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They’re fun. They’re sweet. They’re trending!

They’re Cavapoos, fluffy pups that make great family pets thanks to their friendly nature and easygoing personality. Cavapoos make everyone smile and will make a good addition to any lifestyle.

This is a designer breed, the cross between a King Charles Cavalier and a Miniature Poodle. The puppies have inherited the Poodle’s non-shedding and hypoallergenic traits.

If you’ve been looking for Cavapoo breeders in Florida, you’re just where you’re supposed to be. We’ve put together a list of the best Cavapoo breeders in Florida that aren’t puppy mills or inexperienced breeders.

However, practices do change, so you shouldn’t blindly trust what anyone says. Always ask questions, visit breeders, and see the parents and the puppies together. Only then will you get a good insight into what your puppy will be like.

Let’s get started and see where you can find Cavapoos in Florida!

Cavapoo Puppies For Sale In Florida

cavapoo running with stuffed animal in mouthcavapoo running with stuffed animal in mouth

Florida Puppies Online

Address: 2770 Davis Blvd STE 40, Naples, FL 34104, United States

Phone: +1 239-877-1757

Website: https://www.flpuppiesonline.com/

Florida Cockapoo Puppies For Sale, New Litter Ready

Address: 6150 S Lecanto Hwy, Lecanto, FL 34461, United States

Phone: +1 727-243-9045

Website: http://www.floridacockapoos.com/

Florida Fur Babies

Address: 24730 Sandhill Blvd Unit 904, Punta Gorda, FL 33983, United States

Phone: +1 941-286-1277

Website: http://www.floridafurbabies.com/

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breeder

Address: 14440 SE 131 Pl BY APPOINTMENT ONLY !!!, Ocklawaha, FL 32179, United States

Phone: +1 786-589-1338

Website: http://www.worldclasscavaliers.com/

Royal Flush Havanese

Address: 13790 Treeline Ave S #6, Fort Myers, FL 33913, United States

Phone: +1 239-939-3999

Website: http://www.royalflushhavanese.com/

Forever Love Puppies Miami

Address: 6805 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155, United States

Phone: +1 305-812-1920

Website: https://954puppies.com/

TLC Puppy Love

Address: Mustang Haven Ln, Jacksonville, FL 32226, United States

Phone: +1 904-838-9628

Website: http://www.tlcpuppylove.com/

Infinity Cavaliers

Address: 12365 Apple Leaf Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States

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Phone: +1 904-586-2369

Website: https://infinitycavaliers.com/contact-us

Encore Cocker & Cavaliers

Address: 10150 NW 21 St, Ocala, FL 34482, United States

Phone: +1 352-205-5925

Website: http://www.encorecocker.com/

Forever Love Puppies Pembroke Pines

Address: 7801 Johnson St, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024, United States

Phone: +1 954-303-5070

Website: https://954puppies.com/

K&E Small Breed Puppies

Cavapoo running across field with ball in mouthCavapoo running across field with ball in mouth

Address: Moonlight Ct, St Cloud, FL 34771, United States

Phone: +1 407-873-8775

Website: https://www.kandesmallbreedpuppies.com/

Vanity Pups

Address: 1810 Town Center Blvd #10, Fleming Island, FL 32003, United States

Phone: +1 904-375-2227

Website: http://www.vanitypupsfl.com/

Puppy Plus

Address: 7071 FL-7, Parkland, FL 33073, United States

Phone: +1 954-255-8233

Website: http://www.puppyplusinc.com/

Jay and Rays Classy Cavapoo

Address: 1333 Roosevelt Dr, Venice, FL 34293, United States

Phone:+1 941-499-4204

Website: https://www.jayandrayclassycavapoo.com/

Heavenly Puppies

Address: 301 N Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432, United States

Phone: +1 561-395-8997

Website: http://www.heavenlypuppy.com/

Forever Love Puppies Aventura

Address: 19030 W Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33180, United States

Phone: +1 305-433-0313

Website: http://954puppies.com/

Treehouse Kennels LLC

Address: 18411 Deason Dr, Spring Hill, FL 34610, United States

Phone: +1 352-428-2160

Website: No Website

Country Mini Doodle Farms

Address: 10093 SE Sunset Harbor Rd, Summerfield, FL 34491, United States

Phone: +1 765-863-1838

Website: http://countryminidoodlefarms.com/

Luxury Puppies

Address: 8981 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165, United States

Phone: +1 786-803-8614

Website: http://www.luxury-puppies.com/

Palm Beach Puppies

Address: 9858 Clint Moore Rd #110, Boca Raton, FL 33496, United States

Phone: +1 561-488-5757

Website: http://www.palmbeachpuppies.com/

Camic Cockers

black cavapoo walking on grass with ball in mouthblack cavapoo walking on grass with ball in mouth

Address: 335 Paradise Island Dr, Haines City, FL 33844, United States

Phone: +1 413-205-6398

Website: http://camiccockers.com/

One Bark Plaza, Inc.

