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Like it or not, the Hawaiian language is unique, and it provides numerous interesting and lovely name ideas for your dog. Truth be told, Hawaiian dog names are pretty rare. Chances are, that’s going to change.

If you’re interested in giving your dog a name that sounds (and means) something beautiful like the sky, the ocean, or the stars, you’re on the right path. Names like Nanu, which means wave, Mano, or shark, Hau (snow), or Kaloni (sky) are just the tip of the iceberg.

Hawaii is full of rich heritage. Their culture is fascinating and their religion has deep roots going way back in time. Their nature is stunning, and their language is beyond interesting, but the people, animals, and cultural habits are what make Hawaii truly a remarkable place. No wonder why many come here for a vacation, and then decide to move!

Hawaiian dog names usually come from nature. The islands are surrounded by volcanoes covered in a veil of mysteries and stories of mighty Hawaiian Gods. This place is equally beautiful and powerful.

Naming a dog is something very personal. You need a name that will suit the dog’s character and personality. You can’t choose a name that means “white” for a black dog. It’s simply… wrong.

You need a name that rolls off the tongue!

If you’re a native Hawaiian, choosing Hawaiian dog names could be a great ode to your heritage. But, if you’re not Hawaiian and you simply appreciate the culture, it’s still pretty amazing to pay such a tribute.

Hawaiian dog names are fun and lyrical. They can be bold, but they can also be beautiful. The finest of them all are an impression of Hawaiian culture, history, food, Gods, art, and more.

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Just say “aloha” and dive into the world of unique Hawaiian dog names! Surely, there’s a name for your new puppy.

Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired By Hawaiian Nature

woman and dog in poolwoman and dog in pool

Nature is one of the things that make the state of Hawaii so perfect. Let’s see which Hawaiian dog names inspired by nature are the best:

1. Hau: The name that means “snow”.

2. Hilo: Hawaiians refer to Hilo as the “new moon”.

3. Hoku: This symbolizes “star” in Hawaiian.

4. Kai: This word stands for “sea”. The love for your dog is as deep as the sea, so naturally, Kai sounds like the best idea so far.

5. Kapua: This word means “flower”.

6. Kukui: The state tree of Hawaii is called “Kukui”.

7. Lo: Have you heard of the hawk native to Hawaii? It’s called Lo!

8. Nalani: This name means “heavens”. It’s truly a blissful name.

9. Nanu: Here’s a cute Hawaiian dog name. Nanu means “wave”.

Popular Hawaiian Dog Names

dog on a surfboard wearing hawaiian shirtdog on a surfboard wearing hawaiian shirt

Hawaiian dog names aren’t that common, but there are still words that have found their way into the standard English language. These dog names can be seen not only in Hawaii, but in the rest of the world, too!

10. Aloha: A word for “hello” and “goodbye”.

11. Asera: This means “lucky” in Hawaiian.

12. Hula: You’ve all heard of Hula. It means “dance”. This is an adorable Hawaiian female dog name.

13. Hoku: It means “star” in Hawaiian.

14. Honolulu: The capital of Hawaii is Honolulu. It’s also a cool dog name.

15. Kaloni: The Hawaiian word for “sky”. If your love for your puppy is skyrocketing, then naming it Kaloni is a good idea.

16. Kanaka: This means “human”. A paradoxical dog name, but we love it! It shows that we value dogs equally as humans.

17. Keona: The name Keona stands for “God’s gift”. A puppy is truly a gift sent from above to make our lives better.

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18. Leilani: You’ve probably heard this name before. Leilani has become a common personal name in the States. But, what it actually means is “royal child”.

19. Loni: A word that means “heaven”.

20. Mahalo: A way to say “thank you” in Hawaiian.

21. Makana: If you want to give someone a “gift”, you give Makana.

22. Maui: An island in Hawaii. Also, a name from a fictional Disney hero.

23. Meli: A word that means “honey” and a lovely name for a small dog.

24. Noe: Getting a puppy on a “rainy” day means the dog would probably be named Noe.

Hawaiian Names For Female Dogs

woman hugging her dogwoman hugging her dog

‘Wahine’ is a Hawaiian word for female. Here are some of the most gorgeous female dog names:

25. Akela: A name that means “wisdom”.

26. Alana: This name stands for “awakening”.

27. Alamea: A very popular Hawaiian girl name, Alamea means “precious”. This could also double as a great Hawaiian dog name.

