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While Emerice Hallock and her brother were driving through a desolate part of the highway, an extremely unusual sight attracted their attention.

There was a white mysterious figure standing all by itself in the brush on the side of the road.

At first, Hallock didn’t think much of it. She assumed that it was nothing but a strange rock that stood out because of its bright, white color.

However, the bright figure intrigued Hallock’s brother, who couldn’t stop looking at it. Moments later, he realized what it actually was and insisted that Hallock turn around and stop.

An Unusual Sight

albino porcupine in distancealbino porcupine in distance
Source: Emerice Hallock via The Dodo

“He was telling me to turn around. He said he saw an albino porcupine. I was like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ [But] he was freaking out, so I turned around,” Hallock told The Dodo.

Hallock and her brother immediately parked the car and rushed to see whether he was right. After they moved closer to the unusual figure, they found themselves face to face with an adorable albino porcupine. They stood in awe.

Hallock couldn’t believe how lucky they were to be able to witness such a rare sighting. Only 1 out of 10,000 spiny creatures is an albino.

The Little Guy Retreats To The Forest

albino porcupinealbino porcupine
Source: Emerice Hallock via The Dodo

“It was crazy, honestly. I’ve never seen a porcupine in my life, so seeing an albino one was mind blowing,” she said.

The little guy seemed to be in a good mood as he gracefully strolled through the brush. Hallock and his brother couldn’t stop looking at him and admiring his white fur and quills. 

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The beautiful porcupine didn’t seem scared at all. He acted as if he knew how precious and wonderful he was.

albino porcupine in grassalbino porcupine in grass
Source: Emerice Hallock via The Dodo

Hallock captured a video of the stunning albino animal as he continued going about his day. He went back into the forest, happy that he enchanted the two siblings. 

Hallock and her brother went back to their car and resumed their ride home. They felt lucky to have witnessed such a mesmerizing sight. They will always remember it.

By Andy Marcus

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