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Oh boy, if I only had a farm. Or a house with a decent sized garden. It would probably be full of bordoodle puppies, running all around the yard!

These charming little dogs are just the cutest things that I have laid my eyes on. But don’t be fooled by their cute looks – these are one of the smartest dogs out there.

The Mini Bordoodle is a dog breed that really does exist. You know the deal, every -doodle dog is a recent dog breed, or a hybrid, as people often call them.

However, this particular hybrid is exclusively bred by dog breeders in order to make the smartest dog on the planet.

Yes, you have read that correctly. The parent breeds of this dog are among the top three smartest dogs on planet Earth.

However, they were actually never bred until recent;y. And I completely understand the breeder’s wish to breed two of the most intelligent dog breeds, meaning that the resulting breed would be outstandingly smart.

What Is A Mini Bordoodle?

mini bordoodle sitting in the grassmini bordoodle sitting in the grass

Photo from: @oodlefinn

The Mini Bordoodle is the miniature version of the Bordoodle. This designer dog was definitely bred with ambitious expectations from dog breeders breeding two most intelligent dog breeds out there.

The Mini Bordoodle and the Bordoodles in general are not as popular a dog breed as their parent breeds are. However, having in mind the parent breeds, this dog is becoming more popular by the day.

The Mini Bordoodle is a designer dog breed.

There are three sizes of this dog breed that are described as The Mini Bordoodle, the Medium sized dog or the Medium Bordoodle and the Standard Bordoodle which people refer to as just the Bordoodle.

The loving borderpoo mix is one of the most fascinating dog breeds that I have personally encountered in the last few years.

Their witty, friendly, and clever personality will blow you off your feet.

Origin: Which Breeds Created The Mini Bordoodle?

cute mini bordoodle sitting on the bedcute mini bordoodle sitting on the bed

Photo from: @luckypenny_thebordoodle

We can take the name of this dog breed and consider the three main morphemes, which are: ‘Mini’, ‘Bor’ and ‘Doodle’; as dog lovers, we can already conclude which breeds created the Mini Bordoodle.

Obviously, mini refers to the miniature version of the dog breed, signifying that there are other options regarding the size of the dog breed.

The ‘Bor’ are the first three letters of the Border Collie, and the Doodle signifies that there is a Poodle bloodline in this dog breed.

The Mini Bordoodle is created by using two extremely intelligent dog breeds. The parent breeds are purebreds, and also one of the most famous purebreds out there.

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To create the standard version of the Bordoodle, the breeders used the standard Poodle and the Border Collie. This creates a relatively bigger dog, since the standard Poodle is a very tall dog breed.

However, to create The Mini Bordoodle, the Border Collie Poodle mix has to have smaller versions of the parents.

Breeders used The Miniature Poodle or the Toy Poodle together with a smaller example of the Border Collie, to create a Miniature Bordoodle.

Of course, not every Mini Bordoodle is created by breeding the two above mentioned versions of those dog breeds, some of them are a result of an already established bloodline of the Mini Bordoodle dog breed.

The Borderdoodle is a unique dog breed made up of not so unique parent breeds. You probably have at least one individual in your neighborhood who owns a Poodle of some kind, or a Border Collie.

Why Are Parent Breeds Of The Mini Bordoodle Important?

The Poodle and the Border Collie are famous for their various abilities and disciplines at which both of the dog breeds are famous for being number one.

The Poodle is probably the most intelligent dog breed on the planet. They are so intelligent that dog owners are even teaching them how to read! For example, if the owner gives its poodle a piece of paper on which ‘sit’ is written, the Poodles learn fast what they need to do.

They are excellent in obedience training, and need constant mental stimulation to stay healthy and not to get overly bored.

Some vets report signs of depression in Poodles when they are not nearly enough mentally stimulated. So, prepare all of the tricks in the world for them to study!

The Border Collie is the number one herding dog. Herding is in its veins, in its genes, in its bloodline. This is one of the most trainable dog breeds, which also often serves as a service, therapy, or assistant dog, thanks to its gentle nature.