28. Alani: A name that means “orange fruit tree”. Also, a name that fits little, orange pups.

29. Alaula: A term that means “sunrise”, it is one of the most beautiful Hawaiian words.

30. Aolani: The meaning of Aolani is “heavenly cloud”. Imagine a little, white, fluffy puppy named Aolani.

31. Ewalani: A term that means “woman from heaven”. Ewalani sounds like a great dog name for graceful pups.

32. Halia: The name means “fond remembrance”.

33. Inoki: If you want to say someone is “devoted”, you say he’s Inoki.

34. Kaila: There’s even a word for “stylish” in Hawaiian!

35. Kaiolohia: A word that describes “calm of the sea”.

36. Kalea: A name with the meaning “bright” in Hawaiian.

37. Kamea: Or “one and only”.

38. Kalia: A “beloved” name for a beloved puppy.

39. Kiele: A word that stands for “precious blossom”.

40. Kona: The word Kona stands for “lady” in Hawaiian. Just imagine the title: Disney’s: The Kona and the Tramp.

41. Laka: A word for “gentle” in Hawaiian is Laka.

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42. Lilo: Sure, it can be Lilo from Lilo & Stitch. But, Lilo also means “generous”.

43. Lokelani: This actually means “small red rose”. So, a name for a clownish dog?

44. Noelani: A “girl from heaven”.

45. Roselani: As you can assume, this simply means “rose”.

46. Uilani: This means “beautiful” in Hawaiian.

Male Hawaiian Dog Names

chihuahua in a hawaiian shirtchihuahua in a hawaiian shirt

Many Hawaiian male dog names have strong and powerful meanings. Here are some of the most badass ones:

47. Amoka: Amoka translates to “strong”.

48. Eno: Or “wild”. An energetic puppy would surely enjoy the name Eno.

49. Etana: If you have a “strong” dog, then you should name him Etana.

50. Hanale: This means the “Lord of the manor” in Hawaiian.

51. Ilio: A name that actually means “dog”. Could it BE any more perfect?

52. Kahu: The name that means “guardian”.

53. Kahuna: If you want to say someone is “respected”, you say Kahuna.

54. Kale: No, not that kale! This word means “free” in Hawaii.

55. Kapena: As we mentioned earlier, this name means “captain”. A boss dog would love to have such a name!

56. Keo: Or simply “Joe”.

57. Kekipi: A “fearless” dog should be named Kekipi.

58. Koa: For a small “fighter” dog Koa is the best male dog name.

59. Kimo: The Hawaiian, “James”.

60. Laka: Short and heroic for “legendary heroes”.

61. Lui: A “warrior” in Hawaii. Another manly Hawaiian dog name.

62. Lupo: The Hawaiian “wolf”, Lupo is a great name for a big dog.

63. Nohea: A “handsome” pupper deserves the name Nohea.

64. Olulu: Even though it means “fat”, Olulu is a cute Hawaiian dog name.

65. Pika: It simply means “rock”. And, it’s simply amazing.

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66. Uliuli: Since this word means “black” in Hawaiian, it would be the finest name choice for a black dog.

67. Weuweu: There’s even a word for “fluffy” in Hawaiian.

Unique Hawaiian Dog Names

dog surfing on the beachdog surfing on the beach

If you want an even more unique dog name with a Hawaiian touch, then you should take a look at this list. Here are some of the most unique Hawaiian dog names:

68. Akamai: A name for an intelligent dog. Akamai actually means “clever” in Hawaiian.

69. Ezra: This is a pretty common name, but did you know it’s Hawaiian, and it means “help”?

70. Hilo: Another Hawaiian city.

71. Hiwa: “Jet black” dogs should be named Hiwa.

72. Kapono: A word that means “goodness”. Who’s a good boy? You’re a good boy, Kapono!

73. Lanai: The name of a Hawaiian island.

74. Malo: A word for “winter”. Do they even have winter in Hawaii?

75. Mano: A name for a fierce pet. Mano actually means “shark”.

76. Nui: This means “important”. Well, of course, dogs are important for us!

77. Oahu: A name for a Hawaiian Island.

Hawaiian Dog Names Inspired By Religion

dog enjoying the beachdog enjoying the beach

If you lean over to the spiritual side, then you need a Hawaiian dog name inspired by religion. We’ve put together a list of such names based on Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses:

