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What does a low maintenance dog mean?

For some people, it is a dog that does not have high energy levels, and does not require too much exercise on a daily basis. Some will say that it is a dog that doesn’t shed too much and does not require regular visits to a professional groomer.

For some, it is a dog that can tolerate being alone for a certain period of time during the day. This is especially important in today’s world where most of us have a busy lifestyle and spend a lot of time away from home.

Of course, the thought of having a dog that is easy to maintain does not mean that such a dog does not need to be taken care of at all. This just means that it is less demanding compared to some other dog breeds that need much more care, mental or physical stimulation, or space.

Today, we have prepared 33 low maintenance dogs for first time owners.

We believe that every dog lover will find their choice on our list!

33 Low Maintenance Dogs For First Time Owners

If you are planning to bring a furry friend into your home, I believe you already know roughly what kind of dog you are looking for. If you are not quite sure yet, we are here to help with some suggestions.

Small dogs, medium-sized dogs, large dogs, dogs of different colors… They are all on our list!

Continue reading to learn more about 33 low maintenance dogs for first time owners. We are sure that at least one of these dogs will suit your lifestyle and your living space.

1. Basset Hound

basset hound with toybasset hound with toy

The short-legged, affectionate, and easy-going Basset Hound is the first on our list of low-maintenance dog breeds.

There are many Basset Hound colors, but you will most often see this dog in a tricolor version; these three colors include black, cream, and white.

Although this dog is quite short, it has a very strong body, and it is excellent as a hunting dog. For many years, this dog was best known for its ability to hunt, but today, its role as a favorite pet comes first.

The Basset Hound is an extremely calm and patient dog that adores people. He can be considered a bit headstrong, but at the same time, he is irresistible, and therefore, we can easily forgive him for this character trait.

Because these dogs are loyal and affectionate to people, they make great pets, even for first-time dog owners. Basset Hounds are especially good with children.

This dog will have no problem staying with you in the apartment for most of the day, but it will not mind frequent walks either.

Active exercise is not absolutely necessary, but it is advised so that the Basset Hound does not have problems with excess weight. Since they are likely to have problems with obesity, it is also important to always choose the best dog food for Basset Hounds.

2. Beagle

two beagle puppies posing outdoortwo beagle puppies posing outdoor

The small, friendly, and curious Beagle is our second choice for low-maintenance dogs. The Beagle was once a hunting dog, and today, it is the choice of many people as a family dog.

This dog is extremely sociable, so it will get along well with children, other dogs, and even cats! Moreover, the Beagle loves being part of a big family and all the activities in which his family is involved.

A Beagle is also suitable for apartment living, although it has quite a lot of energy. It is important to socialize him from an early age so that his instinct for dominance will not make trouble for his owner.

This dog is very intelligent, and it will enjoy a variety of “smart” dog games to keep him active.

A Beagle has a thick, but short coat. It does shed, but not excessively, so you shouldn’t have to do a lot of maintenance on the Beagle’s coat.

The lifespan of a Beagle is estimated at 10 to 15 years, and some of the health issues that this dog could face are glaucoma, cherry eye, and hip dysplasia.

A Beagle is a great option for a family dog, even for families that have not had a dog before.

If you have a cat, the Beagle will also enjoy its company!

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog in evening sunBernese Mountain Dog in evening sun

Next comes a large dog that can best be described as a gentle giant.

If you look up the Bernese Mountain Dog cost, you will see that this is not a cheap dog. Its price might go up to a couple of thousand dollars, but this is not for no reason. This dog has a strong working ethic, and it is, at the same time, a wonderful family dog.

The Bernese Mountain Dog was used as a working dog for many years. Over time, people noticed that this giant is an extremely gentle and patient dog, especially with children. Therefore, this dog breed is becoming more and more popular with families around the world today.

The Bernese Mountain Dog has a double coat that sheds moderately. Weekly brushing is recommended with this breed in order to avoid tangles. Also, regular brushing helps the Bernese Mountain Dog’s fur stay healthy and silky.

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The Bernese Mountain Dog will enjoy resting and lazing around with its owner. These large dogs do not require a lot of exercise, but it is advisable to take them outside regularly so that they do not become sluggish.

