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Often referred to as the Pitbull Cur, this mixed breed carries great characteristics of being both a family dog and a working dog.

If you are on the hunt for a great high energy companion, and you live an active lifestyle, this dog breed might just be the right one for you.

This medium to large sized dog is made out of two highly respected parent breeds who are both famous in the United States for a reason.

Thinking about exploring more about this high energy dog breed which proudly carries the name of the Black Mouth Cur Pit mix? Well, I got you!

What Is A Pit Cur Mix?

The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix puppyThe Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix puppy

Right off the bat, we can see that this dog breed has two easily recognizable names within the dog breed’s name – the Cur and the Pit.

Therefore, we can easily say that the Black Mouth Cur Pit mix is a crossbreed of two famous dog breeds in the United States, the Black Mouth Cur and the Pitbull.

This mixed breed is also often referred to as a designer dog breed because dog breeders bred these two dog breeds on purpose, creating the Pit Cur mix which has some amazing physical and personality traits.

This mixed dog breed has many desirable traits that a dog can have, which can add to the whole impression that the Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix leaves upon future dog owners.

Origin Of The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix

Well, breeding two purebred dog breeds which have similar physical characteristics is not a story which is being heard for the first time. Many dog breeders who breed mixed breeds experiment with breeding dogs which have similar bodily characteristics and/or similar personality traits, to create a so-called ‘buffed’ version of the purebred dogs.

The history which stands behind this experimental designer dog remains uncertain. There is no actual recorded year or time period when this dog breed first saw the light of the day. However, we can make some conclusions together.

The Pitbull can be traced all the way back to the 1800s, while the Black Mouth Cur dog can be traced back to 1998, when the United Kennel Club approved of this dog breed.

We can draw the conclusion together. The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix originated around the early 2000s.

Around that time, mixed dog breeds were becoming a trend, so it wouldn’t be a coincidence if this dog breed had seen the light of the day during that exact period of time.

Origin Of The Black Mouth Cur Dog

The Black Mouth Cur is often simply referred to as the Southern Cur. Other names surrounding this dog breed are: Southern Black Mouth Cur, and Yellow Black Mouth Cur.

This is a medium- to large-sized breed. It is amongst the Cur subtypes of dogs. Something that you can be proud of is the fact that this dog breed is a native US one. The breed, with its southern origins, is a well-liked hunting companion that can be employed to pursue a wide range of animals.

Uncertainty surrounds the Black Mouth Cur’s genesis. Some authors have asserted that the breed developed in the Tennessee mountains, some that it originated from Alabama, while others think it did so in Mississippi. In any case, early American settlers utilized these canines often as all-purpose working dogs.

The most widely accepted theory regarding the breed’s history is that it originated from dogs that European immigrants brought to southern Mississippi. Among these progenitor European canines were Belgian Malinois and Mastiffs.

These dogs were developed into the popular Cur-type hunting dogs they are today in this environment. They originated in Mississippi and subsequently traveled to the peaks of Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, and North Carolina before arriving in southeast Texas’ Big Thicket.

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According to rumors, the main character in Fred Gipson’s book Old Yeller seems to have been the Black Mouth Cur. The Old Yeller in the book and the movie portrays a dog that is loyal until the end of its life.

Living as a family pet on a farm, Old Yeller defended the family from many aggressive animals and intruders. It was portrayed as the perfect family dog, who is especially protective of kids, because it thinks of them as its family members, and who is endlessly affectionate towards its family.

It was 1987 when the Southern Black Mouth Cur Breeders Association was founded. They wanted to foster the breed, and give the dog its initial recognition, since the AKC didn’t want to recognize this dog breed. The United Kennel Club recognized it as an official dog breed in November of 1998.

What Breed Mix Is A Black Mouth Cur?

The term “cur,” which was once used to denote a sickly or violent dog breed, can now be used to designate any of the canine breeds that were created throughout the southern parts of the United States as multifunctional farm dogs.

It stands to reason that multiple distinct breeds of dogs with numerous various skill sets were merged to make these canines, with little consideration given to the animal’s outward appearance, as dogs that fall under the Cur categorization were purposefully developed for their varied talents.

The original “Curs” were probably crossbred terrier and hound dogs with a touch of herding dog feistiness.

