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Everyone’s life is changed completely when they get a new puppy since they must devote time to the new fluffy member of the family.

I just noticed that your favorite dog breed is the Boston Terrier! But, I am not sure whether you are more of a fan of brindle, dark brown, or black-and-white Boston Terriers. That does not matter because these reputable Boston Terrier breeders in Florida have some of the most beautiful pooches that come in all sorts of coat colors!

Well, you are lucky because here at PupVine, we have prepared the finest Boston Terrier breeders in Florida, so stop looking elsewhere!

It is crucial that you select the most reputable Boston Terrier dog breeder — the trustworthy breeder will have a major impact on the relationship between you and your Boston Terrier puppy.

To help you find such a trustworthy Boston Terrier breeder, I figured I’d prepare this quick list with short but straightforward information.

Boston Terrier Puppies For Sale In Florida

If you love Boston Terrier puppies as I do, then you have probably realized how popular they became in the United States in the last couple of years. I mean, who can blame them? These little American Gentlemen make adorable companions and loyal family pets.

Before purchasing a Boston Terrier puppy you must pay attention to certain things in order to find the best Boston Terrier puppy breeder in Florida.

Firstly, you ought to take a closer look into the environment in which Boston Terrier pups and their parents are raised. The first red flag that you may encounter is if the Boston Terrier breeder refuses to meet with you in person and refuses to show you the household or kennel in which these pups are born and raised.

You must not disregard this warning sign because it is a blatant indication to aspiring Boston Terrier dog owners that the dog breeder is untrustworthy.

Moreover, you can become part of the problem because if you purchase a puppy from one of these breeders, you are merely encouraging them to carry on improper Boston Terrier breeding in the future.

List Of 8 Best Boston Terrier Breeders In Florida

Here at PupVine, we guarantee that you will love these 8 reputable Boston Terrier breeders in Florida.

Not only are we going to let you in on some of their best qualities, but we will provide all the necessary contact information for each Boston Terrier breeder, so you can stop by and say hi.

In order to ensure that they are selling their adorable puppy to a loving family, these Boston Terrier breeders in Florida will be delighted to meet you and hear from you!

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Make sure not to skip reading their contact information!

1. Canterbury Tails Boston Terriers

Boston Terrier dog laying outdoorBoston Terrier dog laying outdoor

Canterbury Tails Boston Terrier breeders made me want to buy a Boston Terrier dog just by reading about them!

Not only are you going to love their unique website, but you will definitely go crazy for their Boston Terrier pups!

Who They Are

Canterbury Tails are small Boston Terrier breeders who are located in central northern Florida. Canterbury Tails Boston Terrier team is registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and their breeding program is developed and maintained according to the ethical breeding guidelines.

This breeder has over thirty years of breeding experience! April Canterbury’s main tasks are Caring for Boston Terrier puppies and the foundation stock, assuring each pup gets the best possible start at life which includes the best shelter, diet, and overall care.

Breeding Program

In order to develop super-healthy Boston Terrier pups, April knows all too well about the health risks that these pups are prone to.

This is why she focuses her breeding program on ruling out breed-specific Boston Terrier health problems such as blindness, heart issues, deafness, juvenile hereditary cataracts, and patellar luxation.

In addition to that, April makes sure that all of her Boston Terrier puppies receive their first vaccinations and deworming treatments.

What They Offer

Canterbury Tails Boston Terriers are tested for JHC, BAER, CERF, patellar luxation, and cardiac problems.

Aspiring Boston Terrier owners who are interested in Canterbury’s pups are put on a waiting list. What’s great about this reputable breeder is that April wants to meet the future Boston Terrier owners who have filled out a puppy application!

Aside from getting a healthy Boston Terrier puppy, Canterbury Tails offers AKC registration papers and guarantees the best temperaments!

Canterbury Tails Boston Terriers details

Website: Canterbury Tails Boston Terriers

Email: [email protected]

Location: Ocala, FL, United States

Facebook: Canterbury Tails Boston Terriers

2. Goddess Valley Boston Terriers

boston terrier running with ball in mouthboston terrier running with ball in mouth

What a creative name for a Boston Terrier breeding business! Well, Boston Terriers are divine little creatures, don’t we all agree?