This dog loves to see its owner happy, so it is very suitable for training. In addition, the Bernese Mountain Dog is a true protector of its family. If you are looking for a big guard dog, we have found a great option for you!

4. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise dogBichon Frise dog

From one big dog to a cute little dog – the Bichon Frise is one more low-maintenance dog suited for first-time owners.

I believe you all know that these dogs are predominantly white, but did you know that the Bichon Frise can have other colors and shades, such as white and cream, and white and apricot?

These dogs are very lively, and they love to be part of a family. After appropriate training and early socialization, the Bichon Frise is fine with spending some time alone.

As for the exercise of this dog, he is very adaptable, and will do as much exercise as its owner teaches it. However, what a Bichon will always enjoy is playtime with its owner!

This dog does not shed much, and it is suitable for living both in a house and in an apartment. He loves to cuddle and play with children, and he is not hostile even to foreigners.

In addition to the purebred Bichon, today, there are various Bichon Frise mixed breed dogs that are equally lovely dogs suitable even for first-time owners, so we recommend that you take a look at them, too!

5. Border Terrier

Border Terrier sitting outdoor on sofaBorder Terrier sitting outdoor on sofa

Our next pick of low maintenance dogs for first time owners is a small Terrier dog breed called the Border Terrier.

This affectionate and happy little dog would be a delightful choice for all dog fanciers. His wiry coat is pretty easy to handle. Children will adore playing with this energetic dog. They are equally good for keeping in a small apartment or in a house with a yard.

The Border Terrier is a fairly easy breed of dog to maintain. The only thing to watch out for is this dog’s tendency to dig. Let’s not forget that this dog is a Terrier!

With proper socialization and training, this dog’s prey drive can be kept under control. Being extremely intelligent, the Border Terrier will learn commands very quickly.

This dog is not a big fan of other animals. Actually, he will probably chase cats or other animals if you have any in your household. So, a Border Terrier is a better option for people who do not have any other pets.

By having all of the attention from children just for himself, the Border Terrier will be their best companion!

6. Boston Terrier

The name of our next low-maintenance dog is the Boston Terrier. According to the Boston Terrier growth chart, this is a small dog breed that should not weigh more than 25 pounds.

This dog adores children, and loves to spend time playing with them. Care must be taken here so that the Boston Terrier does not get hurt during a play session since this small dog gets injured very easily.

Although it is quite small, the Boston Terrier is excellent as a guard dog.

This Terrier does not need a lot of daily exercise. He won’t require you to take him for walks often, but he will still be very likely to be emotionally attached to you and want to follow you wherever you go. Simply, it is his lovely nature and desire to spend as much time as possible with his owner.

The coat of the Boston Terrier is short and smooth, and it is quite easy to maintain. It does not shed excessively, and it is enough to brush it about once a week.

The only thing that needs a bit more attention is the Boston Terrier’s eyes as this breed is prone to eye infections. Therefore, the eyes of this dog need to be checked and cleaned regularly.

7. Boxer

Running boxer puppy in a meadowRunning boxer puppy in a meadow

Alert and courageous, the Boxer is the favorite dog of many families. He is patient and protective, which makes him a child’s favorite. Properly trained and socialized, a Boxer will show no aggressive tendencies.

His fur is short and very easy to maintain. Bathing this dog is only necessary occasionally.

With a lot of mental stimulation, praise, and his favorite food, the Boxer can be trained into being a supremely obedient dog.

A Boxer is quite a playful dog, and it might surprise you with its childish behavior. Even if your Boxer is already two years old, he might behave similar to when he was a small puppy. So, since these dogs mature later, you will have a significantly longer puppyhood with a Boxer!

Find Boxer breeders of top quality on our list of breeders from all over the United States.

8. Broholmer

Broholmer in the fieldBroholmer in the field

The larger, friendly, and protective Broholmer is a low-maintenance dog that will be a good choice even for first-time dog owners.

In the past, this dog was a very successful deer hunter and guardian of property. Today, it protects its human families just as well. However, the Broholmer is still best known in his native Denmark.

It is an excellent dog for families, it is quite calm and patient, and at the same time, it is always alert and ready to protect its loved ones. Purely out of caution, he is suspicious of strangers until he gets used to the presence of a new person in his environment.