The Black Mouth Cur is among the oldest and most ancient kinds of Cur, and author Fred Gipson describes it in his well-known book “Old Yeller,” despite the fact that the dog in the movie of the same name was a rescue dog that was thought to be a Mastiff and Labrador Retriever cross.

The Black Mouth type can be identified by their distinctive black muzzle and the deeper coloration that spreads to the interior of their mouths, leaving just their tongues pink.

The Black Mouth Cur, particularly, may have most of their genes inherited from the English Mastiff, according to many experts, but this has not yet been proven.

Origin Of The Pitbull

All canines presently categorized as pit bulls are thought to be descended from the British bull and the British terrier, which were brought to North America for the first time in the 1870s. The Old English Bulldog, which was fierce and heavily muscled, and the agile and robust Black and Tan Terrier were crossed to create the bull-and-terrier dog breed.

That mixed breed was established in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the 19th century for horrifying blood sports, such as dog fighting and rat baiting.

In organized dog fights, the violent Old English Bulldog that was developed for bear & bull baiting, was frequently matched against other dogs of the same breed, but it was discovered that lighter, quicker canines were more effective in dueling than the bulkier Bulldog.

Outcrosses from nearby terriers were attempted and finally proven to be effective in creating a lighter, quicker, and more agile dog, while retaining the fearlessness and toughness of the Bulldog.

Long Way Before The Pitbull Was A Recognized Dog Breed

None of these parent breeds of the dog breed known as the Pitbull were teddy bear dog breeds. Bull-and-terrier dogs were brought to the New World to participate in dog fighting, as was done in the United Kingdom, which also became a popular pastime.

Since 1874, organized dog fighting has been gradually prohibited throughout the United States, and in 2007 federal legislation outlawing animal fighting was passed.

Breeders of American Pitbull terrier dogs tried to persuade the American Kennel Club to recognize their canines in the 1890s, but the club refused due to the breed’s connection to dogfighting.

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Following this denial, American Pit Bull Terrier breeders founded the United Kennel Association in 1898, a competing kennel club. The United Kennel Club was a well known dog registration organization back then, as it is now.

The American Kennel Club was in a difficult situation in the 1930s because, although not wanting to support dogfighting, there was a need to recognize a distinctively American dog breed which had more than 30 years of breed records.

The best possible answer was to, firstly, officially register the Pit Bull Terrier actually as a Staffordshire Terrier. The American Kennel Club did exactly this in 1935. This recognition would prevent Pit Bull Terriers from being utilized in organized fights.

What does a Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix Look Like?

close shot of The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mixclose shot of The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix

The parent breeds of the Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix are similar looks-wise (and personality-wise also!). They both have that bodily sturdiness, as well as a proportionate head to body ratio.

Both of the parent breeds are known as muscular, strong dogs. Don’t be surprised when your Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix pups come with a longer tail, since both parent breeds are born with a long tail.

This dog breed looks as if it lifts weights twice a day. If this dog breed was a person who lives an active lifestyle, it would definitely be practicing Crossfit. It is not the bodybuilder of the dog kingdom, yet it is a highly agile, yet strong dog breed.

Thanks to the dog being a Pitbull mix puppy, it has many great Pitbull characteristics, such as stamina, high energy levels, and restlessness.

Bodily proportions

The body is rectangular in shape or just a little bit longer than tall. The dog’s legs are lengthy enough to enable swift and agile movement across uneven ground.

The muzzle and the head are broad. The ears are high and drooping. The tail is low-set, straight, and can be any length. Short and close fitting is the best way to describe the coat.

Despite being huge, the head is in proportion to the body. From the side, the skull and muzzle are linked by a distinct stop, with the muzzle being somewhat shorter than the skull. The snout and skull both have parallel planes.

The wide, flat cranium has a little taper near the muzzle. Thanks to the genetics of the Pitbull, the cheeks are strong and prominent.

The eyes of the Black Mouth Cur Pit mix are medium to big in size, widely spaced, and spherical in form. They could be yellow, green, or brown. The tight eye rims and black lip color coordinate.

Black Mouth Curs should be square or just a little bit longer than tall. A muscular, slightly arched, level, wide, powerful, and somewhat long back are characteristic.

In order to create a deep body, the ribs must reach far back and be properly stretched out from the spine. The elbow is where the brisket finishes.