The parent breeds of the Mini Bordoodle play a significant role in the bloodline of this dog breed. Having these intelligent dogs family members makes the Bordoodle one of the smartest dogs.

The poodle parent gives the Mini Bordoodle a sharp intellect and the ability to pick up things fast, while the Border Collie parent gives the Mini Bordoodle great herding skills, a gentle temperament, high trainability and, of course, intelligence.

What Does The Mini Bordoodle Look Like?

The Mini Bordoodle looks terrifically similar to the Goldendoodle and to the Labradoodle. You wouldn’t believe it, but they somehow have the same head and body shape that is characteristic of any and every doodle breed.

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The smallest breed of Bordoodles are often known as miniatures or Minis. A Border Collie and a Miniature Poodle are crossed to produce Mini Bordoodles.

Mini Poodles typically range in height from 11 to 14 inches and weigh 12 to 20 pounds.

According to the Border Collie growth chart, even though they are bigger than Mini Poodles, border collies are still categorized as medium sized dogs. They usually measure about 18 to 22 inches tall and weigh between 30 and 55 pounds.

The Bordoodle comes in three sizes: The Mini Bordoodle, the Medium Bordoodle, and the Standard sized Bordoodle.

What Is The Difference Between A Mini And A Standard Bordoodle?

The difference between a mini and a standard Bordoodle is only based on the dog owner’s preference of the size of the dog breed.

The Mini Bordoodle and the Standard Bordoodle don’t have any differences when it comes to the personality, behavior, nor the overall health of the dog breed.

What differs between these two versions of the same dog breed is height and weight.

Miniature Bordoodles weigh approximately 20 to 40 pounds and are between 15 and 20 inches tall. They are considered to be a bigger small dog breed.

However, the largest variation of this dog breed is the Standard Bordoodle. Typically, a Border Collie and a Standard Poodle are crossed to produce these.

The average height of a Standard Poodle is over 20 inches, making them somewhat similar to the average height of a Border Collie, which is between 18 and 22 inches. Border Collies often weigh less than Standard Poodles, though.

Border Collies weigh between 30–55 pounds, whereas Standard Poodles may weigh from 50 to 70 pounds pounds.

Although Standard Bordoodles commonly weigh from 40 to 70 pounds and reach 20 to 25 inches tall, Standard Bordoodle size is defined as anything beyond 40 pounds.

What Is The Difference Between F1 and F1b Bordoodle?

The F1 Mini Bordoodle is a hybrid of a Border Collie and a Miniature Poodle. They are the offspring of an AKC Border Collie and an AKC Poodle with full blood.

A mixture of 75 percent poodle and 25 percent border collie make up the F1b Bordoodle (the b stands for the dog breed being bred back to a full blooded Poodle that is approved by the AKC).

They are a cross between an F1 Bordoodle and an AKC full blooded Poodle.

When an F1 is crossed with a purebred Border Collie, the resulting F1bs which contain very little Poodle and resemble Border Collies without beards.

F1bs from an F1 breeding to a purebred Poodle are far more consistent and attractive. Some are wavy like an F1, while others are highly curly like a Poodle.

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What Are The Colors Of A Mini Bordoodle?

three mini bordoodle puppies lying on the carpetthree mini bordoodle puppies lying on the carpet

Photo from: @oregon_bordoodles

Since the Border Collie is frequently identified with the “Irish Spotting” pattern, the Mini Bordoodles (also known as border doodles) have inherited that genetic characteristic and can have practically any color coat that appears in its parent breeds.

The Mini Bordoodle can be solid colored or monochromatic, but it often appears in many color combinations of at least two colors, with the characteristic Irish Spotting.

This breed frequently exhibits the color combinations black/white, red/white, chocolate/white, blue merle/white, solid colors, merle, parti, and tri-color!

When in merle, the most popular is the red merle and the blue merle version of the Mini Bordoodle. It sure is popular for a reason! They really look specifically remarkable.

For more information on this topic, read our articles on Border Collie colors and on Poodle colors.

Do Mini Bordoodles Shed?

Many dog experts argue that there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog, because all dogs shed dandruff and fur in a certain amount, even the hairless ones.