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A Broholmer will enjoy long walks, and will adapt better to life in a house with a yard than to life in a small apartment. This is one quiet dog, with a calm nature. A Broholmer’s appearance is actually completely deceiving since he looks scary, but in fact, he is a gentle and obedient dog.

The most common health problems of the Broholmer dog breed are Gastric dilatation-volvulus, also known as bloat, and hip dysplasia.

9. Brussels Griffon

Dog of breed the Brussels griffon sits in a park in autumnDog of breed the Brussels griffon sits in a park in autumn

Our next dog choice is slightly harder to find than other dog breeds on this list. So, there are not as many Brussels Griffon breeders as there are, for example, Bichon Frise, or Beagle breeders.

This toy dog is comical and intelligent. What he is most famous for is his facial expression that resembles a bearded man.

The Brussels Griffon is an extremely curious and active dog that likes to be in the center of events. This dog loves his family, but is by no means a fan of strangers.

The Brussels Griffon barks loudly and often, which makes it an excellent guard dog, but at the same time, it can often throw you off track.

Therefore, it is necessary to start training this dog as soon as possible in order for it to master the basic commands.

It is more advisable for this dog breed to live inside with its family. Although it may seem that this dog wants to assert himself as dominant, he is actually a gentle soul that loves to receive attention from his owner.

10. Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff on the green grassBull Mastiff on the green grass

Wondering if you read it right? Isn’t a Bull Mastiff one dangerous dog breed? Well, let me tell you that a Bull Mastiff is as equally gentle and easy to care for as are the other dogs on this list. The key is, of course, to properly socialize and train this large dog.

Large and strong, the Bull Mastiff has been known for years as an exceptional guard dog. This reliable dog is a dog you can truly trust. Even when he seems uninterested, the Bull Mastiff is always alert and ready to react if he sees a stranger near you.

A Bull Mastiff’s coat is short and dense, and these dogs are not heavy shedders.

This dog does not need too much exercise, and it can often spend the day lounging on the couch or in the yard. However, it is recommended to take the Bull Mastiff for regular walks so that he does not get too lazy.

He gets along great with children, and the only thing to watch out for is the reluctance of this dog to live with other pets.

His appearance might lead you to believe that the Bull Mastiff is prone to loud barking and biting. Exactly the opposite! If the Bull Mastiff is barking, be sure that something is really going on.

11. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles SpanielCavalier King Charles Spaniel

The charming Cavalier King Charles Spaniel also found its place on our list today.

Fun, gentle, and in love with its owner, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an excellent choice for any family, even for those who are not sure which type of dog would suit them best. Children will enjoy lazing around with this dog or playing flyball with him.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a silky, wavy coat, and sheds moderately.

With lots of petting and telling them what a great dog they are, training a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will be very easy, even for inexperienced dog trainers.

The lifespan of this dog is from nine to 14 years, which means that with regular veterinary examinations and good lifestyle habits, you could spend many happy years with your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

12. Chihuahua

brown chihuahua sitting on floorbrown chihuahua sitting on floor

A Chihuahua is a small dog with an exceptional personality. This dog is fast and brave. There is a high probability that the Chihuahua will bond with one person in the family from the beginning, and that he will remain most attached to that one person for the rest of his life.

I’m sure you’ve heard that Chihuahuas are quite aggressive. Is this true?

The interesting thing about these dogs is that even though they are small, they are ready to challenge a much bigger and stronger dog without a second thought.

Quite simply – the Chihuahua is both protective and defensive.

Let’s not forget that any dog can show aggression if it is provoked by some external factors. Therefore, early socialization and training are especially important for Chihuahuas.

With proper upbringing, a Chihuahua can become an excellent pet that is very easy to care for. Just show your Chihuahua who is the boss in the house right from the start!

13. Cocker Spaniel

happy english cocker spaniel puppyhappy english cocker spaniel puppy

Due to its gentle character, the Cocker Spaniel is extremely suitable for first-time owners. These dogs love to play with children, and if they are properly socialized and exposed to different places and sounds from an early age, they can get along well with other animals as well.

Cocker Spaniels are quite energetic and athletic; therefore, they are very trainable. They do not require much exercise, but they will always enjoy a walk with their owner.

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If you have trouble with allergies, I am sorry to inform you that a Cocker Spaniel is not a hypoallergenic dog. His coat will need regular grooming, but this should not be a deciding factor as to whether to own a Cocker Spaniel or not.