I have to admit, the Goddess Valley Boston Terriers sounds and looks cool. But what I find even cooler is that the Goddess Valley produces some of the healthiest and happiest Boston Terrier puppies!

Are you ready to find out more about this divine Boston Terrier breeder?

Who They Are

Okay, the first thing that I want to tell you is that the Goddess Valley breeders are AKC Breeders Of Merit, which is a big thing!

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As a performance Boston Terriers breeder kennel, the Goddess Valley team makes sure each puppy looks and feels perfect!

Breeding Program

In order to enhance the Boston Terrier breed’s athleticism and quality for performance success, Goddess Valley breeders put extra attention to nourishing their pups with a healthy diet.

Their breeding program consists of high-quality Boston Terrier parents that produce only the highest-quality Boston Terrier pups!

What They Offer

As an experienced breeder and proud owner of Boston Terriers, Goddess Valley provides lots of information about nourishment, flea control, training, and the basic needs of these beautiful dogs. That said, Goddess Valley provides aspiring Boston Terrier owners with everything they ever wanted to know!

In case dog owners are not happy with their Boston Terrier pups for some reason, Goddess Valley accepts any that are returned at any time, as stated in their contract.

Goddess Valley Boston Terriers details

Email: [email protected]

Location: Orlando, FL, United States

Facebook: Goddess Valley Boston Terriers

3. Grissel’s Boston Terrier

Boston terrier dog female outsideBoston terrier dog female outside

As a family-owned breeding business, Grissel’s Boston Terrier owners know how to raise the healthiest and most good-looking puppies in Florida.

Who They Are

Grissel’s Boston Terriers are AKC-inspected breeders located in Miami, which is the perfect place for small and cool dogs like Boston Terriers to show off!

Breeding Program

Grissel’s Boston Terrier’s breeding program focuses on producing the healthiest and most well-mannered Boston Terriers for pets and companions.

They pay close attention to early socialization so that their Boston Terrier puppies can be friends with humans and other animals. Alongside temperament, Grissel’s Boston Terrier focuses on ruling out breed-specific issues so that their pups can live a healthy and carefree life.

What They Offer

Each and every one of Grissel’s Boston Terrier puppies is AKC registered and that means that each pup comes with AKC registration papers.

Before they come to their new home, Grissel’s Boston Terriers are fully vaccinated, dewormed, and examined by a professional vet.

Grissel’s Boston Terrier details

Website: Grissel’s Boston Terrier

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (305) 763-4929

Location: Garden Villas, Hialeah Gardens, FL, United States

Facebook: Grissel’s Boston Terriers

Instagram: @griz1962

4. Hard Run Acres

Boston terrier posing in the parkBoston terrier posing in the park

Wait until you see what Hard Run Acres has to offer! These versatile breeders do not only produce high-quality Boston Terriers, but they also have Boxer champion bloodlines, as well as Shiba Inus and Pugs!

They also have lots of farm animals! How cool is that?

Who They Are

Hard Run Acres is among the highest-quality family-owned breeding businesses around! They offer healthy Boston Terrier puppies that are raised on a farm with loving paw parents.

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These Lakeland-located Boston Terrier breeders offer champion bloodlines that guarantee quality and success.

Breeding Program

To make sure that no Boston Terrier puppy inherits any hereditary health conditions, Hard Run Acres conducts a number of health examinations.

In fact, Hard Run Acres has a whole medical program that each Boston Terrier puppy goes through. This way, they ensure that every puppy is as healthy as a clam!

What They Offer

Although the majority of the Hard Run Acres Boston Terrier puppies have the signature black and white coat color, Hard Run Acres often offers fawn & brindle, brindle & white, blue & white, and even brown Boston Terrier puppies!

In accordance with Florida law, Hard Run Acres provides new families with one year health guarantee and AKC registration papers!

Hard Run Acres details

Website: Hard Run Acres

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (863) 606-8637

Location:12239 Country Side Dr, Lakeland, FL 33809, United States

Twitter: @HardRunAcresFL

Instagram: @hardrunacres

5. Hinkley’s House Of Boston Terriers

boston terrier outdoorboston terrier outdoor

Next up on our list of the best Boston Terrier breeders in Florida is Diana Hinkley, the proud owner of Hinkley’s House Of Boston Terriers.

