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They may look similar, but these pups are definitely not a combination of Miniature Pinschers and Chihuahuas. These are actually Doberman Chihuahua mix puppies, and today, you’ll learn everything there is about them.

Hybrid dog breeds are always an interesting topic to investigate. This particular hybrid is even more interesting because it is not that common. A lot of other hybrids are much more popular than Dobie Chihuahuas. In fact, some are so popular that they’re even being considered to enter the AKC.

But, our Doberman Chihuahua mix is a canine buddy you don’t see on the streets all the time. There are many reasons behind this, but probably the biggest one is because this is a combination of contrasting breeds.

When mixing dogs, people usually pick breeds that are at least similar in size, so the size of their puppies isn’t drastically different.

Clearly, Dobermans and Chihuahuas have little to no similar physical traits. Still, they are pretty much alike in terms of their personality. They’re feisty, protective, and alert. Nothing gets by these dogs. You can definitely say these hybrids are smaller dogs with huge temperaments, not to be mistaken with huge egos.

Doberman Chihuahuas still think of others. They easily imprint themselves onto their chosen humans, and they will do anything for them.

If you want a fully devoted dog of compact size, and rather lovely appearance, you should definitely consider a Doberman Chihuahua mix.

The good news for you is that here, you will find everything you need to know about this unique hybrid.

What Is A Doberman Chihuahua Mix?

doberman chihuahua mix sitting on the table outdoorsdoberman chihuahua mix sitting on the table outdoors
Photo from: @eloonyy

The Doberman Chihuahua mix is exactly what it says it is: a crossbreed dog between the Doberman Pinscher and the Chihuahua.

The Doberman Chihuahua mix is a pup known under many names. You may have heard of Doberchi, Doberhuahua, or Chiberman. Dog enthusiasts tend to come up with fun hybrid names for hybrid dogs.

Yes, our Doberchi is a hybrid dog. However, it’s not a designer breed like some other Chihuahua mixes. The popularity of both breeds doesn’t lie in the fact they’re so adorable. Sure, Chihuahuas are popular, but they’re not like Bichons or Yorkies or even their mixes. This unusual, contrasting combination is what you get when you mix breeds that are nothing alike.

The Doberchi is a dog breed you won’t usually see on the streets. It’s a cross that can be a great watchdog as well as a family pet.

To understand Doberchis a little bit better, we’ll dig deep into their background and get to know everything about them inside and outside!

The Origin Of The Doberman Chihuahua Mix?

The Doberman Chihuahua mix is a new dog breed… a hybrid that hasn’t been around or popular for a while unlike the Goldendoodle, for example.

Sure, there’s a huge possibility that the first Doberman Chihuahua was bred some time in the past, but we have no valid proof. Simply put – any hybrid dog could’ve been bred at some point in the past. Since most of the popular hybrids became popular some twenty to thirty years ago, let’s just say Doberchis are from the same era.

Be that as it is, it’s a fresh hybrid breed with a bright future.

Luckily, both parent breeds are pretty popular dogs, so we can give you a better idea of their origin. If you agree, we can go on a little walk through the past with the Doberman Pinscher and the Chihuahua.

Doberman Pinscher Origin Story

doberman in forestdoberman in forest

Getting the first Doberman Pinscher took a lot of time and hard work, as well as combining different breeds. Yes, Doberman Pinschers are actually a combination of multiple breeds that were polished to perfection.

The process of breeding the ideal Dobie took more than 35 years, and breeds like Rottweilers, Greyhounds, and German Pinschers were used. By the year 1899, Dobermans were introduced to the world, presenting themselves in dog shows.

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Doberman Pinschers were named after the man who took great effort into creating and improving the breed, Louis Dobermann.

Originally from Germany, Doberman dogs were used as mighty guardians. In fact, Louis Doberman was a tax collector, and he bred Dobies to protect him. This was back in the days when tax collectors were robbed all the time as they went from one village to another to collect the money from people.

Dobermans have always been used as guardians, as well as watchdogs. Besides their hard work as tax collector guards, Dobies have also served in military and police forces. They’re strong, alert, and responsive, which makes them ideal service dogs.

