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If you are searching for a new family member, and you think that this cute little dog breed could be your companion, search no more! We prepared for you eight best French bulldog breeders in Michigan.

Now, let us introduce you to this small dog breed before we proceed with places where you can get yourself one.

Did you know that the French bulldog breed is fourth in popularity in the United States according to the American Kennel Club? And, not just that – they are also on the list of the best dog breeds for first-time canine owners. You probably wonder why.

Well, their friendly, easy-going nature will make your bonding and taking care of them a lot easier. They are not demanding at all, so you have time to learn everything about Frenchies while cuddling them in your lap as they are known to be great snuggle buddies.

Frenchies come in various coat colors such as cream, white and fawn, and coats with sable, brindle, black, piebald, fawn, with ticked and white markings. Frenchies can also be chocolate and blue merle, which is a rare case.

Frenchies are considered to be very playful, and they can adapt quickly. Since they aren’t considered aggressive, a huge family with children is a great fit for them. However, a single person in a cute little apartment could also be the real deal. They love to be around another French bulldog, and we can’t blame them for that. Imagine the amount of happiness with two Frenchies.

If you have doubts about getting yourself a Frenchie puppy, I’m sure that in a matter of seconds, you won’t have any when you see the list of French bulldog breeders in Michigan that we created just for you.

French Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Michigan

French Bulldog Puppies standing on towelFrench Bulldog Puppies standing on towel

It is a well-known fact that French bulldogs have reached high popularity nowadays. Because of that, there are many breeders in the market trying to reach the breed standard. However, you must be aware that there are also many who are not so suitable.

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But, you don’t have to worry about that since we searched for reputable breeders that can provide you with quality Frenchies that are true to the breed standard.

You are on the right track! Let’s find your perfect puppy among the list of the best French Bulldog breeders in Michigan!

1. BlueStar Frenchie

First on our list of French bulldog breeders in Michigan is BlueStar Frenchie. This breeder is located in Novi, Michigan. Their breeding program started many years ago. Since then, they have been committed to producing healthy French Bulldogs with rare coat colors and DNA, such as Lilac Merle, Lilac, Blue Merle, and Blue.

Their goal is to contribute positively to the French Bulldog breed, taking care that their dogs are regularly tested for genetic defects, and using Artificial Insemination and C-section as ways of birth. Newborn puppies are incubated in order to lower the risk of puppies and dams.

After incubation, their puppies grow in their loving home with other dogs and children in order to develop great social skills and have a wonderful character. It is important for puppies to be raised in a healthy and happy environment.

They are aware that Frenchies, when bred irresponsibly, can develop many health issues. That’s why they take this seriously as they adore this breed. Before the breeding process, their dogs are DNA and health tested, and also AKC-registered.

Unfortunately, Blue-Star Frenchies don’t prefer home visits, but on the other hand, they will gladly meet you locally at the vet or another location you both agree on. However, if you are unable to come, they will FaceTime you, which is also great, isn’t it?

They do not ship their Frenchies, but they will deliver your puppy with a starter pack, deworming, and age-appropriate vaccinations to an airport near you.

Check out their website to reserve your new favorite companion!

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Blue Star Frenchie Details

Location: Novi, MI, USA

Website: BlueStar Frenchie

Facebook: BlueStar Frenchie

2. Hammar French Bulldogs

French Bulldog walking outsideFrench Bulldog walking outside

Next on our list of French Bulldog breeders in Michigan is Hammar French Bulldogs, located in Gladstone, Michigan. Laurie is a veterinarian who has been breeding Frenchies for over 17 years.

Her goal is to raise healthy Frenchie puppies the proper way. She keeps the puppies with their mom until they are 9 and 1/2 weeks old to allow the new babies to learn certain lessons, to learn to interact, and to adapt to new situations. That way, she raises puppies that are healthy and happy.

Puppies get their first vaccine at six weeks, and their second vaccine at nine weeks. These vaccinations are a great start on their development and immune system, which will protect them from deadly diseases such as Distemper Virus, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, and Coronavirus. When your puppy is vaccinated, he is protected and ready to go out and win the world!

