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The white Chihuahua has a white coat that may catch your eye, but it’s their unique personality that will make you fall in love with this dog.

The national dog of Mexico is one of the oldest breeds in the United States, ranking 33rd out of 196 AKC recognized dog breeds listed by popularity.

Our Chihuahua of the day, the white Chihuahua, is the rarest Chi of them all. While the black Chihuahua or tan Chi may be more popular, the pure white Chi definitely deserves some of the spotlight.

They are small size dogs, but their heart definitely doesn’t match their body. It’s large, full of love, and eager to meet their new owner!

Are you ready to meet the little angel we call the white Chihuahua?

What Is A White Chihuahua?

long-haired Chihuahua dog with a green bandanalong-haired Chihuahua dog with a green bandana

The white Chihuahua is a Chihuahua like any other, but it sports a distinctive all-white coat. It’s very uncommon and can have two coat varieties, long or short. These pups have radiant eyes, erect ears, and a light-colored nose. They weigh around 6 pounds and are the ideal lap dog for every urban dog owner.

The white Chihuahua comes in two varieties: the white long-haired Chihuahua and the white apple-head Chihuahua. Both are equally lovely and will charm dog lovers with their unique appearance.

Long-Haired White Chihuahua & White Apple-Head Chihuahua

The white long-haired Chihuahua has no other markings and discolorations. Their only distinctive trait is their long coat. What separates white from albino Chihuahuas are the dark features around the eyes and on the nose.

The muzzle and forehead of the white apple-head Chihuahua create a harsh angle of 90 degrees. Compared to the long-haired Chihuahua, this Chi has a shorter coat. The legs are short. The eyes are expressive. The overall look – unique!

Albino Chihuahua Vs. Pure White Chihuahua: Are They The Same Dog?

white chihuahua puppywhite chihuahua puppy

If you’re fond of all-white dogs, you must be able to determine the differences between a white puppy and an albino one. First off, albinism is a genetic condition, not only a coat color. The eyes, skin, and coat of albino dogs are completely without pigmentation.

White-coated dogs produce the color white, while albino dogs are white because of pigmentation absence. As simple as that!

Albinism also occurs when a dog has two recessive genes.

Now, there’s no way you could mistake a white Chi for an albino Chi.

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However, many people are still confused about whether it’s a natural white color or the result of albinism. When in doubt, look at the nose and skin around the eyes. Chis without albinism have light-colored noses, but the area around their eyes is dark-colored.

Will A White Chihuahua Puppy Change Colors As It Grows?

Beautiful white long-haired chihuahuaBeautiful white long-haired chihuahua

All Chihuahuas can have a coat color and skin color change. It’s a process that happens gradually, and it appears to be perfectly normal. There are many factors that contribute to the change, such as age, health issues, or environmental elements.

Many white Chihuahuas turn cream. This can be quite frustrating for a dog owner who was expecting to have a white Chihuahua in puppyhood and adulthood.

Another color change is the appearance of dark spots on the white coat. But, this only happens if the white color has been produced due to the spotting gene known as the S locus gene. Luckily, it’s quite uncommon for solid white Chihuahuas.

If you’re set on owning a pure white adult Chihuahua, the best way to ensure this is to see the puppy’s parents first. Two white Chis will produce all-white puppies.

Do Kennel Clubs Accept The White Chihuahua?

White Chihuahua Puppy lyingWhite Chihuahua Puppy lying

There are several factors that determine whether a dog can be recognized by an official kennel club or not. White Chihuahuas are rare, and breeding them is quite difficult., Thus many people believe their acceptance to kennel clubs is questionable.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does recognize Chihuahuas. However, while Chihuahuas as a breed are recognized, some of their colors aren’t accepted by the club’s standards.

White is, luckily, a part of the AKC color list; therefore white Chihuahuas are official and recognized.

However, teacup Chihuahuas are still unrecognized.

These factors can disqualify a dog from being officially accepted:

• if the Chihuahua weighs over 6 pounds

• if it has broken or cropped ears

• if it has a bobtail or cropped tail

• if a longhaired Chihuahua has a thin or almost bare coat.