It would be a shame to miss this cuddling and sweet dog that, above all, loves to feel like a family member!

14. Dachshund

dachshund dog standing on the beach at sunsetdachshund dog standing on the beach at sunset

The Dachshund is a great option for families looking for a small guard dog. Although it is small, this dog is very brave, and loves its role as the protector of the family.

You may have heard that the Dachshund is known for being an aggressive dog. However, we assure you that a properly socialized and raised dog will not show aggression. This kind of dog will get along great with children, and will be suitable even for living in a small apartment.

Dachshunds are not hypoallergenic, but they are not heavy shedders either. There are three types of Dachshund coats: the long-haired, the wire-haired, and the smooth one.

Life with a Dachshund means a life full of laughter. You will enjoy the hilarious ideas of this clever dog! What you will surely like additionally is that this dog loves to be cuddled.

15. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer spanielEnglish Springer spaniel

Previously a gun dog, the English Springer Spaniel is nowadays known as a loving family dog.

These dogs are very curious, cheerful, and intelligent. They are the happiest when they have a task to do, especially when it is in the company of their family.

If you like hiking, then the English Springer Spaniel will be your favorite companion for this activity!

They are friendly towards children and other dogs.

This dog sheds moderately, so regular brushing is recommended.

The English Springer Spaniel is not exactly a top guard dog. This dog will prefer cuddling over guarding the house and property.

This dog learns quickly, and is extremely obedient, so training this dog is not too demanding. However, he needs a lot of exercise and he can’t stand boredom.

Therefore, the English Springer Spaniel is suitable for more active families that spend a lot of time outside.

16. French Bulldog

cute french bulldog puppie sleepingcute french bulldog puppie sleeping

The French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie, might be described as a couch potato dog.

I believe that there is no house or family in which the irresistible French Bulldog could not fit. Why is the French Bulldog easy to maintain, and is suitable for first-time owners?

Well, imagine a dog that can lie down for days, rarely bark, and shed very little. All this is a description of the adorable French Bulldog! This dog is very easy-going and patient, and children will love him.

The Frenchie does not need much exercise, and his training is quite simple. If you are looking for a relaxed and quiet pet, there is no better choice for you than the French Bulldog!

We have gathered a list of reputable French Bulldog breeders from across the States, so check to see where you can find your Frenchie!

17. German Shepherd

cute german shepherd puppy posing outdoorcute german shepherd puppy posing outdoor

Our next low maintenance dog for first time owners is a very popular dog in the United States as well as in the rest of the world.

For people looking for a loyal and protective dog, their best choice would probably be a German Shepherd. This working dog is known as a family dog, but also as a police and military dog.

The German Shepherd is very smart and obedient, so training this dog is a real treat for dog lovers. There are merely a few things that a German Shepherd is not capable of learning.

Although he takes his role as a protector very seriously, the German Shepherd can be very gentle with his family, and will often accompany you wherever you go.

If you have a large property, get a German Shepherd. This dog’s howling will drive away any intruder who comes close to territory guarded by a German Shepherd!

18. Golden Retriever

adorable golden retriever puppie running outdooradorable golden retriever puppie running outdoor

Let’s move on to another very popular dog called the Golden Retriever.

This intelligent and affectionate dog has been the favorite family pet for many years. Why are people after the Golden Retriever?

Besides being incredibly cute, these dogs are obedient and loyal, and adore their family. They are easy to train, they are not aggressive, and with early socialization, they will get along well with other animals.

First of all, Golden Retrievers are family dogs, but they are also successful as service and therapy dogs.

One thing you will need to get used to is frequently encountering your Golden Retriever’s hair around the house since this dog sheds a lot.

Other than that, the Golden Retriever is an easy-to-maintain dog, and an excellent option for people who are about to introduce their first furry friend into their life and the lives of their family.

19. Havanese

White havanese dog standing on a tree trunkWhite havanese dog standing on a tree trunk

Our list of low-maintenance dogs also includes the charming and loving Havanese. Together with being a wonderful family dog, the Havanese also stands out as an excellent therapy dog that greatly helps people who are struggling with anxiety and similar difficulties.

These dogs are also suitable for living in an apartment, although their exercise needs are moderate.