Today’s Dobermans are often used to guard properties. People who aren’t too familiar with the real temperament of these dogs believe they shouldn’t be held as pets. They actually believe that Dobermans are dangerous and incapable of being caring.

But, they’re very wrong. Being so alert and on the watch can only mean one thing: Dobermans really care about their humans and what they’re protecting. How can a dog that’s not caring be so feisty about protecting his humans? You get the point, don’t you?

A well-trained Doberman can definitely serve as a family pet. These dogs aren’t destined just to work hard and protect everyone. Dobies are very capable of love, and you’ll see that in this article.

Chihuahua Origin Story

chihuahua sitting on the fencechihuahua sitting on the fence

I bet you already knew that the Chihuahua is the world’s smallest recognized dog breed! By this, I mean a purebred breed that was actually recognized by official clubs like the AKC.

Chihuahuas come from Mexico, but that’s also another known fact. But, what many people don’t know is that today’s Chihuahuas date back to the mid 19th century. Their ancestors were the Techichi dogs – canines popular with the Mayas.

So, yes… you can say that Chihuahuas go way back in the past, and they can be considered one of the oldest dog breeds. In fact, an incredible 70% of today’s Chis share the same DNA with Techichis. The remaining 30% belongs to dog breeds that were brought to Mexico, i.e., the Chinese Crested dog.

As their name suggests, Chihuahuas are dogs from the city of Chihuahua, located in Northwestern Mexico. This is where the first modern Chis were found.

Unlike the Doberman parent, a dog which had a purpose and a job, Chihuahuas were always used as companions. If we believe the claim that they come from Techichi dogs, we can also add that Chihuahuas were bred for religious rituals, and sometimes even for food. But, let’s not go to that dark part of canine history.

Today’s Chihuahuas are companion dogs and nothing else; although, I’d add they’re excellent watchdogs, too. Chihuahuas are alert, and they usually imprint themselves onto one human in the family. Sure, Chihuahuas can be aggressive sometimes, especially to new people. However, they would never hurt the ones they love dearly.

What Does A Doberman Chihuahua Mix Look Like?

doberman chihuahua mix dog sitting on the armchairdoberman chihuahua mix dog sitting on the armchair
Photo from: @mattgar1and

Simply stunning!

The Doberman Chihuahua mix is a lovely-looking dog, with lots of familiar traits from both parents.

When you take a good look at an average Doberman Chi, you’ll notice they’re dogs with a small body build. Even though their body weight ranges from 7 to 50 pounds on average, they still have a lean figure, making them appear a bit fragile.

As for their height, Doberman Chihuahuas are usually no bigger than 16 inches at the withers.

What’s so lovely about these dogs is their shiny coat that usually comes in dark coat colors. Other than the standard black and tan, Doberchis can also come as black, white, fawn, chocolate, or cream-colored dogs. This is thanks to the Dobie’s because Dobies also come in fawn, blue, and red coat color.

Their coat is sleek, smooth, and short. Short hair is the only option for these canines. Even though the Chihuahua can be a pup with long hair, you won’t find long hair with their hybrids. These are all short-coated dogs, but they still need a bit of grooming. Regular brushing, bathing, and plenty of fish oil in your Doberchi’s diet will ensure a shiny coat.

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The Temperament Of A Doberman Chihuahua Mix

doberman chihuahua sitting on the couchdoberman chihuahua sitting on the couch
Photo from:@verdantnorthteam

How many times have you heard that Chihuahuas are tiny dogs with huge personalities? There’s a syndrome called Napoleon Complex, and it describes Chihuahuas very well.

Well, Doberchis are pretty much like Chihuahuas, personality wise. These are small dogs – a tad bigger than regular Chis, but with a personality that can’t fit their body, ever!

However, this doesn’t mean that Doberchis are egocentric and bad-tempered. Surprisingly, they’re actually pretty pawdorable and sweet. What’s interesting about such breeds is that they’re more suitable for singles or small families as they tend to latch onto one human only. This makes Doberchis super protective and alert.

Basically, your Doberchi would jump in front of a bullet to protect you from the danger. He will always bark loudly to let you know something’s wrong or that danger is approaching. These small doggos understand the big role they have.