Are White Chihuahuas Rare?

White sweet ChihuahuaWhite sweet Chihuahua

As we said earlier, the white Chihuahua is rare and one of the hardest Chis to breed. It takes many generations to make a perfect white Chi. This Chihuahua should have claws and a nose in a lighter color. Black pigment on the skin should be non-existent.

The biggest reason why breeding white Chihuahuas is so difficult is because you need two pure white Chihuahua parents to get a purebred white puppy.

Many people mistake cream Chis for white ones, so the end result isn’t a pure white puppy.

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To understand the difference between a white and cream Chihuahua, you should look at their eyes and nose. Cream Chis have deep, black eyes and nose, unlike their all-white buddies.

Other rare colors and patterns include brindle, merle, lavender, or lilac.

How Do White Chihuahuas Get Their White Coat?

Small white cute Chihuahua dog lying Small white cute Chihuahua dog lying

To understand the concept of genetics, you must know that there are recessive and dominant genes. The full white coat of a Chihuahua has been at the mercy of its gene pool.

Genes play an important role in determining a dog’s appearance. It controls the pigments produced (eumelanin and pheomelanin) and where they are produced. The two types of pigment make a wide range of dog coat colors, including white.

White Chihuahuas developed a white coat primarily because their parents don’t have black pigments in their genes. Since black is dominant and is absent from the parents’ genetic makeup, the offspring come out white as well.

White Chihuahua Dog: Full-Grown Size

Small white cute Chihuahua dog resting on bed Small white cute Chihuahua dog resting on bed

The Chihuahua’s growth begins slowly from the age of only 12 weeks to six months. When the dog passes over the six-month milestone, it will get close to its adult size. Chihuahuas reach their full-grown size in one year. It can be considered a full-grown adult when it is one year old.

Chihuahuas generally don’t grow over 8 inches tall. A female white Chihuahua will be smaller, standing tall (or short) at only 5 inches.

As for the weight, a normal Chihuahua can weigh from 3 to 6 pounds. Health is the biggest factor affecting their weight. Many white Chihuahuas are unhealthy, with a high chance of becoming obese.

White Chihuahua Temperament

white Chihuahua dog sits on a wooden bench in the parkwhite Chihuahua dog sits on a wooden bench in the park

Despite having a tiny body, Chihuahuas have huge characters and matching energy. Chis are sassy, energetic, and attention-seeking pups.

A white Chihuahua can be a dominant dog, but it can also be scrappy too. They have a strong will and always act like they’re in charge.

We advise Chihuahuas as companions for older children. However, never leave a kid under eight years alone with a white Chihuahua. It’s not that the dog may attack the kids; it’s usually the other way round. Many young kids don’t know how to handle tiny dogs.

Besides the possibility of your kid being bitten or snapped, the chances of your dog being injured are high too. Provide these dogs with proper socialization to curb any bad behavior.

White Chihuahuas are extremely intelligent dogs, and they show their emotions, just like humans. Also, they’re very vocal, so you and your entire neighborhood will know when something doesn’t feel right for them.

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When getting a white Chihuahua puppy, it’s important to ask to see health test results, especially for hearing problems. If they do have hearing issues, those Chihuahuas will be harder to train.

And honestly, this dog breed really needs training.

Once you form a special bond with your Chihuahua, your dog will always crave your attention.

The best part of owning a Chihuahua is that they’re so easy to take care of. But, if you do leave your dog alone to go to work, it would be better if you get another dog as a companion.

Outdoor exercise is not really what these dogs crave. They’re built for indoor activities, and it’s enough to keep them healthy.

Sometimes, Chihuahuas are hard to train and quite stubborn, but these problems should be easier to overcome with the right owner and lots of patience.

Chihuahuas may be hard to train and are very stubborn at first, but these dogs need owners who will be patient and loving toward them. A disciplined Chihuahua dog is the best dog you will ever have.

White Chihuahua Health Issues: Are They Prone To Deafness?

white chihuahua dog on the grasswhite chihuahua dog on the grass

The risk of having certain health issues is higher with white Chihuahuas. The usual health problems affect the ears or hearing abilities. White Chis are prone to deafness. This hearing loss can happen as early as in the first few days of life, sometimes even at birth.

