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The Yorkie, or officially called the Yorkshire Terrier, is a popular dog that many canine lovers find adorable, and let me tell you… this dog breed is much more than that.

This dog is a self-confident dog that is compact, and you can take it wherever you go – that’s why they make great companion dogs. In the search for the perfect lap dog, the Yorkie was a great choice to mix with other dog breeds.

Mixing different dog breeds with each other has become popular over the last few decades – this practice is called designer dog breeding, and it bears fruit because many mixes have been created; therefore, providing more choices for families who want a puppy.

As the Yorkie rose in popularity, he became one of the dog breeds that others are mixed with.

There are many different Yorkie mixes; however, we picked out 40 of them, and one from this list is likely to become your next best friend.

Let’s take a look at these furry cuties!

40 Yorkie Mixes

We know that Yorkshire Terriers are wonderful dogs – but maybe, just maybe you want to add a little bit of “spice”.
We’ve singled out the ones that could win you over in a second!

1. Snorkie


Photo from: @rose_the_snorkie

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer

On our list of Yorkie mixes, the Snorkie – the Miniature Schnauzer and Yorkshire Terrier mix – will be mentioned. They are likely to sport the facial characteristics of a Yorkie, and the body of a Schnauzer.

This cute hybrid dog tends to be easy to train, and is very eager to please his owner. A Snorkie is wonderful with children, and he really is the perfect family companion. However, they tend to bark if they are left on their own.

Being very playful, a Snorkie requires physical and mental stimulation to satisfy his needs. A well-trained Snorkie puppy will be a wonderful cuddle buddy.

As its parent breed, Schnauzers are hypoallergenic, and this mix tends to pick this up from them.

To clarify, there are no 100% hypoallergenic dog breeds; however, some of them tend to produce less dander, and therefore, are more suitable for those who tend to have allergies.

2. Torkie


Photo from: @bellabeaw

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Fox Terrier

The Torkie is an adaptable hybrid dog that can do great in various living spaces and in different climates.

With the Torkie, you’ll get a dog that is both energetic and snuggly, whether you need a puppy to play and enjoy nature with, or a lap dog that can comfort you and keep you company.

This hybrid dog tends to bond with one person, so if you want your Torkie to be great with every single member of your family, you need to let them spend time with them. They are fans of being the only pet in the home as they can be jealous.

3. Corkie


Photo from: @auntie_macassar

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Cocker Spaniel

When you mix a Yorkshire Terrier and a spotted dog breed, like the Cocker Spaniel, you get a good-looking, medium-sized dog called the Corkie. The Corkie will need a lot of exercise in order to be well-balanced.

The Corkie is one of the larger Yorkie mixes on this list. This mix tends to be loyal and cheerful.

They are wonderful with children due to their Cocker Spaniel parentage, and are easy to train, so if you have never had a dog before, then the Corkie is a great option. Children of all ages will get along with this cutie.

4. Borkie


Photo from: @romeo.borkie

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Beagle

This Beagle-Yorkie mix is another larger, but vocal dog that exhibits a loving and sweet nature. Exciting playmate and a gentle cuddler – that’s what you’ll get with this Yorkie mix.


But, a bit of an important thing to mention is that they bark often. Borkies are not suitable for those who live in apartments with strict rules, or living spaces where neighbors are really close.

A Borkie is a medium dog that weighs between 20 and 25 pounds. Their floppy ears are their signature. If you socialize this dog often, and in the proper way, the Borkie will be an excellent family dog.

5. Carkie


Photo from: @l0rd_nels0n

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Cairn Terrier

By mixing two Terrier dog breeds, you get a Carkie – a highly clever and energetic hybrid dog that will win the hearts of everyone they meet.

The Carkie will be a quiet dog, with occasional barking because he can’t avoid the genes of his Yorkie parent.

Their playfulness and energy levels are something else, but if they are put in new situations, they can become too much.

That’s why it is important that they live in a healthy environment with positive changes and gentle introductions with new people. That is how you will raise a calm and loving Corkie.

6. Chorkie


Photo from: @mango_thechorkie

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua

The Chorkie is a mix between two popular tiny dogs that weigh no more than 10 pounds. You don’t have to worry about intruders with this dog as he will alert you in a second. As vocal as they are, they are not great for apartments with noise rules.

Their parent, the Chihuahua, is one of the smartest dog breeds. Corkies tend to be highly intelligent, and sometimes, because of that, they can be hard to train.

But, if you have patience and train them with positive reinforcement, this Chihuahua-Yorkie mix will be a well-behaved dog.