Doberchis are super fearless, and they don’t even realize how big some dogs are. They could easily go after some larger canines like Golden Retrievers or Rottweilers just because they believe they can handle them. This kind of behavior isn’t something that can be fixed with training, so keep an eye on your Doberchi not to do something crazy.

Other than that, Doberchis are super sociable and enjoy attention. They’re charming little fellows that can show signs of aggression if you neglect their training. But, every good dog owner knows that training is one of the most important things to do, right?

Is It Difficult To Train A Doberman Chihuahua Mix?

doberman chihuahua running in the parkdoberman chihuahua running in the park
Photo from: @lesters_tales

Training a dog could be a brisk walk in the park, or it could be something that would drive you crazy. Fortunately, for you, this isn’t something that should worry you when it comes to the Doberchi. Thanks to the intelligence of both parent breeds, you can expect Doberchis to be intelligent dogs, too.

The intelligence of a dog is measured by how fast he responds to given tasks as well as how successful he completes them. Doberchis aren’t the most intelligent mixed breed dogs, but they’re not stupid either. You’ll be quite satisfied with their reactions and finished tasks.

The Doberchi isn’t a working dog. He’s more of a watchdog – alert, with an eye always on you.

When training dogs that come from such backgrounds, you should know how to approach them. Dobermans and Chihuahuas can have problems with attitudes, especially if they’re not trained the right way.

Dobermans are often considered dangerous dogs. They seem aggressive and tough, and not many people want to mess with them. This is an absolutely wrong approach because Dobermans can definitely be wonderful dogs. It’s all about the training and how the owner handles them.

On the other hand, Chihuahuas are known for their aggression. I’d say they’re feisty, but not too aggressive. They’re also overprotective, and will jump in front of a bullet for their humans.

So, what’s their puppy like? Are they prone to aggression, too? Can they even be trained into obedience? Absolutely. Doberchis might look a bit intimidating, but they’re not dogs you should be afraid of.

To train a Doberchi, you must have a firm hand and be the alpha of your pack. Dogs with Dobie blood can be quite the alphas, and they might not listen to your commands because they won’t believe you’re really in charge. You want to avoid that at all costs.

In addition, when training such dogs, feel free to use positive reinforcement and lots of praise for well-done tasks.

How To Take Care Of A Doberman Chihuahua

doberman chihuahua lying in the grass in the parkdoberman chihuahua lying in the grass in the park
Photo from: @dogo_graphy

Taking care of a Doberman Chihuahua mix doesn’t mean you should just hand them a bowl full of food and pet their head. It’s so much more, but it’s not something that should worry you. Taking care of a dog means understanding his needs and learning how to adjust your lives together.

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Dog lovers can divide dog care into several groups. Basically, you take care of the dog’s nutrition, grooming needs, exercise needs, health status, as well as mental status.

First, we’ll discuss what your Dobie Chi should eat.

Feeding Your Doberchi

Doberman Chihuahua mixes enjoy kibble with a high percentage of proteins. Usually, it’s chicken or beef, but I suggest you try other options like turkey or salmon. Both are highly nutritious and provide lots of benefits, especially a shiny coat.

If you need recommendations, here are some pretty great Dobie dog food options!

What you should pay attention to is not to overfeed your Doberchi. As you’ve already learned, the Doberman Chi is a relatively smaller dog breed than his Dobie parent, with a slim body build. Depending on your dog’s actual weight, you should alter the daily calorie intake. Treats are fine, but monitor your dog’s weight as he shouldn’t become obese because of his small build.

Grooming Your Doberchi

Doberchis aren’t hypoallergenic dogs, but they’re not terrible shedders either. I know quite a few other dog breeds that shed even worse. Yeah, I’m looking at you, German Shepherd because you’re a terrible shedder!

The normal shedding rate is thanks to the fact that both parents have a sleek coat. Well, the Dobie parent does, but the Chi parent can come in a less common option – the long-haired one. Chihuahuas and Dobermans shed… that’s a fact. 

Still, you should brush your Doberchi’s coat a few times a week to keep its shine. These Doberman brushes might help you out. 

Besides brushing, regular bathing is mandatory. I wouldn’t recommend bathing them more than once a month, especially if they’re not playing in the dirt. You’re risking skin dehydration and their coat falling out.

