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The viral videos of heroic dog rescuing action always make us tear up. There’s something heartbreaking about dogs in need. Another soul gets to be saved from a terrible fate. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

What looked like a normal day on the street went awry in seconds. One of the stray dogs we see in the video got trapped next to an overflowing river and couldn’t climb up.

The small piece of land next to the river wouldn’t last for long. Dogs don’t have a natural ability to climb steep surfaces. The whole situation could have ended tragically.

We don’t know how long the dog was trapped down there. It could’ve been for hours. He was most definitely hungry, thirsty, and exhausted. Stress and dogs don’t go well together. In fact, no one deals well with stress, especially not animals!

Those moments spent next to the river must have seemed like an eternity. That is until the rescuers arrived. Thanks to the Bolivian police officers, the poor pup got out of this situation without a scratch. One of them risked his life to save the stray.

The trapped dog was clearly afraid and stressed out by the situation until the police officer went down to him. A hand was sniffed, his head was scratched, and a trusting bond was born.

The man was gentle with the poor fella. Every friendly touch assured he meant no harm. If you look closer, you can see at one point that the officer checks the dog’s teeth to make sure he’s still acting friendly and not growling at what’s happening.

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Even though the officer brought a muzzle with him, he decided it wasn’t necessary. The dog was friendly and looking forward to being saved. It seemed as though the dog understood the officer’s actions were good-intentioned.

The agony didn’t last long. The only way out was up. With much effort, the officer lifted the heavy dog and handed it over to his colleagues and the buddy pup, who, as if he tried to help, didn’t leave his sight.

Police Officers Saved A Pup With A Little Help From His FriendPolice Officers Saved A Pup With A Little Help From His Friend

What’s so sweet about this troublesome event is that his buddy stayed watching the whole time. It was as if he knew the support would mean a lot for the trapped dog. Proof of true friendship was seen that rainy day and more evidence of police bravery.

If it wasn’t for the officers, one dog could’ve drowned, and the other one would’ve been left heartbroken. Even dogs value true friendship and a helping hand.

What triggered people online on Reddit was the question of how the dog even got down there. Some comments claim a taxi driver dropped the dog down there. The others simply stated that all they could do is guess.

Be that as it may, the important thing is the dog was saved. Friends were reunited. Two buddies ran away together to new adventures. Let’s hope the next ones won’t be this dangerous.

And the internet got another video to cry over. Something like this simply melts your heart, doesn’t it?

By Andy Marcus

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