Who They Are

Diana Hinkley is the ultimate Boston Terrier lover! She has a lot of experience in handling, breeding, and caring for Boston Terrier puppies and parent dogs.

As a member of the Good Dogs breeder community, Diana strives to develop healthy Boston Terrier puppies by coming up with one of the best breeding programs.

Breeding Program

Hinkley’s House Of Boston Terriers provides health examinations for a number of hereditary health conditions, including juvenile hereditary cataracts, degenerative myelopathy, hyperuricosuria, hemivertebrae, as well as spondylosis.

Diana does not leave anything to chance — she takes matters into her own hands and makes sure that all of her Boston Terrier puppies undergo thorough medical examinations before leaving to their new families.

What They Offer

As a new owner of the Hinkely’s House Boston Terrier puppy, you are free to choose whether you will register your puppy with the American Kennel Club (AKC registration) or the Continental Kennel Club (CKC).

Moreover, Hinkely’s Boston Terrier puppies have all received their age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming treatments. Hinkley also provides you with a one-year health guarantee

You can apply online and inform the Hinkley’s House of Boston Terriers about your dog-owning background if you’re interested in one of their Boston Terriers.

Hinkley’s House Of Boston Terriers details

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 727-804-7727

Location: Clearwater, FL, United States

6. Normandy Boston Terriers

Cute Boston Terrier smiling up at cameraCute Boston Terrier smiling up at camera

South Florida calling, here’s an award-winning Boston Terrier breeder!

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Meet the Normandy Boston Terriers who will surprise you with their outgoing, beautiful, and healthy puppies!

Who They Are

Normandy Boston Terriers are professionals in what they do, and that is producing incredible purebred Boston Terrier puppies.

What makes Normandy Boston Terriers so special is that they raise their pups in a loving home environment! Imagine how loved and cared for their pups are!

Breeding Program

Normandy is an AKC-inspected breeder which is why their breeding program is practically perfect! Each Boston Terrier parent dog is carefully chosen into the breeding program, and mind you, each is from a champion bloodline.

That said, the Normandy team looks out for hereditary health conditions that can affect any Boston Terrier puppy, but not theirs! Their puppies are tested for breed-specific health problems which makes them among the healthiest Boston Terrier puppies in Florida!

What They Offer

Normandy breeders of Boston Terriers are accessible year-round for advice if you have any concerns about caring for your new puppy.

Normandy Boston Terrier puppies all receive their age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming treatments, and a life-long microchip when they go to their new homes.

I highly advise sending the Normandy team an email if you have any queries about completing their online puppy application.

Normandy Boston Terriers details

Website: Normandy Boston Terriers

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (954) 393-0506

Location: North Palm Avenue and Taft St, Hollywood, FL 33024, United States

7. Patriot Farm Boston Terriers

boston terrier on green grassboston terrier on green grass

There is no denying that the Boston Terrier is an American original dog breed and Patriot Farm Boston Terrier breeders are here to show you why.

Who They Are

With years of experience in dog breeding and upbringing, Patriot Farm Boston Terrier owners, Denny and Lori Chapman became the leading dog breeders in Florida.

They are known for producing excellent Boston Terrier puppies with a great genetic background that adds to their value.

Breeding Program

In order to produce champion dogs, Patriot Farm follows AKC guidelines and makes sure that each Boston Terrier puppy is raised happy and healthy. They take things very seriously and have each of their Boston Terrier puppies and adults regularly health checked for health problems.

Healthy Patriot Farm Boston Terrier puppies have the healthiest parent dogs that are carefully chosen for the breeding program.

Patriot Farm Boston Terriers pups are quick thinkers and very well socialized, which is proof that Patriot Farm’s breeding program is one of the finest around.

What They Offer

Their adoption package includes medical records (vaccinations and deworming treatments) that prove their Boston Terrier puppy is healthy.

Then you get the AKC registration papers, a microchip, a b, and a lifetime guarantee against Boston Terrier breed-specific diseases (JHC, DM, HUU, CPDA, CDDY).

