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Even though Goldendoodles are known for their impeccable character and smart nature, the ‘’how to discipline a Goldendoodle’’ dilemma can be very tricky. 

These canines, just like all others, require careful maintenance and proper upbringing. That being said, discipling a dog of this breed is an unavoidable part of their daily training.

This article’s purpose is to present to you five most common (and probably most convenient) steps towards a well-mannered Goldendoodle. If you’re about to purchase this gorgeous hybrid from a breeder, my advice is to get yourself comfortable and enjoy the read!

How To Discipline A Goldendoodle

woman holding a goldendoodle puppywoman holding a goldendoodle puppy

It is no secret that these hybrid dogs come from two of the smartest breeds in the world. Both Poodles and Goldies are extremely intelligent dogs that generally don’t come with so many behavioral outbursts.

Still, disciplining a Goldendoodle is not as easy as it may look at first. You will need a lot of time, patience, commitment, and devotion to make a decent pet out of your newly-purchased puppy. 

On the other hand, dog owners who just love the Goldendoodle’s energetic and lively personality may enjoy this process despite all the odds. 

1. Vocalize Your Commands

At times, Goldendoodles can be the worst dogs to work with. This is due to their high-energy nature and their occasional tendency to outsmart their owner. This is an extremely intelligent dog that uses its brain to the fullest! 

That being said, a Goldendoodle owner should be loud and clear when it comes to commands. You cannot expect your puppy to react only based on your body language as some Doodles don’t get that! Instead, try creating an association in their head with a simple ‘’No!’’ in a determined manner.

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Do this in short training sessions, and repeat it several times. Eventually, your dog will understand that no means no. Disapproving their bad behavior with a clear, determined, and louder voice is one of the best ways to discipline your Goldendoodle.

2. Ignore Them

goldendoodle puppy standing in sandgoldendoodle puppy standing in sand

Reputable Goldendoodle breeders usually sell their puppies at eight or ten weeks of age. This is the perfect time to start discipling these dogs as they are old enough to be learning new tricks, as well as to adapt to a new environment.

Instead of using harsh training methods, try disapproving your dog’s behavior with ignoration. That’s right! These highly-affectionate dogs will pick up your ignoration as a sign that they are doing something wrong. 

If you’re in the middle of a training session, and your puppy starts to display undesirable behavior – just ignore it! Don’t disapprove vocally. Don’t yell. But, also don’t give it treats! Your puppy will be highly likely to perceive this kind of behavior as major disapproval.

At times, this method seems to work more than an orthodox vocalization of your commands.

3. React Timely

One of the best answers to the ‘’How to discipline a Goldendoodle’’ question is – timely reaction! This will save you a lot of unnecessary stress and training in the future.

As soon as you see undesirable behavior in your puppy react! Timely reaction helps your dog to understand easier that it is doing something wrong. 

On the other hand, it is much more difficult to discipline a dog with prolonged reaction. That way, your dog won’t immediately understand what exactly they were doing wrong. 

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Don’t hit your dog. Don’t be harsh in your approach. Just react timely!

4. Distract Your Goldendoodle

two goldendoodles running through yardtwo goldendoodles running through yard

Distracting your dog with interactive dog toys, treats, or some other entertainment tool is one of the best ways to discipline it properly. These canines generally misbehave as a result of poor socialization, poor obedience training, and lack of motivation.

That said, you should try keeping your dog busy as much as possible. This way, you will avoid potential boredom, and at the same time, you will stimulate good behavior.

This is an extremely active and intelligent dog that seeks a lot of mental stimulation during its lifespan. Consequently, the breed seeks motivated and active owners who will know how to make their puppies entertained.

5. Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement training is one of the most effective ways to discipline your newly-purchased dog. Instead of using some pretty harsh training techniques – try this soft approach instead!

Goldendoodles respond to positive reinforcement excellently, which is why this should be an unavoidable part of your dog’s training program. Instead of yelling, screaming, or putting your dog in constant time-outs – use praising, petting, and rewarding!

This designer dog comes from two extremely affectionate and loyal breeds that just love pleasing its owner. Constant encouragement stimulates good behavior, and creates an association that they’re doing something right

Once you establish this sort of relationship – don’t stop!

3 Things To Properly Train A Goldendoodle

goldendoodle playing in grassgoldendoodle playing in grass

Daily Routine

Creating a solid daily routine for your dog is the number one thing in owning a Goldendoodle. These dogs just love having a good routine. 

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That being said, you should never skip your dog’s meals and exercise. On the other hand, your dog should always have a safe, nurturing space where it can move, sit, or lay relaxed. 

Additionally, you can purchase dog toys or create an interactive playground for your Doodle in order to stimulate self-exercise. 

Early Socialization

Early socialization is one of the most crucial parts of this breed’s upbringing. These canines are ready for socialization training at the age of eight weeks. 

As soon as you pick it up from a reputable breeder – give your dog a proper introduction to its new environment. Once it settles down and meets the rest of its family, start bringing your friends over. This way, the puppy will learn the difference between enemies and friends.

On the other hand, taking your dog out on a regular basis will increase its social skills and stimulate positive behavior. 

Generally, unsocialized puppies are highly likely to be destructive, aggressive, and stressed out in new situations and around new people. Disciplining an unsocialized dog is a much more complex job that you can imagine.

Mental Stimulation

Never neglect the fact that this is an intelligent dog breed. Therefore, your dog will need a lot more mental stimulation than some other dogs as Goldendoodles become easily bored.

In that regard, you can stimulate your dog with interactive toys, dog playgrounds, or even interactive dog games such as hide and seek, treasure hunt, and dog puzzles

On the other hand, you can always use healthy treats to mentally stimulate your dog. These pooches will do anything for an extra snack, which is why this training method is highly encouraged.

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goldendoodle rests in owner's lapgoldendoodle rests in owner's lap

The ‘’How to discipline a Goldendoodle’’ can be tricky at times. Luckily, these canines are known to be extremely intelligent and naturally obedient to their owner, which is why their training is not as demanding as in some other dog breeds.

Stil, the important thing is to be timely and persistent. Improperly-trained or improperly-disciplined canines are highly likely to be disobedient in the future.

In that regard – try out these five proven methods to properly discipline your dog!

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By Andy Marcus

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