The puppies are raised in a loving home, and the breeder takes care of them daily by making sure that they are quality fed and developing on time. The puppies enjoy this home just like if they were in a 5-star hotel.

Now, how does the process of getting one of their puppies work? This breeder prefers that you travel to them so you can learn everything you need to know about your new friend. That includes feeding, toy choices, how they like to play, vaccines given, their schedule, health questions, their bathing supplies, and so on.

Also, the puppy will get to know you so when you bring him to your new home, there won’t be any side effects of home-sickness. So, what are you waiting for?

Hammar French Bulldogs Details

Location: Gladstone, MI, USA

Phone: 906 356 6348

Website: Hammar French Bulldogs

Email: [email protected]

3. Jessicah’s Frenchies

french bulldog standing on grass looking at camerasfrench bulldog standing on grass looking at cameras

Our next stop is in Howell, Michigan, where we can find the small home breeder, Jessicah’s Frenchies. This breeder takes pride in breeding AKC-registered French Bulldogs. They strive to stimulate their puppies early on, and their Frenchies grow in their loving home with their children.

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This breeder’s aim is to raise puppies that will be well socialized in order to develop a great temperament, and to produce top-quality Frenchies that fit the AKC breed standard.

On their Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as on their official website, you can see many photos of their cute Frenchies, so feel free to check them out so you can choose your perfect puppy.

Puppies are allowed to leave this breeder at ten weeks of age, and with the puppy, you get a one-year health guarantee, deworming, age-appropriate vaccines, and heart guard started – and, of course, no puppy leaves without a starter kit.

On their website, you can fill out an application so hurry up!

Jessicah’s Frenchies Details

Location: Howell, MI, USA

Website: Jessicah’s Frenchies

4. Luv For Frenchies

French Bulldog standing by treeFrench Bulldog standing by tree

What would our list of French Bulldog breeders in Michigan be without Luv For Frenchies? This small, family-owned breeder is located in the north end of Lansing, Michigan, toward the Dewitt area.

Even though Debi’s interest was in breeding Boston Terriers, the moment Debi and her family saw Spike, a French Bulldog, they fell in love and decided to breed these cute canines.

They have been breeding since 1987, and from that time on, they have owned twenty-one French Bulldogs. Their puppies are born and raised in their wonderful home, treated with a lot of attention and love.

Their puppies go to their forever home well socialized and started on potty training. With the puppy, you get a one-year health guarantee, it being current on vaccines, dewormed, its dew claws removed, and microchipped.

If you require shipping, the deadline is eight weeks and one day old.

Luv For Frenchies Details

Location: Lansing, MI, USA

Phone: 517 282 5348

Website: Luv For Frenchies

Email: [email protected]

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5. Bullish Pride

French Bulldog sitting with white backgroundFrench Bulldog sitting with white background

Welcome to Owosso, Michigan, where we found an AKC-certified hobby breeder named Bullish Pride. They take pride in breeding AKC French Bulldogs. Their passion is to raise Frenchies in their home full of love in order to produce happy, well behaved, and socialized furry friends.

Before breeding, their puppies are tested for OFA certifications and genetic defects. Bullish Pride puppies are raised in accordance with Puppy Culture, and this breeder stimulates them in order to have well developed puppies with a good temperament.

When you choose your perfect puppy, you will be updated about your puppy’s progress and growth. With the puppy, you get pre-paid AKC registration, a one-year health guarantee, and the puppy being dewormed, microchipped, and with age-appropriate vaccinations. They offer a lifetime of support, mentoring, and advice for all of you who decide to buy one of their Frenchies.

They won’t forget to also send a starter pack, which includes a puppy bed, toys, a blanket, personalized items, bowls, food, a potty bell, treats, and so on.

Take a look at their website for deposit and contract information.

