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How could anyone aƄanԀon a furry face like this?

There’s a widely accepted statistic that says moving can be just as stressful as losing a loved one.

Try losing all your loved ones. Because they moved without you.
When 6-year-old Cathleen’s family found a new home in Oklahoma City, it was everything they wanted. Before long, they were packed up and moved out of their Seminole, Okla. home.


The only problem Cathleen noticed: she wasn’t moving with them.

Cathleen was left in Seminole, Olka., when her family moved to Olahoma City.

The Great Pyrenees mix was gifted by her family to another owner who lived about 20 miles away, KOCO reports. But she wasn’t content with her new living situation.

“Cathleen is precious and her original family loved her very much. But they moved into a home in town where they couldn’t keep her,” the Seminole Humane Society posted to Facebook.

Cathleen made the trek from Prague to Seminole in hopes of finding her former family on two separate occasions. Heartbroken, but not without hope, she spent the next few days waiting in the Seminole Animal Shelter for a loving forever family to come along.

After making the 20 mile trip to find her lost family, twice, Cathleen was rescued by the Seminole Humane Society.

“She’s very sweet; very calm and docile,” reserve animal control officer Lynzi Thompson told KOCO. “Friendly. She wants to be everyone’s friend. She’s a love bug. Give her a chance. She may seem shy at first but will open up to you, definitely.”

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No one is sure why Cathleen was left behind, Fox 8 reports, but adoption requests began trickling in shortly after her picture was posted.

And then, the best news possible.

As of January 12, Cathleen has been adopted by a new family, this time in the Lone Star State.

“CATHLEEN HAS A HOME. SHE WILL BE GOING TO TEXAS!!” the shelter posted to Facebook. “We want to thank all of you for your outpouring of support for this beautiful girl! We had so many great applications for her and offers to come and get her from all over the US!! While we can’t notify everyone individually, we do want to say THANK YOU!!”


Cathleen is now happy and healthy in her new forever home in Texas!

We wish the best to Cathleen in her new home. For another heartwarming story, click the button below to read about a child who wanted “the oldest dog at the shelter” and the incredible lengths she went to in making that dog’s last moments memorable.



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