7. Dorkie


Photo from: @holly_the_dorkie

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Dachshund

If you want an affectionate dog, then this is the right one. The Dorkie is a small breed of dog that adores playtime and snuggles. This little couch potato will excel in being a lap dog. If you’re not active often, this dog will be waiting for you.

They sport the long body and short, recognizable legs of a Dachshund. They tend to form a deep attachment and need for attention because their parent, the Dachshund, is known for being needy.

An owner of this dog should give them plenty of time, attention, and love because they deserve it.

8. Morkie


Photo from: @my3morkies

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese

We chose to go with the name, Morkie – however, they are also known as the Yortese, the Maltiork, the Malkie, and the Yorkiemalt.

Whichever name you choose, you won’t make a mistake. This adorable dog breed is relatively new; however, their popularity will rise as soon as people find out about their cute personality.

A Morkie will follow you everywhere you go, and you should prepare yourself for plenty of strangers coming up to say hi to this cutie.

9. Scorkie


Photo from: @sagethescorkie

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Scottish Terrier

The Scorkie comes from the Yorkshire Terrier and Scottish Terrier parentage. This mixed breed is loving and loyal. It will adapt to both small and big homes as long as you give it enough exercise.

They can excel as great watchdogs, but that doesn’t make them less of companion dogs. With plenty of socializing and regular training, this dog will get along with kids.

When introduced to kids, let the children know the boundaries of the dog and how to treat him.

10. Lorkie


Photo from: @sheldoncooperbishop

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Lhasa Apso

The Lorkie (or Yorkie Apso), call it as you want, is a long-haired Lhasa Apso and Yorkshire Terrier mix, which will require a lot of grooming and brushing in order to prevent tangles and mats.

This dog is one of the calmest Yorkie mixes on this list, and it doesn’t require too much exercise. However, this mixed breed is not good for small kids as they have a low tolerance for rough handling.

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Give this one a go if you need a calm dog that enjoys keeping you company.

11. Frorkie


Photo from: @yorkibulla_milou

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and French Bulldog

When you think of a great family dog, you should think of the Frorkie. This Yorkshire and French Bulldog mix will get along with both adults and kids. Their sweet and loving nature will keep you warm during the coldest nights. With them, you won’t miss puppy kisses.

As long as the Yorkie is not mixed with a long-haired French Bulldog, you won’t need to do much grooming or have grooming equipment. However, you’ll need to buy plenty of toys as these dogs need their playtime, and toys will keep them entertained.

12. Boxkie


Photo from: @justbethebeautyroom

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Boxer

This is a rare mixed-breed – a mix of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Boxer. These two dogs are very different, so the Boxkie can sport the features of both breeds equally, or it can lean more toward one parent than the other.

These dogs tend to be loyal, energetic, and devoted to keeping you entertained. You’ll see if your home is suitable for this dog once you know its genes. However, it is highly possible that they’ll need frequent exercise.

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13. Shorkie


Photo from: @rolo.theshorkie

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu

The Shorkie is a crossbreed of a Yorkie and a Shih Tzu. These dogs tend to be intelligent and fun. Even though Shih Tzus are good with kids, Shorkies will better adapt to homes with a single person.

Their loyalty will melt your heart, and they will stick by your side till the end of time, but they can be yappy, so if you are thinking of getting this dog, make sure to consider all the conditions for him.

They don’t like being left alone, so if you are often away from home, crate training from an early age is crucial.

14. Boston Yorkie

boston yorkieboston yorkie

Photo from: @maddie_et_alice

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Boston Terrier

The Boston Yorkie is a lovable crossbreed of the Boston Terrier and the Yorkie. The size of this dog is likely to be average. Their activities are moderate, but their mental needs will be high as this dog is very clever.

Even though the Boston Terrier is considered hypoallergenic, the combination of both of the parent coats will lead to a dog that will require daily brushing, so it is not very suitable for people with allergies.

His eagerness to please makes him quite easy for training and for first-time dog owners. A Boston Yorkie is very friendly, but it tends to be a bit reserved with strangers.

If you want your Boston Yorkie to behave well and bark less, socialization and training is the key.

15. Yorkie Pin

yorkie pinyorkie pin

Photo from: @albie_pin

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Pinscher

Somewhere in the middle of our Yorkie mixes list, the Yorkie pin deserves a place. This is a small, athletic dog that is independent, brave, and confident. Their small size is no problem for them, and neither for us.

A small pup with a big personality – he is adaptable to any situation as well as portable, so you won’t need to go alone to run errands or anything else.

Let me tell you… with a Yorkie Pin, you will never be bored as its playful nature affects everyone around him. This crossbred gets along with children, but be aware that sometimes, their personality can get them in trouble.