A smaller-sized dog will have at least 4 inches between its front legs and a powerful, broad chest when viewed from the front. This dog breed has a parent breed which was raised to be tenacious, thus any mistakes should not be pushed to being bred.

Colors Of The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix

Black Mouth Cur Pitbull MixBlack Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix

Photo from: @hazeltheblackmouthcurpitmix

It won’t surprise you that this mixed breed can have parent breeds of any color.

The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix can be black, chocolate, white, brindle, merle, or have any variety of red, yellow, and fawn hues. It can either have a black muzzle mask or not. They occasionally have very little white patches on their legs, neck, chest, nose, under their chins, and tips of their tails.

Often, they can be two colored or tri colored. The most popular two colored version is the black and white (just as the black and white Pitbull), while the most popular tri color version is the tan, chocolate, and black.

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Dilute coat colors also often occur and may be distinguished by the following characteristics: greenish, yellow, or hazel eyes; white toes; and a red or yellow coat without any traces of black hair.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Black Mouth Cur?

Even the size, or the height and the weight of the Black Mouth Cur dog breed, can vary thanks to the various parent breeds which have participated in the making of this mixed breed.

A mature male must be at least 18 inches tall, while a mature female must be at least 16 inches tall. A mature male must weigh at least 40 pounds, while a mature female must weigh at least 35 pounds. Black Mouth Curs must be in a firm, muscular state because they are working canines, according to the United Kennel Club.

However, these are the minimums, therefore, the Black Mouth Cur usually weighs a lot more and is a bit taller. The average Black Mouth Cur is around 45-90 pounds and is around 20-ish inches tall.

What Is The Average Weight Of A Pitbull?

The American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier are two bulldog and terrier hybrids that fall under the umbrella name “Pit Bull.”

The American Pit Bull Terrier’s usual weight for males is from 35 to 60 lbs, and for females from 30 to 50 lbs.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers typically weigh between 25 to 40 pounds, which places them on the lighter end of these estimations and smaller than Pit Bulls.

However, keep in mind that all puppies develop at their own individual rate, and Pitbulls are prone to large variations in their eventual size.

Therefore, The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix Seems To Be…

…a medium to a large sized dog breed. The Black Mouth Cur, thanks to being known as a Mastiff Lab mix, can potentially reach a large size, while the Pitbull is of a medium size.

All together, the Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix can weigh from 50 to 90 pounds. They can usually be somewhere between 18 and 26 inches tall.

Thanks to all of the pure breed dogs which have been included into this designer dog breed, the breed has a potential to be of a large size.

Personality Of The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix

Although this breed usually gets on well with individuals of all ages, they should be monitored at all times when socializing with young children since they may occasionally be the big, clumsy dog that they are.

They get along with other dogs very well while they’re on neutral ground with the right socialization, but because of its territorial temperament, this can occasionally turn into aggressiveness when they’re on their own land. Having these dogs living in households with kitties and other small pets is often discouraged, given that they are born hunters with a very strong prey drive.

Since they have inherited a strong need for freedom, escapist traits, and have such a strong hunting drive from the Black Mouth Cur, Black Mouth Cur Pit mixes shouldn’t be left without surveillance in the backyard (if you live in a busy neighborhood) when they are puppies. Many of them will bring home “presents” of dead animals to show their owners their gratitude. This behavior is already somewhat known in outdoor cats, but the Pit Curs bring bigger prey.

While many Black Mouth Curs rapidly pick up training and are quite bright and good problem solvers, some are not at all interested in instruction and would rather attempt to learn everything by themselves, which could also occasionally result in mischief.

Thanks to the American Staffordshire Terrier or, in general, Pit Bull terrier genes, this dog breed is great with kids, and may even be overly protective of them. In those cases, even if you try to discipline your child, this mixed breed will defend them with their loud barks and strong attitude.

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The Black Mouth Cur Pit mix is known to be amongst others in the big guard dogs category. They are just the best dog breed for any type of family, because they will consider the family as their own and guard it from any kind of intruders.

This is one of the best dogs to pick if you live an active lifestyle and have a high energy level, because this dog breed also has one.

How Do Black Mouth Cur Dogs Behave?