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They also add in Boston Terrier’s favorite shampoo and conditioner samples. But, wait up, we’re not done yet.

Patriot Farm Boston Terrier breeders want new owners to get into dog training and they provide them with a litter box and potty bells. They also want to help new owners help their puppies slowly transition to new food which is why they include a puppy food starter pack.

Additionally, they provide advice to first-time Boston Terrier owners, so feel free to email them!

Patriot Farm Boston Terriers details

Website: Patriot Farm Boston Terriers

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 352-875-2453

Location: 16893 SE 165th Ave, Weirsdale, FL 32195, United States

8. Olive & Co. Boston Terriers

Aesthetically pleasing and informative, Olive & Co. Boston Terriers have some of the best websites that feature everything aspiring owners should know.

Let’s say a few words about Olive & Co., who they are, and what they do.

Who They Are

Olive & Co. are reputable American breeders who produce a larger class of Boston Terrier dogs. We are all used to small Boston Terriers, right? Well, Olive & Co. is here to show you some of the most beautiful larger Boston Terriers.

Olive & Co. is located in Dade City, which is in the Tampa area, Florida. You can find more information about their location on their website.

Breeding Program

All Olive & Co. Boston Terrier dogs are completely raised as members of the family because these ethical breeders actually consider them to be their closest friends and extended family, which is why they show them nothing but unreserved affection.

Olive & Co. Boston Terrier breeders place a high value on quality, health, trainability, socialization, and temperament in order to create happy and outgoing Boston Terrier puppies that make wonderful family companions.

What They Offer

Olive & Co. Boston Terriers are dogs with short and low-maintenance coats that are very simple to care for at home. They achieve impeccable coat quality in their Boston Terrier puppies by carefully selecting parent dogs.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Boston Terrier puppy from Olive & Co. breeders, you don’t have to worry about getting all the necessary things you need.

From medical records, Boston Terrier puppy supplies, puppy packages, and so on.

I highly advise you to keep in touch with the Olive & Co. breeder after receiving your puppy if you have any concerns about raising them.

If you, for any reason, can’t keep the Olive & Co. Boston Terrier puppy that you have just purchased, you should write them an email because they welcome back their pups.

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Olive & Co. Boston Terriers details

Website: Olive & Co. Boston Terriers

Email: [email protected]

Location: Dade City, Tampa, FL, United States

Facebook: Olive & Co. Boston Terriers

Instagram: @oliveandco._bostonterriers

Pinterest: @Olive_and_co_boston_terriers

Youtube: Olive & Co. Boston Terriers

How Much Should I Pay For A Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier on the green backgroundBoston Terrier on the green background

Ruffly said you may pay as little as $1000 or as high as $4500 for a purebred Boston Terrier. The reason behind this huge price range in the Boston Terrier cost is the breeding program and the breeder’s competence.

Not all Boston Terrier breeders are good breeders which is why some may want to produce more puppies to sell them for lower prices. As we already mentioned in the beginning, those Boston Terrier breeders should be avoided.

The price of a Boston Terrier dog gets very high because these pups are prone to various health problems. So, reputable Boston Terrier breeders have to pay for health checks and tests for each puppy, which automatically raises the price.

Then you have AKC registration papers that also have to be paid per Boston Terrier puppy, deworming, and flea treatments, as well as puppy food and dog parent care.

You see, within the first eight weeks, Boston Terrier breeders really go through a lot, which is why their high-quality puppies are more expensive than the others.

Final Thoughts

Boston Terriers make fantastic companions because they are often rather quiet and have nice personalities. However, they do require a lot of affection and exercise due to their high energy threshold (even though they are regarded as a non-sporting breed).

Spunky, goofy, intelligent, affectionate, energetic, outgoing, and silly — these Boston Terrier breeders in Florida have them all!

Each Boston Terrier puppy from the breeders listed is primarily bred for excellent health and temperament.

You can rest assured because all of these Boston Terrier breeders in Florida are responsible dog lovers who thrive to give their dogs the best care possible.

This list is perfect for prospective Boston Terrier puppy owners, especially first-time dog owners because each of these breeders has a lot of knowledge to share.

Now that you know all about these exceptional Boston Terrier breeders in Florida, you can simply choose one based on your interests and present location.

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