However, Mini Bordoodles have the Poodle gene, which makes them shed minimally, therefore, they are considered hypoallergenic dogs within the dog kingdom.

The Mini Aussiedoodle’s shedding coat is so low that it is not considered to be a dog breed which is a threat to people who are allergic to dog fur.

Because of their trait of low shedding, those who suffer with a stuffy nose, heavy breathing and non-stop sneezing when around dogs won’t have such problems when they are around the Mini Bordoodles.

It is good to choose a low shedding dog when you have younger kids because their immune system can get used to the shedding coat, even if they show symptoms of allergies to dog hair.

Personality: Are Mini Bordoodles Good Dogs?

mini bordoodle dog sitting on the couch in the living roommini bordoodle dog sitting on the couch in the living room

Photo from: @arty_mini_bordoodle

The Bordoodle breed is considered to be a good tempered dog breed. The Bordoodle breed is amusing and social. They form strong bonds with other dogs, their humans, and particularly young children.

They are very obedient, intelligent, and devoted to their family and owners. They are exceptionally good dogs, which means a doodle puppy will be perfect for any type of owners who live an active lifestyle.

Due to the great intelligence of both parent breeds, the sheepadoodle puppies’ incredible trainability makes them wonderful pets because they pick things up so quickly.

Because it is in their inherent nature, this dog breed develops positive interactions with people, especially youngsters.

Since they approach people first, they make terrible guard dogs or even watchdogs, although they are capable of being protective if they perceive a threat to their family.

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They have great agility and athleticism. Without a lot of both mental and physical activity, they could get bored. An active family is the ideal fit for these canines.

Are Mini Bordoodles Better As Family Dogs Or Working Dogs?

Having good genes from both parent breeds, they can actually be a great fit for both a working environment or as a family dog.

They are fantastic family pets since they are so outwardly affectionate that it is impossible not to reciprocate.

They have a well-rounded personality and typically get along with other canines and domesticated animals without any issues, and it is almost impossible to highlight how well they behave with kids.

However, they are also great working dogs. Doodles are often used in special forces because they are such intelligent dogs and it is easy to train them to work in practically every field.

The trainability that this dog breed offers makes them great as service dogs, working with people who suffer from epilepsy, blood sugar imbalance, or mental disorders such as anxiety or panic attacks. Also, they often work as guide dogs for people with blindness.

Their gentle yet intelligent nature makes them the perfect dogs for both positions — at work and in the family.

If you are a person in search of a service dog, the Mini Bordoodle – together with any other doodle – will make the perfect companion that will be eager to help you.

Having these many qualities, it is hard to decide which of these roles fit them better. We can say that they are an overqualified dog breed that will gladly accept any role that you are to give them!

Is The Mini Bordoodle A Healthy Dog Breed?

mini bordoodle dog sleeping on the floormini bordoodle dog sleeping on the floor

Photo from: @arty_mini_bordoodle

The Mini Bordoodle, together with the Doodle family in general, does not suffer any major problems regarding their health.

The Border Collie, just like the Australian Shepherd, is a healthy dog breed that doesn’t suffer from many or any genetically inherited problems (except for them being so intelligent that you won’t be able to hide the treat jar from them, however hard you try!).

The Standard Poodle is also a healthy dog breed without any severe genetically inherited problems. They require grooming and regular vet checks but they don’t have any health issues.

This makes the Mini Bordoodle a healthy dog breed without any major health issues. Also, being a small dog, a mini version of the Bordoodle, makes them have a longer lifespan. That is because small dogs generally live longer.

What Are The Health Problems Of A Mini Bordoodle?

Since both of the parent breeds generally don’t suffer any major health problems, the same goes for their offspring breed.

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The Mini Bordoodle, together with the Bordoodle family and the canine family in general, suffers from hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is a health problem that most dog breeds actually suffer. This problem affects the general well-being of dog’s bones and joints.

Therefore, hip dysplasia affects — you guessed it —the dog’s hips and surrounding joints (the joint which connects the dog’s hip with his legs). So sometimes, the legs and the hips don’t ‘click’ properly, therefore creating some free space between them.