They are friendly towards other animals. The Havanese is quite energetic, and loves to please its owner. More than anything, they like to feel like they are part of the family. They also love when they get praise from their owner, and lots, and I mean a lots of petting!

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They are particularly compatible with children, and they love to spend time playing with them.

In addition to these wonderful characteristics, the Havanese is also a dog that sheds little, and is considered a hypoallergenic dog. All dog lovers who have problems with allergies can be free to choose a Havanese for their future dog!

20. Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound on the grassitalian greyhound on the grass

The Italian Greyhound was originally a hunting dog. However, throughout history, this dog has also been known as the favorite companion of nobility. Due to its gentle and affectionate character, the Italian Greyhound is a beloved pet for many people today.

These dogs are quite energetic, but do not require much exercise. They adapt very easily to the level of activity that corresponds to their owner. They adore their family, but are often shy and suspicious of strangers. The Italian Greyhound will bark to alert you of any unusual occurrence; therefore, he is an excellent guard dog.

They are very intelligent and easy to train, too. They are extremely loyal dogs, and will manage to make you smile even on the gloomiest day.

If you are looking for a dog that is loving and affectionate, then the Italian Greyhound might be the right breed for you. His coat is of low maintenance since it is very short and sheds minimally.

One thing to bear in mind is that the Italian Greyhound is prone to dental issues, so his teeth should be cleaned regularly.

21. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever dog in the fall between leavesLabrador Retriever dog in the fall between leaves

The intelligent, affectionate, and gentle Labrador is a dog that will fit well into any family.

These dogs love to cuddle and play with children. In addition, they get along well with other animals.

They are very smart, and they can be easily trained by most people. Labradors belong to the group of larger dogs, but their gentle nature will make you feel like you have a small dog in your home.

One potential downside of this breed is that they shed a lot. However, with regular brushing and maintenance, we believe that this will not be too much of a problem for you. Considering all the advantages of this dog type, we think that this small flaw is completely negligible!

22. Maltese

adorable little maltese standing in the grassadorable little maltese standing in the grass

The small, white, and devoted Maltese is our next dog on this list of low-maintenance dogs.

The little Maltese does not need much exercise, so it is suitable for living in an apartment in the city.

The Maltese is a playful, affectionate, and obedient dog. These dogs develop a strong bond with their owner. He is generally a very outgoing dog that loves meeting new people and exploring new places.

Maltese do not shed much, and are considered a hypoallergenic dog. However, it is advisable to brush this puppy regularly, so that his fur does not get tangled, and also to clean dirt from it. Always use brushes recommended for Maltese to make this experience as pleasant as possible for your puppy.

With a good diet, regular visits to the vet, and a generally satisfactory lifestyle, the Maltese can be a long-lived dog. Some of them even live to be 18 years old!

23. Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature schnauzer dog posed with bright yellow and orange sunflowersMiniature schnauzer dog posed with bright yellow and orange sunflowers

The Miniature Schnauzer is an affectionate and fun-loving dog breed.

This dog loves being around his human family. Whatever activity you are engaged in at any given moment, the Miniature Schnauzer will want to participate!

At the same time, this dog is distrustful of strangers. It will let you know that someone unknown is nearby by barking loudly. Therefore, the Miniature Schnauzer is an excellent watchdog.

He is very intelligent, learns quickly, and is easy to train.

The Miniature Schnauzer sheds very little, so its fur is easy to maintain, and it is suitable for people with allergies.

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24. Newfoundland

black Newfoundland dog is standing on the grassblack Newfoundland dog is standing on the grass

The powerful and hard-working Newfoundland is our next low-maintenance dog.

These huge dogs are known for their patient and gentle character. They were successful as water dogs for years, while Newfoundland dogs are known today as Nanny Dogs. They adore children, and are unconditionally loyal and protective of them.

Newfoundland dogs are also tolerant of other animals. However, it is necessary to make sure that this big dog does not accidentally knock over a child or another pet while playing.

This dog’s exercise needs are moderate, and the activity he will especially enjoy is swimming.

The Newfoundland is a docile dog that is easy to train. Of course, it is necessary to start very early with training and socialization. Let’s not forget that this is an extremely large dog that can grow up to 28 inches!