Bullish Pride Details

Location: Owosso, MI, USA

Phone: 989 472 3069

Website: Bullish Pride

Facebook: Bullish Pride

Email: [email protected]

6. Davis K French Bulldogs

French Bulldog sitting on sofaFrench Bulldog sitting on sofa

Our sixth stop is in Clarkston, Michigan, where Davis K French Bulldogs is located. This responsible breeder takes pride in producing top-quality dogs. Their goal is to show quality with preservation and improvement of the breed by health testing.

Their focus is on conformation, temperament, and structural soundness. Their dogs and puppies are part of their family, and they give their companions a lot of love and attention.

This breeder trains the dogs itself, starting very early. He also shows them, unless they are due or in the house. As members of French Bulldog Fanciers of Canada, the French Bulldog Fanciers of Michigan, and the French Bulldog Club of America, they preserve breeding through well-founded pedigrees.

When their puppies become available, they are on a spay/neuter contract. They do home deliveries and home checks, and they require veterinary care.

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Feel free to contact the breeder by email, then they will email you back and get in contact via phone because they prefer it that way.

Davis K French Bulldogs Details

Location: Clarkston, MI, USA

Website: Davis K French Bulldogs

Facebook: DavisK French Bulldogs

Email: [email protected]

7. Pure Michigan Frenchies

French Bulldog puppy looking upFrench Bulldog puppy looking up

Pure Michigan Frenchies has been breeding these cute little dogs for 16 years. They are devoted to producing healthy puppies that fit the breeding standard, and they also raise rare-colored French Bulldogs.

Their puppies are raised in a loving home full of kids and laughter. Their puppies are surely well socialized and well behaved as they grow up with other dogs.

If you check their social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, you will not resist their photos of little Frenchies posing for the camera. Make sure to contact this breeder through the listed details to find out more about their process of purchasing and other things.

Pure Michigan Frenchies Details

Location: Michigan, USA

Phone: 269 501 5867 / 269 674 7020

Website: Pure Michigan Frenchies

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: Pure Michigan Frenchies

Facebook: Pure Michigan Frenchies

8. Redfern French Bulldogs

French Bulldog lying in parkFrench Bulldog lying in park

Last, but not least on our list of French Bulldog breeders in Michigan is Redfern French Bulldogs, located in Ada, just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Their Frenchies are born and raised in their house, enjoying the love that their children give them. They breed French Bulldogs as close to the AKC standards of the breed as possible.

Their top priority is producing healthy puppies with sound temperament. As a member of the French Bulldog Club of America, they allow visits for anyone interested in the breed. The fact that they choose to have only a few litters a year tells you enough about how they truly care about the breeding program.

This breeder educates herself on breed standards, pedigrees, form, and function in order to prevent health and temperament issues. The breeder is making proper and educated decisions on both males and females in order to monitor healthy and happy dogs that thrive with a wonderful temperament.

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All of their Frenchies are health tested, so make sure to contact the breeder about upcoming litters.

Redfern French Bulldogs

Location: Ada, MI, USA

Website: Redfern French Bulldogs

Email: [email protected]

What Is A Fair Price For A French Bulldog?

Well, if you searched for the best French Bulldog breeders in Michigan, you are probably interested in buying one. So, the first question that comes up in your mind is how much are French Bulldogs?

The average price of a Frenchie would be $2,800, but it can range from $1,800 to $4,500. The price of a French Bulldog depends on its bloodline, genes, age, breeder, location, and pedigree. The price is this big because of their high popularity in today’s world.

If you thought that you would spend less when purchasing a Frenchie, there is always the option of adopting one. There are many rescue organizations that you can turn to if you decide to get yourself a puppy this way.

All In All

French Bulldog by lakeFrench Bulldog by lake

French Bulldogs are excellent family pets. Anyone who has or has ever had a Frenchie in their life knows that their happiness is remarkable. Frenchies are almost the perfect puppies.

We hope we’ve made your decision a little bit easier with this list of the best French Bulldog breeders in Michigan. Your only job is to pick one and reserve your puppy.

Quality breeding means that it’s not often that reputable breeders have available litters, so you will need to wait a little bit in order to have your new cuddle buddy with you. That’s why you need to hurry up.

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