Oh, and don’t forget about daily teeth brushing and occasional ear checkups for excessive wax.

Exercise Needs & Mental Stimulation

While the Doberman parent needs lots of exercise daily (at least an hour and a half), the other side of the family is pretty docile. Since our Doberchi dog is a rather small dog, you can’t expect high exercise demands. Light daily walks, some games at the park, and lots of cuddling is what a Doberchi needs.

If it’s a rainy day outside, and you guys can’t go for a walk, you should invest in some fun puzzle toys. Your dog will have to use his brain to find a way to get the treat hidden in that toy, which will help them stay fresh and sharp.

Draining your dog’s energy levels by the end of the day is a must, no matter if you own a Doberman Chihuahua mix or any other dog.

The Most Common Health Problems Affecting This Mix

doberman chihuahua sleeping in the beddoberman chihuahua sleeping in the bed
Photo from: @lesters_tales

Hybrid dogs can either be super healthy (even healthier than their parents) or they can be quite prone to numerous diseases. This depends on how healthy the parents are. Luckily, for Dobie Chis, both parent breeds are of good health status.

Of course, there are some conditions that affect both breeds, but it’s nothing too severe. Still, it wouldn’t be half bad to know what the most common health problems are that may strike your dog.

This doesn’t mean your Doberman Chihuahua will definitely become ill with a condition. It’s just a general idea of what they’re prone to.

Doberman Chihuahua mix dogs are susceptible to:

hip dysplasia

patellar luxation or slipping kneecap



IVDD (or Intervertebral Disc Disease)

All of the mentioned conditions can significantly affect the quality of a dog’s life. Larger dogs like the Dobie or the Great Dane are normally prone to mobility problems like hip dysplasia. Since your dog is in combination with a Doberman, you should introduce your dog to nutrition that is rich in supplements.

Make sure your buddy has lots of chondroitin, glucosamine, and calcium for stronger bones, especially when they grow old.

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Also, steer him away from becoming obese as obesity puts additional pressure on your little buddy’s joints.

What’s The Average Lifespan Of A Doberman Chihuahua Mix?

cute doberman chihuahua looking into cameracute doberman chihuahua looking into camera
Photo from: @atcasadiluz

A lot of hybrid dogs are actually quite healthy. Dog experts believe it’s the combination of different genes that result in great health. Simply put if both parent breeds are generally super healthy and without any major issues, then their puppies should be healthy, too.

As you’ve learned in the previous section, our Dobie Chi buddy is a healthy hybrid dog. They’re not 100% healthy because there aren’t 100% healthy dogs, but they are as healthy as they can be. They don’t usually suffer from some major condition that would affect their quality of life significantly.

However, you should be prepared for any unexpected scenario. That’s why you should keep in mind those mentioned common health conditions.

Other than that, your Dobie Chi should live a normal, healthy, and happy life. These dogs have an average lifespan of 8 to 15 years. This is pretty awesome considering that the Chihuahua parent can live up to 20 years!

Believe it or not, there are some ways you can improve your dog’s lifespan, and if you stay tuned, you’ll get to know them.

Top Tips On How To Improve Your Dog’s Lifespan

The overall life quality of your dog can significantly be altered. The only question is: How well do you take care of your dog?

Sure, you can improve your dog’s lifespan, but you can also make it worse if you don’t take good care of your dog.

The best thing you can do for your pooch is watch his needs. Always pick good-quality dog food. I’m not saying you should buy the most expensive stuff, but look for ingredients that actually benefit your dog. Any supplements are a nice bonus to your dog’s diet, but run them by your vet first.

Every dog should be submitted to regular vet checkups. Even if your dog seems okay, you should still go to that annual vet visit. You never know what the tests might find.

Many people don’t realize that exercise, both physical and mental, are vital for a dog’s health. If you keep your dog fit and his mind sharp, you should significantly improve his lifespan.

Where To Find The Dobie Chi

doberman chihuahua standing in the yard and playingdoberman chihuahua standing in the yard and playing
Photo from: @lesters_tales

When you have your mind set on a purebred dog, you pick a breeder and head out to meet the puppies when they’re available. But, when you wish for a mixed breed puppy, you don’t get the chance just to pick a breeder off the list and go meet them in person. Why? Because it’s nearly impossible to find a list of good mixed breed breeders.