16. Yorkie Pom

yorkie pomyorkie pom

Photo from: @dora.tiny.explore

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranian

The Yorkie Pom, or if you wish, (the Yoranian), is a tiny Yorkshire Terrier mix that, unlike other small mixes, has a sturdy body, and it is not so fragile when it comes to playing with children. However, that doesn’t change the fact that children should interact with them gently.

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This puppy can sometimes be overprotective of their owner, which is why they need to be socialized from an early age.
But, you won’t make a mistake if you decide to get this pup as he will be your number one friend.

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17. Yorkie Cav

yorkie cavyorkie cav

Photo from: @guido_earth_angel

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Yorkie Cav carries the title as one of the cutest mixes, especially if he picks up some of the Cavalier King Charles colors. Sometimes, it resembles a stuffed toy.

A very gentle dog, the Yorkie Cav will give you plenty of affection, and will excel in being a mellow lapdog. His curly hair will require regular grooming in order to stay beautiful.

18. Jorkie


Photo from: @beausbeachfinds

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier

They also go by the name, Yorkie Russell. This is another crossbreed of terriers, but this time, the Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. This is a small dog full of playful disposition. They are in endless need of attention.

They can be stubborn, so they require regular exercise designed just for them. Nonetheless, if you decide to get this dog, you will have a great problem-solver.

19. Griffonshire


Photo from: @beastie_bentley

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Brussels Griffon

We can guess that many Yorkie mixes will be small, and the Griffonshire won’t be an exception. The Griffonshire is a dog with a bright and happy character, and it is known as a devoted and loyal dog that will love to be wherever you are.

It doesn’t do well when left alone, so it needs company all the time, whether it is you or your other pet. Small children should be supervised when hanging with this dog as it is small and fragile. It needs a gentle approach.

The Griffonshire is the right option if you need a loving lapdog.

20. Havashire


Photo from: @woneyedwinston

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Havanese

When you mix two popular toy breeds, you get a popular mix – the Havashire, a lively and athletic toy dog despite their small size. They form strong bonds with their owner, so they can be protective of them sometimes.

Just as many dogs on this list, they are reserved with strangers, but it is nothing serious that socialization can’t help.

Their parent, the Havanese, has all the hypoallergenic qualities; however, their mixed, long and silky coat will require regular grooming, and for that, it is not so hypoallergenic.

They love to be the main character wherever they are; therefore, they won’t do well when they are separated from their loved ones. So, if you are not home often, and you need an independent dog, the Havashire is not for you.

21. Ratshire


Photo from: @angelslifediary

Breeds in the mix: Yorkie and Rat Terrier

The Ratshire is a small-to-medium sized dog formed by mixing a Rat Terrier and a Yorkie.

If you’re a fan of working out, and you lead an active lifestyle, then this doggo would be a great companion for you as its disposition is very energetic and active.

A Ratshire’s hair is long and thick, which means that you’ll need to take time to brush him often. Because of that, they are not considered to be a low-maintenance breed.

These dogs are quite easy to train, but you’ll need to be dedicated and patient while training them in order for the Ratshire to pick up various tricks and commands.

The Ratshire is a wonderful choice for every family, including children and first-time dog owners.

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22. Goldenshire


Photo from: @lludria_llud

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Golden Retriever

A bit different of a Yorkie mix, the Goldenshire will be much larger than the Yorkie, but smaller than the Goldie. This dog breed will be friendly and approachable.

Golden Retrievers are known for their wonderful nature, and this Goldenshire dog inherits much of that disposition – no wonder why Golden Retrievers are a popular choice for designer dog programs.

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However, the Goldenshire will be a bit suspicious, and they need a gentle, but firm owner who knows how to dominate.

Even though this breed is great with children, they don’t have a huge amount of patience due to their Golden Retriever genes, and you should never leave them alone with kids.

23. Affenshire


Photo from: @piper_the_gremlin

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Affenpinscher

The Affenshire is a designer mixed breed between an Affenpinscher and a Yorkshire Terrier. These designer dogs tend to be feisty, with a charming essence. Sometimes, they develop a big-dog complex. That’s why they tend to be bossy around other dogs.

However, socializing is the key in order for this dog to behave well with children and other animals.

24. Cotonshire


Photo from: @ressellezumba

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Coton de Tulear

The Cotonshire is the rarest Yorkie mix here and in general, but once you meet this unique breed, you will be speechless. This cuddle companion will make you laugh through every minute spent with him.

Their disposition is lively; however, the Cotonshire doesn’t require much exercise, and regarding their activity, they are not high maintenance.

