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Whenever they notice or sniff food near them, they will show off their begging skills.

They do everything in their power to get a piece of whatever delectable item you have covered your plate with. And in most cases, they are successful to get some because no one can ignore their adorable and silly little faces when begging for food.

Meet Lulu, the dog who knows precisely how to get some food from her dad’s plate using all the techniques in her armory. When she sees her dad enjoying a plate of food, she zeroes in on his fork moving from his plate to his mouth, from plate to mouth.

That’s when she cuddles him to beg for food. “Lulu is a skilled beggar when it comes to food. Her technique has a 100% success rate,” her dad said.

Scroll down below to see the cute video! No wonder she is called a master beggar!

Dogs are often experts when it comes to begging for food. They even have no shame in getting what they want. So you have to have a heart of steel to resist them. But in fact, nobody wants to do that as they are too cute.

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By Andy Marcus

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