Because of that, the dog can suffer during any type of movement. Walking, running, and sometimes even when lying down in specific positions.

Therefore, it is highly important that you buy your Mini Bordoodle from a reputable breeder where you will be absolutely sure that your doodle puppy doesn’t carry any bad genetics from its parents, which could possibly result in your puppy having hip dysplasia.

As in any dog breed, we urge you to have your pup regularly checked at a yearly vet visit. Just to make sure that everything is alright, that is the least that you can do for your dear furry companion.

Another thing that would prevent any other possible health problems is definitely quality dog food.

Adding supplements, such as calcium, would be great for your dog’s health, especially because this dog breed could potentially have minor health issues surrounding hip dysplasia.

How Much Does The Mini Bordoodle Cost?

mini bordoodle puppies sleeping togethermini bordoodle puppies sleeping together

Photo from: @_kruizenkennels_

The Mini Bordoodle is a relatively new dog breed which is known as a designer dog breed. The breeders have purposely bred this dog, so it won’t be odd if you acknowledge the pricier aspects of valuing the Mini Bordoodle puppies.

The average Mini Bordoodle pup will cost you around $1,700.

Of course, as in any dog breed, there are some less mindful dog breeders who breed their dogs just for the purpose of selling puppies and, with such breeders, you can strike a bargain for around $500.

But honestly, I wouldn’t bother paying attention to those types of breeders, where it is almost normal that the parents of your puppy (especially the mother) are overused and just exploited to the levels which are sometimes not even humane.

As we always recommend, you need to meet the dog breeder in person, as well as the parent dogs of your pup, before you buy the actual puppy.

You should see if the socialization of the dogs is good, which will enable you to decide upon the parent’s general wellbeing.

You need to be familiar with every aspect of your pup’s early life, which includes parents, vaccinations, and vet visits.

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Where Can I Find A Mini Bordoodle puppy?

When deciding upon actually buying a Mini Bordoodle puppy, you need to do your research.

Obtaining information about your desired breeder can be done through the people that you already know who own a Mini Bordoodle or the Bordoodle, who could recommend one they used to buy their puppy.

If you don’t have a friend who owns a Mini Bordoodle, you need to meet some new friends. (Just kidding!)

There are many Bordoodle Clubs and Mini Bordoodle Clubs worldwide; going from Facebook groups, to actual clubs that have regular monthly meetings.

You can start with joining those groups and clubs, and we are sure that you will meet like-minded people who share your love for the same dog breed. They will, for sure, be glad to help you with picking a right dog breeder.

Does The AKC Approve Of The Mini Bordoodle?

The American Kennel Club generally has problems accepting crossbreeds. They mostly accept all the qualified purebreds, but crossbreeds take time to accept.

However, they have not yet approved the Bordoodle family, therefore, the Mini Bordoodle is not an AKC approved dog breed.

However, they have fans all over the world, and this is definitely a dog breed that is on the rise. People are recognizing the valuable genes of the parent breeds, which is making this dog breed more popular by the day.

Since Mini Bordoodles Exist, Are They The Dog For You?

two mini bordoodle dogs in the cartwo mini bordoodle dogs in the car

Photo from: @oodlefinn

By now, we have established that the Mini Bordoodle is an existing breed that we are hoping is soon accepted by the American Kennel Club.

The Bordoodle breed make wonderful family pets. They are sociable, enjoy company, and will even grow protective of your family.

The mixed breed requires little maintenance and gets along with most individuals, from very young children to very old people.

Just be cautious. Due to their intellect, Mini Bordoodles have a tendency to become stubborn if they haven’t been able to get proper socialization and be trained as puppies.

Destructive behavior could even become a problem. But if you take care to properly train your dog, you’ll end up with the ideal family pet!

They can even fit those who have problems with allergies towards dog hair; they are considered to be hypoallergenic dogs.

These dogs are great as working dogs, but also as family dogs. Whatever your reason for buying this puppy, the Einstein intellect of this dog breed won’t disappoint you.

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