The Black Mouth Cur Dogs have the same high energy levels as Boxers do. They are restless, goofy, and like to play and jump around, well pretty much, all the time.

However, the Black Mouth Cur or the Mountain Cur has the same guard dog traits as the German Shepherd, maybe even sharper, due to being a Mastiff mix.

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A Black Mouth Cur puppy will be showing you their prey drive as soon as they open their eyes. They will start by hunting smaller animals as pups, such as bugs, lizards, and mice and they can, if not controlled with proper training, continue doing this as they grow into adulthood.

It is highly important that these dogs are properly trained as pups. This active dog will be the number one in the dog park, fetching all of the sticks and retrieving the balls first. In the dog park, this dog breed is an A+ student because it is highly agile and restless.

Many dog owners consider this dog breed to be one of the best out there, and are doing many things to achieve global recognition of this dog breed.

It is an excellent working dog, which can be easily trained to work on a farm with every type of cattle, and the best dog that you can imagine for families, with its well-rounded personality.

The Black Mouth Cur Dogs behaves protectively with their family members, especially with the younger ones.

How Do Pitbull Dogs Behave?

Pit bulls are known for their fearlessness, protection, and amiable disposition. In addition to being athletic, the Pit Bull has a great drive to win people over.

Because they were developed to pursue and conquer animals, Pit Bulls have a high prey drive. The Pit Bull, however, is kind with youngsters and does not have a natural tendency to bite. The Pit Bull learns to control unjustified hostility toward other dogs with early socialization and handling.

Let’s be real – Pit Bull terriers are not known as nanny dogs just because someone wanted to make them seem less terrifying. They actually are one of the best dog breeds who know how to behave with children. Amongst the best dog breeds to choose from if you have children of any age stands the Pit Bull terrier.

They are extremely gentle and well-mannered when around small children and also small animals. They are extremely aware when someone is smaller than them, and they display extra affection and care towards that individual.

If you ask me, one of the best behaved dog breeds out there are the Pit Bull terriers. The American Staffordshire Terrier, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier – any dog which has the ‘Bull’ and the ‘Terrier’ combined, in my opinion, is a well-mannered dog breed by birth.

Is The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix A Healthy Dog Breed?

The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix posing for cameraThe Black Mouth Cur Pitbull Mix posing for camera

Photo from: @hazeltheblackmouthcurpitmix

It is your duty as a dog owner to be knowledgeable about any potential health issues your pet may experience. By doing this, you can spare your dog from pain in the future.

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The Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix’s lifespan is influenced by a variety of variables which can affect the dog’s health, including the parent dog’s genetics, the environment in which the dog develops, nutrition, and daily exercise.

Pitbull and Black Mouth Cur mixes are generally in good health. Their usual lifespan is 12 to 16 years, which is comparable to that of their Pitbull parent.

Since the Black Mouth Cur Pitbull is a mixed breed dog, it has less potential health conditions than all of the purebred dog breeds out there. It is generally accepted that mixed dog breeds are healthier than their purebred parents or grandparents.

As with any other dog breed, they may suffer from some health issues. But, honestly, the health issues that this dog breed may suffer from are highly common within the dog kingdom. That means that this dog breed does not have any strange genetically inherited health problems.

Health Issues Of The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix

As with any dog breed out there, this one has some possible health issues too. I can already tell you that the health issues of the Black Mouth Cur Pit mix are not that scary. Therefore, there is no need to worry much about this

Having in mind that you might be interested in what those possible health conditions may be, I have prepared a list with a short description of every possible one that could potentially affect your family dog:

• Hip dysplasia and Elbow dysplasia: Large breeds of dog, like Pitbulls, Black Mouth Curs and the mix of these two dog breeds, are more prone to degenerative disorders including hip and elbow dysplasia. Hip joint misalignment brought on by underdevelopment is referred to as hip dysplasia. Elbow dysplasia, meanwhile, has an impact on the elbow joint. The afflicted dog eventually develops osteoarthritis as this illness worsens, causing discomfort and disability.

Ear infections: Your dog may develop an ear infection if there is an excessive buildup of germs and yeast in their ears. Be on the lookout for signs including ear canal enlargement, odor, discharge, and head shaking. Ear cleaners or topical medications are typically used to treat this problem.