A lot of crossbreeds, especially if they’re not a popular combination, don’t have reliable breeders behind them. Mixed breed pups are often a result of accidental breeding. Rarely does any reliable breeder opt to try their fortune with breeding a crossbreed pooch.

So, how on Earth can you get a Doberman Chihuahua puppy? Should you buy both parents and breed on your own?

Absolutely not. I suggest you rather try your luck with many Doberman and Chihuahua breeders in the States. I guarantee there’s at least one breeder who would breed the Dobie Chi, or a friend of a friend.

Lucky for you, PupVine has great lists of Doberman and Chihuahua breeders from all over the States. 

You should check out these people to see if they’re willing to breed you a Dobie Chi dog:

Doberman breeders in Arizona

Doberman breeders in Wisconsin

Doberman breeders in Texas

Doberman breeders in New Jersey

Doberman breeders in Ohio

Doberman breeders in North Carolina

Doberman breeders in California

Chihuahua breeders in Florida

Chihuahua breeders in Texas

How Do You Recognize A Good Breeder?

A good breeder is someone who breeds to preserve the breed, not to become rich. Since the Dobie Chi is a fresh crossbreed, you should always look for people who do their best to improve this cross and eliminate all the bad traits they might have.

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Reliable breeders put their dog’s health first. They will conduct health tests and make sure no major health problems affect their breeding stock and puppies. Valid proof that the breeder takes care of the puppies’ health are the health records that contain test results.

Also, if there’s a health warranty, even better!

Lastly, seek a breeder who’s open about his breeding program. Don’t even talk to breeders who won’t welcome you to their breeding facility to see the puppies in person.

Usually, people who won’t allow visits for no particular reason or those who have rather fake photos are not to be trusted. You want someone caring enough to invite you over and see for yourself what good job they’re doing with raising pups.

How Much Should A Doberman Chihuahua Cost?

doberman chihuahua puppy lying on pink blanketdoberman chihuahua puppy lying on pink blanket
Photo from: @ain0a_9dlam

When it comes to the price of mixed breed dogs, we normally don’t get prices that are too high. In this case, where the parent breeds are fairly common breeds, we can’t expect skyrocketing price tags.

Both the Doberman and the Chihuahua have pretty reasonable purchase prices.

No matter if you’ve got the European or the American version of the Doberman, the prices shouldn’t exceed $2,500. Usually, a pet-quality Doberman’s price is around $1,500. Most breeders will list such puppies for the same price, but the price can vary.

Of course, you will pay a pretty penny for show-quality dogs. Also, Dobermans of rare colors will always be priced more than standard black and tan Dobies. That’s just the demand of the market. Breeders always see the opportunity to advertise rare pups for a significant amount.

As for Chihuahua dogs, we’re used to seeing them as pets all the time. These feisty doggos are loyal protectors and one of the most common pets in the States. Is the price what makes them so popular? Well, the price surely has a lot to do with it because Chihuahuas aren’t too expensive either.

You can find a regular-quality Chi puppy for $800 or so. The price will naturally climb up as the quality of the puppies increases. Show dogs, especially dogs from good bloodlines, will cost you a lot. Chihuahuas are dogs that are considered to be fancy and fashionable. A lot of celebrities enjoy their company, and that has affected the purchase price a lot.

However, if you’re thinking of getting normal, pet-quality dogs from these parents, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $1,500. This is usually the maximum amount you’ll pay for a Dobie Chi.

Still, this is only the purchase price. Every first year is a bit rough for every dog owner because there are a lot of expenses to take care of. Surely, the first year could cost up to $2,000 depending on the supplies you’re getting or the food you’re buying. But, every next year with your Dobie Chi should save you some cash.

Top Three Reasons Why You Need A Doberman Chihuahua

doberman chihuahua with his tongue out sitting on the couchdoberman chihuahua with his tongue out sitting on the couch
Photo from: @lesters_tales

If you need a little bit more persuasion as to why you should get a Doberman Chihuahua mix, then you should read this section. Here are the top three reasons why a Doberman Chi should be your next pet.

Always keep in mind that these are general pros. Not everyone will be okay with them, but most people will.

Here’s why you should consider owning a Doberman Chi!

