, or occasionally dipping their paws in puddles. After all – they are Retrievers!

As much as their fooling around may be overwhelming cleaning-wise, there’s another reason why this sort of behavior represents a major red flag. Namely, their constantly-exposed coat to water goes hand in hand with their proneness to various skin allergies.

The research done by doctor Primovic, DVM, shows that the number one health disease in Labradoodle canines is allergic dermatitis.

6. They Work Seven Days A Week, Even Sundays

Apparently, the Labradoodle growth chart positively correlates with their eagerness to fool around 24/7. This is a big dog that has a big appetite for training. The Lab Doodle is just a tireless dog breed that requires a lot of exercise, and a lot of mental stimulation, too.

Having this dog in your home doesn’t only imply a regular, nice, daily walk. Quite the contrary – they seek meaning behind every type of exercise! 

If you fail to deliver, you might face dissatisfaction symptoms, such as self-destruction, escaping, excessive barking, or basically any sort of protest that will make you go nuts.

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Are you willing to sacrifice your peace on a Sunday morning? If not – don’t get a Labradoodle.

7. Their Joints Endure High Intensity, But What About You?

Big Giant Brown Labradoodle running directly towards the camera with a happy faceBig Giant Brown Labradoodle running directly towards the camera with a happy face

In addition to the paragraph above, I might as well add that these hybrid pooches don’t burn off their energy on a simple walk. Quite the opposite – they require a lot more than that.

Have you ever heard of HIIT? High Intensity Training, popularly known as HIIT, according to the research done by Orozco et al, is a more efficient way to physiologically stimulate your dog than just moderate training. 

But, in order to subject your Labradoodle to HIIT, you also need to be in excellent shape, as HIIT is no joke. 

Are you? No? Then, this is the perfect time to start thinking about a less demanding dog breed.

An Ideal Labradoodle Owner Candidate Should Be

Labradoodle Dog and woman view from back outside at the parkLabradoodle Dog and woman view from back outside at the park

A Sportsman

Sportsmen are first in line to be respectable Labradoodle owners. Why is that? Well, one thing is for sure – this is a sporting breed that requires an owner with similar appetites in terms of daily exercise.

Not all people can keep up with these large pooches. Sportsmen might. But, they do fulfill several other requirements, such as being a good leader and engaging in mental stimulation training, too.

The good thing about sporty dog owners is that they can train their Poodle Lab Retrievers in agility easier. 

Video: Labradoodle agility training.

A Dogaholic

It is not enough just to admire Labradoodle colors to consider yourself a potential owner. A true owner should be truly devoted, committed, and patient in order to be a respectable Labradoodle parent.

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That said, the average owner can expect to spend at least twelve to fourteen hours a day taking care of his/her Labradoodle. In other words, you need to be a true dogaholic to meet these requirements.

The amount of time spent on Labradoodle care equals the amount of time taking care of a small child. And, that… not everyone can do!

An Insomniac

They may not be as workaholic as German dog breeds, but the truth is that Labradoodles require constantly-engaged owners. Needless to say, the ideal candidate for this position is a potential insomniac, as these hybrid dogs belong to the group of dogs that sleep the least.

Stealing an occasional nap on a lazy afternoon is just impossible if you tend to be a responsible Labradoodle owner. As soon as you get comfortable, you will see a wagging, curly tail that signals: “I am ready to play, hooman!”

An Owner With Flexible Working Hours

Last, but not least – the ideal Labradoodle candidate should be a person with flexible working hours. Why? Well, as I have already mentioned in the previous part of this article, these pooches are extremely clingy. Consequently, they easily develop separation anxiety.

One should always be there when taking care of a Labradoodle. That said, a person with a flexible business schedule or a remote job is generally a better owner than a man or woman with a highly busy schedule.

The Takeaway

Happy Labradoodle Dog and woman outside at the parkHappy Labradoodle Dog and woman outside at the park

Getting a Labradoodle would be a huge mistake without previously considering these seven facts. Even though they might be extremely pleasant to have around, you should never forget that these hybrid canines are pretty high-maintenance.

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With that in mind, you should always think twice before deciding to step into the Labradoodle breeder’s office. If, however, you decide to do so, check out these ideal Labradoodle owner candidate requirements one more time.
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By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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