• Cataracts: Older dogs may experience blurred eyesight. Cataracts are an eye ailment that is either hereditary or a complication of diabetes mellitus. If the opacity fills around 55% of the lens, the canine is regarded as visually handicapped. As the cataract develops, blindness may also occur.

Exercise Needs Of The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix

It’s a frequent misperception that Pitbull mix training involves using punishment and yelling as a prominent training method. Given their propensity for being “aggressive”, many owners claim this is much more productive.

Contrary to the previous statement, the most well-received training method for the Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix is positive reinforcement and reward-based training, where the dog is rewarded for every good behavior.

Pitbull Curs are docile and clever dogs, so you won’t have to struggle with stubbornness as much as you would with other dogs. Additionally, you can register them in a puppy-training course for even better outcomes.

In addition, an energetic, high energy level dog breed such as the Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix is, inevitably, in need of a lot of playtime and exercise.

They require between an hour and an hour and a half of good, tiring exercise every day. This might entail engaging in more demanding activities such as dog sports, as well as jogging in dog parks.

Grooming A Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix

A Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix sitting on carpetA Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix sitting on carpet

Photo from: @hazeltheblackmouthcurpitmix

Since this dog breed has a shorter coat, for you that means less maintenance. To lessen dander in the house, frequent dog grooming should nonetheless remain a top concern.

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To get rid of dead and stray hair, brush your Pitbull Cur’s coat using a bristle brush. At minimum, you should brush them once or twice a week. You can use a deshedding tool in the interim during seasons with high levels of hair loss.

At least once every month, you should give your dog a bath. Make care to thoroughly clean their skin and ear folds to avoid rashes and ear infections. Use a sensitive skin shampoo that has been recommended by a veterinarian.

Every two to three months, trim the nails of your pet with a nail clipper. Don’t forget to brush your dog’s teeth at least three times every week.

How Should I Properly Feed The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix?

There are many factors which contribute to the right ways of feeding your Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix. The most important factors are: age, and daily activity, which will determine how much food and what kind of diet you should feed them.

For example, if your dog is going to work as a working dog, a cattle herder, or an active guard dog, they require a meal high in energy that includes necessary proteins, oils, and carbs.

Your dog’s organism will react better if you give the dog a meal of raw food, than of kibble and nutritional supplements. Typically, this includes dairy goods like yogurt, meat, egg, dog-safe fruits (such as Guava), and vegetables.

We recommend that you thoroughly learn about a Pitbull raw diet, so you can implement the raw diet into your Cur Pit mix daily meals.

A raw food diet helps to maintain a dog’s usual high energy levels, helps them have healthier, shinier coats, and better teeth and bone health. For further advice on feeding the Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix, please make an appointment with your vet who will give you the best advice specifically for your pup.

Is The Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix AKC Approved?

One parent breed alone of this mixed breed dog has been approved by the American Kennel Club. The AKC only recognizes Pitbull Terriers. However, the UKC is the only organization that recognizes Black Mouth Curs, which is sadly not nearly enough for this dog breed to be officially recognized.

Pitbull Curs are less prevalent than purebred dogs because the American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t usually accept designer dogs or any mixed breed dogs. Despite the restricted availability, you can still get a healthy pup through a breeder or a rescue organization.

Final Word

A Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix looking upA Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix looking up

Photo from: @hazeltheblackmouthcurpitmix

Pitbull Curs are energetic canines who are frequently devoted and submissive. They are, therefore, a smart option for households that enjoy the great outdoors and desire a dog to complement an active way of life.

A dog with a distinct appearance is produced by fusing the physical characteristics of the Pitbull and the Black Mouth Cur. You can anticipate a big, stocky dog with unique traits from each of its parents. Sometimes, the gene that is more dominant affects how they look.

A Black Mouth Cur Pit Mix is a well-mannered dog with an amiable temperament due to its mixed lineage. They also possess high energy levels, which may be managed with the right training.

For designer dogs, the chance of inheriting congenital illnesses is significantly lower. Puppies won’t have the gene for a particular breed’s health issues thanks to selective crossbreeding.

If you’re still debating whether or not Black Mouth Cur Pitbull mix pups are the appropriate choice for you, talk to your vet or a nearby breeder about your worries. But in my opinion, if you are a person who lives an active lifestyle, this can be the right dog breed for you.

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