Compact Size

Dobermans are too big. Chihuahuas are too small. Doberman Chihuahua mix puppies are just right.

Although Dobie Chis are small dogs, they still have a compact size that’s perfect for dog owners who don’t have plenty of space around the house.

Highly Trainable

The good thing is that both the Doberman and the Chihuahua parent are intelligent breeds. Other than occasional attitude issues, you shouldn’t experience any problem with training these hybrid dogs. Dobermans were always working dogs, often submitted to various important tasks. Training them is a delight because they want to learn.

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On the other hand, Chihuahuas can be a bit stubborn. This personality trait can be passed on to their offspring, so expect a bit of resistance when training Dobie Chis into being obedient. But, once you pass the first barrier, you’ll easily continue with the rest of the training.

Long Lifespan

Thanks to his parent breeds, the Doberman Chihuahua mix can have a long lifespan. They’re genuinely healthy and don’t experience many health issues.

As you now know, you can significantly affect the dog’s lifespan, so always keep in mind the ways by which you can help your Fido stay longer with you.

Top Three Reasons Why A Doberman Chihuahua Might Not Be For You

doberman chihuahua lying on the couchdoberman chihuahua lying on the couch
Photo from: @lesters_tales

The reason I’m listing why you shouldn’t own a Dobie Chi is not because I want to steer you away from getting one. You have the absolute right to adopt any dog you want. There’s really no such thing as a bad dog. All canines are great – it’s the owners who turn them bad.

These top three reasons are just the general downsides of the breed, not something that should make you hate Dobie Chis. I believe it’s important to look into all the pros and cons of having one dog breed before you adopt. It’s the only way you’ll know what to expect from such dogs.

Without further ado, here are the top three reasons why the Doberman Chihuahua mix might not be for you!

Small Dog, Big Temperament

Although Doberman Chihuahua mix dogs are generally smaller, they have a big temperament. As you already know from this article, Dobie Chis often have a complex which doesn’t let them perceive how small they really are.

This means they’ll easily go after dogs significantly bigger than them, believing they can handle the situation.

Hard To Find

It’s super hard to find a reputable breeder of a Dobie Chi. This is a new mix, and not many people want to experiment with breeding them. It’s not a designer breed… a super fancy one that’s highly in demand.

You’ll have more luck finding adoptable dogs in shelters or with some of the Dobie and Chihuahua breeders of good reputation. Also, a combination of Chihuahuas and miniature Doberman Pinschers are also more common than those with standard Dobies.

Not So Friendly Towards Strangers

Doberman Chis can be good family dogs and protectors, but they’re not the friendliest dogs in the world. You should expect this hybrid not to be too friendly towards strangers, even if they’re family members they don’t see often.

Doberman Chihuahua mix dogs are super protective of their humans, and they won’t hesitate to show aggression if they feel threatened.

To Sum Up…

I hope you like the Doberman Chihuahua mix dog. This is a small breed with a huge personality and an even bigger heart.

Doberman Chihuahuas are quite adaptable dogs, thanks to their sizes and genes from both sides of the family. However, they should not skip proper training lessons; otherwise, you’ll end up with problematic canines. Such dogs often get a taste of aggression and don’t mind showing it.

Don’t forget about socialization either. This hybrid is known for being not so friendly towards strangers. Socialization should start from an early age, so once the pup is all grown up, he will behave well around other dogs and people.

Although these may sound like downsides, it’s good to know them. In fact, it’s better to know everything there is about a dog just to know what to expect from your life together.

All in all, personally, I wouldn’t mind having a Doberman Chihuahua mix dog because they’re so loyal and devoted. How about you? What do you feel about this hybrid doggo? Are they pawesome or what?

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By Andy Marcus

Hello, my name is Andy Marcus, and I am a passionate dog lover and enthusiast. For me, there is nothing quite like the joy and love that a furry friend can bring into our lives. I have spent years studying and learning about dogs, and have made it my mission to share my knowledge and expertise with others through my website. Through my website, I aim to provide comprehensive information and resources for dog owners and enthusiasts. Whether it's training tips, health and nutrition advice, or insights into dog behavior, I strive to create a platform that is accessible and useful to everyone who loves dogs.

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