Despite their size, Newfoundland dogs are suited for first-time owners. There are not many dogs like a Newfoundland, which will make a wonderful pet for your children to grow up with.

25. Papillon

Papillon dog sitting on the grassPapillon dog sitting on the grass

The tiny, playful, and loving Papillon is our next dog. This alert and good-natured dog makes a wonderful family companion. The Papillon is a toy dog breed that has it all – beauty, intelligence, and personality!

These dogs are very intelligent, which makes them highly trainable. If you want a family dog that can also be very successful in different dog sports, then the Papillon is the top choice for you.

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A Papillon’s long and silky coat is not prone to matting, and it requires minimal grooming.

A Papillon is suited for apartment living, just as long as he has some work to do. Puzzle toys are an excellent idea to keep your Papillon entertained and busy.

Papillons are extremely friendly to their family, and also to strangers and other animals.

Some of Papillon’s known health problems are Hypoglycemia, Patellar luxation, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy.

26. Pekingese

Pekingese on the grassPekingese on the grass

One of the best dog breeds if you are looking for a dog to live in an apartment is a Pekingese. Why? This dog is not too active, does not require much maintenance, and easily adapts to life in a small space.

The Pekingese is an intelligent and good-natured dog. He loves children, although we note that the Pekingese is a better option for families with slightly older children since this dog is quite independent, and does not prefer to be bothered by small children all day. On the other hand, the Pekingese is an excellent option for elderly people!

Concerning training, the Pekingese will respond best to positive reinforcement. Therefore, prepare this puppy’s favorite treats, give lots of praise, and training will go smoothly!

This dog does not need plenty of exercise. The only thing about him that could possibly be characterized as high-maintenance is his coat. It is recommended to brush the long and straight Pekingese’s coat once a week.

For whom is the Pekingese the best option? For people who live in an apartment, and for people who are looking for a small guard dog since this little dog will bark loudly at the arrival of a stranger!

27. Pomeranian

cute pomeranian dog standing in the flower fieldcute pomeranian dog standing in the flower field

The Pomeranian is becoming an increasingly popular family dog, which is not surprising because what dog lover could resist its sweetness? I would dare to say that it is even one of the most beautiful types of dogs in the whole world. But, beauty is not all that adorns a Pomeranian!

This dog is very playful, friendly, and sociable. His exercise needs are not high. Also, the Pomeranian is quite independent, so it is a great choice for busy families who are often away from home. The Pomeranian will be able to spend some time alone, but he will also be happy when he sees you at the front door!

Because he loves company, the Pomeranian will get along well with other animals, even with strangers.

These dogs have a double, thick coat that sheds in moderate amounts. They come in a variety of colors such as black, blue, chocolate, cream, orange, and many others.

28. Poodle

dog poodle in the gardendog poodle in the garden

The Poodle is an excellent dog for a family with children regardless of whether they have had a dog before. Elegant and extremely intelligent, the Poodle will be a great companion for adults and children.

On the AKC’s list of the most popular dogs in the United States for 2021, Poodles rank a high 5th. Not only is he friendly with his family, but Poodles are equally sociable with other animals, and even strangers provided, of course, that they are properly socialized.

Another additional advantage of Poodles that will please all people who suffer from allergies is the fact that Poodles do not shed much.

Poodles do not tend to bark often or loudly. Because they are very intelligent and like to please their owner, Poodles are one of the most suitable dogs for training.

Even if you have no experience with dog training, you will enjoy watching your Poodle learn commands.

29. Pug

pug dog posing in the parkpug dog posing in the park

When looking for the best type of dog for your children to grow up with, one of the amazing options is the tiny and adorable Pug. This dog is calm, charming, and tolerant. He is suitable for living in small spaces, and he will not mind if you let him sleep for most of the day!

This dog likes to please its owner, and to receive a lot of attention from them.

The Pug is not overly active, and chances are that you will have to encourage him to exercise. This can also be challenging as laziness, combined with overeating, can result in overweight Pugs.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to how often your Pug eats, and in what quantity. Also, it is advisable to always choose dog food that is best for a Pug.

30. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu in flower fieldShih Tzu in flower field

The small and friendly Shih Tzu is our next dog on this list.

This dog adores its owner, and is likely to follow them wherever they go.

