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Rottweilers are a very loving breed. Although many people do not believe it, there are many incidents that prove it.

Although they are an aggressive breed, they become very gentle and loyal dogs when given proper training and socialization.

Especially when they start to trust their owners, they protect their owners without even thinking about their own lives.

Many people think that Rottweilers are a breed that cannot be raise with small kids. But actually it is not 100% correct opinion. Because there are rottweiler dogs that are very gentle even with small kids. This is such a dog.

One day a man with the username SteelMonkeigh released an amazing video on the internet. The video quickly went viral everywhere and was viewed by millions.

According to the video, the father had just pulled his baby son out of his pool floaty and was safely holding the baby boy in the water.

But their family dog Leia, the rottweiler, didn’t like it. She did not like the idea of the little boy being in the deep end of the swimming pool.

She thought it was not safe for the little baby. It showed very well in her behavior. The rottweiler girl first gives the little boy a kiss as if to comfort him and make sure he’s okay.

Leia then grabbed the baby daddy’s hand with her paw and tried to drag him towards the pool’s steps. Throughout the video, she really behaved like a lifeguard dog. It’s amazing. It’s incredible to see such gentle behavior from such an aggressive breed as Rottweilers.

Although Rottweilers are an aggressive breed by nature, they have been used as guard dogs since ancient times. Therefore, protecting is something that comes naturally to them.

And this dog seems to know very well what her family is. Therefore, the dog did not like to take the little boy to the deep pool.

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