79. Haikili: The God of thunder.

80. Hina: The Goddess of the moon.

81. Kane: A very popular Hawaiian God.

82. Kapo: The Goddess of fertility.

83. Ku: The God of war.

84. Namaka: This is the Goddess of the sea.

85. Pele: Pele is the God of the elements.

Other Cool Hawaiian Names

adorable golden retriever with colorful floweradorable golden retriever with colorful flower

Photo from: @harleybella07


Looking for a cool Hawaiian dog name? Well, all of them are cool, but these are extra special. Here, take a look:

86. Hale: The name that means “healthy”.

87. Haukea: It simply means “white snow” in Hawaiian. Perfect choice for a white dog.

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88. Ilima: The flower of Oahu.

89. Kaia: Kaia means “womanly”. So, graceful pups only?

90. Kaimana: The name that stands for “the power of the ocean.” Name anything more powerful.

91. Kala: The “princess”, fairest of them all.

92. Kana: A word that stands for “Demigod”.

93. Keanu: A “cool mountain breeze”.

94. Kekoa: The name that translates to “brave”.

95. Koi: Koi means “urge”. Still, it sounds cool.

96. Lea: The mythological Goddess of the canoe builders.

97. Luau: Everyone knows what Luau is. It’s a word for a “Hawaiian party”.

98. Naia: It’s a “dolphin”.

99. Nana: The name that means “spring”.

100. Noe: This means “mist or rain”.

101. Paniolo: The Hawaiian “cowboy”.

102. Kolohe: The word that means “rascal”.

103. Ipo: This means “sweetheart”. Is your dog your sweetheart?

104. Keiki: Keiki means “child”. Some people think of their dogs as their kids, which is absolutely fine.

105. Laki: It doesn’t have the same spelling, but it does mean the same. Laki is actually “lucky”.

106. Hae: This has an unusual meaning, but the name does sound cool. Hae is “a piece of clothing”.

107. Kalani: The “sky” or the “heavens”. Another heavenly dog name.

108. Kei: Kei stands for “pride” and “glory”. A proud pupper with a proud name.

109. Kikokiko: This word means speckles. So, a speckled puppy would be the best fit for this Hawaiian dog name.

110. Lani: Is someone we refer to as “high chief”.

111. Liko: The meaning behind the word Liko is “bud” or a “leaf bud”. It also symbolizes new beginnings.

112. Luana: A name that means “happiness”. Dogs truly bring happiness.

113. Mahina: Here’s a Hawaiian word for “Moon”. One of the names with the most beautiful meaning.

114. Makani: This is Hawaiian for “wind” or “breeze”. Is your puppy fast like the wind? Is it named Makani? Well, what are you waiting for?

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115. Mana: This name has a mighty meaning. It stands for “thunder”. An energetic puppy named Mana sounds about right.

116. Meka: If your dog has unusual eye color, then it should be named Meka. It literally means “eyes”.

117. Nani: A “beautiful” name for a beautiful dog.

118: Polu polu: Meaning “blue” in Hawaii. Just imagine it: a blue puppy named Polu polu.

119. Akamu: The term that translates to “of the Earth”. Also, it’s the Hawaiian form of Adam.

120. Iolana: “To rise like an eagle” is the true meaning of the word Iolana.

121. Kahili: This is a “ceremonial pole decorated with feathers”.

122. Kaipo: Is your dog your “sweetheart” or your “darling”?

123. Kalama: Kalama means the “torch”. It’s one mighty Hawaiian dog name.

124. Malana: Dog’s certainly bring “light” into our lives.

125. Malia: The name that means “star of the sea”. Well, dogs are the stars of both land and sea. Oh, how we love them!

126. Pekelo: Another word for “stone”. Sounds sweet, but it has a powerful tone.

127. Pilikea: A spiritual name meaning “the rise of the life”.

In The End…

cute dog in a hawaiian shirtcute dog in a hawaiian shirt

Let’s face it: all Hawaiian dog names are awesome. This is only a handful of chosen ones we thought you might like. If you dive deeper into the wonderful world of Hawaiian culture, you’ll find even more amazing ideas. Hawaii is truly inspirational. You don’t have to be a beach lover to find this place breathtaking. With its stunning scenery and wonderful people, Hawaii should be the inspiration for many other things, not only dog names.

So, out of these hundred names, which is your favorite? Mahalo for reading and stay tuned for more awesome dog name ideas.

By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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