They are an extremely intelligent dog breed, and quickly learn tricks. This dog is not a fan of bathing, and frequent bathing is not necessary for a Shih Tzu, except, of course, when this dog overdoses its activities outside and comes home covered in mud!

However, it is good to accustom the Shih Tzu to bathing from an early age, so that the dog does not perceive this activity as something negative or something that will hurt him.

The Shih Tzu has long and silky fur that needs to be brushed regularly in order to keep it from getting tangled.

A Shih Tzu is suitable for living in an apartment, and it gets along well with children. He is very tolerant, and easily becomes the best friend of children.

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The Shih Tzu is not a herding dog or a guard dog – it is simply a dog created to be the best companion for humans.

This dog does not require excessive activity, and it is able to find entertainment at home on its own. He will enjoy occasional short walks.

31. Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Sociable and loving, a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a dog you must adore!

This puppy was raised as a farm dog, and today, it has found its place as a beloved pet. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a very happy dog that will always excitedly welcome you when you come home. Due to its cheerful nature, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a great dog even for first-time owners.

You can often hear this dog barking, and it has the potential to be an excellent watchdog, but over time, it will get close to strangers. Simply, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier has a friendly nature and loves to socialize!

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier needs moderate exercise. It is more recommended that this dog lives inside with his family than in the yard.

He has a single, silky coat, and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is considered as a hypoallergenic dog.

The average lifespan of this dog is 12 to 15 years. Some of the diseases that can be encountered in this dog breed are Renal Dysplasia and Addison’s disease.

32. Whippet

Whippet dog in the grassWhippet dog in the grass

The Whippet is one athletic, strong, and elegant dog. In the past, the Whippet was used to hunt rabbits, and it was successful at various sports.

Over time, people discovered that this dog is extremely gentle, so the Whippet slowly became a beloved pet. His calmness and tolerance make him an excellent therapy dog.

The Whippet is very calm, and you will never hear him bark unless something has happened to cause this dog to react.

Whippets love to run, but they don’t mind spending the day lounging on the couch with you.

This dog is a great option for older people, but children love it, too! If dog drooling bothers you, you will be delighted with the Whippet since it hardly drools at all.

The Whippet does not shed much. Its coat is short, smooth, and thin. It does not require much maintenance, but the Whippet is prone to scratches due to its thin coat, so it is necessary to check this dog for such injuries on its body.

This calm and lovely dog ​​is easy to maintain, and it will be a great option even for families that have never owned a dog before. If you like this dog’s description, we suggest you start with researching reliable Whippet breeders.

33. Yorkshire Terrier

Cute little Yorkshire Terrier dog in a red terry towelCute little Yorkshire Terrier dog in a red terry towel

The last dog on our list of low maintenance dogs for first time owners is the Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Yorkie. This is a toy breed that makes a wonderful family companion, but you should know that this is not a cheap dog.

The price of a Yorkie can go from $600 up to as much as $2,500! What are the most important traits of this dog breed?

This is a dog that will love to cuddle with you, but it will not be your average lap dog. The Yorkie will also enjoy chasing other dogs in the neighborhood. Simply, he likes to protect his territory and his people.

If you are looking for a dog for daily walks, you will enjoy the company of the Yorkshire Terrier.

Frequent brushing is necessary with this dog, but you will very easily become a professional groomer of this dog at home! Grooming your Yorkie can be done in a couple of minutes. Also, Yorkies do not shed much, so they are suitable for people with allergies.

This lovable dog is suitable for living in an apartment; moreover, it is not even recommended for a Yorkie to live outside.

Yorkies love to be the center of attention, so they will enjoy your effort to train them as they will be able to spend a lot of time with you.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of 33 low maintenance dogs for first time owners.

There are quite a few different dogs on it, from large watchdogs to small sloths that would enjoy lounging with you on the couch. All of these dogs have some characteristics that make them suitable for first-time owners, and that do not require excessive care in certain respects.

Finally, we will mention that you should not take dogs of low maintenance for granted. If a dog does not require a lot of daily exercise, this does not mean that he should be locked in the apartment all day. Also, although a dog does not require frequent brushing or bathing, you should still not leave its coat messy or smelly.

So, even though these dogs are less demanding than some other dogs, they will still love to receive attention and care from you – probably in smaller quantities, but hopefully, they will still be treated as man’s best friend, which indeed, they are!

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