Their coat is such that you will often visit a groomer, or you can learn to do it at home with proper grooming equipment.

25. Mini Yorkshire Aussie

mini yorkshire aussiemini yorkshire aussie

Photo from: @shereesdogrescue

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Mini Australian Shepherd

The Mini Yorkshire Aussie is a designer dog that doesn’t fall into a group of large dogs nor a group of lap dogs.

Their work drive is high, so this dog loves to be occupied, and you’ll need to give him daily tasks. He will thrive – no questions asked.

They excel as watchdogs, as they are protective and alert. This dog will make a wonderful family pet.

26. Pugshire


Photo from: @its.slapshot

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Pug

Purebred Pugs have many health issues; however, when you mix a Pug with other dog breeds, you get a dog with fewer health problems. The Pugshire is one of these. The Pug’s colors will affect the beauty of this adorable breed.

This is a cute, tiny dog that has a lovable nature, and enjoys being surrounded by family. With this dog, you won’t miss cuddles and affection as he is ready to give you all of that.

They are not suitable for busy people who don’t have time for a pet.

They love to be the priority, and they are wonderful companions for adult kids who have learned how to handle small dogs.

27. Yorkipoo


Photo from: @juno_yorkiepoo

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle

The Yorkiepoo is a crossbreed of a Poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier. The Toy Poodle (or Miniature Poodle) is the dog breed mostly included in this mix. This will result in a Yorkiepoo that is small, weighing no more than 15 pounds.

These dogs make charming companion pets. They will adapt to your needs.

If you want a playmate, they will be playful, or if you need someone to cuddle with, be sure that they will be first in line. While they are good with kids, don’t leave them alone with kids because they are fragile.

They don’t do well alone, so they thrive with an owner who can dedicate almost all of their time to them, and to be honest, they deserve it.

28. Yorkillon


Photo from: @pauliefromthestreetz

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Papillon

The Yorkillon is the designer dog of a Papillon and a Yorkshire Terrier, and it will thrive when cuddling and spending time with its family. They will also be down for play whenever you want due to their playful disposition.

Yorkillons are also known as very curious pups that will be protective of their family. No matter what size they are, they will alert you if they see anything suspicious.

All in all, these dogs are wonderful companion pets that will thrive when socialized and loved by their owner.

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29. Yorkinese


Photo from: @haengbokmoon_ej

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Pekingese

A mix between a Pekingese and a Yorkshire Terrier will result in a Yorkinese – an independent dog with a lively and devoted disposition.

Socialization of this dog is very important if you want to have a well-behaved pup as they tend to be territorial with other dogs and aloof with strangers.

However, the Yorkinese will thrive if you offer them mental and physical stimulation often, and challenges are extremely healthy for this doggo.

Weighing no more than 10 pounds, the tiny Yorkinese is a ball of fur. They can be strong-willed, and therefore, hard to train.

In order to avoid big-dog syndrome, you need to set up boundaries and be patient with training this pup. With all things considered, they are charming pets.

30. Crustie


Photo from: @olliethecrestedcanine

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Chinese Crested

By mixing a Yorkshire Terrier and a Chinese Crested (one of the weird dog breeds), you get a special designer dog. As both parent breeds love to please their loved ones, the Crustie will likely be a very easy-going pup.

The Crustie is a highly intelligent dog, along with their pleasing nature, and that will help you train them. However, you need to let this dog be active as much as possible as a Crustie has high energy levels.

Nonetheless, this dog is a great family companion, especially with kids, as they will always have a playmate by their side. Note that a Crustie can bark if you don’t set boundaries.

31. Yorkeltie


Photo from: @the_big_stowinsky

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog

The Yorkeltie is a wonderful blend of a Shetland Sheepdog and a Yorkshire Terrier. They are not vocal, but be sure that they’ll signal you with a bark if they see a stranger.

This designer dog is known to be loyal and gentle, which makes them suitable for families.

However, the Yorkeltie’s coat deserves more attention, so you’ll need to brush him daily, and you need to make sure that its coat is tangle-free.

32. Westie


Photo from: @__babyprincess___

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and West Highland White Terrier

The Westie really is a unique crossbreed. The mix of a West Highland White Terrier and a Yorkshire Terrier is a small designer dog that has a cheerful, alert disposition, and is great for many different families.

However, it is important to note that this breed can suffer from tracheal collapse, patellar luxation, and portosystemic shunt.

33. Lab Yorkie

lab yorkielab yorkie

Photo from: @dellaperronephotography

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Labrador

The Lab Yorkie is a mix of a Labrador Retriever and a Yorkie. These two dog breeds are very different, and it is uncertain as to which parent the Lab Yorkie will look like the most.