Address: 980 N Federal Hwy #110, Boca Raton, FL 33432, United States

Phone: +1 561-422-4224

Website: http://www.onebarkplaza.com/

Glamorous Puppies

Address: 8150 SW 8th St #123, Miami, FL 33144, United States

Phone: +1 786-803-8230

Website: http://www.glamorouspuppies.com/

Daisy Teacup Poodles

Address: Homestead, FL 33030, United States

Phone: +1 305-890-0228

Website: http://www.daisyteacuppoodles.com/

Chews A Puppy

Address: 11167 W Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL 34761, United States

Phone: +1 407-439-0440

Website: https://www.chewsapuppy.com/

Grateful Doodles

Address: Orange Park, FL 32067, United States

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Phone: N/A

Website: http://gratefuldoodles.com/

Tatortot Pup

Address: 5160 Northridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34238, United States

Phone: +1 941-374-6440

Website: http://www.tatortotpup.com/

Havanese Angels

Address: 12100 SW 104th St, Miami, FL 33186, United States

Phone: +1 305-218-7960

Website: https://www.havaneseangels.com/

Puppies Tampa

Address: 6031 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33614, United States

Phone: +1 813-374-8970

Website: http://www.puppiestampa.com/

Petland Waterford Lakes

Address: 453 North Alafaya Trail, Waterford Lakes Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32828, United States

Phone: +1 407-288-8864

Website: http://www.petland-orlando-east.com/

Epic Puppies

Address: 9541 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165, United States

Phone: +1 786-703-6590

Website: https://www.epicpuppies.com/puppies-for-sale

1. PuppySpot Cavapoos Florida

cavapoo breeders in florida arms around cute dogcavapoo breeders in florida arms around cute dog

Cavapoo Breeder Information

– Website: PuppySpot Cavapoos Florida

PuppySpot is probably the best place to start your search for the ideal Cavapoo puppy. This network screens all their breeders according to AKC standards. What’s so great is that there’s no wait time for a purebred Cavapoo puppy! Unlike other Cavapoo breeders in Florida, where you have to wait up to a year to get a puppy.

However, don’t think PuppySpot is a puppy mill or something similar just because they have available puppies. They’re definitely not! It’s only a network of reputable Cavapoo breeders in Florida. If one breeder doesn’t have a Cavapoo for you, another one sure will!

Filter your search on the website and choose the gender, age, size, and even coat color of your future Cavapoo pup. If you find a puppy, but the breeder is located outside Florida, the breeder will hand-deliver the puppy to your home.

If you can’t wait to get your Cavapoo dog, checking out PuppySpot should be the first thing you do.

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2. Wags To Riches Cavapoos Florida

Cavapoo Breeder Details

– Location: Boca Raton, FL

– Email: [email protected]

– Website: Waggs to Riches Cavapoos Florida

– Facebook: Find Them on Facebook

– Telephone: 561-623-3308

The Wags to Riches breeder is also known as “the nation’s premier full-service pet boutique.” In other words, it’s somewhere all pet parents’ needs are met.

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Not only do they breed Cavapoos, Wags to Riches also has a grooming facility, a pet store, and an adorable boutique with all the bells and whistles.

This breeder is dedicated to helping you pamper your Cavapoo puppy, no matter if it’s theirs or bought somewhere else. However, Wags to Riches Cavapoo puppies are simply adorable and worthy of your attention.

We can’t tell you the price of Cavapoo puppies or how big of a deposit you must pay. They prefer this to be a secret and will only tell you the cost once you get there.

The good news is, you don’t have to drive all the way to their facility to get your puppy because they will deliver the puppy to you if you live outside Florida. And if you do live in the area, they offer professional training for the puppies.

3. Lancaster Puppies FL

cavapoo sitting on grass looking awazcavapoo sitting on grass looking awaz

Cavapoo Breeder Details

– Location: Naples, FL

– Instagram: Social Media

– Website: Lancaster Puppies Florida

– Facebook: Facebook

Here we have an online pet shop that sells Cavapoo puppies in Florida. Lancaster Puppies have lots of different puppy breeds available, including adorable Cavapoo puppies! Other small doodle mixes are available too.

However, they are on the expensive end. For example, they recently sold a Cavapoo puppy for $5,000! If you’re in Naples, Florida, and you’re okay with the pricing, you might as well contact Lancaster Puppies.

Since there is no provided information about where the puppies come from, we recommend you ask lots of questions to avoid the possibility of the puppy coming from a puppy mill.

4. Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers Florida

Cavapoo Breeder Information

– Location: Jacksonville, FL

– Email: [email protected]

– Facebook: Find Them on Facebook

It may be tricky to contact the Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers since they have no phone number or website listed anywhere on the Internet. However, we did manage to find their Facebook page and an email address.

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As far as we can tell, based on their Facebook photos, the Cavapoo puppies are healthy pups, and they do take care of them. The good news is that they have controlled litters and not too many dogs in their homes. Still, you better do your research because social media can show a distorted image.