Training deaf Chihuahuas is difficult, and they will have to rely on non-verbal cues.

The reason behind the potential hearing loss is the absence of melanocytes, layers of cells in the ear that enable the Chihuahua to hear. Their existence can be predicted through the coat color. If the Chihuahua has a predominantly or pure white color, there’s a higher chance that the dog will not be able to hear.

Early checkups and treatment may save your dog’s hearing. A healthy white Chihuahua will have a long lifespan of an incredible 15 to 20 years.

Taking Care Of Your Chihuahua’s Needs

Owning a white Chihuahua, or any other dog breed, means you need to provide a stable routine, medical and training care, as well as necessary supplies. Before bringing that snow-white puppy home, first, you need to learn how to take care of a Chihuahua.

Food and Diet

white chihuahua dog in a gardenwhite chihuahua dog in a garden

White Chihuahuas are sensitive to what they eat, how often they eat, as well as in which manner they get their food. You simply can’t feed your dog Doritos or Cheerios off your table!

These dogs have a low tolerance for chemicals, and their bodies need a balance of healthy fats, protein, and much-needed carbs. Changing your dog’s type of food should be done gradually by mixing tiny portions of new dog food into the old one every week.

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If your Chi is under 2 pounds and is not older than 3 months, it should have lots of access to food to gain weight.

If you own a normal-sized Chihuahua, you should keep track of servings and quantity to control your dog’s weight before it becomes obese.

Training and Exercise

The Chihuahua breed isn’t much of an active dog. They have limited physical activity. However, a daily walk with them is important for their socialization and is also a way to release built-up energy.

You should never over-exercise your little Chihuahua, especially not in the first year, as it may affect the growth plates. Also, jumping from heights that exceed 2 feet should be prohibited because it may cause knee or hip injuries.

Cleaning and Grooming

Proper cleaning and grooming affect the well-being of the white Chihuahua more than you think. Dirty coats, ingrown nails, and infected ears are the cause of many health issues. If you don’t take care of your dog, you will end up with an unhealthy and unhappy puppy.

There are a few major areas you need to check regularly to prevent infections and other skin conditions from developing. Always make sure your dog’s ears are clean and dry, with no redness, itchiness, or secretion.

The next part is the paws that have to be without splinters, sores, or cuts. Trim stray hairs regularly, so they don’t get in the way when the dog walks.

Chihuahuas should be bathed with proper dog shampoo and conditioner. But, don’t bathe them too often to preserve those good natural oils in the skin.

Lastly, brush your dog’s teeth as often as every other day to keep those pearly whites matching their coat color.


white chihuahua dog on the grasswhite chihuahua dog on the grass

Chihuahuas are a relatively healthy dog breed, but they still have potential health issues. To avoid further complications, it would be best to wait until your dog gets all of its shots before it’s exposed to public places.

Vets suggest waiting 2 weeks after vaccination before taking your dog out into the world.

A nice amount of exercise and a proper diet are what will ensure good health. However, there are still health issues that are somewhat a part of breed standard when it comes to Chis.

Those health problems are:

• epilepsy

• respiratory problems

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• hypoglycemia

• patellar luxation

• tracheal collapse

• tooth and gum diseases

• hydrocephalus

• spinal injuries

White Chihuahua Price: How Much Does A White Chihuahua Cost?

White baby chihuahua biting a blue toyWhite baby chihuahua biting a blue toy

Chihuahuas are little dogs, but their price may jump up way high. They’re quite popular in many countries. The rare colors, especially white, may cost you a penny more. White Chihuahuas are usually around $1,500. The tiniest spot of a stripe or discoloration will bring the price down.

The biggest factor that affects the price is the coat color, in other words, its rarity.

If your budget is a bit tight, but you desperately want a Chihuahua, adopting could help you with your wish. Adopting can cost only around $300. All you need is time to wait for that special small dog to pop up on the radar.