But, one thing is certain… the mix will be clever, friendly, and outgoing.

If they pick up some of the Labrador colors, we know that the pup will be gorgeous. Lab Yorkies make great companion dogs, and they are likely to do well with children and other animals.

34. Corgi Yorkie

corgi yorkiecorgi yorkie

Photo from: @ollieswonderfurworld

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Corgi

The Corgi Yorkie is, yes, you guessed it – the mix between a Corgi and a Yorkshire Terrier. This dog will be active and easy to train. They can be a bit loud because they are protective of their loved ones.

They thrive when they have a yard where they can run freely and play.

As Corgis are herding dogs, this mix will be highly clever. That’s why it’s important that you start socializing this dog from a young age via frequent training. This way, you will have a well-mannered pup.

Just hope that the Corgi Yorkie doesn’t have a fluffy Corgi parent because then you will have to groom him more often.

35. Yorkie Pitbull

yorkie pitbullyorkie pitbull

Photo from: @yorkie_pit_nahla

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Pitbull

Pitbulls and other types of Pitbulls are not all recognized by the American Kennel Club, while Yorkies are. That’s why this crossbreed, the Yorkie Pitbull, is special.

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This dog can pick up the sturdy body of a Pitbull, and due to the genes of both parent breeds, there is no doubt that this dog will be loving and sweet, but also loyal and protective.

If they are given socialization at an early age, they will make wonderful companion dogs that will get along with children and other animals.

36. German Yorkie Shepherd

german yorkie shepherdgerman yorkie shepherd

Photo from: @thelifeof_nashandthecrew

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and German Shepherd

If you seek a loyal companion, this one right here is the perfect example of it. The German Yorkie Shepherd will do anything for his owner, and he thrives when he plays and exercises.

They can be a bit wary of strangers and bark often, just like their parent German Shepherd does.

While they can be strong-headed from time to time, socialization will help, but you need to be patient and consistent with positive reinforcement training.

37. Yorkichon


Photo from: @bobby_the_yorkie_bichon

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise

The Yorkichon is a fuzzy-fur mix of a Bichon Frise and a Yorkshire Terrier, which is also called the Yorkie Bichon or the Bichon Yorkie. Their disposition is gentle, and they love cuddles.

Their gorgeous coat will require grooming in order to maintain its beauty. Even though many Bichon Frise mixes are considered hypoallergenic, the Yorkichon won’t inherit their low-dander skin.

So, if you suffer from allergies, this dog is not for you.

38. Silkshire Terrier

silkshire terriersilkshire terrier

Photo from: @hoojar

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Silkshire Terrier

The silky mix on this list is definitely the Silkshire Terrier – another mix of terriers via the Silkshire and Yorkie. This mix will be intelligent, energetic, and alert.

They are not great with small children, and they are considered high-maintenance due to their silky coat that needs regular brushing and grooming.
Even though they are an energetic breed, they don’t require much exercise. Quality indoor play will do.

39. Morkie Poo

morkie poomorkie poo

Photo from: @_honeypaws

Breeds in the mix: Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, and Poodle

Here, we have a little bit of a different crossbreed – a mix of Maltese, Yorkshire, and Poodle – the Morkie Poo. Their charming disposition makes them great companions, and they thrive when they are around people.

Morkie Poos don’t require much exercise, and their energy needs can be satisfied in an apartment. They are known as being friendly; however, they tend to be aloof with strangers, but nothing that socialization can’t handle.

40. Australian Yorkshire Terrier

australian yorkshire terrieraustralian yorkshire terrier

Photo from: @myfurryclients_

Breeds in the mix: Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Shepherd

This is a similar mix to the Mini Yorkshire Aussie, but a bit of a larger version. The Australian Yorkshire Terrier is a playful dog that doesn’t need plenty of exercise.

This crossbreed will probably have a blue, red, black, or tan coat that is of medium length, and silky or straight.
This mix will probably be good with kids because Australian Shepherds have a special connection with children.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Yorkie mixes make wonderful companion pets. On this list, we listed some of the quieter and calmer breeds, but those barky dogs are also special, and deserve a place.

The Yorkie parent will bring his loving disposition to any hybrid dog, and their mixes will be compact.

Even though these Yorkie mixes are mostly small, they have big personalities, and I think that’s the most important thing in a puppy.

If you want to welcome one of them into your hopefully forever home, then before seeking breeders, check local shelters and adoption organizations.

Adopt… save a life. Every one of those dogs are waiting for families that will offer them as much love and care as possible.

Good luck with rescuing one of those cutie pies!

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