Sweet Manor Country Cavaliers breed only King Charles Cavaliers and Cavapoo puppies in Florida. Even though they’re not professionals, we can still exclude the suspicion of them being a puppy mill. They’re simply hobby breeders with lots of experience in the field.

You will need to contact them for information on pricing, deposit, and shipping, as they don’t have that listed anywhere. Just message the breeder and arrange a meeting.

5. Florida Pups Cavapoos

cavapoo standing outsidecavapoo standing outside

Cavapoo Breeder Information

– Location: All over Florida

– Email: [email protected]

– Website: Cavapoos for Sale Florida

– Facebook: Find Them on Facebook

– Telephone: 941-417-0782

Even though we don’t recommend buying from pet stores, Florida Pups Cavapoos is not like any other store. They actually source puppies from all over Florida. But, these puppies come from trusted sources.

Florida Pups also provides health guarantees for their puppies. Still, don’t forget to read all the fine print because mistakes do happen. Ask all the questions you want. Take the dog to the vet for a checkup. If everything turns out okay (and chances are, it will!), you’ll get a healthy Cavapoo puppy.

The biggest downside of this breeder is the inability to visit their facility, so you won’t be able to see the puppy’s temperament. But, with proper training, any obstacle can be solved.

Their Cavapoo puppies can cost $2,800 to $4,000 with arranged shipping. Meaning, there’s a puppy for everyone’s budget.

Online Cavapoo Breeders

cavapoo lying on bed on sofacavapoo lying on bed on sofa

Even though there are numerous Cavapoo breeders in Florida, chances are you will end up on a waiting list. Keeping this in mind, you should check out online Cavapoo breeders or trusted sources that have their offers online.

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Here we have a few reliable platforms or search engines that could connect you with an ideal puppy near you.

AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has an online MarketPlace. If you want to search online for Cavapoos, this is the first stop you should make.

Besides being a good source of Cavapoo breeders, the AKC MarketPlace has other information that might be helpful to you.

Visit the MarketPlace here!

Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet is another great website where you can find a Cavapoo. This is also North America’s largest non-profit pet adoption platform. This is more than enough for us to trust Adopt a Pet.

Visit Adopt a Pet here!

Puppies For Sale Today

Our last online platform would be Puppies For Sale Today. They have a bunch of other dog breeds, including Cavapoos. You never know when you’ll find one in your search results.

Visit Puppies For Sale Today here!

The Average Price Of A Cavapoo Puppy In Florida

Cavapoo puppy sitting on grassCavapoo puppy sitting on grass

With their adorable appearance and sweet character, Cavapoo puppies are quite popular among dog owners. But, they do come with a downside, and it’s their price.

Cavapoo puppies are listed for about $1,500. It’s the standard price for all Cavapoo breeders in Florida, but the price can go up and down.

What you should be aware of is not buying puppies for anything less than $1,500 since it could be a fraudulent seller and a puppy from a puppy mill.

How To Choose The Best Cavapoo Breeder In Florida

Dog breeders are more important in the puppies’ lives than you might think. Their importance stretches further, even after the puppies are adopted into their furever homes. That’s why you should choose only reliable and reputable sources.

A puppy’s health is the first thing you should check. A healthy puppy is a happy one, all clean and plump, not skinny at all. You can tell a lot about a dog based on its coat condition.

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Still, visit the vet for a check-up and have the puppy receive its vaccinations and a microchip.

Every reputable breeder will allow you to visit the puppy’s parents. By looking at the parents, you can tell what kind of temperament your Cavapoo puppy might have. Will it be feisty or sweet and calm?

Also, always ask to see their breeding facility. If they insist on meeting somewhere else, e.g., in the park, it’s a red flag. This would mean the breeder uses unethical procedures or keeps the dogs in such an environment.

Having a cooling-off period in your agreement is always a plus side! This means the breeder will accept the puppy back if you can’t take care of it or if circumstances make the puppy’s life in your home intolerable. It’s usually a period of 7 days.

The last sign you’re dealing with a responsible breeder is the paperwork. A good breeder should provide:

• microchip paperwork

• change of ownership papers

•  pedigree papers (if the dog has pedigree)

•  helpful information on taking care of your puppy


cavapoo sitting on sofa looking at cameracavapoo sitting on sofa looking at camera

Photo from:@pelle.cavapoo

Cavapoo breeders in Florida are becoming more popular nowadays because people have discovered how wonderful Cavapoo puppies are. Cavapoos don’t shed. They’re considered hypoallergenic and are delightful family dogs. These teddy bear pups will quickly move from being new family members to your favorite family member!

If you’re planning on getting a Cavapoo for your family, you won’t make a mistake by adopting from one of the listed breeders in Florida. However, you should always ask questions about the breeding process, the parents, and the puppies.

You can never be too careful!

If, by any chance, you can’t find a Cavapoo puppy in Florida, take a look at our lists of good Cavapoo breeders in Arizona and New York.

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