Shop & Adopt: White Chihuahua For Sale

Small white chihuahua on the floorSmall white chihuahua on the floor

If your first plan is to buy a white Chihuahua puppy, then you must consider going through different breeders, organizations, and trusted websites. Also, if finding a purebred Chihuahua is giving you a headache, maybe you’ll have more luck finding a Chihuahua mix. Consider that too!

Here’s a list of reliable sources where you can buy a white Chihuahua puppy:

• AKC Marketplace is a trusted place to buy a white Chi puppy. All breeders listed there have a high credibility rating. In other words, purchasing from one of these breeders is 100% safe.

• Chihuahua Home is the no.1 resource in the world for Chihuahua puppies. Only trusted quality breeders are listed here. This website promotes quality, breed standards, and ethics. The white Chihuahuas you find here are already trained at a very young age.

• Amiable Home Chihuahua Puppies is AKC registered and makes sure every Chihuahua is properly taken care of. You will find only experienced breeders here.

Adopting over shopping should always be an option. So, if you’re having troubles finding the right Chihuahua breeder, maybe you should check out some of these clubs and animal shelters:

• The Chihuahua Club of America is an independent rescue organization, partnered with the AKC and other canine health organizations.

• AKC Rescue Network was recognized by the AKC in 2013 as the largest network for rescuing dogs.

• Petco Foundation started back in 1999. Now, it has over 4,000 welfare partners and has provided over 6,000,000 dogs with a forever home.

Are Pure White Chihuahuas Big Shedders?

Sadly, Chihuahuas aren’t hypoallergenic dogs. This doggy sheds all year long! They often shed in the spring and fall, but spring is the heaviest shedding season. A Chihuahua with long hair will cause a few minor headaches, but their constant shedding isn’t that scary compared to how much Pomeranians, Yorkies, Bulldogs, or Retrievers, etc., shed.

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How Many Chihuahua Colors Are There?

Chihuahua for a walk outdoorsChihuahua for a walk outdoors

There are a bunch of accepted Chihuahua colors out there. From tricolor pups to solid ones. The AKC lists up to 30 colors. You will love Chihuahua colors, all of them, but the question is which one will suit your personality best.

Here’s a list of the most popular Chihuahua coat colors:

• Black

• Chocolate

• Cream

• Fawn

• Red

• Blue

• Gold

• Silver

• White

Black And White Chihuahua

Black And White Chihuahua outdoorsBlack And White Chihuahua outdoors

Photo from:@euri_ishername

The most stunning coat Chihuahua can sport is probably a black and white coat. Whether it’s a short hair or long hair Chihuahua, the black and white coat is possible. Here’s why!

The black and white pattern is the result of complex genetic games. While black is one of the pigmentations, white is actually not a color. It’s more an absence of all colors. When alternating with solid black, these white spots create that unique black and white coloring.

These Chihuahuas aren’t official, but they aren’t unrecognized by the AKC either. It means that if there are no other factors that might disqualify your old Chihuahua champ, your dog may compete in AKC dog shows.

White Chihuahua With Blue Eyes

When it comes to Chihuahua eye colors, there’s a wide range of possibilities. Your Chihuahua can sport shiny dark or ruby eyes. Most white Chihuahuas or light-colored Chis can also have hazel eyes.

A white Chihuahua with blue eyes is possible, and it can be found quite often, but this eye color is considered a fault.

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy A White Chihuahua?

beautiful white long-haired Chihuahua dogbeautiful white long-haired Chihuahua dog

White Chihuahuas are adorable dogs. Period. All their negative traits fall by the wayside when you take one look at that snowy white face and puppy dog eyes. They demand love, but they will give love in return too.

Even though they’re so tiny, Chihuahuas are great watchdogs because they’re so brave. Lucky for you, they only need basic care. Yes, Chihuahuas are that easy to own!

A Chihuahua may be a tiny dog, in fact, it can be the smallest dog in the world, but the size of its heart will always be twice as big as you might think!

Who needs a big dog when you’ve got one trapped in the compact body of the white Chihuahua?

White Chihuahua An Angel Among All ChihuahuasWhite Chihuahua An Angel Among All Chihuahuas

White Chihuahua An Angel Among All ChihuahuasWhite Chihuahua An Angel Among All Chihuahuas

By Andy Marcus

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